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By Lew

submitted January 18, 2015

Categories: Holiday Cheer

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The splashing cascade of the waterfall was the only noise that surrounded the hotel swimming pool. There were no screaming children jumping onto the cool water, or loud music blaring, only the splash of water into water. The surrounding area was equally tranquil with gently waving palm trees, pool loungers and only the distant sound of waves breaking against rocks on the beach shore. As I found myself a pool lounger and garden umbrella, I unrolled my towel, placed it on the mattress of the pool lounger, pulled off my shirt and pulled down my shorts to reveal my tangerine Speedo. I sat myself down on the mattress and proceeded to oil my chest, arms and legs before sprawling out on the towel-covered mattress. As IO lay there, the sun blazing down on my oiled body, I glanced across the pool and noticed another guest also sprawled out on his lounger. I looked long and hard at the young man across the pool. Although he looked about thirty years of age, I could see his hair was receding on his forehead, which actually made him look very sexy – certainly according to my likes – and was wearing a lime green Speedo. He had the vestige of a beard that circled his mouth and chin but which added to his sexiness. Although his eyes were closed, I could see that his face was soft yet manly and attractive. I continued to lie in the sun for some time, constantly gazing at the only other guest at the pool, until I decided to venture into the cool water to refresh my body from the intense heat. I dived into the water and as I surfaced I noticed that the guest in the green Speedo had opened his eyes and was now smiling at me. He had a most beautiful smile and his eyes sparkled in the sunlight. “Hi! What’s the water like?” he questioned as I neared the side of the pool where he was lying. “Fabulous,” I replied, wiping water from my eyes. “Why don’t you jump in?” “Just now,” came the reply. As I leaned my chin on the side of the pool and looked up at him, I couldn’t help noticing the rounded bulge in the front of his Speedo. It looked a healthy size and as size mattered a great deal to me, I took a keen interest in what I saw. I could feel my dick become aroused in my Speedo, but fortunately as I was under the water, he couldn’t see my predicament. Soon he jumped into the pool, sending up a spray as he entered the water. When he surfaced, he swam towards me. “Hi, I’m Rob.” I introduced myself and soon we were like two fish following each other around the pool. Rob headed in the direction of where the waterfall was cascading into the pool and I followed until we were both covered by a sheet of falling water. Behind the sheet of cascading water, we were hidden, to some extent, from the outside world. As we treaded water and chattered to each other, I found myself becoming more and more aroused by this young man. Not only was he good looking, but he had a pleasant personality, delightful sense of humor and easy to talk to. Rob then headed out from under the cascading waterfall and headed towards the steps leading from the pool. I swam behind him hoping he wasn’t going back to his lounger, but as he exited from the pool, he turned and I could see the thick outline of his dick and immediately I felt aroused again. “I’m going up to the Jacuzzi,” said Rob, leading the way towards the top of the waterfall. I followed and found a shallow pool which doubled as a Jacuzzi, from which the water flowed creating the waterfall. We sat down together in the water, our legs touching. The fact that I was touching him brought tingles through my body and sent my dick on a journey to rigidity. At one stage I stood up and knew that Rob noticed my erection. I tried to adjust the lie of my dick but it was impossibly hard and would adjust. I wasn’t sure whether Rob was embarrassed by my predicament, but it didn’t appear to arouse him in any way. We continued to enjoy the bubbling Jacuzzi bubbles and talking until my partner arrived. My partner of five years was younger than me by six years and was tall and lean and had been looking for me. “I wondered where you’d got to,” he said, seeing me chatting to Rob. “Hi Trent, this is Rob. He’s from Canada.” They greeted each other and I continued talking to Trent, telling him to come and join us in the Jacuzzi. “I think I’ll go and lie down by your towel,” said Trent, leaving Rob and I to carry on talking. “He seems quite nice,” said Rob after Trent had left. “I wasn’t aware you were here with someone.” “Oh yes, we usually travel together, but Trent’s very open about meeting people.” We sat there for at least another half an hour and then Rob said he was going to lie in the sun again, so we went back to our separate pool loungers. “So what do you think of Rob?” I asked Trent when I returned to my towel. “He seems quite nice, but I never really got to speak to the guy.” Trent asked various questions about Rob such as where in Canada was he from, what did he do, how long was he staying at the hotel, and such like; and then he asked, “Is he here alone?” “Well he never mentioned anyone being with him, so I presume he’s here by himself.” “Why don’t you ask him if he wants to join us,” suggested Trent. “You mean here at the pool or…. up in our room?” Trent and I had an open relationship which meant that if we found a guy that we both liked we would invite them to spend time with us. “Both,” replied Trent. I rose and made my way over to Rob. “Rob, sorry to disturb you, but Trent and I wanted to know, if you’re by yourself, if you would like to join us.” “Gee, thanks Ben, that would be great.” Rob picked up his belongings and followed me back to our loungers. We found him another lounger and he spread out his towel on it. As Rob lay down on his