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Getting Knocked Up By Some Black Thugs Seed part 2

By Bouncesbare

submitted April 15, 2012

Categories: Bathroom Tales, Interracial, Public Places, Sex In The Park, Fetish

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Stroke, sat down on the toilet in front of me. His thick, hairless thighs splayed wide apart. He was naked except for a pair of hi-top shoes and a cockring which was fastened snugly at the base of his 12-inch tree-trunk like cock stick. His balls were smooth and swollen and they resembled a softball in both size and shape. The very tip of his mighty, baseball bat phallus was smeared with glossy pre-cum which leaked abundantly from his pee-slit. Not wanting to waste it, I snuckled on it with my flushed lips. He slapped me along side my head and ordered me to sit on his giant boner. He leaned back slighty and allowed his pelvis to thrust upward a bit. This caused his drooling, horse-like appendage to wave around in the air, throbbing and pulsating with anticipation. I obeyed and sat on it. 'OH GOD!! OH MY GOD I-I-F-F-F-UCK!!!!', I yelped as I impaled myself on his giant, wet, fuck-pole. I sat my weight down on his lap and struggled atop that big horse cock. Stroke moaned deeply as his massive, black boner opened me up. Thank God I had the younger thugs sperm inside me to lube the bigger, meatier studs tree-trunk. It felt like it would come out my throat. I wriggled and swirled my hips, stirring my guts around on him. I swooned and almost came. I gagged from the feeling of stuffed fullness in me...Soon, he pushed me up off of him and ordered my onto my knees with my ass raised in the air and I quickly obeyed. I felt empty without that giant black-cock buried in my gut. I groaned in sexual abandon and murmered that I wanted more. I must've looked like such a desperate and lowly slut, on my knees, black sperm dripping from my used ass-pussy, pushing my battered male cunt back to accept more man-dick up my still horny butthole. Sperm dripped and leaked out of my abused fuck-chasm, coating my swollen and shaved ball sack with white, ropey fluid. Strings of viscus black cum stretched off his big, wet dick and attached to my splattered rump. I raised my fanny up as high as I could and buried my face into a corner of cold concrete behind the toilet. It smelled of cum and piss and fuck-sweat. The younger, lighter skinned thug laughed and insulted me as he toked the glass pipe, watching as I readied myself to be raped and abused. He called me a faggot as he exhaled a white cloud of Meth smoke. The older black thug, Stroke, came up behind me, reached between my spread legs and pulled my hard meat out behind me like a fleshy, throbbing tail. He lathered the slippery fuck-juice from my man-twat all over my shaft and I arched my back, moaning uncontrollably as I tried to open myself up for his impending assault on my manhood. My cock jerked a little in his strong grip and I felt semen drip out....I almost came, but fought the desire to let loose a load of my own jism. My balls were so full of pent up cum, they hurt. The hot, chisled thug let go of my package and used his fingers to pry open my left ass cheek. My hole twitched and gaped at him and he hummed in his deep voice. "Mmmmmm damn! Queer-assed fuckin' crackah....You creamin' my boys fuckload all over yo-self..Yo' asshole look like a womans pussy boy! My big ol' dick gonna split you wide and make yo' pussy cum like a womans snatch.....Mmmmmmm hmmmmm!" He wiped his extremely hard cock-shaft around on my spasming anus. I could feel the warm, slick, plum-sized head of his giant cum-rod wedging me apart even further. I wanted his sperm in my belly. I NEEDED him to knock me up with his black, bull seed. I ached for him to breed my pussy and inseminate my faggot ass-cunt with his simmering, white batter. His friend had already planted his fuck seed deep up in me and I wanted more of that boiling black spunk. 'F-f-fucking breed m-m-meee', I managed to whimper weakly. "Oh I'm'na breed you awwight! I'm'na grease yo' pussy wit' forty ounces of black man seed faggot! You 'bout ta get knocked the fuck up by dis here fuck load....Now tell 'ol Stroke daddy how it feels goin' up inside you." He had straddled my hips and was pressing his fleshy knob against my sphincter. I arched my back and stuck my big, round tush up in the air as far as I could. He penetrated my anus. 'AWWWWWWW G-GAAWWWD!!!', I gasped in lusty delight. His massive truncheon opened me up and my ass-lips snugged firm around his girth as he skewered me with that 12 inch long, beer-bottle wide prick. Semen spurted from my own pee-hole as his cut ridges scraped past my prostate on it's way up into my spasming gut. My butthole alternately clenched and gaped open around the rock hard invader, sucking at the meaty, baseball-bat like pole. 