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Black Santa

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I'd always been average. Average height. Average weight. Average hair color. Nothing about me has ever stood out. It made it easy to blend in when I needed to when I was in school so I never got bullied, but I also never had many friends either.

Now that I'm 20, standing out is more important if I want to get noticed for anything. Getting a job, being remembered by professors, picking up at the club. It's tough. I never knew what to do do be more noticeable.

It was a nice day after a short rainstorm I was at the laundromat waiting for my laundry to finish up. The only other guy in the place was a large black man. I'd seen him in here a few times before but we'd never spoken. We'd never had a reason to. Being the only other person in here, I took special notice of him for the first time.

He looked about 50, had a small fuzzy beard, a ball cap on his head and he was wearing a black tank top and dark grey jogging pants. I'd never been with a black guy before, much less an older one. The idea kind of turned me on - something I'd never thought about before. I'd fooled around before with other guys my age a few times. Never anything serious and never anything more than a blowjob, but I suddenly found myself turned on.

He was reading a sports magazine when the buzzer from my dryer went off. It was situated near where he was sitting so I got up the courage to initiate conversation with him. The worst that could happen was he would tell me to buzz off.

"Hey there," I said as I opened the door to my dryer.

He looked up at me. He had a rough face but gentle eyes as he looked at my face.

"Hello," he said. He had a deep voice but it sounded warm.

"I've seen you here before and I don't think we've ever talked before. I thought it would be nice to meet people who live around here." I said - words spewing out of my mouth to cover my obvious nervousness. "I'm Aaron."

The man smiled.

"Hi Aaron," he said. "That's very nice. It would certainly make laundry day more inviting to have someone to talk to, huh."

"Yeah," I said, relaxing at his inviting tone. "I'm sorry I waited until mine was finished to introduce myself."

"That's alright," he said. "I know I might seem threatening to you, given our obvious," he pauses and quickly looks me up and down, "differences."

I hesitate. "Yeah,... but I guess you don't know until you say something."

Another dryer buzzes.

"Well, that's my queue," he says as he stands up.

His height towers over my 5'7" stature. Standing, he's about 6'2" tall with a round waist, making him likely over 300 lbs. A black bear!

"Do you live near here?" I blurt out.

He turns his head in my direction. "Yeah, man. Just across the street."

"Cool," I say, putting the final article of clothing into my basket.

He stops unloading his dryer. "Sorry, man," he says as he reaches out his hand. "I never introduced myself. I'm Jake."

I hold out my hand. "Nice to meet you, Jake." His hand is large and his handshake is strong but gentle.

"I'd invite you over for a beer but you're probably not of age," he said gruffly, with a smirk.

"Almost," I reply with a smile.

"Well, you're welcome to if it's on your way. We didn't get much time here and like you said, it be nice to know a neighbour."

My heart races.

"Sure. I can come along."

We both exit the laundromat with our clean clothes. He leads me across the street to his building's entrance and we head up the steps to his apartment on the second level.

His apartment is hot, relatively clean but sparse, which just a small table, and worn couch with a large flat-screen television on the wall.

"Sorry 'bout the heat," he says as he drops his bag of clothes on the table. "They're fixing the AC tomorrow, I think."

He eyes me standing by the table holding my basket of folded laundry.

"You can put that down and take a seat. Make yourself at home. I'll grab you a beer."

I put my clothes on the table next to his and sit on the couch as he goes to his refrigerator and comes back with two bottles. As he hands me a bottle, he glances at my laundry.

"Cute undies," he says as he grins at me. He steps over to the table and picks up a pair of light yellow briefs, holding them up and showing them off.

"Thanks," I say shyly, loving the attention.

"I can never imagine fitting into something like this," he says, laughing, putting them back and sitting down next to me.

"I only started wearing those kind lately," I told him. "I like how they feel and how they..." I stop.

"Hey they make you look?" he says, without pause.

"Yeah," I smile at him.

"You wearing ones like them now?" he said, taking a drink.

"Yeah," I say after a few seconds, also taking a drink. I remember I'm wearing another pair from that sex, but these ones are bright pink. The only clean pair I had when I got dressed this morning.

He laughs. "Nice."

We both take another gulp from our beer in silence for half a minute. Facing toward the off tv set.

"Do you want to see?" I say finally.

He takes another swig. "Yeah, man."

One more drink and I put the bottle on the floor by the couch and stand up to face him. I untie my shorts before dropping them to the ground to reveal my bright pink briefs against my pale white legs.

Jake looks at them, eying the outline of my obvious bulge.

"Take off your shirt," he said, not quite as an order but somewhat sternly.

I pull my t-shirt up over my head and drop it to the floor, dropping my arms to my sides and letting him size me up.

"Turn around," he tells me.

I turn slowly until my back is facing him.

"Nice ass," he says.

I hear a squeek from his couch and the sound of him sitting up when suddenly I feel a hand touch my right butt cheek, cupping it and give it a light squeeze.

"Hope you don't mind," he says as he moves to the other cheek and squeezes it.

"Not at all," I say, unable to force back a smile.

