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Enemies with Benefits I

By Stepiquno Toglio

submitted November 23, 2012

Categories: Discipline, Frottage, Straight Men, Gay Sex, Surprise, Voyeurism, S/M

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________The very dark night at 9’o clock on Friday in Houston, Texas, the man just arrived at his middle-sized modern house by his car, shiny gold BMW 650i convertible. His overall appearance is very muscly, curvy, and ripped as detailed. His facial shape is rectangular. He has black hair that styled to be short elegant faux hawk which make him look more attractive. He wore the white V-necked shirt with a bit of black shiny graphical art around its edge as if it looks so romantic on his overall beauty like someone can see his thick nipples. The very tight black & white striped pant is shown that he got good-looking muscular legs to be revealed after he just opened the door to exit his car. He closed it then heading to the main entrance.

All sudden, he heard the voice that said, “Wesley Eracullo.” Then he turned around to see if someone is behind him. He just saw the guy, wore a black masquerade mask and black leathery clothes, and had a gun, 9mm silencer, which pointed at him. That guy is fit skinny and shorter than Wesley does. His ginger haircut is exposed to identifying as Caesar cut in formal style. It’s smoothly brushed back. His jaw looked so sharp as if his facial structure is rectangular like Wesley got.

“Look, I got money. Whatever you want,” Wesley begged.

The masked guy softly said, “No, do what I say. Go to trunk of my car now.”

“Okay, okay. I’m going!” Wesley obeyed, and being disoriented after he walked to the car.

The masked guy said, “Open.”

Wesley opened the trunk as he had to follow the masked guy’s direction. The masked guy forced, “Get inside now.” Wesley was furious like he can’t believe what happening at him so he had to get inside the trunk. The masked guy closed it then entered the car. His vehicle was mirrored black Mazda 6 with its spoiler. He drove away with the victim in his truck for just about hour to entering into small town where the lots of farmed field placed.

Arrived around a small white old-fashioned cabin home with huge yard, the masked guy got out of his car then grabbed the small black carry baggage. He went to his car’s trunk and put his baggage down so he opened it without any struggle. Wesley freaked out when he saw him. “Get out,” he said.

“Where am I?” Wesley concerned, and looking at around the surrounds of him.

The masked guy said, “Go to that house. But, at first, here’s tool to break the door like nobody know what’s going on with it,” he lightly throw it to Wesley’s chest. He barely caught it but he got it. “Go to back of that house now.” The masked guy picked his baggage up and moved Wesley to be there.

At the back of the door, Wesley had to unlocking it. After he successfully opened it, he sighed. “What you want me to do now?” Wesley concernedly asked.

The masked guy said, “Go to his bedroom.” So they entered the kitchen at first then living room then bedroom. He just put his small black carry baggage on an end table next a well-made bed. Then he signed Wesley to move into the living room. “Sit there,” he pointed it with his gun.

Wesley took sat on an old-fashioned single sofa. The masked guy sat down on other single sofa with the long distance from him to keep his green eyes on him as if he doesn’t want him to outsmarting him by fight himself for his life. So he put his gun down on sofa’s edge. His legs widened apart like he is in comfortable zone.

The masked guy said, “Don’t look at something like you think what you have to figure out in between you and me right now, Wesley.”

“I’m not. I’m not going to do anything. Look, what do you want from me?” Wesley furiously said as if he was in desperate to get himself escape or fight with that ginger man for his life.

“You will see it, my buddy,” the masked guy grinned, moved a little like he got discomfort for just seconds.

Wesley asked, “Whose house?”

“Your surprise… Surprise, surprise,” He chuckled, put his hand on a left side of his head then shaking his head a bit.

Wesley confused, “What are you talking about?”

“Like I said it, you will see it,” He continuing grinned as if he had something to control.

Wesley disgusted, “What are you smile about? What’s your surprise?! Come on, tell me!”

“You knew him so well. Then you will love what he did to you,” He laughed.

