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Mountain man invites me in to his cabin.

By xzibit

submitted May 25, 2013

Categories: Chance Encounters, Role Playing, Mature, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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Im stephen, im a divorced single dad. I explored my bi side and had some fun erotic encounters but still considered myself a mans man. I decided to take a couple weeks off ,take my camping and fishing gear and go river fish, i hadnt done that in a long time. It was spring but snow could still fall at anytime. I was heading up a back road really not knowing even where i was. It started snowing and the weather turned really nasty. I was hoping to find a small town but my car started overheating. I pulled over and had the hood up. I was fucked. I was there about 20 minutes. when a nice looking man pulled over. He introduced himself asjohn and we shook hands. He was in his late 60s but very fit . When he smiled he had a beautiful mouth. I couldnt help but stare. He said there was a storm coming and i could come with him. He had a cabin up the road and i could call for a tow truck. Im in my early fifties and he was very comfortable to be around as we talked so i agreed. I loaded my clothes in his truck and we drove off. We didnt say much but when we got to his house it was a beautiful cabin smoke coming out the chimney. I said wow impressive john just you and your wife live here . He said oh no my wife passed away 4 years ago. Just me these days. He said be nice to have some company. Thats when i started getting a feeling and was sexually attracted to him. He invited me in and it was so nice he told me to make myself at home . He would look up the number for me to call. He was right no one could get there till the weather cleared. he said he didnt mind if i stayed and assured me he was a respectful man.I laughed and he asked me why i laughed and I told him that i thought he was a wonderful man. And i dont know why this came out but i said you would make anyone a great lover. It was really cool he enjoyed the comment and just smiled and the gentlemen he was he said thank you stephen. When he spoke my name it was like we had already given each other our trust. I felt my cock growing and wondered ,if his was also getting hard. I couldnt help myself i wanted to seduce him so bad. I said what can i do to repay you for your hospitality. have you eaten. no he said he was a little hungry, so i offered to make some dinner. Then i hoped he would understand my next comment. I said at least let me take care of you while im here i can tell you deserve to be treated nice. He was really enjoying my friendship. I asked if he had a bathroom and he pointed up the stairs. His home was so nice you could tell him and his wife loved each other. so i knew he was a romantic man. The bathroom was so clean with a nice 2 person tub. I filled it with hot water and poured some bubbles in there. set out a nice towel. I went downstairs and told him i made him a hot bath and he said he was really happy i was such a caring person. He commented how thats how his wife used to take care him. He went up the stairs and i followed him as he went into the bathroom. He never said a word he just let me take care of him. He turned around and faced me. I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it over his shoulders and took it off. He smiled at me and said he had never had a man do this kind of thing for him. I smiled and looked into his eyes and said if i get out of line stop me. We both smiled and laughed, I told him im not sure whats come over me but im going to enjoy it. Then i dropped to my knees and unbuckled his pants. I pulled his pants and shorts off and i was so happy. I love older men with nice cocks and he was hanging 9 and it was fat. I looked at it as he watched me I was worshiping with my eyes. And i looked up at him with my mouth open . He smiled so nice he was really enjoying himself. I took his socks off and told him to rest in the tub and Id put some dinner on and come back up. When i looked back he was sunk in the tub eyes closed and nice smile on his face. It was very hot. As i was heading for the kitchen i passed his bedroom. The closet light was on and I saw some beautiful lingerie in there. It must have been his wifes and she must have been a good sized women. There were her high heels very sexy 4 or 5 inch heels. Then i Couldnt beleive it there were like 3 beautiful wigs. I started getting nasty thoughts because i have always wanted to cross dress in front of a man. I have been in the closet for 15 years. I knew he was in the tub when i opened up her drawers there was makeup,polish I had everything to transform into a nasty girl for john. He commented alot how much he missed her. I made a nice salad and some bread in the oven 2 nice steaks, and found some wine . I set the table nice and went back upstairs. He was still relaxing and said that was wonderful. I got some shampoo and started rubbing his head he was moaning so nice. I put some soap on the rag and scrubbed his whole body. When i got down by his cock it was rock hard his eyes were closed and i put the wash cloth around it and jacked it off like i was cleaning it. He said its been along time since he felt another hand on his cock and it felt wonderful. I dropped the rag and started jacking him off nice and slow with my soapy hand. He said thankyou stephen this is so nice. thats when it happened i moved toward his mouth and we kissed. It was a passionate long kiss. He stod up and i dried him off and put a nice robe on him that i found in the closet.As we walked down th stairs he put his hand on my back. When he saw the table he grabbed my arm and spun me around. He put his hand on the small of my back and pulled me to his mouth and put his tounge deep in me. He told me he never thought he would have these feelings again. I smiled and said lets eat and then ill clean up. we didnt say much at dinner I think both our minds were reeling with sexual desire for each other. we finished and he said he would clean up i could got take a bath or shower whatever i wanted.i told him i saw some nice clothes in his closet and was it ok if i wore some of his things. he said whatever you want. so wile he was busy i got lingerie found a sexy bra and panty outfit with garters.His wife must have been a sexy women her clothes were very sexy. i got makeup a nice wig fingernail polish. took it all too the bathroom. I went downstairs and told him i was going to be a bit for him to make us a nice place in front of the fire to sleep tonight. he kissed me again and said that will be great. i went upstairs turned the shower on and proceeded to shave my whole body completely smooth arms pits legs everything. It felt so good. I foung an enema bag and cleaned really well to pure water was coming out. I got in front of the mirror pulled and trimmed my eye brows . I smiled i was very fem when i dressed. I put my makeup on eyes looked slutty but pretty. Loved putting lipstick on can make my lips so hot looking. Painted my toes and fingers. Matched my lipstick.Put mascara on and i looked great i knew john would like it. put on the lingerie nylons wig and heels. I couldnt beleive how i looked. so here it goes i had been in there a good hour. I hollered down the stairs john john and he said yes . I said are you ready for me to come down. He said of course i am. I can walk really well in heels and when i came into view, johns jaw dropped he said wow you are the most beautiful women i have ever seen. He poured me a glass of whiskey . we stood there and kissed for 10 minutes and he said come to my fire and we both started laughing. He couldnt keep from touching me. when he saw i had shaved he wanted me to take the nylons off he loved my skin. his cock was so hard. I took my panties off and he layed if front of the fire on his back i crawled over him with my ass in his face. as i started sucking his cock he wasted no time he spread my ass and started kissing ans sucking on my asshole.He was an animal lost in passion eating my ass like he was never going to do it again he was so hungry. he was pushing his tounge in me and i was opening up for him. He ate my nasty asshole for an hour pushing fingers in me saying nasty things at my cunt.He came in my mouth twice as he was eating me. so much cum. I licked it all up off of him off the floor. I crawled off him like a dog Teasing him with my dripping hole. i got on the couch and he stood up his cock was huge he pushed it in me the first push hit my inner sphincter the second one went deep in me and he said fuck ya and his head was thrown back and he was full stroking his cock in and out of meI was making so much noise bu it didnt matter no one could hear us so we were screaming. I was screaming for him to fuck my pussy. I was his wife and when i said that he started fucking me so hard saying how much he loved me and missed me. He really thought he was fucking his wife. So i played along told him how much i missed his hard cock fucking me everyday and he let out he biggest mountain man yell and came in me so hard he filled my whole ass . we both dropped to the ground .covered in sweat and cum he pulled me close and kissed me aand told me how much this meant tot him. we fell asleep but it wasnt over yet. got snowed in for 2 weeks. more to come

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