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Gay Campground, Part 81

By jarbear

submitted January 2, 2013

Categories: Camping, Family Fun, Frottage, Interracial, Older/younger, Threesomes, Surprise

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Chapter 81 NOTE: I just finished a new layout of the campground. Also, the list of characters and the list of chapter plots are all updated. If you want any of these, just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by jarbear1974@yahoo.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------

I didn’t make any move in response to his outstretched hand, but simply said, “I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. My father is dead. Both of my parents are dead.”

“I understand you saying that,” he replied, “but I’ve got something here you should read. Then I think you’ll understand what I’m saying.”

He handed me a paper and looking at it, I immediately recognized my mother’s handwriting. Looking at the bottom of the paper was her signature – in it’s own unique and personal style. As I began reading the paper, shock started to envelope me and I blacked out.

When I came to, I found myself in my cabin, in my bed. Standing next to my bed was Brad, Duane, and Randy. “What happened?” I said, once my brain began to clear.

Brad answered, “Well, while you were reading that paper, you turned white as a ghost and passed out. So I called Randy right away and we brought you here and put you to bed. Now that you come to, I’ve got to get back to the office. Randy, keep me posted as to how he’s doing.”

“I’m sorry about all this,” said Duane apologetically, “I didn’t know any easy way to break the news to you. I felt you had to know.”

I reached out to Duane and said, “Let me see that letter again. I want to read it over.” Duane handed it back to me and as I read it, I began to get angry.

“None if this is true. It’s a forgery. You are not my father!”

Randy spoke up gently this time, “Boss, I want you to stand up and look in the mirror.” As I did, Duane stood next to me. “Look at yourselves,” Randy continued, “It’s obvious by looking in the mirror that you two are related. You both look so much alike.”

He was right and my heart sank. A secret has been kept hidden from me all my life. My mother’s letter made it plain and looking in the mirror convinced me – Duane was my biological father. I looked at Randy disheartened and said, “Randy, I think we need to be alone.”

As Randy left, I fell back on the bed and covered my face. This was almost too much for me to comprehend. Then to Duane, I said, “OK. Fill me in. What happened?”

“Once – just once – your mother and I were at a party and we were drunk. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together. As a result, she found out later that she was pregnant. I couldn’t marry her but your father was so in love with her at the time that he was willing to overlook the situation and marry her right away. You mother felt she had a better chance in life with him than with me, so she agreed to it.”

“So my life has been a mistake all along!”

“Don’t you ever think that!” Duane said sternly, “Your mother has told me countless times how much she loved you and was so thankful you were a part of her life. You know that your father did anything and everything for you in life. He discovered later in a medical exam that he was born sterile. The situation was a mistake, but you weren’t. They were so happy to have you as their child – their only child. Don’t you ever think for a second that they didn’t love you.”

I looked at Duane quizzically, “Then why did you show up here? – and now?”

“I was reading the ‘Out and About’ magazine and came upon the article about your campground. I saw your name and wondered if it was you. When your parents died, I lost contact as to where you were. I was paying child support because I loved you too and wanted to help out. I’ve been wondering about you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me when I was growing up that you were my biological father?”

“When you were young – in those days – people like me were not looked upon favorably – especially to be around you. So for the sake of everyone, I stayed away, paid child support and your mother kept me informed as to how you were doing. That was all I asked of them. I think they did a fantastic job raising you. Even though I’m your biological father, they were your real parents. I’m not here to replace your father – but I do want to be here for you.”

I thought about it for a moment, then shook my head in agreement. Then I asked, “After you stayed away all my life, why show up and make yourself known now?”

“Because I never married. I don’t have any family – no relatives except you. Right now, you are all the family I have. It won’t be long before I reach the age where I will need to decide what to do with my property when I die. There’s no one but you.”

“I don’t need anything from you. I’m doing just fine on my own right now, thank you.”

“You’re right, but I need something from you. I need your admittance that you’re my son so that I can say that in my will and leave you my estate. Also, I was hoping that we could build a relationship as a father and son. I do love you.” Then Duane’s eyes began to well up with tears, “Please - I don’t have anyone except you.”

