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Hookup (not a true Marine/Lawyer story - just fun fiction)

By billyc

submitted August 24, 2013

Categories: Discreet Encounters, Muscle, Romance, Cyber Sex, Celebrity Fantasy

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[This is my first attempt at fiction. It’s based extremely loosely on a true story told to me by my husband about an encounter he had with a famous man over twenty years ago, but it’s really not that story at all. There will be more about him and me and our real life and romance, but for some reason I felt the need to create rather than to recount . . . at least just this one. Hope you enjoy it. –Bill]

The email was to the point and complied with the requirements I’d put in my online posting. 6'2" 185 lean musc athl 29yo clean, DDF, non-scene, great cocksucker ready NOW Pic attached, hit me back

If the guy who showed up was the guy in the picture it'd be Christmas. Closed that deal two emails later after my location and room number were sent and we ascertained a fine point or two that wasn’t covered in my post or his reply.

I jumped in the shower, counting down the minutes, looking at my diver’s watch under the spray to recheck the time again, dreading that the inevitable would happen and he wouldn’t show at all or he’d email an excuse . . . and not show.

My pic and stats in my post were inviting, but so many players trolled the online postings that it was just to be expected. If he did show, he was likely to be someone totally different than the photo, with an unappealing body and just hoping I’d be horny enough that it wouldn’t matter and he’d get lucky. He would find out he was wrong about that, I thought, soaping my already raging hard cock and thinking my hand would no doubt be my relief later.

Seventeen minutes later, the knock on my door made me even more skeptical the guy was who and what his email and pic said he was. Smokin' hot and fourteen minutes early? Had to be some desperate poseur. I didn't bother to look through the peephole and just flung open the door, fully expecting to have to tell some troll off and slam the door in his face. Instead I was speechless.

The athletically perfect body in the pic was undoubtedly the one in front of me under a tight in all the right ways but not too tight plain white muscle shirt and jeans that hinted at muscular legs and showed a formidable bulge and narrower waist than even the perfect V in his nude pic. But the model handsome face in front of me hadn't been done justice by that pic, not one bit.

"Corey?" he asked, smiling but a little nervous.

"Uh, yeah. Dave?" I asked back, stammering a bit in the rays of his beauty.

"Yeah," he said a little hesitantly, the smile now gone nervous and tentative, probably in response to my show of hesitation. And after a few beats of silence he looked around, up and down the hall, and asked, "You gonna ask me in?" DUH, Dreesen. What a fucking idiot. The hottest guy you've seen in weeks is here to blow you and you have him standing out in the hall while you reconcile usual flakiness and shadiness to your good fortune! I tried a lame recovery with a devilishly predatory smile as I stepped to the side so he could come into the hotel room. "Just wondered how eager you were to suck my big raging cock," I lied.

He laughed and his handsome face went from stunning to irresistible, and he looked down at the obvious outline of my hardon under the wet towel wrapped around my waist. He stepped in and pulled the towel off as he did and took a good handful of my big hard cock before he was inside enough for me to close the door. "Looks like we're both eager, Corey," he said, his face so close to mine that his breath was hot – and sweet – on my chin. I absolutely didn't care at all that the door was wide open to the hallway as he lingered, handling my raging boner, though I was aware of it.

His gaze to mine was intense, challenging, promising, and he alternately looked predatorily at my cock in his hand and back to meet my gaze directly. Finally, with his other hand hefting my attention-worthy bull balls, he shot a look sideways back out the wide open door, smirked, squeezed my cock and balls and stepped in another two strides. "You're a tough man, aren't you, Corey?" he asked, as finally released my goods and moved farther in, into the small sitting room of the tiny suite.

He had to know that despite my terse, specific posting, he had my balls boiling with desire, had me totally off-balance. Pro athlete, discretion demanded, wants blowjob in hotel. 34 6'5" 221lbs of pure musc. You come, I CUM, you go. Pic/stats in 1st email or no reply.

And that's the way it always was for me. Until this hottie struck a chord (or was it my cock and balls). No, it wasn’t just my sex driving the desire. I wanted to feel him, every part of him, hold him against me, for chrissake to get to know him, to know everything about him, to know how he looks when he moves, every muscle, and to know what he thinks and feels. Hell, I wanted to KISS him! And I NEVER kiss – EVER!

