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By bobapple

submitted April 22, 2013

Categories: Foreskin Fun--Uncut, Friends, Masturbation, Straight Men, Gay Sex, Frottage

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Part 10........................continued from part 9 Thursday night, I am relaxing in my hotel room. The seminar is over tomorrow and I take the bus home on Saturday. The phone rings, it's Les. He tells me he got a job working for Ben and he has a suite not far from their office in the suburbs. He wants to take me out for dinner Friday night to thank me. He gets off at 5:00 and will take the bus into town and meet me at the restaurant across the street about 5:30. I get there early but order coffee while I'm waiting. He is on time and the meal is scrumptuous. Cream of mushroom soup, turkey, baked potato with lots of butter, corn and apple pie with ice cream for dessert. We have a good yack session and tell a few jokes and consume a few beers afterwards. He is thankful for Lucy letting him stay at her place but feels that she is a little hard to take at times. Plus, she was starting to get on his case about finding a job. I told him "well, now you know why god invented the yeast infection. So wives will know what it's like to live with an irritating cunt." He laughs and I laugh and that turns to giggles. The other patrons look st us and wonder what's so funny! He has met Ben's family. His oldest daughter, who is 17, is a real cutie. She is small titted but she has a really hot ass. She has a crush on him and Ben has told him in no uncertain terms to stay the fuck away from her. About 9:00 we decide to leave and he tells me to go to my room and shower while he settles the bill. He'll join me directly. I shower and when Les arrives he undresses and showers. We are both wearing towels wrapped around our waists. He pulls a small bottle of massage oil from the pocket of his jeans and says "it's time for your massage buddy, go lie face down on the bed". I take off the towel and lay down. He pours some oil onto his palms and rubs them together. He starts at my feet and works his way up my legs, first one, then the other. It feels so good and relaxing. He gets to my ass cheeks and rubs in circles around and around. His fingers brush my balls and I open my legs a bit to give him better access. Then he works on my lower back and shoulders and arms and it feels awesome. "You've done this before" I murmur. "A few times" he chuckles. "One of my girl friends back home wouldn't let me fuck her until I got her all hot and bothered with a hot massage. Then she would get so horny and I would tease her a bit by delaying to fuck her and she litterly begged for cock. Lots of good practice." "Time to flip over" he says. When I am on my back he says "ahhh looks like Bobbie has a stiffie" and we both laugh. He pours some more oil on his palms and starts again at my feet and moves upwards. He is on his knees on the side of the bed as he gets to my upper thighs, abdomen and chest and shoulders. Then he gets on the bed and crawls on top of me. I hug him and my hands caress his back and ass as he moves all over my body getting himself oiled up from my already slick body. Soon he is slipping and sliding all over me. Hot damn it feels good. He sort of kneels between my legs and wraps his hands around our two cocks. His cock and mine slide in and out of his fists. Feels tight, like a fresh pussy! I am getting damm excited and close to cumming. He must sense this because he suddenly separates from me and grabbing one of the towels, he wipes the oil from my cock and balls. Then he is between my legs and his mouth engulfs my rigid cock. He fondles my nutsack and his head bobs up and down as he sucks my cock. His tongue works on my hood inside his hot mouth and all too soon the pressure in my groin bursts forth, my hips heave upwards and my cum squirts into his thirsty mouth cave and down his throat. Ahhhhh, jeez it feels wonderful. He keeps sucking until my nuts are drained and my cock goes limp. "So how was your treat?" he asks. "Damn wonderful" I manage. "May I return the favor?" "Terrific" he says. He lays on his front. I put oil on my palms and rub them together to get them both wet. I sit on my knees beside him and start massaging his shoulders, back and waist. I pay particular attention to his ass cheeks and my palms work up and down his ass crack and his puckered anus. He likes it. His bud winks at me. Then I work on his thighs and calves and feet. I nudge him to get on his back so I can do his front. When he rolls over he has a stiffie and I grab it immediately. My oily hands work up and down his boner. His foreskin slides up and down his shaft and back and forth over his glans. I pull his hood forward and tug on the overhang but it slips from my grasp. I make a tight fist with each hand and massage his shaft tightly. He is gasping and breathing hard as his hips thrust up and down. I continue until he is past his limit. It feels like his cock hardens to a crowbar state and an electric jolt seems to pass through his cock. I can feel the electric spark through my hands. He arches and cums with great spasms. Huge ropes of cum shoot out of his cock and onto his chest and belly. I let up some of the pressure of my hands but continue jerking his cock until no more cum oozes out and his cock is limp. I use the towel to wipe his cum off and dry my hands. I lay beside him and we hug and cuddle and kiss awhile. It feel so grand to feel his warm body against me. We doze off and a couple of hours later, I awaken. We are still in each other's arms and I can feel Les's hard cock pressed against my belly. I immediately slide down in the bed and gently roll him onto his back. I capture his sweetness in my mouth. I suck him for a few moments. I savor his sweet taste and essence on my tongue. Soon he is awake and moaning with pleasure. I lick up and down his shaft and tongue his nuts and suck one into my mouth. Then the other testicle gets the identical treatment. I engulf his cock once more, I luv having his cock in my mouth. One hand makes a fist around his shaft and slides up and down in time with my head bobbing up and down. My other hand fondles and caresses his nuts. I retract his hood all the way back and my tongue licks and nibbles on his exposed glans and frenelum. I squeeze his cockhead and savor the taste of his pre-cum that oozes out. He is breathing fast and moaning and his hips are thrusting upwards on the bed as his cock buries itself in my eager mouth. He is close and I back off, I want to relish his cock a bit longer. I lick the underside of his cock and my mouth kisses his nuts and sucks on them gently. I go back to sucking his cock. I start slowly. It feels so awesome in my mouth and on my tongue. I grasp his shaft with one hand and jerk him in time with my mouth sucking his cock. His cockhead butts up against the back of my throat and along my tongue and I resist the urge to gag. I put as much sucking pressure as I can into my mouth and feel his cum start to spurt. It feels so warm and squishy and tasty. I swallow greedily, milking his cock until it relaxes and goes limp. I turn us on side and I cradle his hips in my arms and keep his soft cock in my mouth. I don't want to leave it alone for a second. I fall asleep that way obviously because when I awaken a couple of hours later, my head is still against his crotch but his cock has slipped out of my mouth. I rise up on the pillow and kiss his sweet mouth. He awakens and kisses me back. I look at the clock by the side of the bed and see that I need to get cracking to catch my bus. We shower, dress and I finish packing my suitcase and we give each other a final embrace and kiss in the hotel room. He walks with me to the bus and we shake hands and bid each other a fond farewell.

However, that is not the last I see of Les...................

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