Wesley disgusted, “I see… He’s not my friend if I can assume you mean it.”

“Okay, enough. All right, go to sleep now,” He chuckled.

Wesley said, “Huh? Why?”

“In a case, you need it for your guy…” He continuing chuckled aloud, “Sleep or I’m going to do you otherwise.”

Wesley sighed then closed his eyes. His head was toward against the sofa’s edge to just getting himself comfortable. His muscly arms were crossing.

There’re the lights appearing on wall in its motioning as the masked guy noticed it. He got up, check Wesley if he still asleep, then went to wide window so he can see what that guy do. He just saw that guy got out of his car, dark red hunky Lincoln Mark LT. He wore gray bib and brace overalls with dark red t-shirt. He got athletic body and soft-looking but has angrily oblong face. His haircut is shaved blond that called Bald Fade. The masked guy can see that he brought his 6-beer package. The masked guy drew himself away from the window then took place to stand for the guy in farm uniform to open the door then see him in excellent view. The guy in farm uniform opened the door and saw the masked guy in blank.

“What the fuck?” the guy in farm uniform blankly said, and still holds the 6-beer package.

The masked guy said, “Hello, Rowdy Beo. It’s finally for you to see me in person.” He lifted his gun to point it at Rowdy.

“Yeah. Do I know you, dumb shit-eater?” Rowdy said with his rude attitude.

The masked guy chuckled, “Ha, you’re funny. Man, you’re turning on me so much.” He bit his lips.

“Yeah? Are you going to kill me if you like me, you faggot?!” Rowdy yelled, and fisted his hands.

Wesley woke up in panic code for just seconds after he heard Rowdy’s voice so loud. “Rowdy?” he said, and his eyes widened as if his memory of Rowdy just had flashback.

“Holy shit! What the fuck are you doing here?” Rowdy angrily said, like he was about to exploding himself as if he wants to beat both of them.

Wesley desperately said, “I… Look, I didn’t know what he want us to do... I’m sorry.” Like he didn’t want something to harm Rowdy.

“You bitch! You made that retarded officers arrest me for our fight in the school!” Rowdy threaten, and then to the masked guy, “Do you want me to kill that fucked-up shitbrain if you are looking for? I can do that, I’m on your side right now.”

The masked guy quickly said, “Don’t do that, Rowdy!” He paused for few seconds then said, “Okay, listen me well, both of you go to bedroom.”

“I just don’t understand… You don’t want us to kill each other, then forcing us to go to his bedroom right now?” Wesley puzzled as he make face.

The masked guy got his another gun that has same type to targeting at him and said, “Don’t go there! Go to that damn room right now or I’m going to injuring both of you with this gun… That’s what you want?”

“Fine!!!” Rowdy angrily said with his closed eyes. The detailed veins became visible on his neck.

The masked guy softly said, “Hold on. You go next him so I get clear for your spot.”

Wesley got up and walked toward Rowdy to beside him then the masked guy moved himself to keep him distancing from both of them. In a hallway, Rowdy and Wesley just went into the bedroom with the masked guy behinds.

The masked guy pointed at the shiny antique brownish wood dresser and said, “Put the package over that.” Rowdy reckless putted it away as if he doesn’t care what kind of trouble he got.

Wesley asked, “Okay, then, what we do now?”

The masked guy softly said, “Turn both of those lamps on, please.” Wesley turned both of it on. So it was brightening the room a bit. Actually, the lighting is golden warm. The lamps has yellow glassed square bell lamp shade with a brownish graphical art on it and a black stick for hold the light bulb. “Did you see my baggage there? Open it.”

Wesley turned his head at the baggage, and then felt hesitated about it but go ahead to open it. “What the…” There are more than hundred wrappers for protection, one semen pills for massive load, one SPUNK lubricant for smooth feeling, four kinky handcuffs for sickened perversion, three tissue packets for clean white sticky liquid off, and one long silk blindfold for cover its eyes.