A hot businessman in a suit passed my door and quickly looked away from my boner, but not too quickly and not without enough eye contact that I knew I could have him. I turned back toward the room as I let go the door to close on its spring hinge, and Dave was smirking at me. "Rather have him?"

"Get your fucking clothes off and get to work on my fuckrod, bitch," I snarled.

His reaction was obedient, but there was another reaction, almost imperceptible but it was there. As the words, "Fuck yeah, thought you'd never ask," rang out and he began shucking his sneakers and unbuttoning his jeans, his eager look betrayed a bit of contrived intent. No, not contrived, but it wasn’t commensurate with the right answer he’d blurted out. It was . . . a bit of hurt or disappointment. It was so well disguised that I was on the verge of unsure, but no, that was it I was sure.

And I felt like a shitheel.


I forced my concentration to his beautiful body as he stripped and carefully, but not obsessively, neatly put his sneakers and clothes in a pile on the end table by the sofa. I went to the doorway to the bedroom as I watched, and when he was completely naked and turned standing for me to appraise, looking at me with ready-for-the-challenge-and-eager-to-complete-the-task enthusiasm, that shadow of regret – that was it – was there. I went into the bedroom and got on the bed with my back against the headboard, my legs spread wide and my big dick still throbbing and pointing to the ceiling like my big feet.

Whatever disappointment he'd had over my abrupt dispensation with the playful banter went, and he unconsciously licked his lip as he crawled up and between my legs, gracefully, another athlete’s movements which I recognized by reflex. He took a long swipe of my cock with his hot tongue when he got close enough, moaning almost inaudibly as he did, and I instantly produced a glob of precum, which elicited a loud moan and an eager swipe of his tongue to catch it. "Oh, fuck, man," he said. That eager appreciation alone would have brought the next glob of precum, but his tongue circling my gorged knob fueled the flow all the more.

Dave was between my legs, but like a lot of tricks who suck your cock, he was careful not to be too much in contact with my legs, just the cock and balls. I'd learned that tricks wait for signals usually as to how much contact is allowed. I wanted major contact with this stud! But would I? Did I even know how to let myself show him I wanted that? Did I even know how to DO it?

As if to weigh in on the subject, my cock throbbed insistently, and an even bigger glob of pre was there running down my engorged head as he was licking my veiny shaft. "Fuck YEAH," Dave quickly exclaimed, seeing it at close-up. He aggressively captured it in his mouth. He looked up at me, his mouth stretched full over my oversized cockhead, and I couldn't help but smile appreciatively. His eyes gratefully acknowledged the largesse of my show of appreciation, and then he went to work in earnest.

He struggled with my size, but he adapted and had me floating in no time. His hands, mouth, tongue were all expertly adept at cock and ball worship, that much was obvious. He was aggressive and determined, which is good too, because normally I'm such a slow a cummer from oral that many cocksuckers have to be forced to carry through to the marathon-like finish. Dave had me hotter than any other I could remember and faster.

Less than twenty minutes into it I said, "Do you want to finish me off and be done, or do you want to go on for a while Dave?"

He looked up at me and showed that hesitation again that I’d seen at the door. "Aren't I doing it the way you like? Just tell me what you like," he pleaded with a now obviously worried look, stroking my long thick cock and fat head as he begged for guidance to my pleasure.

I took my hand, which had been clasped with my other behind my head, and cupped his statue-perfect right cheek, another WTF thing for me to do, but it was just what I wanted to do at that moment to allay his worry and comfort him. And to touch him – for that reason itself. He closed his eyes and rubbed his face into my caress and kissed my palm. A new jolt went through me, straight to my heart, and I didn't know what to do then at all. I was out of my element in a way so completely that one track in my head said to throw him the fuck out and jack off and be done with this crap. Fortunately another few tracks were more persistent in my desires for him. "No, Dave, not at all," I managed to say. "This is great," I said, emphasizing the 'great'. "You're great," I added, again emphasizing the sentiment, all the while wondering who the fuck I was channeling, saying those kinds of things that never escaped my mouth for a cocksucker. He kissed my palm again, and the shiver of hot excitement that time made my body shiver. He looked up at me tentatively as my cock drooled more precum and I indulged my visual of his gorgeous face. "What I meant, Corey,” I started, noticing his smile as I used his name, “Is that I'm loving it, and don't want it to be over and you go."

