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The Escapades of Jason, Chapter 8

By Jettero

submitted August 8, 2012

Categories: Escort Confessions, Family Fun, Straight Men, Gay Sex, Fetish, Threesomes

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With school out, Jason spent most of his free time at his new friend Kevin’s house. Most of the time they were together, they were naked; much to the delight of Kevin’s aunt, and Jason’s client, Mrs. Douglas. While their relationship wasn’t sexual at all, there was plenty of roughhousing and horseplay between the two of them. There was the occasional incidental contact, which Kevin became less uptight about, and didn’t bother Jason at all. They did have several three-ways with Kevin’s aunt, and Jason expanded Kevin’s horizons by getting Kevin to suck his cock and fuck him during these three-ways. Jason had yet to fuck Kevin, but he was working on it.

They spent a lot of their time in and around the pool. This is where Mr. Douglas caught them naked for the second time. However, this time, his wife was home. “Boys, my wife is home and here you are without any clothes on. Didn’t we already have this discussion,” Mr. Douglas said, and he was obviously upset.

“Yes, sir,” Jason replied.

“Then why are you out here naked?”

“Well, she came home early and caught us. Since she already saw us, we figured we might as well stay this way,” Jason lied.

“This is not appropriate behavior. You are young men, she is Kevin’s aunt. She shouldn’t be seeing you this way. Now both of you go upstairs and wait for me.” The two of them ran up to Kevin’s room, passing Mrs. Douglas on the way. Jason shot her a quick wink as he sped past. Mr. Douglas collected himself; he didn’t want to be too angry when he disciplined them. As he walked past his wife, she asked him to not be too hard on the boys, they were just being boys.

When he got to Kevin’s room, the door didn’t shut all the way behind him. He told the boys, “If you want to act like children, I am going to treat you like children. Who is first for his spanking?” He sat down on the bed.

Jason saw the terrified look on Kevin’s face, and decided to try to shield his friend, “I’ll go first.” Mr. Douglas patted his lap, indicating Jason should lie across him. Jason assumed the position, and Mr. Douglas started to spank Jason. He didn’t spank him hard, and between hits, his hand would linger on Jason’s bare ass. Jason was getting hard, but he felt Mr. Douglas’ cock hardening as well. What is it with these men, Jason wondered. Jason looked out the door, and saw Mrs. Douglas watching, though no one else saw her. He gave her a wink as his spanking continued. After his ass was turning a light red, Mr. Douglas released Jason and called up Kevin. Kevin’s ass received the same attention as Jason’s; meanwhile Jason knelt in front of Mr. Douglas, watching the show. Kevin realized the spanking wasn’t so bad and relaxed, and Jason could see Kevin’s cock was hard as well.

When he was finished with Kevin, Mr. Douglas said, “Did you boys learn your lesson?”

Jason could see that Mr. Douglas still had an erection, and a wet spot appeared on the front of his trousers. Jason turned on the charm, and started using his talent, sex. “Sir, what we did was very wrong. We deserve much more punishment from you.” Jason put his hands on Mr. Douglas’ knees, and worked them up his leg, brushing past his hard cock, and started to remove his shirt. Kevin sat watching, wondering what Jason was up to; surely he wasn’t planning on having sex with his uncle. When the shirt was over Mr. Douglas’ face, Jason motioned for Kevin to come help. Kevin took off his uncle’s shoes and socks, then they both removed his pants and shorts. His cock sprung out of his shorts, Jason took it in his hands and quickly sat on it. As the cock entered Jason’s ass, he said, “Tell me how bad a boy I was.”

“Oh, you were a naughty boy,” he said as he moved his hips to fuck Jason. Jason motioned for Kevin to get up; Kevin stood on the bed with his hard cock between Jason and his uncle. Jason put his mouth on the side of Kevin’s cock and moved forward until the other side was on Mr. Douglas’ mouth. They kissed, with Kevin’s cock in the middle of the kiss. Their kiss turned into a wonderful double blowjob for Kevin. Mr. Douglas would occasionally say, “You two were very naughty.”

As he was sucking his nephew and fucking Jason, Mr. Douglas opened his eyes and saw his wife standing in the doorway. She was completely naked, with the fingers of one hand in her pussy, and the other hand playing with her breasts. She winked at her husband and licked her lips. This sight caused him to immediately shoot his load in Jason’s ass. Shortly after, Kevin let loose on both of their faces, and Jason covered Mr. Douglas’ chest in his cum. Mr. Douglas fell back onto the bed, and the two boys snuggled on either side of him.

“Okay boys, maybe I was too hard on you before.”

“Oh no, Mr. Douglas, we deserved it,” Jason protested.

“Well, anyway, I am giving you my permission to be naked around the house as much as you want.” After what his wife just witnessed, did it really matter, he thought. Besides, he wanted the opportunity to see these boys as well.

“Thanks,” they both said and kissed him on each cheek.

Mrs. Douglas came in the room, and she had put her clothes back on. “You boys all friends again,” she asked her husband, to which he nodded. “This is how I like my men,” she said as she enjoyed the sight of the three naked men on the bed together and gave all three cocks a squeeze.

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