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Knocked Up By Some Black Thugs Seed- part 3

By Bouncesbare

submitted May 2, 2012

Categories: S/M, Sexual Identity Discovery, Fetish

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When I awoke, I was dizzy with satisfied delerium at having been so thoroughly used and sexually debased by those two fuckers. Their cum still churned inside me, warm, slimy and musky. It lubricated my fuck tunnel and bloated my belly. I rolled onto my feet, my ass crevice queefing and gurgling as I moved. White dollops of spent sperm bubbled from my stretched anus and ran down my legs. I was flush with perverted desire and yearned to be raped again, to be used and sodomized, then helplessly impregnated with some black, bulls seed. I wanted to hold those two voluminous loads of baby-batter up inside my belly so that it would permeate and seed me...Not wanting to let it leak out of me, I went in to the bathroom and found my "Rambone" dildo. The rubber/latex cock measured 13 long inches and was 7.5 inches around. Its suction-cup base secured it to the toilet seat lid and the lewd looking giant waved gently in the air. I poured some oil on it and straddled the realistic tip. I arched my back and opened myself up as I sat down on the thing, impaling my horny man-cunt. It knocked some of the air out of me and my gaping sphincter farted wetly around its' girth as it entered my body. I let out an audible gasp and a long, gutteral moan as I sank 6 or 8 inches of the baseball-bat sized toy up into my gut. I drooled spit from my mouth as I hung my head in a concentrated effort to take more. The big schlong was nudged hard up inside my colon and had hit a bend in my gut...it wouldn't go further. The sheer mass of rubber/latex in my hole both scraped and compressed my prostate and had my erect shaft dripping clear fluid from it's tip. As good as that felt to me, it was almost unbearable having so much mass up my hungry butt-snatch. I fought the urge to clench and constrict, which would've caused me considerable discomfort. The Meth and the raunchy scene I'd been part of earlier, filled my horned-up mind with determination. There was a feminine, submissive dick-queer lurking in my body and he wanted that dildo all the way up inside him! I sat up straight, arched my back sharply and wriggled my fanny, sticking it out girlishly. Then, when I felt the time and position was right....I let my full weight drop down onto the gigantic dildo. A white hot, primal bolt of pleasure, pain and surrender enveloped my being. I felt it distend and stretch my anus beyond anything I'd ever thought I could do...The apple-sized tip popped past the bend in my intestine and straightened its way past the curve. I screamed and groaned a tortured, soulful sound as I impaled myself deeply and completely upon the thick, veined, sex-toy...Semen spurted un-checked from my piss slit in long, ropy strings. The clear, viscous fluid spilled freely out of my dick and all over the bathroom. I sat my big, hairless rump full on down upon the toilet seat with that dildo buried deep inside me....All thirteen inches of it, which would make the tip of it somewhere above my belly button. The bull semen in my belly provided the slick, smooth lubricating effect it needed to invade my intestines. I whimpered involutarily as I stirred it around in me...Suddenly, I felt something give way inside me and I lost control of my bladder. Hot spurts of acrid piss shot out of my prick and sprayed my neck, chest and lap....Liquid splashed down all around me and the smell of my own ball juice mixed with my pee to create an pheremone laced odor that made me even more horny.... I sat there, locked to the toilet by that big, realistic dong, pissing on myself and quivering in pre-orgasmic delight. I whimpered in helpless defeat as my body shifted into an emotionally numb, pleasure filled state. I would never again be anything but a dick slave for other men. The physical delight and loss of masculine control felt unlike anything I'd ever felt... Even when I sucked cocks in the park or took strange dicks up my ass I'd always considered myself heterosexual....But not anymore. I'd just entered the seedy, unadultered and insatiable world of the faggot fuck slave.......I was home.


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