towel, I noticed how Trent passed an admiring gaze over the young man’s body. Trent and Rob started up a conversation while I went and ordered some drinks for us. When I returned with the drinks, they were deep in conversation together. I placed our drinks down. As I did so, Trent said, “I’ve spoken to Rob and he’s coming up to our room for lunch.” “Oh, that’s great I responded.” “Well, thanks for the invitation,” replied Rob, smiling at me broadly. Again that broad smile of his began to turn me on and I could feel my dick growing again in my Speedo, but this time I didn’t want either he or Trent to see so I dived back into the cooling water for a quick swim. As I climbed from the pool after a while, I saw how Rob stared at my still rigid dick and saw him lick his lips and smile. I lay down on my stomach on the lounger to hide my erection but Rob knew of my state and I saw him subtly adjust the lie of his dick, which seemed to have grown since my exiting the pool. We ordered lunch from one of the waiters at the pool and explained that we wanted it sent up to our room, so when we were ready to go upstairs, the waiter duly brought our lunch. Inside of our room we sat around the double bed eating the salad and cold meats and drinking another order of drinks. When all was finished, we cleared the bed of plates and then sprawled out across the bed, side by side. Trent and I were on either side of Rob and it wasn’t long before our wandering hands sought out his body. Hands began to caress, fondle and stroke each other and soon our clothes, the little we did have on, was peeled off and nakedness was the accepted norm. Trent and Rob’s mouths clamped onto each other and I scuttled down the bed to get between them and work my way up to their swollen dicks. I took Rob’s into my mouth first and as I did so, heard him sigh from my touch. I licked, sucked and lathered up his dick, and then I turned to Trent’s and did the same to him. After a while of their kissing, they reversed positions and began to sixty-nine each other. As Rob was on top of Trent, I aimed for Rob’s ass and began to rim him, parting his smooth ass cheeks and inserting my tongue into his pulsating hole. His groans increased and I was happy to know he was enjoying what was being done to him. Trent then decided to roll Rob over so he could be on top and once he did that, he adjusted his position and, with Rob’s back on the bed, he hoisted Rob’s legs skyward and attacked his ass with his tongue. I moved myself to above Rob’s head and forced my hard cock into his waiting mouth. His lips, tongue and the suction he had created caused me to moan loudly and I began to face-fuck this hunky young man. While I continued this, Trent pushed his thick cock into Rob’s tight ass. I heard the young man cry out and felt his mouth tighten around my cock, and then Trent began slow rhythmic thrusts into Rob’s ass. As Rob continued to suck on my cock, I bent over his torso and positioned my mouth around his throbbing cock and took it into my mouth. I loved his taste and licked his smooth cock head. Rob was now plugged at both ends – Trent deep in Rob’s ass and my cock fucking Rob’s mouth, while I sucked him off. Rob was the first to come and I felt his warm salty flavor fly into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could to accept the next supply, and the next. Because I was turned on by his supply of juice, I couldn’t hold on any longer and fired my load down Rob’s throat. With all the grunting, groaning and moaning, it brought Trent to his climax and with a loud growl, he shot his load into Rob’s ass, filling it up to capacity. As we all disengaged and collapsed onto the bed, sleep almost immediately overcame us and we slept, arms entangled together. An hour later I awoke at find Rob lying on his side facing Trent, their arms around each other. I looked at Rob’s fine smooth ass and couldn’t resist. I stroked my cock to get it hard and then holding the shaft, I slowly pushed into Rob’s waiting ass. I felt him push back onto my cock and soon we were connected. I didn’t want to make any robust movements so I began to very gently push in and slightly withdraw from Rob’s ass. Each time I pushed in, I could feel Rob push back and I knew he was enjoying the feeling, but then so was I. Trent stirred and realized that some action was taking place, and his hand slid down to Rob’s erect dick. Trent slid down to take Rob’s cock into his mouth and tasted the remnants of his salty cum. I gripped onto Rob’s nipples and squeezed as I plunged my cock deeper into his young ass. He cried out and thrust back, impaling his ass firmly on my cock and grinding his hips. The sensation drove me to ecstasy and I increased my fucking until Rob’s body was rocking on the bed from my action. I could feel his tightness and the remains of Trent’s cum made my action slick. I was going to come quickly and warned Rob, who clamped his ass even tighter around my shaft, almost strangling it and then I fired, pinching his nipples tightly as I shot my load. He squealed with my final thrust and from the pain of the tweak his nipples were receiving and then he gasped as Trent received the first of Rob’s load. Slowly our thrusts became subdued until we lay breathing heavily, but still connected. I didn’t want to lose contact with him, and pulled him closer to me until eventually, my cock subsided and slipped from his warm ass. For the remainder of our , Rob remained happy with the service we gave him and I certainly was pleased with what my new young friend could do to please me and how he knew what buttons to press to get me horned up and ready for action. As for Trent, I think we wore him out, because after two days of constant action, he was exhausted and left all the action to Rob and me, where we took turns in fucking each other.

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