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Dale, Christopher and Me 2

By aquarianguy

submitted November 3, 2012

Categories: Family Fun, Older/younger, Holiday Cheer

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Dad and Dale's Christmas Eve

It was starting to get dark and Dale and I decided to watch the carols on TV seeing as it was Christmas Eve. We had got most things ready for Christmas Day, as it was our turn to host family and friends. Dale had been up to have his shower so I decided to grab mine. "Just going for a shower Dale' I said as I walked out of the room. 'K dad will switch on the TV on and have a couple of beers ready for when u get back.

I took my time under the shower having a good soap up and play, stroking my cock and playing with my butt, rinsed myself off and dried my body. Looked at myself in the mirror and thought yea not too bad for 42, just a little flab. Decided not to get to dressed so just slipped on a pair of jocks and went back into lounge room. Dale had turned off the lights and just had the flashing lights on the Christmas tree going it was like fairy land. Dale handed me a beer and I sat down on the couch, while Dale sat on the floor in front of the couch. The carols weren't too bad and were putting my in a good Christmas mood.

I finished my beer and lay down on the couch to watch the TV and Dale sprawled himself out on the floor just below me. After a while my hand slipped off the couch and landed gently on Dale's back, I just left it there, however unconsciously I started to move my hand up and down his back like a feather just touching his skin. I become more aware of what I was doing when Dale let out a big sigh and said, "that feels nice dad", so I gradually started rubbing a bit firmer and started heading lower. I was gently rubbing round the top of his ass crack then all the way back up to his shoulders. The next time I went lower still and just touched the top of his hole, he shivered in delight, then ran my hand down his side to his armpit.

I don't know about Dale but I was cracking a stiff one, so I guess was he. This carried on for about half an hour just gently rubbing all over the parts of his body I could reach, his stiff cock must have been getting the better of him as he rolled over onto his back. I started giving his front the same treatment but stopping just short of his belly button to tease him cause I knew if I went much lower I would be touching his cock head. I was deliberately taking my time so as to get him really hot and horny. I played around with his nipples rolling them in my fingers and gently pinching the buds. They were hard like tiny marbles and standing up proud. Slowly I moved my hand down his body to just touch his cock head, he moved hoping I would touch more of it or even grab it, but not yet. I was enjoying this erotic torture of my son and he loved it even more the way he was moaning. I then started as far down his legs as I could reach and rubbed the inside of his leg up to his big ball sack then down the outside to his knee.

I kept this up for about five minutes and could tell it was getting to Dale, so I then played with his balls gently just pulling them slightly as I held them, they were like two baubles on the Christmas tree. Dale could not take any more of this and pulled me off the couch onto the floor with him, our bodies moved together cock touching cock and our lips pressed against each others and I slipped my tongue in Dale's mouth. We french kissed for a while and then I could feel Dale's hand on my cock stroking it up and down so moved round into a sixty-nine position and took his hot cock in my mouth and started sucking the head. Almost at the same moment Dale had taken my cock and was sucking like a baby on a bottle, it felt fantastic.

We kept sucking, occasionally licking and playing with each others balls, I moisten a finger and massaged Dale's butt hole then slid it in all the way and started to finger fuck my boy. He was still licking my balls and cock when I slipped in two then three fingers, gently caressing his prostate, as I did not want him to cum yet. Dale reached underneath me and started to penetrate my love chute with his fingers and I knew I was gonna get my Christmas present early.

Dale stopped sucking my cock long enough to tell me that he wanted to fuck me, "that's fine by me son, would love to feel you up there, so with that we moved positions, me on my hands and knees with Dale behind me. I felt the head of his cock penetrating my anal ring and then it slipped all the way in and could feel his pubic hairs tickling my shaved ball sac. He started off slowly and every time he pushed in could feel his cock head running over my prostate sending electrical charges through my body. He started to speed up his urgency to cum obvious, he wanted to drill his old man's butt and fill full of cum.

I started thrusting back as he moved forward and we developed a good momentum, but like all good things they must come to an end. I was the first to blow my load, the clamping of my ass muscles sent Dale into a frenzy, he tensed up and I could feel his hot cum cannoning from his cock into my butt and down my anal tube. Dale had blown so much cum that it was running out my butt and down my legs; it felt like lava, hot. Dale collapse on top of him whispering "Merry Christmas dad, I love you. It was the best present my son could have given me and I whispered in his ear "thanks son merry Christmas to you to and with that we both drifted off to sleep, a satisfied smile on both faces.

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