"You want me to edge you?" he asked with some enthusiasm, tinged with tentative confusion. I didn't immediately answer and he filled the quiet, still stroking my slobber-slick fuckrod erotically. "I mean, I'm not complaining but it seemed maybe you weren't really into it. I mean, after twice as long as most guys take--" He stopped short, his face going instantly red. "Um, I didn't mean to compare you--" He reddened more. "It's not like I'm saying I do this all the time. Or anything,” he stammered, and for the first time his grip on my cock was still.

"Dave?" I said with a grin.

"Uh, yeah,” he said, still blushing all the way down his sculpted back, still with his grip on my cock not moving, and I could swear a bit of a shake to his body.

"Suck my cock," I said softly through my grin.

He looked relieved. "Yes, sir!" he snapped and went back to work.

"And what I meant was,” I continued, with my hand caressing the back of his blond head, “That unless you want to get up and leave after you swallow my load, which by the way won't be long the way you're doing that, I want you to stay and us to have more fun together." He momentarily broke his rhythm as he'd been working up and down my fat veiny shaft and looked up at me around my bone. The surprise he showed morphed to a grin instantly and he went back to work with a vengeance that was the only thing that could make me look away from his hot beauty, and I threw my head back and let myself enjoy him.

I had both hands on him, feeling his broad, developed shoulders and arms, his head, his face, as he licked and sucked and rubbed and ran his hands up and down my furry muscular thighs and over my rippling abs and then again had my cock in his hand as well as his mouth. My balls were hot and insistent, and I was close, closer than I’d ever been that fast, and my mind was on ten tracks of fantasy about this stud. Most of those tracks were touching him over the rest of his body, feeling him against me, being inside him—

“OH FUCK I’m gonna cum!” I shouted suddenly.

“You fucking know you’re gonna cum, stud,” he garbled around my cock, increasing the speed and suck-factor and taking a firm grip on my balls with his hot hand.

That grip took me from careening over the edge to BLASTING over it, and with that my nuts exploded and my body spasmed as I began to blast my seed into his eager mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” he moaned in delight as he took my shots, matching my unintelligible string of expletives as he gripped and pulled and massaged my balls and milked my seed out of me and his whole body was into it, seemingly work me with his own eager spasmodic movements. I threw my head back after the first shot and let it go and was carried away with it.

“Jesus FUCK, dude,” he said, having released my cock from his mouth but not his grip, and then he swiped his tongue over my hypersensitive head again, making my body rack painfully, ecstatically, again. “You fucking shot a gallon, bud!” he proclaimed, and when I opened my eyes and brought my head away from the headboard and looked down, he was grinning, some of my cum running down off his lip at the left corner of his puffy lips and down his perfectly sculpted chin. I reached down and swiped the cum up from his chin to his lips, and Dave, instead of licking it out of my hand or doing nothing, again rubbed his face in my palm and kissed it. Then he licked it clean!

Man, I was falling deep into this hot stud! I couldn’t help it. His studliness, his aptitude, his eagerness, his appreciation, all were a recipe for a deep hole a usually all-business top like me could fall head-first into. Both heads . . . and heart. I found myself reaching under his sweaty pits and pulling him up to me, pulling his body over me with his help, until I . . . was . . . kissing his puffy warm wet lips and feeling his hot sweat-slick body against mine. His groin and mine were ground together and grinding together, and I was aware of a different slickness there. I was leaking more cum . . . or he was leaking precum.

The kiss started at tender – another strange unknown for me – and had gone to torrid just that fast. I loosed my hugging grip on him enough to get my left hand between us and grab his cock. “Be careful,” he whispered with a gasp into my mouth, our lips still pressed together. “You’ll make me cum again instantly,” he elaborated.

“Again?” I blurted, pulling away enough to look at his face.

His immediate blush and his downturned eyes showed discomfort. “Uh, yeah, sir, I’m sorry, but when you came something weird happened and I was cumming myself and couldn’t control it. Sorry if I’ve overstepped, sir,” he said, still not meeting my gaze.