“What’s there?” Rowdy demanded as he walked over then shoved Wesley out of his way to get clear sight. Wesley moved left to get his distance from Rowdy for his safety. “Are you having us to fuck each other?!” Rowdy demanded, “No way that I’m gonna fuck him, you bastard!” He lifted his finger to the masked guy.

“Hehe! Well, you’re going to…” the masked guy chuckled, “Kiss him now.”

“Hell, no!” Rowdy angrily yelled. The detailed veins from his neck became visible again after the masked guy noticed it.

The masked guy shot at one of the lamps. The light went exploded off then the glass scattered near the baggage as they heard it. It calms Rowdy down after notice the broken lamp. “Hmmm, change your mind?” He purred then villainous smiled.

“This is disgusted!” Rowdy quietly said and look away.

“Well, if you refused to fuck that hot motherfucker then I may have to shoot at both of you on your feet,” he said, “Look, this is too easy for you to do it, but you unbelievably don’t. Hmmm. Show me your feet, Rowdy.”

“Okay, okay! Fine!” Rowdy said, then grabbed Wesley’s arm as if he go too strong on Wesley.

“Stop! You have to do it gentle… Wesley, take his clothes off,” the masked guy said.

Wesley slowly walked toward Rowdy with his blankly face. Rowdy looked away as if he don’t want him to have sex after they hated each other since junior school year.

“Rowdy… Take that blindfold if you can’t stand the sight of Wesley. Only if you want,” the masked guy offered.

Rowdy picked it up then covered his eyes and tied it. “Go ahead, do it, you dickfucker,” he disgustedly said.

Wesley caressing Rowdy’s genital area too firm. Wesley and the masked guy can see Rowdy bit his lips. Wesley searched for the button to undressing him. Found it, then unbuttoned it so both of the shoulder straps fell down. Rowdy’s overalls dropped down. He wore no underwear. There’s long blond public hair above his scrotum and cut penis.

The masked guy giggled, “Hmmm. Get on your bed, both of you. Then take all your clothes off.”

Rowdy grounded himself into bed then took his dark red t-shirt and black boots off. At the first, Wesley took his white deep V-neck shirt off first, then his pant was take down by his manly hands and his uncut shaved unhardened penis became exposed to the masked guy’s eyes by dropped his tight black/white/red/blue graphical boxer off. After that, the masked guy took the white single sofa to sit down then put one of his guns landed on his right lap and other one was on sofa’s left handled edge as he held it. He sat around the corner to enjoy the view of two activated men. Wesley bended over himself to Rowdy to kissing him, then Rowdy shoved him away. But Wesley didn’t let him do so he forced himself to kissing him so softly. Rowdy just still lied there as if he was being motiveless like he didn’t touch Wesley as well as someone noticed it.

Wesley checks Rowdy out by looking at his expression. He looked like he doesn’t mind it anymore, so Wesley slowly caressing Rowdy’s hairy unhardened cock then try to get it hard by hold & rubbing it. It bloomed to be 7-inches. There was red vascular details appeared around that long wood. That left Rowdy breathed heavily. Then, again, Wesley tried to get his cock to be hardened by his hand. It became fat 8-inches without the visible veins. It had slight pink skin on his whole genital area. His balls was little big than Rowdy’s.

“Frottage… Satisfying me now,” the masked guy demanded, and made himself comfortable for more.

Wesley hesitated, “Um, what’s that?”

“Damn it. You know that both of yours rubbing with each other by any hands,” the masked guy softly said, “That’s going to feel good like you obviously know it.”

Wesley said, “Right.”

Rowdy moaned as if he wants it keeps going on. Then, Wesley sighed and takes his cock by his hand and goes against Rowdy’s cock together. He was beginning to rubbing it. Both of them moaned that pleased the masked guy again. The masked guy got up with his single gun then went toward to the shiny antique brownish wood dresser for beer. Wesley distracted himself by him.