Me, being the emotional person that I am, became tearful as well. I reached my arms up to him and he fell into them and we cried and hugged together. “We’ll get this straightened out and worked through,” I said between sobs.

As we hugged, we kissed each other on the neck. We continued to keep each other in a tight grip when I realized that I was naked and he was not. My cock was getting hard and with him being my father, I didn’t know how he was going to react to me.

As I told him to sit down next to me in bed, I asked him to tell me about himself. I wanted to definitely get to know him better.

“Well, first of all,” Duane said, “if you don’t mind me being blunt, by reading the article in the magazine, I pretty much think you’re gay. Am I right?”

“You’re definitely right on that. By the way, why were you reading a gay travel magazine?”

“Well, for three reasons: One, I was putting in some ads regarding a couple of businesses that I own. Two I was interested in a gay cruise sometime. And three, I am gay.”

I turned my head towards him and looked him in the eye, “Oh, really?”

Duane looked directly back at me, “Yes. That’s why I couldn’t marry your mother or have a relationship with you. You know how others can get pretty vicious at times when they know about me. But I’m trustworthy and that’s why I paid support all these years.”

“Well, if you’re gay, then why did you have an affair with my mother?”

“Your mother knew I was gay and thought she could change me.” Duane chuckled, ”I thought, ‘Why not give it the old college try?’ So we did it – in fact, twice. I just wasn’t impressed, if you know what I mean. You were the result of that old college try. Your mom was fifteen and I was just a senior in high school. Your dad was a terrific fella. He stepped right up to bat when I couldn’t. I need you to forgive me for what happened. Will you forgive me?”

I pondered for a moment. He did give me life. My life has been good. There are no regrets. I gently smiled and nodded. “But we’re going to have to take this relationship slow. I really don’t know where to go with this.”

“I don’t either,” Duane replied, “But we’ll just take it slow and easy.”

“What are your two businesses you mentioned?” I asked, trying to keep conversation.

“I own two bathhouses in Canada. And they are pretty successful, I might add. They provide me with a pretty good lifestyle. But right now, most important, is that I now can be with you – at least for a short time before I have to go back. This looks like a great campground business you got running here.”

“I’m pretty proud of it. We are limited to a few rules: no drugs, no drunkenness, and no cliques.” Then I looked directly at him, “Anything can happen here between anybody – get my drift?” I then raise an eyebrow and winked at him.

He looked at me puzzled at first and then with some amazement said, “Are you referring to brothers and father and sons?”

“When I say ‘anything’, I mean ‘anything.’ We don’t judge around here.”

There was a lull in our conversation. I looked up at him and he looked back at me. I finally said softly, “Would you lie down next to me? I haven’t been held by my father in years. It would mean a lot to me.”

Duane smiled and said, “I sure would.” And he turned around and laid next to me, wrapping his arms around my nude body.

“Thanks, I really needed this,” I said with a sigh and closed my eyes. As I nestled against him, he kissed me gently on the head and stroked my hair. It felt good and I was getting more and more relaxed in his presence.

As we looked into each other’s eyes, our faces drew closer and closer together. I knew where this was headed and that was fine with me. Duane had a slight perplexed look on his face as we drew closer together, but he didn’t pull back. Our lips lightly touched, then pressed together. Then our kiss became deeper and longer as I wrapped my arms more tightly around him and pulled him closer to me.

When we broke from our kissing, Duane whispered in my ear, “Should we be doing this? My god, boy! I’m your father!”

I spoke gently back to him, “As I’ve said before, we don’t judge here. We just do what we enjoy. I’m enjoying this – aren’t you?”

“Well, yes,” Duane replied hesitatingly, “I just wasn’t sure if you were willing. I’ve always had a little fantasy tucked away in the back of my mind of having a son to bed down with.”

I looked at him and smiled, “Where here he is – willing and able!” We kissed long and deep again and this time our tongues greeted each other. It felt that each moment was getting better. “We’ve got a problem.” I then said abruptly.