I pulled his chin up so that we were eye-to-eye again. “Dave,” I said in a quiet almost-whispered tone, “I’m Corey, not ‘sir’. You’re an equal here, naked, partaking in these man-on-man pleasures. Just because we contracted,” I said that word with emphasis like air quotes with my voice, “For you to blow me and that’s it, that doesn’t mean you’re not an equal participant here. So tell me more about you cumming when I blew my load down your throat,” I said, with a leer.

And who the FUCK was I channeling, I wondered again.

His grin warmed me, particularly around my groin. “It was just so hot, s--, er, Corey. I had to work for it, and then your huge cock got even fatter and hard as steel when you got close, and your head was like a fucking throbbing tennis ball, and when you started to cum it was like bazooka blasts of cumwads, and I was just so fucking into it.” As he’d gone on his groin was again grinding into me, his cock still in my hand, mashed between us, clearly worked up.

I used both hands to grab his beautiful assglobes and then pulled him tight against me and held him so he couldn’t move. He moaned in protest and need, but I held him tight, our eyes still locked together, his pleading, mine boring into him. “Do you like getting fucked, Dave,” I asked in that same almost whisper I’d started with before?

He gasped and moaned out a “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk,” which I wasn’t certain meant yes, but the way his expression verged on rapture, I suspected he’d simply forgotten the ‘me’ after the exclamation. My fingers spread his cheek and one of my long middle fingers explored his hole. Another gasp, and his eyes rolled back, and his ass pushed out some, unrestrained but still in my grasp, to push his hot sweaty hole against my finger. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” he moaned.

I pulled my finger out of him gently and then brought it up between our noses. It smelled perfect for fucking – sweaty, manly but clean. I licked my finger sloppily and then so did he, and I moved it back into him as he let out a long moan as I pushed it more than half length inside him and began massaging his muscle around it with my index finger.

Dave was grinding his hole into me and his cock into my abs and moaning so enthusiastically that I was afraid we’d be done before we really started. And I was right, because a moment later he cried out and blasted his wad between us as he shuddered and back-fucked onto my finger, his fuckhole spasming around my intruding finger. “Mmmmmm,” I said, more excited than disappointed at his ready second cumming.

“Oh FUCK,” he said, after his spasming and moaning simmered down. “I couldn’t help myself,” he said overly apologetically, “I’m so sorry, sir, er, I mean Corey. I’m so sorry!”

I pushed my lips into his, my finger still inside him, my hands pulling our groins tight together so his sticky cum and my ample slick precum was a wet coating in the cuts of our abs. I kissed him hard, and he kissed back, and our hunger wasn’t in the slightest slaked by our now several orgasms.

As the kiss continued, his ass began to gyrate onto my finger again, at one point so far against it that I was fully inside him. He was wet inside, both sweat and his pleasure slicking him. He moved over onto his stomach and pulled me with him onto the top of him and was pushing his ass into my raging cock with hungry desire. My huge head was clearly too big for him, but he SHOVED against me and cried out as his muscle gave way and my head spread him open and entered him. “OH FUCK!” we exclaimed together.

He was hot and wet and burning under me and also around me, the part I had of me inside him. I wanted to SHOVE myself into him balls-deep, knowing I shouldn’t be in him at all but unable to pull out, not having that will power.

He was pushing against me, and I was pulling back to keep from entering him farther, a grappling of wills in my mind so extreme as to make myself ache from something other than the desire for him. “Dave, we shouldn’t, not like this,” I said in a gravelly voice that betrayed my near exhaustion of any ability to control myself. He instantly stopped but held my throbbing cockhead clenched inside him. “And I don’t have any . . . “ I trailed off.

With that he somehow jumped out from under me and was on his feet yelling, “Don’t go anywhere,” and running out of the room. And in an instant he was back running into the room with his jeans in his hands then chucking them and with his wallet in his hands, then chucking it when he had a couple of condoms, ripping one of the packages open with his teeth as he slid to a stop on the wood floor beside the bed. I’d fallen back on the bed and my raging cock – still raging despite the interruption – was in his hands, and he was rolling the condom on me aggressively. Through clenched teeth, as he worked the way-too-small condom onto me, he mumbled “Sorry,” and then looked at me and said, “It’s really NOT like I do this all the time. That’s my emergency pack.”