“Focus…” the masked guy softly said, then went back to the sofa and took sit. He opened it and drank. Wesley continually rubbed his cock with Rowdy’s cock. Wesley can see the watery pre-cum come out of their cock. He moaned as he looked up at the ceiling with its on-turned fan. The masked guy just bit his lips after enjoying his view of their activity then slowly plays with his visible hardened cock under its tight black pant. There’s miracle for Wesley to witnessing is the masked guy’s cock. His flawed hard circumcised penis was exposed as it took out of his unzipped pant. It measured about 13 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. He drank his beer and rubbed his cock at the same time, then cock-slapping it for extra goodness of remarkable feeling.

“Time for you to fuck!” the masked guy heavily moaned and continuing jerking off. Wesley stopped himself then reaches the baggage for wrapper. Rowdy slightly freaked, “What are you doing?”

“Relax, I just getting the condom,” Wesley said, as if he tried to calm Rowdy down from worsening the situation. He got it then repositioning himself back on the bed and ripped the wrapper off. He threw it as it landed on the blue carpeted ground then placed condom down on his hard cock. He was about to use missionary position with Rowdy by just sticked it inside Rowdy’s hole.

“You don’t use lubricant on it,” the masked guy annoyingly said.

“Oh? What it is for?” Wesley said as if he got worry about screw up the masked guy’s erotic satisfaction.

“Let me tell you. When you use it on your cock, it smoothens into another damn hole. Without it, it feels like sandpaper that screw your partner’s hole up! Got it?” the masked guy impatiently explained.

“Get that on, you faggotly assfucker,” Rowdy breathed like he can’t wait for the feeling of being anally that he never had experience before. “Please,” he increasedly breathed as he touched around his genital area on his right hand and one on his beautiful vascular chest.

Wesley, again, reached the baggage to get the SPUNK lubricant out then repositioned himself back and squeezed it as white sticky liquid oozing out then hit his hand so he can spread it anywhere on his covered cock. Some of its liquid fell down on the bed sheet from his wet protected cock that make it looks so hornily.

“Ah… We’re ready to go,” the masked guy cheered and lifted his beer up.

For the processed time, Wesley inhaled his breathe and closed his perfect eyes as if he hope that his thin condom don’t break. He was ready to put his cock go plugged into Rowdy’s hole. Wesley carefully goes as his wet cock touched Rowdy’s ass.

“Wait,” Rowdy gasped as his sharped jaw opened as if he wasn’t sure of that sexual touch that could damage his asshole.

The masked guy covered his head with both of his hands then disappointed, “Damn it. You ruin my enjoyment right now. Look, both of you, show me your feet, please. Do you know that you waste my time! You do not know how to enjoy in the first time!”

“Come on, you got to learn how to enjoy with this,” Wesley concerned and lightly pulled Rowdy’s muscular veined legs. His expression looks sad. “Please… I will do you slowly if this suiting you to be comfortable ,” He softly begged.

“Hell, no…” Rowdy whined as if he doesn’t have choice to do other way.

“Yeah, I know. But you have to let me fuck you so good. I don’t like idea that he shoot us,” Wesley said and still hold Rowdy’s legs.

Rowdy paused for few seconds as the masked guy grab the gun. “Fuck it! Fuck me hard, you bitch! Come on! Come on! Come on!” Rowdy angrily yelled and his neck became thick as it was detailed veins.

“Ahhh… Here we go,” the masked rolled his eyes and look away from them as he put gun down.

“Are you sure?” Wesley doubted.

“Yeah! Put that into me right now, you stupid motherfucker!” Rowdy shook as if he took risk to continue this unbelievable event.

The masked guy sighed then played with his blessed cock again. Wesley, again, touch Rowdy’s ass with his half-hardened cock. He can’t get it go inside that so he has to rub his cock so hard again by his manly hand. It became harden so he was ready to do him. But he can’t get his cock go inside Rowdy’s ass because it was too tight. His cock just flicked away two times from Rowdy’s ass. It drove Wesley insane of possibly safety harm by the masked guy’s effect. So he had to make Rowdy’s ass wide by his hands for his cock to get it through.