He touches my waist and motions for me to turn so I turn to face him. His eyes glued to my bulge and both thumbs reaching into the waistband of my briefs.

"Mind if I take a peak?" he says. "I ain't never see a white boy naked before."

"Go ahead," I say, quietly but proudly.

One of his thumbs is cold from holding the beer bottle. Both pull down the front of my briefs until my cock pops out, bouncing up. It's 5 inches - average. Kind of thin, uncut, and perfectly straight, pointing straight out at Jake.

His massive black manly hand wraps around it, slowly pulling my foreskin back to reveal a shiny red head.

I reach down to pull my briefs the rest of the way down. Jake puts his other hand on my lower back and pulls me in toward him, opening his mouth and taking my dick into it. His moustache rubs against my light pubes while his fuzzy beard touches against my balls, tickling them.

I feel his tongue running over my thin hard dick, pulling my foreskin back and licking my head, making me moan lightly.

Both of his hands are now cupping my ass with his fingers running between my cheeks, gently pulling them apart massaging the space between them. I can feel both of his pinkies feeling around for my hole, lightly rubbing it.

It feels good.

My cock is smothered in his saliva as his lips are now wrapped around the base of my head, sucking it and tonguing the tip of it, making me moan loader as my knees weaken.

"Man, you're lovin' it," he says with a laugh.

"It feels so good," I whisper.

He leans back on the couch, revealing a giant bulge in his dark grey jogging shorts.

"Want a turn?" I ask him.

"Sure, man," he says, picking his beer up in one hand while the other drops to his side.

I get down on my knees, place my elbows on the inside of his knees and reach up to slowly pull the front of his shorts down as he takes a drink from his bottle, watching my every move.

My hand goes inside his waistband and my fingers feel a giant bush of thick fur underneath. I pull down his front to reveal a massive thick uncut cock. Must be about 9 inches!

He must notice my surprise as he says "never seen one that big before, huh?"

I shake my head and wrap my hand around it. My hand feels small around his fat dick, my fingers unable to touch my thumb.

I lean in and wrap my lips around the top of his dick, a musky sweaty scent taking over the air. I move my tongue around, trying to stick it between the end of his foreskin the way he did with me. I feel his huge manly hand on the back of my head, slowly guiding me further onto his dick until it hits the back of my throat.

I start moving my head up and down on it, slowly at first, until his hand starts pushing me faster, pushing the end of it into my throat making me gag a little.

He starts grunting and thrusting his hips on the couch, his belly hitting against my forehead.

Quickly he gets rougher, thrusting against me in rhythm while pushing my face into him. I try to control my gagging but with a dick this big, it's tough.

He sits up on the couch, releasing my head.

"Get on the floor," he says.

I lay down on the floor as he stands up over me, dropping his shorts and pulling off his tank top to reveal a big belly and a hairy man chest with thick erect nipples. From below, I see between his legs and ass are relatively hairless while his giant balls are black and fuzzy, but small in comparison to the thick piece of meat sticking out and down, pointing at me.

He kneels down, both of his knees on either side of my shoulders. Then he crouches down on his hands and knees, his balls at my chin as he rubs them across my face before sticking his dick back between my lips.

He begins to once again thrust his hips into my face, this time harder then before.

After a few minutes, he stops and pulls out, getting up on his knees again and edges up so that he's positioned on either side of my head, then he sits down, his ass right over my face so that I'm breathing in his scent.

"Lick it," he says, as I obey.

I stick my tongue out and move it around his hole and area.

"Yeah," he moans.

Then he gets up again, this time standing up fully. "Turn over."

I do as I'm told and lie on my front. My hard cock against the cold floor. He kneels down again, this time placing his knees between my legs spreading them apart.

I hear him spit into his hand and feel it rub between my cheeks.

"Think you can take it?" he says with a short laugh.

"Maybe," I reply silently - knowing I can't but too turned on to turn him down now.

I feel the top of his cock between my cheeks as he rubs it a bit, swaying back and forth, up and down. He gently pushes when it's over my hole, enough to start to enter but without actually doing so.

He does this a few times but doesn't actually go in. Then he starts jerking off.

He holds my ass cheeks apart with one hand and jerks himself off with the other.

Him, a big dark hairy black 50 year old bear and me, a 20 year old pasty white almost twinky boy.

A few minutes later he starts to grunt as I feel globs of cum land on my lower back, between my ass cheeks and on my hole. His orgasm seems to last almost a minute with shot after shot of cum, all on me, running down between my cheeks, over my balls and to the floor underneath me.

I feel his hands between my cheeks, rubbing his cum in more, cupping his cum- covered hands on my balls and underneath me onto my dick.

"Roll over," he says and I do.

He covers my cock with more of his cum from the floor and starts jerking me off with it. Within seconds, I shoot my load onto myself, some hitting my chest but most on my belly and crotch.

He wipes his hand across my abdomen, mixing both of our cum together before sitting up and back on the couch again.

"That was fun," he said gruffly as he takes one last drink to empty his beer bottle. I stay laying on the floor, loving what just happened as the cum runs down my sides and begins to dry.

"Maybe next time, we'll go a little further," he says.

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