“Dave,” I said patiently, “Shut the fuck up and get your ass in the air again,” I said with a smile.

I was in him balls-deep amidst his cry of pain at the incursion, though when he started to cry out I stopped shoving into him – amazed at my own ability to stop – and he pushed back onto me with such force that I was fully in him immediately.

And then I was thrusting into him, hard, ruthlessly, relentlessly, uncontrollably, and we were both yelling, him clawing at the bedsheet and pillows as he bucked back hard into me, meeting each thrust and causing our bodies to slam together. I was down on him, biting the back of his neck and his shoulder, and then I was up, pulling him onto all fours and really slamming into him while he gripped the headboard for safety lest he be pounded through it. He was so incredibly tight yet I’d probably shot a full ounce of pre into him when I was inside him, and we slid together like a vise with oiled jaws sliding up and down the length of me, at least until my head came to his pucker, and I was his prisoner at that point, no way I could have pulled out the way he was clenched around me.

My big balls were swinging wildly, as were his, and he reached back and grabbed mine and pulled. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I cried, and when he knew it was in pleasure, he increased the pressure and worked my tanks harder as my thrusts increased in intensity in response.

The filthy banter amidst cries and exclamations continued and got only louder, more insistent, and suddenly I felt him clenching harder, his body tensing and I knew that he, incredibly, was about to cum again. I was fueled by that knowledge and slam-fucked him all the harder and suddenly I was cumming, too, and his grip around my nuts at that moment went to excrutiatingly ecstatic and I cried out in a long exclamation as my back arched taut and my hips slammed even harder into him in an attempt to deliver my seed deep into him.

He slumped forward into the headboard with the top of his head, his face down into a pillow with a long sigh, pulling me with him as his fuckhole was still clenched hard around my huge cockhead and I was still hard inside him. I kissed the back of his neck at his shoulder blades, a long, gentle kiss, which by that point in our session no longer surprised me. Predictably, he brought his head up and back and nuzzled my face with the side of his head and his neck. As he relaxed into me, my arms encircling him, I pulled out of him with a short cry from him. He maneuvered around to face me, smiling but also looking a bit sheepish. I started to move to get up to go dispose of the condom, and he said, “No, let me,” and pushed me back onto my back and pulled the strangling thing off me with glances of concern to see if he was hurting me. I just smiled. WTF else cold I do – I was still floating on an endorphin surge like none I’d experienced in as long as I could remember. When he had it off he held it up and admired the volume of my cum in it. “Damn, stud!” he said, a little playfully but also genuinely admiring the output.

“You did that,” I said, weakly, grinning stupidly.

He tied it off as he got up and went to the bathroom and ran water. I heard the toilet flush while the sink ran and he wet a cloth. He brought the cloth back in, and I expected him to make to clean my slimy cock, but instead the wash cloth was placed on my forehead, cool, and he kissed my mouth. And then he kissed my cock and cleaned it thoroughly and eagerly, and I was as excited again as I’d been.

He was going for it – a trifecta – and I was worried I couldn’t cum again despite the hardon that raged in his mouth. But, amazingly, his mouth and hands had figured out my combination, and although it was fifteen or twenty minutes, those minutes were me soaring higher and higher and then finally cresting again and washing over that agonizingly blissful precipice again with a loud cry expressing the PAIN in my nuts as they exploded. He again eagerly swallowed every drop, exclaiming at the surge in his mouth, but not apparently cumming again himself. The last part I didn’t know until later – I was too overcome – pun intended – to have been aware one way or the other as my climax wracked my body.

I pulled him up to me when he’d finally released my cock from his mouth, pulling him into me so his head was on my shoulder. “What the fuck, Dave? This was a simple no-recip blowjob, or at least that’s what I intended.” He started to say something, but I stopped him with the hand I had wrapped around him holding him tight against me. “But instead you’re like some angel sent to remind me that life is for living and sharing and not just to be mechanically worked to maintain minimum necessities.”

I was in full endorphin-stoked babble, and he knew it, but he snuggled into me. “I don’t mean to be anything other than what you want, what you need, Corey,” he said into my still-heaving chest.

