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Mr Schulz Enjoys (And Spanks) A Straight Boy - PART 1

By Sebastian

submitted April 30, 2012

Categories: Discipline, Fetish, Older/younger, Role Playing, S/M, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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I don’t know how I got myself into this. Before I knew it, it had already happened. Even now I couldn’t say where the point was when everything turned from just weird into a homosexual act. And yet it happened to me. Me, a straight man!

Our company owns some land with cheap housing on it. There’s a project to tear down the housing and put something more up-market in its place. All we need to do is persuade the tenants to move out. With most of them it hasn’t been that difficult, offering them better accommodation at the same price, paying for the removal costs and giving them a little bonus. There are just a few left who are proving to be a bit more difficult to budge. They can probably smell the opportunity to make even more money out of our desire to have them out.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been working for the company since leaving university, so now I’m into my third year. In that time I’ve managed to land a couple of promotions, and my hard work hasn’t been going unnoticed. My girlfriend is convinced that it’s because of my looks; she describes me as a cute face with a runner’s body and a sharp mind into the bargain. She adds that when I have a suit and tie on I’m just as irresistible as then I’m in my running shorts.

My boss seemed to think that I was the right person to send along to persuade these last few stubborn tenants to move out. From what he said, he also seemed to think that my appearance and manner combined to provide what it would take.

I wasn’t the first to visit Mr Schulz; according to my boss he’d sent the others packing. So now it was my turn. My boss was quite confident that I’d get this taken care of.

Mr Schulz certainly was quite a figure. He was probably in his mid-fifties, a rugged truck-driver type who, I remembered to myself, would be old enough to be my father. He was an imposing, well-built man, a little taller than me. In fact, despite my athletic build, there was something about him that made me feel… lightweight.

I shook his hand and was immediately aware of how coarse his hand was as it gripped mine tight.

“Hello Mr Schulz, Sir.”

“Hello, boy.” His icy blue eyes watched me as he gripped my hand. Holding onto my hand, he drew me into his home. I felt a little uncomfortable about all this and lost no time getting down to business. But he really was a difficult case, seeming to have an answer to everything I said. Like I said, it all happened so quickly. We were still standing just inside the doorway to the living room and he lost his temper. He grabbed me and pulled me towards the sofa. Before I could work out what was going on he sat down and pulled me down over his lap. I protested:

“Sir, Mr Schulz, Sir…”

“Shut up, boy. I’ve had enough of this, and I won’t have some young boy in a suit standing in my home telling me what to do. That young behind of yours is going to get a spanking.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Sir…!”


He lost no time in giving me the treatment he thought I needed. I tried to struggle free, but I really was no match for this bear of a man. So I held in and let him spank me, thinking that it would be over in a couple of minutes and then I would get the hell out of there.

But I was wrong. He took his time. After about twenty minutes, he told me to stand up. I stood up, and while I tried to regain my balance he quickly undid the belt to my trousers, pulled my trousers and underwear down and threw me back over his lap. This was unreal! What he was doing amounted to another man helping himself to my body. My naked arse was presented to him over his lap, and he was now running his coarse hands over it, rubbing it, squeezing it, patting it and calling me his boy. I made another attempt to escape, but I was reminded of his physical superiority over me and of his desire to spank me, which he then carried on doing.

Looking back, I should have noticed that he started calling me “Boy” from the moment I crossed his threshold. Rather than putting a stop to that, I called him “Sir”. And I still wonder if I couldn’t have done more to break free rather than just letting him keep me draped over his lap like that with my bare arse at his complete disposal.

I think the spanking must have lasted an hour or so. After a while he managed to wrestle me to the ground and strip me naked before putting me back over his lap in order to resume spanking me. He even made me thank him and ask for more.

By the time he had finished I felt completely drained of any self-confidence and certainly wouldn’t have dared pick another discussion with him. My arse was sore, sensitive and had taken on a deep crimson colour, as he kept reminding me with a certain degree of satisfaction. I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he had somehow taken possession of part of my body, which was emphasised by the redness of my arse. I carefully pulled my underwear up over my sensitive behind before picking up my suit and shirt. As I was putting my tie back on he told me that he would be onto my boss. My heart missed a beat, but I knew better than to say anything.

“Now, off you go, Boy. Permission to leave.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I immediately regretted saying that, but it just came out.

As I drove home my arse felt sore. I would have to make sure my girlfriend didn’t get to see the marks left behind by Mr Schulz because there was no way I could explain how my arse had been spanked red like that.

The next day my boss called me in. I was nervous and entirely aware of the fact that my job was hanging on a shoestring.

My boss was jovial. He told me that I was the first to cover some ground with Mr Schulz. He could see that it would take several visits, but now that he’d found the right person to send there, he was prepared to send me to visit Mr Schulz as often as required. I swallowed.

“Er… you know… he’s never going to…”

“Don’t you worry,” my boss interrupted me. “I can smell success here, and the very fact that Mr Schulz didn’t swear at me over the phone when I suggested sending you back again is proof enough for me that we’re onto a good thing here. He’ll be expecting you tomorrow at 3pm, and you won’t have anything else to do after that so consider it open-end.”

This was unbelievable. I was being sent back to Mr Schulz in order to get another spanking.

# # # # # # # #

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