'AWWWWWWWWWW FFFFFFUUUUUCK!!!!! OHHHH M-MYYY GAWD!!!!Y-Y-Y-EAAHHHH!!!!!' I wailed in a high pitched, almost feminine voice as he buried all 12 inches of that black fuck stick up my eager twat. My anus stretched taut around it's base as my rectal sheath massaged his bull dick in horny excitement. "Tell me how it feels goin' up in yo' faggot hole white boy! Talk to me faggot! How you likin' this here black mans dick up in yo' hungry faggot pussy?", He rolled his powerful hips and stirred his tree trunk around inside my belly. My fanny quivered as I approached orgasm. This guys big cock masssaged and prodded my swollen glands and my prostate danced wildly against his meat. Semen began to drool uncontrolled from my own erect tool, splattering the concrete beneath my raised hips. He spit on my back and called me his white, faggot-pussy as he began to hump me slowly, his muscled hips controlling the tempo of my tormented rapture 'It's makin' me c-c-cuuummmm', I whined. 'I can feel it above my belly-button making my guts swim! It's bumping my p-pros-p-prostate and makin' m-mee c-cummmm!' I stammered, barely able to speak. The muscular thug started to pull out of me and I could feel each veiny inch withdraw past my sensitized cunt lips. His fleshy knot banged my prostate gland on its way past causing me to yelp and gasp in pleasure. He slid the entire length out until only the snout of his cock remained. He pulled back on it, my rectal sheath turned inside out as my sphincter gripped at his ridged knot. I could feel fluid running down my ass chasm onto my weighted balls and I peeked under my own arm pit from my vantage point on the cement floor....I could see lots of syrupy liquid dripping from my juiced fuck slot. Suddenly, he slammed his bull-dick back up my fuck-hole and into my gut. I screamed in surprised delight and pain as he speared my body with his concrete-hard cum-stick. My belly surged and my butthole spasmed as he held himself buried deep up inside me. God it felt amazing. I allowed myself to be taken by him and surrendered my fuck-hole completely. His cock was so hard and so long that it hurt up inside my chest but the pleasure was almost unbearable. I cried real tears as his truncheon took every last bit of my manhood from me and filled me with dick-loving, sperm hungry, faggot desire. I couldn't wait for him to piss his load in me. I told him how badly I wanted his man seed. 'I want you to get me pregnant with your big black dick!', I whimpered. 'Knock me up!! Seed my fucking butthole and breed me!' I began to buck and writhe beneath him as I described what I wanted him to do to me. He placed his feet farther forward so as to jam even more of his massive, black bull meat up my hole. He fucked me deep and hard and my asshole spurted and squelched wet, cummy fuck noises as he sodomized me. I could hear people in the park outside now. A womans voice called out to some kids nearby. She was close...using the womens restroom next to us. A cars engine rattled by in the parking lot and I heard the first black thug chuckle as he lit the pipe. The feeling of being defiled and humiliated like this was both frightening and exhilarating. Any masculine dignity I had was gone now and I felt embarrassed by my blatant and perverted state. I was a submissive and kinked up homosexual for these hunky thugs. Here I was, getting buttfucked by some strange, muscled black guy in a dirty, piss smelling shit-shack in the middle of an urban park in broad daylight. Not only was I getting my asshole plugged, but I was also letting them squirt their sperm into me like a debased cock whore. I felt like a slutty, cum-drunk woman with this big bull screwing me hard and deep. My guts churned and my tummy gurgled as his giant cock-shaft turned my hole into butter. I pressed my ass back to him with each thrust up my cunt. Every few thrusts he'd freeze and hold himself buried in me and I began to wriggle my hips, stirring his big, black dick around inside my belly. I clenched and rolled my tush around, coaxing his hot nut-nectar out of his grapefruit sized balls. "Oh yeeeah!", He bellowed. "Awwww shit!! You gonna make me go off up in yo' cunt whiteboy!", He gripped my ass-cheeks and pulled them roughly apart. His thrusts quickened and he kept most of his 12 inches inside me as I continued to sway and wriggle my rump around on his tool. I felt his cock throb and pulsate as he slammed it up my butthole to the hilt. The deeply imbedded tip went wild inside my belly as I felt the first surge of fuck-juice engorge the hose-like tube of his giant slab