I kissed his forehead and held him tight. “My name isn’t Corey, Dave,” I confessed.

“I know,” he said quietly into my right carotid artery, his breath warm and comfortable against me. “I knew the moment I saw you when you opened the door who you are, Todd,” he continued. “As far as that secret, you’re mine and only mine, Todd. My Corey.”

I held him like that until we both dozed off. I awoke over two hours later, slightly before he did. I needed to piss – critically so by that point – and moved to try and not disturb him as I got up. “Is it time for me to go, Todd,” he said groggily?

“I just have to use the bathroom, and I’ll be back. If you need to leave, that’s your prerogative, Dave, but I’d like you to stay.”

When I came back out of the bathroom, he was right where I’d left him, smiling. “Todd, my wallet is on the floor from when I threw it. Will you hand it to me?”

I did. He opened it and pulled out a card and handed it to me, which I was at first startled by and almost didn’t take it. It was his driver’s license. David James Black 240 S. High St. Jackson, MI 49202

The picture was great of him. Which was appropriate, because he was a damn handsome man. “OK, David James Black, so which are you – one eighty-five or one sixty, like it says on your license?”

He grinned at me. "I’ve worked hard for those twenty-five pounds of muscle, Todd. But I just wanted you to see who I am. And I meant what I said – you’re my secret, Todd. You’re my Corey, this was all with Corey, I never knew Todd Dreesen, and as much as I and every other gay man wants the famous quarterback Todd Dreesen to be gay, it’s just a fantasy.”

“No, Dave,” I said, crawling back into bed and pulling him to me again, wrapping my arm around him and feeling whole again after feeling like he was missing from me while I was out of bed. “This isn’t a fantasy, this is real. You made me real, suddenly, made my life real in a way it hasn’t been for a long time. This is OURS, and there is no Corey, there’s only Todd . . . and Dave.”

He snuggled into my chest, and I held him tighter as he said, “Mmmmm, I like that, Todd.” I sure did, too.

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The Marine Settles In

Jul 01, 2012

I awoke hard, startled. Jim was sound asleep still. I could see by lifting my arm around him enough that it was ten-forty-one. The lawnmower was going out in the back.Jim had been up earlier, as had I. We’d had a wild night – well, no wilder than usual, but since it was Friday night and no work today, a few more times – of sex and play. When we’d gotten up in the We as usual we couldn’t... read more

This is the second part of a series. The first part is not eligible to be uploaded to this site. If anybody is interested in Part 1, email me.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My eighteenth birthday was on a Wednesday. My mom and my stepfather were both out of town on business. They’d asked if it was OK with me since the... read more

When I was 20 and in the Academy, my older step-brother Cain came to town for business. Cain had finally gotten a job of his dreams – or secondary dreams, given his first had been to be a pro baseball player, and that hadn’t happened for him – and was on the player personnel staff for a major league baseball team that was in Baltimore for a weekend of games. Cain’s father, my stepfather,... read more

“DUDE, your dick is either huge or you got some excitement in the shower!” my brand new Academy roommate said to me.We’d just moved in that day, both new cadets. The a/c wasn’t the best, and we’d worked up a sweat as we unpacked and arranged ourselves. Just after inspection I’d headed for the showers. Turner had flopped on his bunk, stripped to his briefs. He was that way when I returned... read more

I was on leave and had caught transport to the first place I could find with sun. Turned out to be Tampa. I went to the Grand Hyatt and sort of crashed the pool. OK, I totally crashed it. I wasn’t a checked-in guest, and had no hope of being one on my budget, but I thought the pool would be a great place to enjoy some sun. I was right about that. Not only was there plenty of sun, but there... read more

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!This is not an epic gay fairy tale. There is no happily ever after story, as I’ve now come to know is possible as at that late point in my life I’m living it. This is the story of a hot time . . . in fact a very hot time. If you’re up for some adult male fun, then enjoy. And if you’re a romantic or relationshipist (as I like to call the men who don’t seem to have the... read more