“What’s that?”

“You’re still dressed. Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable?”

“I think I will,” said Duane with a smile. He rose up off the bed and stood there in front of me. He smiled at me as he began unbuttoning his shirt. He left it hang open as he bent over and took off his cowboy boots and socks. He then stood there for a moment with his thumbs hooked in the waist of his jeans. “Now comes the fun part,” he said as he began unbuckling his belt buckle. I watched him – smiling as he unsnapped his jeans and slowly pulled down his fly zipper. I notice he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

His levis dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. He stood there with just his shirt on, hands behind his head – smiling at me. “What do you think of your dad?”

“I don’t know,” I said with a smirk. I didn’t know how old he was – maybe 17 years older than me. But I sure liked the looks of his cock hanging down in front of him. “I haven’t known him long enough to tell,” I continued, “Lie down here next to me and give me some time with ya and then I’ll give my opinion.”

He crawled onto the bed next to me and we drew into each other’s arms again and resumed kissing – this time with both of our naked bodies pressed against each other. My cock was already hard and I could feel his growing between my legs.

I then pushed him onto his back and crawled on top of him. Our cocks were pressed together and I began grinding my cock into his – a dry fuck. Since I was on top, I looked down at him and smiled – he smiled back. “I think I may begin to like you,” I smirked again.

“That’s great to know,” Duane replied. He reached around and took hold of my ass cheeks. He quit smiling at me and said with a serious tone, “Bob, we’ve gotten this far. Let’s not stop. I want to know ALL of you. I’ll do anything you want me to for you to like me.”

“We’re off to a great start so far. Let’s keep going and see where it goes.” I replied. I then turned myself around so that my face was above his cock. Here I go! I’m going to suck the cock that shot the seed of my life into my mother. I wanted to show respect for a cock that brought life to me.

I took hold of his cock and he let out a long moan. I began by licking up and down his shaft and he moaned some more. Then with all the cocksucking skill that I had, I went down on him, giving my father the best blowjob I could give. He gasped out loud.

“Oh fuck, son! You are one of the best cocksuckers I’ve ever had. I can’t believe that my fantasy is coming true. My son is sucking my cock.”

I squirmed around so that my cock was pointed straight towards his face and he opened his mouth wide and engulfed it. My loins were above his face – they were in control. So I began fucking his face furiously while at the same time I was orally pumping his cock.

Glancing sideways, I saw my bottle of poppers on the dresser and it was close enough that I reached for it easily. I continued fucking Dad’s mouth (Imagine, this is the first time I called him Dad), as I unscrewed the bottle and got a couple of good huffs in each nostril.

When I reached that special euphoria, I quickly pulled my cock out of his mouth and turned around facing him. “Fuck me, Dad, fuck me! I want to feel that fuck rod of yours up my ass. I want you to breed me the same way you did Mom. The cum that gave me life – shoot it up in me!”

“You sure you want that, son? You sure you want your father to breed you?”

“No more talking Dad – FUCK ME!”

I grabbed his cock, positioned my asshole above the head and then forced myself down. I didn’t know anything felt so good. I can’t describe the feeling of knowing that my Dad’s cock is up my ass.

I rode that cock of his like there was no tomorrow and all he could say was, “Oh fuck, son, oh fuck!!” I knew that he was enjoying it as much as I was. I then slowed down and leaned over and kissed my dad long and hard. He shoved his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it.

I sat back up and held out my poppers to him, “Want some?”

“To be completely honest with you, I’ve never tried it. But you, my son, are offering it to me - I’ll try it.” I unscrewed the cap and explained to him how to do it. When he got his huffs, I screwed the cap back on and resumed riding his shaft.

Dad began to get euphoric. “Oh shit! This stuff is great!” And he began to buck his cock up in me harder and faster. “Oh fuck, I’m going to shoot!”

“Do it, Dad! Shoot your fuck load in me. Breed your son.” With that, I massaged his hard cock with my sphincter muscle. I felt my dad’s cumload spray all over my insides. I then began pumping my cock. I want to give Dad my load as well.