of dick meat. "Aaaahhhhh yeah!!!" He was about to start breeding me. "Oh DAMN!!! Fucking FAGGOT ASS WHITE BOY!!! Here ya go boy!!! AH AH AH AHHHA AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AWWWWW FFFFFFUUUUUUCKK!!!! HERE'S THAT BLACK MANS CUM LOAD FAGGOT!!! YA FEEL ME KNOCKIN' YOU UP??!!!" He yelled. My own prick throbbed and constricted, ready to relinquish it's cummy nut-juice. It turned me on that my rear end and my welcoming ass-pussy had brought this powerful stud to climax. I revelled in his orgasm and let him have my cunt. I could feel the first volley of cum travel up the length of his shaft and actually felt it's warmth flood my colon as he began to shoot his load up my spasming cum pit. 'Awwww yesssss Daddy!!! SQUIRT IT IN MY CUNT!!!!!! Plug me with your big dick and sperm fuck my pussy!!! Oh GAWWWWD YESSSS!!', I wailed as he held me down on that spasming bull dick. He shuddered and tensed as his cock spurted a second volley of man spunk in me. This one gurgled and bubbled as it flooded my asshole. "AWWW FUCK YEAH BABY BOY!!!" , He bellowed. His big dick pumped semen. "You wanted Strokes cum? There it is punk...Take it all faggot...Ya gettin' pregnant wit' it now!" I clenched and milked at his mighty cum hose and he shot six, seven, eight more simmering spurts of baby batter into my belly. I orgasmed beneath him as he impregnated me. My own jism slopped out of my semi-hard slab of cock meat and I went limp with pure exctasy. He held still as he inseminated me thoroughly. I too was frozen, paralyzed with pleasure as he squirted his black cum up my bruised and battered butthole. My belly was filled and it felt like I'd just gotten an enema. I panted and gasped as he finished coming in my stretched anal-snatch. He pulled his still erect man-stick from my distended, cum drencehed pussy with a sick, squelching sound. Sperm drooled out of my ass lips and spattered noisily on the floor. "I gotta piss", He said. 'Pee in my butthole?', I suggested. "You sick assed faggot", he slapped my exposed ass. I felt ashamed and perverted at the thought of getting filled with urine. I was surprised when he slipped his half erect tool back in to my man-twat and peed in me....It washed cum deeper up my chute and filled my belly until I felt like I was gonna burst. He stood up and spit on my limp form as I lay there whimpering, full of black cum and pungent man piss. My butthole leaked white rivlets of semen and my own dick drooled it's milky streams of anal induced cum....I felt my belly grow....I felt sure that I'd been knocked up. I heard them laughing as they took my wallet out of my pants and pocketed the cash. One of them took my pipe and my bag of dope too. I'd find out later that my drivers license was missing as well. I laid there for about ten minutes before I slowly stood up and pieced together some clothing. My asshole leaked and drooled black sperm and my cock drizzled it's own semen...I limped out of the small, brick building and could feel the eyes upon me as I shamefully made my way to my car. A middle aged mother was sitting on a bench reading, as a couple of kids played nearby. She stared at my wet crotch and I glanced down. My dick was poking out of my shorts and she seemed disgusted by it yet didn't look away. The distance from the park to my house was only about two miles but it seemed like I was driving for an hour. My well fucked and battered asshole felt numb and loose and fluid leaked out of it all over the back of my thin cotton shorts and onto the drivers seat of my car. The pheremonal scent of semen and sperm surrounded me like a cloud. I farted air wetly as I squirmed in my seat. When I got home I waddled inside and immediately used an extra large buttplug to seal in that potent, black seed that would make a baby inside me, if only I was a bitch. As the width of the toy stretched open my cum filled ass, it crowded my prostate and my cock jerked about as pre-cum drooled from the tip. I had defiled myself and submitted my anus to a couple of anonymous, black thugs and had allowed them to sodomize me and to ejaculate their dick-fluid into my eager butthole. They filled my belly with black spunk and their long, thick cocks insured that I was bred deep. I was knocked up by them. Inseminated and impregnated like a hapless slut with a fertile womb. I was still so turned on....Getting plugged by such massive cock-meat had caused me to come several times but I still needed to get off. My swollen balls and half erect cock were engorged and sensitive and each time I moved a little the butt-plug would force some more leakage from me. I fell asleep next to the hot tub, dreaming in the Sun.

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