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Doing grandpa's caretakers brother

By nudedon66

submitted March 26, 2012

Categories: Frottage, Family Fun, Fetish, Exhibitionism

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I went back to live with my great grandpa in 1993 when I was 27 and he was 90 to help take care of him. He also had his housekeeper Diane age 43 who took care of him during the day. In the afternoon after Diane left then Michelle a 26 year old Latina who had 2 kids came over to take care of grandpa from 3pm till 11pm. Michelle also had a 22 year old brother James and when he came over this one day we both went to the store to get some things. While walking to the store we both talked and it appeared that he like me but I didn’t know. So after I finished working my days because I worked the 3-11 shift at the hospital Michelle and I got to talking and that’s when she told me that James is into guys. As she left she told me she will bring him over here again in the morning while the kids will stay with the dad.

Sure enough the next day at 10am Michelle and James showed up and Diane was cleaning the house and we told her and Diane is good with me going naked in the house and knows about my sexuality. Last year she found out when she came over one night when it was just grandpa and I and discovered me with my dick in grandpa’s mouth. We went to the living room to talk some more and then I took James to the bathroom and shut the door to the hallway. I undressed him and had him lay on his back on the carpet and I removed my shorts letting my 6 inch out.

Forgot to mention this I am 6 feet tall and 250lb and have a 6 inch dick and a round white ass and when I was a teenager 16 I had developed gynomastia which is male breasts.

I got on top of James and started rubbing my dick against his and soon was rubbing fast on the floor. He was sucking my tits as I fucked him rubbing against his 8 inch cock. This made our dicks hard as I fucked him. So after a few more minutes I got up and led him to the back bedroom and did the same thing on the bed to him. Soon the bed was shaking and my ass bouncing as I fucked him. Then Diane knocks on the door and enters and says “Your credit card company is on the phone and they said it’s urgent to speak with you” “Oh ok” I said and I got up and walked in the living room naked and got on the phone and I said “What do you need that is so urgent?” and the guy on the phone said “We haven’t received your payment yet” and I replied “I did mail it last week and it normally takes 4 days for you to credit my account with it” He said “Hold on a minute. Yes you are right we have received it and apologize. Is there anything we can help you with today?” I then replied “My goodness you could have discovered that sooner. I am right in the middle of having sex and standing here naked in front of others. Bye” I hung up and went back to fucking James and soon the bed was shaking again and shortly we both squirted cum on his stomach. I got up to get a washcloth and wet it and went back and cleaned off his stomach and he got dressed and we both walked to the living room and Michelle said “Oh, you guys are done. Good cause we have to go now” So Michelle hugged grandpa who was smiling at me being naked and we walked to the front door and Michelle said “We have to do this again later” and Diane and I both said yes and James said he liked it and needed it done to him. So they left and Michelle said she will be back at 3.

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