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Not just a walk in the wood

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The green of the trees was emphasized by the hot sun blazing down on the first day without rain in over a week. I was so relieved to be out walking in the forest to get out of the house and away from school, work and my parents.

I was 19, in my second year of college and also working part time at a grocery store. It was pretty dull but it gave me money and helped me get more comfortable being around people I didn't know. I'm almost painfully shy and don't like being the center of attention with anything. Even when hanging with my friends, I'd much rather everyone else do the talking while I listened and chimed in whenever necessary.

My walk in the forest is something I do routinely but when it rains for days in a row, not being able to do it makes me realize how much I miss the solitude in nature.

The path I usually walk is about 7 or 8 miles long. I rarely ever walk the entire thing unless I have a day completely free and I want to step away from reality for a while.

Today was one of those days.

I brought a backpack with a small snack, a hat, a towel and a few bottles of water. There are rivers along the path that I use to refill those bottles on hot days like today, especially after the halfway mark when the terrain gets a little more rough.

I know I'm lucky because this path is almost never used by anyone else after a certain point so when the path starts to get rockier and the trees are more grown in, I know I've reached a point where I'm unlikely to see anyone else.

After about an hour of walking along the path and about 40 minutes since seeing a jogger, I realize the branches have nearly grown out over the pathway, leaving just enough room for me to get through. It must be almost 90 degrees and with no drafts of air able to break through, it's really hot.

I take off my sweat-covered t-shirt to reveal my pale hairless chest and back to the sun. There's a certain excitement with revealing my bare chest to nature, something I'd be much too shy to do in front of another person. I don't go to the gym or work out and while I'm in decent shape, I still have some belly fat.

I walk for another 20 minutes, drinking all my water and refilling them at a stream, when I think - there's no one here... I could just throw caution to the wind, or still air, and take it all off.

I look around. Not much to see beyond the trees other than the path behind me and the thick brush up ahead. Feeling brave, I drop my shorts, pull them over my legs and pack them in my backpack, standing only in my briefs, feeling the hot air touch my thighs.

I walk a few minutes, feeling the front of my briefs bounce proudly with each step knowing I have a semi showing.

I stop, pull my underwear down and reveal it all to the trees. The sun kissing my bare bubble butt cheeks and my dick half erect with sweat glistening off my shiny cock head.

Suddenly feeling nervous, I start walking again, letting my shyness subside with constant reminders that I'm all alone and it's quiet enough that if I hear anyone, I would have time to jump into the trees and put my shorts on before anyone would see me.

The end of the path is close and my legs are getting tired. I look forward to sitting on one of the logs in the small clearing that overlooks the lake - the lake I call my own since I've never seen anyone else there during the times I've been there. But still, as I approach, I look around to make sure no one else is there before I step out in the open to feel a small refreshing draft on across the front of my naked body - making me feel for the first time just how much I've been sweating.

I walk across the meadow to the edge of water, feeling exposed but knowing I'm alone and take a seat on one of the logs, careful to avoid any wood chips.

I eat my snack and look out at the water, finally feeling relaxed.

"Hey there," I hear a gruff voice from behind me.

I whip my head around to a reaction to the sudden break in the silence, momentarily forgetting that I'm sitting here fully naked.

"Nice day, eh?" says the voice, coming from a man making his way toward me.

I quickly tense up, my arms covering my crotch area as I reach for my bag.

"Oh, don't worry about covering up," said the man, "enjoy the sun."

He was a bigger man probably in his 50s, wearing a tank top that revealed puffs of hair from his shoulders and chest, and white shorts that were drenched with sweat. He had a beard and was balding, not the type of guy you'd expect to see at the end of a 9 mile hiking trail.

"First time up here," he said, as he stood a few feet behind me, gazing out through his sunglasses presumably over the lake.

"Yeah," I said, nervously, still covering my shame with my bag. "Nice."

"I'm not the hiking sort but I thought I'd see how far I could make it," he said as I stepped forward to stand next to me.

"You don't mind if I have a seat here, do you?" he asked.

Not wanting to be rude, I nodded at him and looked back out, wondering how I could put something on and start heading back.

"Sam's the name," he said, as he sat down, the log moving slightly underneath his weight, probably about 300lbs or so.

"Matt," I said quietly.

He put out his hand to shake mine and I offered mine, keeping my other hand on my backpack.

He made some small talk about the weather, that he was here visiting an old college friend, and that he had the afternoon to explore before having to head back home tomorrow. He didn't seem to sense how awkward I was feeling, or he did and didn't care but for some reason, I started to feel more comfortable so I put my bag down on the grass in front of me but still kept my crotch covered with a hand.

"You do this often?" he asked, nodding at my nakedness.

"Not really," I answered, feeling my face turning red, "first time."

"Ever jerk off outside before?" he said with a smirk.

"No," I said, smiling shyly.

