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I am told this is a true story

By cindyusa58

submitted November 18, 2012

Categories: Hypnosis, Parties To Remember, Tales From School

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I do not know, this could be a true story. At Washington High School, students can be grouped up in the usual, jocks, cheerleaders, geeks, college bound, loser and weirdo. Ted and Rich could be considered somewhere between geek and college bound. They were seniors, 18 and virgins with the girls. It was not that they were not physically fit or a one-on the one to ten scale. Both were on the swim team with well define upper bodies and could be called cute or OK if someone would get to know them.

The jocks and cheerleaders would hang out at one end of the library where there was a room set aside for research. It was better for the library staff to let them use the research room then put up with the noise they made in the open study area.

It was by chance that Bill the Captain of the football team found a book sitting on a stack of books to be files. The book looked old with leather bindings. The title was simple Mesmerism by Doctor Mesmer (1779). On the inside, front cover was several index cards. The first one side, this treatise exactly reproduces a translated copy of Mesmer’s dissertation, he explains the truth about his cures, their methods, the 27 Propositions of Magnetism and why he was exiled in Switzerland.

The Middleton study estimates the standard bell curve applies for people who are subject to hypnotic suggestion. At one end of the curve, 10% of the population cannot be mesmerized. At the other end of the curve, 10% of the population can mesmerize in less than one minute (voice, surrounding and Level One Technique). The balance of the curve, 40% will take suggestion and memorization (use voice, surround and Level Two Techniques), the balance will need suggestion, memorization and deep hypnotic trance (Level Three Techniques).

The rest of the note cards systematically listed steps used to hypnotize half of the population. Bill was smart for being a jock; with the index card in his hands, he was beginning to explore the possibilities. He did not want to take advantage of his friends, yet he wanted to see if this would work. Bill spends some time reading the notes cards. The note cards referenced sections of the book for the exact details. In an hour, Bill has a good understanding on a Level 1 suggestion and mesmerizing Technique. Bill is in the research room with two other jocks. Now, Ted enters the research room to recover books for placement on shelves. Bill stops Ted asking him if he would help him with one of his book reports. Bill asks Ted to sit in the chair while moving behind the chair. Bill opens the book to chapter 12 and reads.

So just relax. Just for a moment, imagine all the muscle groups in your body relaxing and letting go . . . as all the sensory receptors in your body begin to open and revitalize. Each time that you breathe from this time forward, imagine your breathe flowing out through your rib cage and spreading sensual relaxation throughout your body . . So feel that relaxation as I talk to you now. Let's start by relaxing all the muscle groups around your face for a moment . . . Relax your scalp . . . relax your forehead . . . relax your eyebrows . . . relax your eyelids . . . relax your cheeks . . . relax your nose . . . and relax your mouth. Especially those muscles around your mouth and lips. Become especially aware of your sense of feeling around your mouth and lips. Make sure your teeth are not clenched together . . . Just relax your chin and jaw . . . And allow all those muscles in your face to just relax and let go . . . And now relax your neck . . . relax the front part of your neck, and the back part of your neck. Right down through to your shoulders . . . Feel your shoulders relaxing completely as you let go of any tension that might be lingering in your shoulder area . . . You will find it feels so good to do that...

Ted's eyes are closed, he is in a trance. Bill takes two fingers and rub them on Ted's lips, Bill says, "Kiss them." Ted kisses Bills fingers. Bill tells Ted, "Suck on by fingers." Ted opens his mouth and sucks Bills fingers. It was only natural what happened next. Bill told one if his friend to watch the door as he unzip his pants. Bill cock was flabby and only a few inches long. He rubs his cock on Ted's lips, directing him to suck his cock. Ted opens his mouth and sucks. It did not take long for Bill to be fully erect to about six inches. His two friends can only stand there and stare, not believing what is happening.

Bill turns his attention back to Ted telling him to swallow his cock. Ted moves forward, and all of Bill's cock has disappeared with Bill's public hair around Ted's nose and Bill balls hanging under Ted's chin. Bill shoots his load and tell Ted, "Swallow my cum, sucker." Ted did has he was told.