Finally, it worked so Wesley plugged it into Rowdy’s ass. He can see Rowdy squeezed his bed sheet firmly. Rowdy licked his redly moisture lip. “Are you feeling okay?” Wesley asked as if he can’t read Rowdy’s face.

“Come on, come on… It feels so good.. Fuck me now,” Rowdy softly said, “Please….” Wesley forwards himself to Rowdy. “Oh!” he laughed then covered his smile with his hand, “My fucking ass!” Wesley didn’t see it while he was too busy by focused on his cock to Rowdy’s ass.

“Do you like it?” the masked guy softly chuckled then drank the beer.

Rowdy said nothing but just moaned while Wesley had sex with him. The masked guy put the beer away, and then jerk off with his fantastic cock for ten minutes.

“Okay, do doggie right now. Hope you know what doggie means, Rowdy,” the masked guy softly said, and continued to play with his cock.

Wesley took his cock out from Rowdy’s pink hole and then wait for Rowdy to change the position. Rowdy paused for the moment as if he tried to figure out what it means. He just turned and faced to bed. He got his butt stand up for Wesley as he hoped that he got right position so the masked guy can enjoy the phenomenal view.

“Bravo… You got that right, Rowdy,” the masked guy said, and still fool with his cock.

“Yeah, right,” Rowdy irritated as if he don’t like what people tell him to do what they desired. Wesley just accidently put his cock inside Rowdy’s dirty ass too quick and hard. But, Rowdy chuckled about it as if he likes it so much because it was smooth feeling. Wesley began to fuck Rowdy for about the fifteen minutes as the masked guy moaned while he heavily masturbating.

“Come on!” Rowdy growled and make the punch on his bed for third time, “Do it hard! You weak dickbag!”

Wesley tried to fuck Rowdy so hard often but he pushed him too many time by force.

Suddenly, his sperm flew itself to ceiling from his wonderful cock. The amount of his bright thick cumshot was about 1 cup. “Oh, that’s what I need!” the masked guy gasped.

“Whoa!” Wesley shockingly said and stops fucking Rowdy as if he became speechless after saw it flew.

“Huh?” Rowdy puzzled, “That’s it?”

The masked guy chuckled, “Yeah, it was good!” His cock slowly unerected down on between his lean legs. While it went down, it kicked up and down little like the heart beats. A bit of whitest sperm dripped on the blue carpeted ground. “La la la, look at the ceiling!” the masked guy softly laughed, “Alright, go!”

Wesley barely had sex with Rowdy again as if he was being distracting by the masked guy’s cumshot. There’s long sticky drip stretched from the ceiling to the floor. It was very beautiful view for Wesley to see. It looked like there were the shiny glitters on it.

“That was my favorite part to do. Anywhere,” the masked guy restfully added. Then, he drank beer quickly, put it away, grab his cock to under his tight leather pant, zipped it up, picked his guns up, got up from the sofa, and about to left from Rowdy’s room. He turned around for eye contact of Wesley. “Wait, let me tell you. You can report me to police if you want,” he said as if he just can afford the bail, “But, they will love what I did to both of you.” His masquerade mask dropped after the knot weren’t close tight enough. He didn’t feel that come off.

“Diarmuid Wickliffe?” Wesley blankly said, and his jaw was opened as if he just noticed that Diarmuid is very erotic-looking guy.

“Huh? That was smart for you to figure out who I am for just few hours…” Diarmuid paused, and then shrugged, put his guns behind his back, and walk away from them for his home.

“Where are you going?” Wesley muttered, “I need ride...”

Diarmuid rolled his eyes, turned around, and then said, “Aww… Why not tell your new boyfriend to drop you off? Just do what you need to do without me.”