"I have," he said, looking ahead again, "but not much, mind you. It's hard to find a place like this to do it in private."

"Yeah. I bet."

A half a minute passes in silence and he says "I can help, if you want."

Hearing his deep rough voice offer to help jerk me off comes as a surprise and while I don't know how to respond, I can feel my dick stiffening.

Sam places a hairy hand on my white leg and starts rubbing.

"You'll enjoy it, I promise," he says gently.

I look at his face as he smiles as warmly as a face such as his can and think about how nice it would be to have a hand other than mind rubbing my dick for once.

"Sure," I say quietly, barely audible, but he must have heard because his hand starts to move up my thigh as I finally move my own hands to reveal my dick to him for the first time since he got here.

His eyes move from my face to my dick and a smile shows between the hair on his face.

"Very nice," he says, admiring my 6 inch cock, cut, with a big bright bulb throbbing at the end.

His big manly hand slowly edges over to my pubes, which I'm realizing now I haven't trimmed in months, and the tips of his fingers gently caress my cock up to the head, which jumps at the touch.

Next he wraps his hand around my dick lightly and begins moving it up and down, sending shivers throughout my entire body. This is what a handjob feels like!

I lean back and spread my legs, revealing two round hairy balls that catch his attention as he uses his other hand to cup them and gently massage them, with his index finger going back between my legs.

"Why don't you lie down on the grass," he says.

I stand up and do as he told as he kneels down next to me on one knee, using two hands to rub my thighs, cock and balls as his other knee near my face to reveal a hot musky scene from inside his shorts.

The smell of his balls make me that much more turned on.

He leans down and starts sucking my dick. All I can is his shiny head bobbing up and down and his sweaty drenched tank top with dark hairy patches from underneath showing through the wet fabric.

Without thinking, I adjust myself so my face is next to the crotch of his white shorts and lift my head up so my nose is just an inch from his bulge and inhale heavily.

He stops sucking and looks down at me, "wanna try too, eh?"

"I think so," I say.

He kneels up on his knees in front of me and lifts up his shirt revealing a round belly completely layered in hair as he undoes the top button of his shorts.

"Let me help," I said as I lean up on my elbow and reach forward toward his shorts, finishing his button and pulling down his zipper. He looks surprised and impressed that my shyness seems to have washed away as I reach into his soaked underwear and grab ahold of a thick hard rod. I pull it out to reveal an 8 inch, thick, uncut cock surrounded by thick black pubes.

I sit up as he sits down on the log, cock pointing upward and I kneel in front of him, my face so close I can feel his bristly pubic hair on my chin.

I open my mouth and slowly go down, his warm cock touching my tongue. I can feel his foreskin retract every time my head goes down again. He puts a hand on the back of my head to guide me, ensuring my mouth goes closer to the back of his cock, his head touching the back of my throat. He lets out a moan.

Sam's other hand is rubbing my back and his belly fat pushing against my forehead as he leans forward to put a finger between the top of my ass cheeks.

Suddenly, there's another voice. "Found yourself a young one, eh, Sam?"

I stop sucking and look up to see two other burly men standing over us. Sam doesn't look surprised as he looks down at my embarrassed expression and back up at them again.

He laughs a deep laugh. "Oh, hey men," he says. "Didn't think you'd be out here until later."

I immediately sit down on the grass and cover myself with my bag again.

One of the men, a bit bigger than Sam but around the same age, is carrying a cooler and the other one, a thinner guy, in his 60s, is carrying a bag.

"Long walk up here," said the thin guy. "Forgot how long it would take. It's been years."

"Yeah, I was thinking about turning around and just having our barbeque back at the house," said the other guy.

They both look at me and smile. "Care to join us?" the older thin one said.

Being completely mortified of my nakedness and being caught sucking dick, I don't know what to say.

"This is Matt," Sam said, pulling up the front of his briefs but not bothering to do up his shorts. "We were just having a little fun." He winked at me. "Sure he'll stay."

"I'm Fred," the bigger guy said, "and this is Robert," pointing to the older guy.

Fred was over 300lbs, flabby but also muscular, not as hairy underneath his wife- beater, and clean shaver. Robert was thin, shorter, but had a certain authority to him that told me he was respected by his mates.

Sam tells me, "Fred is my friend from college and Robert is his neighbour. We were going to have some beer and meat tonight and Rob suggested we come up here later. I wasn't expecting them to get here so soon."

"You can carry on," Robert says with a wink and a smile while looking at me. "We can set up the fire while you're busy."

"And watch," Fred says with a laugh.

"Well," Sam looks back at me. "Shall we?"

I thought he was joking. I've never had a mouth on my dick nor a dick in my mouth before today, let alone have an audience. But my own dick was harder than ever and the other men didn't seem to mind - so I nod.

Sam picks the backpack off of me to reveal my hardon to the newcomers, who are both watching, and I stand up.