Once Bill was finish he to Steve one of his friends to try it out. Steve used Ted's mouth for oral intercourse. Steve's cock was smaller than Bills because of all the steroids he his taken. Mack was at the door doing is lookout duties waiting patiently. Steve was done in a few minutes exchanging places with Mack. Mack had a cock just over seven inches, uncut but not thick. The novelty of hypnotize someone and having him suck your cock was erotic, exciting but in the research chances of someone entering was good, giving Mack motivation to come quick. Bill, Steve, and Mack had a decent BJ better then their girlfriend, cheerleaders. Bill tells Ted to wake up on the third clap of his hand and Ted will not remember anything that has happened in the last 30 minute. One, clap, two clap, then he claps his hands together, Ted opens his eyes, looks around the room. Ted licks his lip, and then makes a face as if there was something unpleasant in his mouth. Ted stand up grabbing a stack of books, excuse himself from Bill, leaving the room.

Bill looked at the index cards and calculated that Ted was one in four that would be open to oral sex if hypnotized. Bill was amazes that he could put someone under on his first try. He decided to test his skills again the next day. Bill, Steve, and Mack return to the research room the next afternoon. Rich is sitting outside the research room studying. Bill opens the door and asks Rich to help him. Bill explains that he needs to do a report and asks Rich to listen to something he has written. The same happens; Bill Steve and Mack used Rich's mouth for oral sex. When Bill claps his hands three times, Rich wakes up shakes his head. He makes a face as if there was an odd in his mouth. Rich asks Bill was anything else he could do. Bill, Steve, and Mack all had a smirk on their face; but controlled there selves.

Bill now had the confidence that he found two people open to a suggestion to suck cock. The weekend was two days away; Bill had an idea of what he could do for some entertainment. He would ask Ted and Rich to come over to his house for a party. A few more football team players will be there. Ted and Rich arrived at the party around eight. Bill greets them at the door walking them to the bar making sure they had a stiff drink. Fifteen later Bill asks Ted to the den where it is. Bill reads him the text in Chapter 12, putting him under his power of suggestion. A few minutes later Bill does the same to Rich. Bill gathers everyone to the party room.

Bill rings a bell once, upon hearing Ted and Rich stand up and strips their clothes off. Both are in good shape because they are swimmer there body are shaved smooth. Ted and Rich were well endowed, much more so than, Bill, Steve or Mack. Bill rings the bell twice and Ted starts to suck Rich to the great amusement to the crowd. Bill rings the bell twice again and Ted and Rich exchange places. After five minutes, the crowd seems bored with two naked men sucking each other. Bill is smiling as he rings the bell three times. Right on queue, Ted bends over a table with Rich moving behind him penetrating Ted with clearly over eight inches. Everyone laughs at this gay action. Rich is fucking Ted at an above average rhythm. The action was hot and fast.

All nightlong Bill rang the bell two times or three times. Two was the suggestion to suck a different cock. Three bells find someone else to penetrate your ass. The football team preformed as expected for horny high school students. Ted and Rich were hot helping some of the men cumming three times in three hours. All were sexually expired by midnight when Bill clapped his hands once, Ted and Rich got dressed. Clapped his hand a second time they found chair to sit, then the third clap, they wake, seems puzzled about where they are and what they have done for the last tree hours. Ted and Rich excuses themselves walking outside, Ted said, "That was a hot party"

Rich said in return, "Wonder if they would invite us back next week,"

Ted replies, "I do not know why not we got what we wanted."

Rich said, "That was a brilliant plan to put the index card in the book, made it easy for Bill to understand. All he had to do is follow the steps."

Ted smiled saying, "I bet we could suck half of the footballs team off and not let the entire school from know. I am sure that Bill and the teem will keep this a secret; it would be too gay for them to admit they received BJ from a couple of men and that fucked them. They have to keep that quiet. I bet you next week it will be all the football team and maybe a coach or two."

Ted tells Rich, "Let's go back to your place, I am horny and need your cum in one of my holes."