THIS IS THE SECOND PART OF A FULL STORY. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ GENERALLY VOYEURISTIC PART 1, PLEASE DO SO BEFORE READING HERE (AS THE HOT PARTS ARE IN PART 1 ANYWAY!).* * * * * * * * * SPOILER ALERT!!!!!This is not an epic gay fairy tale. There is no happily ever after story, as I’ve now come to know is possible as at that late point in my life I’m living it. This is the story of... read more

I was a captain stationed at the American Embassy in Paris when I was twenty-five. I had been assigned to the Ambassador’s personal staff, and he and his wife had taken a liking to me right off. They were going to be attending Wimbledon that year as a guest of one of the Queen’s cousins, the Duke of Kent, with whom the ambassador had served on a UN peace-keeping mission in Cyprus. The... read more

“YEAH!” my partner Jim’s nineteen-year-old son yelled and pumped his fist in the air after he caught me off my feet with a perfect shot to the baseline just out of reach of my desperately outstretched racket.“Good shot,” I called to Perry across the net. “Forty fifteen,” I called, reminding him he’d been a shot away from losing that game and the set and the match before that last-gasp shot.... read more

We were sitting there, both cross-legged, naked, on the bed in my condo, where I didn’t live any longer, after another mind-blowing fucksession. My lover/partner of fifty-five days (I didn’t know the number of days at that point, but I knew it was both new and also that it was amazingly wonderful) Jim, my hunky, hairy, muscular, dark, sexy, smart, loving, exciting,... read more

Major Hot

Jul 28, 2012

I was posted to the newly created MCSOCOM as it evolved and then MARSOC under the commander at Camp Lejeune. To say Camp Lejeune was a comedown after being at NATO, the French Embassy and some really choice duties would be an epic understatement. On the other hand, to be back in a combat unit was exactly where I wanted to be! And my team wasn’t sitting on the bench much, so the off-times we... read more

It had been a long and stressful workday. Hell, the three days this week had all been long and stressful. And for no apparent reason, the traffic northeast out to the coast where I was now living in my boyfriend’s lavish home was nightmarish. Twelve hours at the office, starting at six; almost an hour in so leaving at just after five; and then almost an hour and a half coming home. UGH!... read more

I was fucking Jim brutally – every stroke HARD, slamming into him. My sweat was flying every time our bodies collided, my huge horsecock relentlessly pounding into his fuckchute. His shouts were louder than ever before, and I had my sweaty jockstrap stuffed in his mouth to muffle him as much as I could, his arms restrained behind him by my hands.“You think that musclebitch at the gym could... read more

“Hey, Co-Dad, can I talk to you about something?” My partner (and soon-to-be husband, which positively blows my mind, but then again, even having a wildly hot partner whom I love to and with and from the depths of my being blows my mind), Jim, has a buoyant, brilliant, beautiful (and often bawdy) nineteen year-old son, Perry, who has taken to calling me “Co-Dad”. It made me uncomfortable at... read more

My (now) husband’s big hand on my sweaty arm brought my consciousness up a few levels from the sun and surf induced reverie I was in. “How does it feel, Bill?” Jim asked in a husky voice from the lounge next to mine. He rubbed my arm just enough to send an electric shock through my body, squarely landing in my balls, as his touch always did. “You keep doing that and everyone out here will... read more

I was posted to MCSOCOM (it was to evolve later to MARSOC) under the commander at Camp Lejeune. I’d gotten used to having my home base being the shithole we affectionately (and realistically) called “Camp Swampy” after having most recently transferred from duty at NATO and before that the US Embassy in Paris. Camp Swampy, as sultry and unsophisticated (I almost wrote ‘uncivilized’!) as it was,... read more

“See something you like?” His deep voice and warm breath on the back of my neck added to my state of arousal. My hunky husband put his big strong hands on my broad sweat-slick shoulders and ran his hands down over my sweaty bare chest to my nipples as he pushed his hard chest and thighs against me and pulled me back into him tighter. “Not bad scenery on the worst of days, Counselor, but... read more

When we woke after our post-fuck(s) nap, it was the middle of the morning. I couldn’t remember the last time we’d slept in until nearly ten. Oh, right – we never had! Sure we were up fucking from just after five until nearly eight, but still, it wasn’t like us to oversleep. Jim held me tight against him, even though we were both awake. “I meant what I said, Bill,” he said, almost... read more

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