Wesley got out of the bed, and his feet were on the floor. He pointed at Diarmuid and said, “He’s not my boyfriend, you know that!”

“Don’t make me do this to you,” Diarmuid said with his gun targeted.

Wesley said nothing as he still nakedly stood until Diarmuid left. There was sound of door closed. “Rowdy. Diarmuid’s gone,” Wesley relieved.

Rowdy took his blindfold off then got out of his bed. He stepped on the cum area. “What the hell…” He said, and clean his left feet off. He nakedly ran, stopped at the door and opened it at the front entrance. “Hey!!! Clean your mess, you lazy motherfucker!” He fisted his right hand up.

Diarmuid give him thumb up by vehicle’s window as he drove away.

“Relax,” Wesley said as he tried to calm Rowdy down by touched Rowdy’s trunk.

Rowdy took Wesley’s hand off on him, began to run into the center of the new road, and then yelled, “I know your father, Malachi Wickliffe, owns the gun store in Huntsville, Texas! I’d rape you when I find you, you filthy bitch!” He gave up as he stopped at the area of the on-turned sodium-vapor streetlight. The light was warm golden. There was Diarmuid’s car became small and small as if it faded away from Rowdy’s sight.

In the return to his home, Rowdy hurried for about 25 feet. He saw the oncoming car that was on way to pass him. He didn’t cover his penis as if he didn’t feel ashamed about his beauty. The unidentified blue car did pass him.

At the home, he got into his living room. He searched in his bedroom for Wesley. “Hey, there! I’m not finish with you!” he angrily flirted, and bit his lip as if he was about to lost his mind for new love. He got close to Wesley. “Don’t take clothes on yet! It’s time to turn mine,” Rowdy friendly growled, and grabbed Wesley’s arms up, and then squeezed his nipples.

“Ow! What are you do?!” Wesley shockingly said, and dropped his tight pant.

Rowdy forced himself to kiss Wesley again then grabbed and tried to ripping the underwear of Wesley, but it wasn’t successful. “How are you feeling about that?” He smiled.

“Do you think this is too fast? Look! Diarmuid forced us to have sex together ago!” Wesley annoyingly said, and shoved Rowdy away.

“Oh, yeah. How do you get home? Take walk?” Rowdy laughed, “Do you know what? I think I love you right now!”

Wesley said, “Oh, please. You know nothing about me.”

“Okay, you won’t have sex with me again, I won’t give you ride,” Rowdy hugely grinned.

Wesley moaned then grabbed the condom from the black baggage and threw it to Rowdy. The wrapper fell down on the ground. Rowdy bended himself to pick it up then grabbed and pulled the Wesley’s underwear down.

“Ha ha ha! Gotcha!” Rowdy laughed, and then grabbed Wesley’s cock for blowjob.

Wesley groaned, “No… Not like that.” But he seemed to want more of it.

“Mmm… You got sweet.. What is it called?” Rowdy asked as he stopped performing the oral sex.

Wesley said, “It is CUM for slang word.”

“Hmm. Interesting,” Rowdy said as he ripped the wrapper of condom then put it on.

Suddenly, there were fireworks exploded in a dark purple sky. There are two yellow glittered shapes like the two hearts connected together.

-------THE END-------

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Good Horny Lucifer

Jul 07, 2015

In a most beautiful heaven, one gentleman was handsomely made by Jehovah called Lucifer. He was too gorgeous and genius than someone would be. Jehovah, as God, made something so perfect. Lucifer over-investigated God’s secret which caused Lucifer wondered about people’s right to be do something whatever they like to do. He felt that those people can’t obey God forever. He asked God about their... read more

The Golden Heart

Sep 11, 2015

In Italy at Friday night from 6-o-clock, there was a brand-new restaurant, called the Dic Evo, with some nice entertained benefit of musicians in every half-hour since it opened. It wasn’t yet to rate so they were excited for what’s going on about those atmospheres as if they wanted to have good experience by eating the creatively high-classed meals. It cost expensive because it would be... read more

