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A Surprise at Airport Security

By MuscleJeff

submitted July 22, 2014

Categories: Discreet Encounters, Men On Holiday, Muscle, Public Places, True Stories

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By Muscle Jeff

This is a true story!

My travels almost always deliver some surprises, especially to me.

Here I was at London’s Heathrow, about to fly to Prague for the next leg of my vacation trip through Europe after an exciting five days in London. I had stayed with an old fuck bud, Alex, in London, and we got in some great muscle workouts and several spectacular fuck sessions.

On my final night in London, we got virtually no sleep but I fucked Alex more times than we could count. He loves my big cock, preferably up his hot butt, and he has a great fondness for gallons of my cum.

Shortly after daybreak, he sent me on my way and I traveled by the Underground to Heathrow. This was going to be a routine, mid-day flight to Prague, and I really did not need to be fully awake to do it. I got to Terminal 3 at Heathrow in a daze, with my sleepy head numbed by the two dozen stops on the Picadilly Line heading to the airport. I checked into my airline, and entered FastTrack security. My documents were swiftly taken care of and I entered the security check, removing my jacket, taking the notebook computer out of my briefcase, and emptying my pockets into a couple of the plastic bins. I then stepped through the magnetometer machine and it emitted a loud honk.

Two guys approached me, asking me to remove my shoes and belt and try the machine again. I did so with calm results this time.

But a third guy called me over to the side and said he needed to pat me down. I was well out of the lane of traffic, but not out of view of other passengers. This handsome, hunky blond security officer, probably about 5 ft 10 inches tall (I’m six feet one and weigh a muscular 230 pounds) asked me to raise my arms to my sides and he asked me if he could touch me. Yeah, sure. Standing in front of me, he grabbed my big, muscular traps and squeezed them pretty hard as if looking for something in the middle of the muscle. He slowly moved his hands across the top of my shoulders and squeezed my delts from all sides and angles. Then his hands slowly moved down and across my pecs and my abs and obliques. Next, he felt each arm, starting at the delt once again and moving down to the bicep and tricep, then heading down slowly to feel each forearm.

Hmmmm, was this a security pat-down or a massage or a thorough check of my muscles for sexual purposes? I’ve had pat-downs before but never like this one. He checked my waist, exploring the front, sides, and, with his arms wrapping around me, my back. He then put his hands down inside my now very loose-fitting trousers (my belt was off) with his fingers reaching as far down as they could go. He sent his fingers up and down my ass crack and generated some great sensations that awakened my cock. Alex had drained it last night, but my cock was getting the idea that a party was underway. It very much wanted to join in.

The security official moved his hands back to the front of my trousers and reached down as far as my pubic hairs. Then he dropped down to his knees as if he was about to suck my big dick. At least that’s what my cock thought from his position. My dong was rapidly rising.

The officer put his hands on the front and back of a thigh and twisted the fabric of my trousers and skin in a pretty tight grip. Around and around, with the back of his hands pushing tightly up against my cock and balls. I was pretty sure I heard him moan. Holy shit, I belatedly realized, this guy was getting off on my body!

He then moved his hands to the other thigh and did the same. My thighs, by the way, are particularly large, strong, and muscular. They’ve always been one of my really good features. This officer seemed to think so, too.

He slowly moved his hands down the leg, grasping the leg tightly all the way down to the ankle. Then he did the other leg. He moved behind me and slowly moved his hands up from the back of my hamstrings to my glutes, up and around and across the ass crack, and then up to my waist. I flexed my glutes a couple of times as he was groping them, and that drew a couple of moans. My cock was at maximum size and hardness and was oozing pre-cum into my shorts. I’m sure he was able to detect the aroma of my pre-cum

I was tempted to ask him if he wanted to move into a private security room where he could conduct the examination with more privacy, but I didn’t.

He stood behind me and his hands moved up and swept the breadth and height of my back, another one of my strong points. He spent a long time checking out the lats and my rear delts. Then he reached around me and felt my pecs and moved back to my lats. I heard a few moans and then there were some unusual, jerky tremors that moved through his whole body. He moaned some more and his breathing pattern changed. Jeez, my security officer dude had just pumped a load of cum into his shorts.

I didn’t know whether to try to kiss him, ask him how was his experience, or say it was now my turn, but any of those actions could get me into trouble, I suppose, if not with him then definitely with the other officials who were just a short distance away. So I did nothing except continue to stand there with my arms outstretched. I added a knowing grin to my face.

He walked around to my front side and said “Everything is ok. You may go now. Have a nice trip.” “Oh, I shall, thanks. I hope you’ve had a good trip, too.” I gave him a broad smile and a wink.

He looked at me and then averted his eyes. His face was flushed and he had a huge wet stain in his crotch, but everything else appeared normal. He was one cute guy and I would have loved to get him into bed. Maybe on the next trip.

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