“Give me your load, son. I want to drink it. I want you to watch your load being shot into my mouth. Please give it to me!”

“You’re getting it Dad. Here it comes!” I aimed my cock directly for his open, hungry mouth and gave him all the cum see I could give.”

The thought of having sex with my dad, the poppers, the getting fucked, shooting my load in his mouth – all of this was too much to keep quiet about. All I could do was yell when I shot. And I yelled loud.

That was when Randy burst back into my bedroom. It only took a second for him to realize what was going on. “Oh my god! I’m sorry to interrupt. I thought something was wrong!” Randy began to back out.

I couldn’t speak at that moment, but gave him the hand sign to “wait right there.” So he stood there with a look of embarrassment on his face.

Once Dad and I got our breaths, I pulled off his cock and fell down next to him on the bed. We both looked at Randy and smiled. “Randy,” I said still panting, “Meet Duane, my dad. Dad, this is Randy, the closest friend a guy could have.”

Dad sat up and extended his hand to Randy, “Nice to meet you. If you’re that close of a friend as he says, then I guess I will need to get to know you better. Any friend of Bob’s is a friend of mine.” Duane winked.

“Well, I’m sure you know what friends do around here,” said Randy smiling as he crawled onto the bed to join us.

I turned to my dad and asked, “Have you ever had black cock?”

“My god, boy,” dad replied, “Does the Pope poop in the bathroom? Let me show you a pic of my lover.” He then reached over the side of the bed and pulled his wallet out of his levis. The picture he showed was of him and a black guy together – naked – with their arms around each other. The photography looked professional.

“What’s his name?” I asked as I continued to gaze at the long black cock that hung in front of dad’s lover.

“Albert. And I’m hoping that we three would get together sometime.”

“I hope so too,” I said as I licked my lips, thinking what it would be like to suck that black stick.

Randy looked at the pic and then said, “Well, with the looks of that cock, you should be able to take mine pretty well.” As he began stroking it, it grew to the hardness and length I always admired.

Duane smiled, “I think I can take that pretty good. Son, will you prep my ass to take that fuck tool of your friend’s?” He then lifted his legs in the air showing clearly his asshole.

I got my face down to it and began licking my dad’s ass. I wanted to show my dad how glad I was that he came. I pressed my face against his ass crack and sucked on his hole. I tongue fucked it the best I could.

Dad gasped out loud, “Fuck, son! You are so talented with that mouth and tongue of yours. My asshole is almost ready for that black rod. Keep working it a little bit more.”

I willing obliged and when he was ready, Randy moved into position. To keep Dad comfortable, I straddled his chest and held his legs up. And it just so happened that my ass was positioned right above Dad’s face. So I lowered it down to get a feel of his tongue fucking me.

It took very little effort for Randy to slide his cock into Dad’s ass. “He’s definitely been fucked before,” said Randy as he began pistoning his cock in and out of the hole. Dad couldn’t speak. His face was covered with my ass.

To speed things up a little, I shared my poppers with Randy and as a result, his fucking became a little faster and harder. I lifted my ass off of Dad’s face and asked, “You doin’ ok down there?”

“Fuck yeah! I love this!”

“Well then, here, I cum,” said Randy as he shoved his cock into Dad one more time. He held it all the way in as he grunted with each spurt.

As soon as Randy pulled his cock out, I was back into position to eat all the cum out. Dad’s ass tasted delicious and Randy’s load was just the frosting on the dessert.

Once we were relaxed, I suggested that we head back to the registration office. As Randy and I got up to leave, I looked back and saw Dad beginning to put his clothes back on. I laughed, “Hey Dad. Did you forget? It’s wrong to wear clothes around here. You’ll stand out in the crowd!” Dad laughed, dropped his clothes on the floor and followed us out.

When we all entered the office, Brad was at the counter alone. He had a look of questioned concern when he saw us. But when he saw Dad with us naked, he smiled, “I was going to ask how things turned out, but you don’t need to say anything. But I do need to ask, ‘Why wasn’t I invited?’”

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