A Naked Motorcyclist

Oct 15, 2015

In Germany at 11-o-clock at morning in quiet town, there was one sexy blonde German guy named Friedhelm waited for his friends to come to his house for just hang out. He had ideas about fun he could entertain with his friends to win any kinds of it. In the appearance of Friedhelm, he was 5’11” tall, 21 years old, lean fit build, had buzz cut as hairstyle. He just read the motorcycle magazine... read more

The Hacked Author

Nov 13, 2015

In Russia where Nikon live, he was very professional hacker. What he did was illegal because he allegedly didn’t want to reveal his history. He stole the lots of information and falsely numbered profit from many kinds of corporation in all over the world. It was on Russia news but Nikon was proud when he saw himself on the national media. “Oh, yeah. I fool them! Yes!” Nikon lazily sit and... read more

Infamous Gigolo

Dec 24, 2015

At evening in New York City, there was the 5-stars rate restaurant where wealthy people enjoying feasted to fill up in their satisfaction on their time and have fun with those well-disciplined escorts. One person named Osborn that was acted as businessman. He was ready to have some fun with as he was waiting for his escort to come. However, Osborn’s allover appearance was described to be 6’... read more

Devil's Lover I

Dec 31, 2015

In Paris, France, there were two hot guys just came out of the ice cream store as they licked it. They brought it after their lunch time. Anything was so romancing about them as if they loved each other. Paris may be known as it called city of love. However, French-Vietnamese Twink-size guy named Exiqu Sano described to be 5’ tall, long black-haired, and aged 31 years old. His dream job was... read more

Not Your Toy

Jan 11, 2016

Somewhere in Texas at his one-floor home for just enjoying good time, there was one Japanese-American twink, named “Naomi,” waited for his friend to hang out with. He wanted to do something fun for his friend, like watch some comedy horror movie. He really was fan of Pamela Anderson in its beginning on that movie, called “Scary Movie 3.” He just wondered if his friend already seen it before so... read more

Maverick in Hollywood

Feb 02, 2016

At early morning in Los Angeles, there were two naked guys on that bed. Both looked seriously gorgeous but one of them was breathtaking his beauty. However, Felix woke up and got ready for his errands. He was described to be 6’1” tall blonde muscle Caucasian whom had crew cut as hairstyle and aged 32 years old. Felix tried to wake up his husband, Maverick, but it was useless so he went to... read more

Devil's Lover II

Feb 14, 2016

At Exiqu Sano’s home in Paris, France, he was boring and had planned to make statement for rumors about his soon to be ex-boyfriend Jason Ran and Liva Wonsix. He was mad because Jason wasted his time for 8-years being lover and ruined this relationship by fell in with Exiqu’s mother. He can’t wait to spread his word to media about this situation. It would sound hurtful for his relationships but... read more

Watch Me Please

Feb 24, 2016

At 10pm on Friday at gay small stripping club in Florida, there were filled with the naughty talented strippers that danced around the pole. About 10 performers did their work to get their customers happy. They had fantastic body. Some had muscle, fit, lean, and skinny as if it had varieties of size. It was nice to pick one for them to enjoying watch them that got their boring clothes off except... read more

Beautiful Hell

Mar 16, 2016

On small heaven island where Akio and Lucifer spent their time to stay together for 50 years, Lucifer was in control by his lover, Akio. He teaches Lucifer how to be mature and well-trained. They didn’t get older as if they just still looked same since they were entering into heaven. Lucifer watched the ocean waved as his new favorite hobby made after he was being out of hell by Akio’s wisdom.... read more

Devil's Lover III

May 08, 2016

In West Hollywood, California, Exiqu’s menswear fashion show was start as if the audience sightseeing his finished designed clothes. Most of those garments were swimwear because it was hot climate in south coast of California. That was reason to do it by matched the culture in the process if Exiqu learned about it. It turned out well as successful because models knew what to do as if they were... read more

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