"Nice one," says Fred, as he opens the cooler and takes out a beer.

Robert reaches in to grab one too and both sit on the log and watch as kneels in front of me and takes my dick in his mouth again.

As his head bobs back and forth on my shaft, I make eye contact with both Fred and Robert who both look from my face to the back of Sam's head on my dick and back again. Robert's eyes wander across my body as he takes a swig from his bottle, clearly enjoying what he's seeing.

After a moment, Sam leans back, leaving my throbbing dick moist. "You guys want a taste?"

"Thought you'd never ask," said Fred as he puts his empty bottle on the ground next to him, "Come over here, boy."

I obey and walk over to where he and Robert are sitting, both rubbing the front of their pants.

Fred puts both his hands on each butt cheek and pulls me toward him, wrapping his lips around the base of my dick. I can feel Robert's hand reach up between my leg and cup my balls, gently tugging on them.

Sam steps up from behind me and wraps his arms around me, his hands on my chest, rubbing my nipples. I can feel his belly in the small of my back. Soon, he reaches one of his hands down to undo his shorts and pull out his 8-incher once again which he then places between my cheeks, slowly thrusting it between my legs.

Fred releases my cock and Robert moves in, sticks out his tongue and licks my head, before slowly wrapping his lips around just my head and sucking, moving his head over my mushroom and making me let out a groan.

Fred laughs, "yeah! He likes that!"

He stands up, takes off his tank top to show his nearly hairless flabby belly and man boobs. Then he drops his shorts and underwear to reveal a thick cut 6 inch dick sticking out from under his hanging cut.

Sam steps out from behind me to make room for Fred who steps in, the sweat from his body rubbing up against me, his hard dick poking me from behind as Robert works me over from the front. Sam watches from the side as he removes his clothing until all that's left is a big hairy man.

Robert looks over at him, "have you fucked him yet?"

Sam looks at me with hungry eyes, "not yet."

Fred laughs and adds, "well, I'm already in position," as he spits into his hand and rubs it against my hole.

"You ready?" he asks me as the head of his cut dick pokes between my cheeks.

I nod and he starts kissing my neck, wrapping one arm around my chest and the other around my waist. Robert and Sam both stand back to watch, with Robert taking off his clothes.

Fred enters me. It hurts at first but because of his big belly, he isn't able to get too far, instead I feel just the head of his cock moving in and out. Within a minute, it feels incredible.

Fred pulls out, "why don't you sit on it?" he says as he sits down on the ground. He spits into his hand and rubs it on his cock. I hover over it, facing away from him, as he positions it directly below my hole and I slowly sit, letting him once again enter me, this time deeper than before.

Fred lets out a long deep "yeeaaah" as I move up and down on his cock, slowly, my eyes rolling.

Robert steps in front of me and I'm seeing his dick for the first time. Some pubic hair, all grey, and semi-hard, about 7 inches and uncut. He reaches down, pulls back his foreskin to reveal the head and pushes it between my lips, holding onto it as he thrusts into my mouth.

Sam comes over and stands next to Robert, pointing his hairy 8 inch dick in front of my face, his stench going in my nostrals.

I take turns sucking Sam and Robert while Fred, lying on the ground, thrusts hard into me as I hover over him. After a while, Fred's grunts and moans are getting louder and he pulls out, "I'm getting close. One of you take over."

Sam tells me to lie face down on the ground and he kneels down, his knees spreading my legs as he spits directly on my hole, "you'll enjoy this," his rough voice whispers to me and he goes in, slowly and rhythmically thrusting, a little deeper each time. Once he's in almost all the way, he grabs my legs near my waist and pulls me toward him.

Fred is hovering over me jerking off his cock. "Flip him over," he says. "I like to watch their eyes."

Sam pulls out, flips me onto my back with two arms and pulls my legs on his shoulders before entering me again, this time deeper than before. He starts panting and the sweat drips from his hairy chest onto my hairless one. Fred is kneeling over me, jerking, while Robert jerks off on the other side.

"Jerk us off," Robert tells me. I reach up and grab both of their dicks and start jerking, staying in rhythm with Sam's pumps, getting faster with each one.

Soon, Fred starts loudly moaning again and this time right away, he shoots his load on my face and neck, each shot followed by a grunt and a spasm from his body. Robert takes over with his own dick, jerking faster and faster and Sam picks up the pace pumping harder and harder into me until suddenly he stops, I can feel his dick inside of me jumping, as Sam grunts. "oh my god," he says.

Just as Sam is cumming, Robert kneels down and with his dick in front of my face, he shoots, cum landing on my lips, cheek and neck.

Sam pulls out, sitting back on the log out of breath.

Fred pulls beer out of the cooler and hands one each to Fred and Sam before opening one himself.

"Well, men. Good time had by all," as they look at me laying naked on the ground, covered in cum and out of breath myself.

Good time had by all.

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