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Sears Part-1-of-1

When I was twenty eight, I was a very happily married full-fledged heterosexual man. My wife Barbara was a very attractive blonde, five years my junior and our bedroom activities were really hot. I considered myself 100% straight, even though I’d received a drunken blowjob from my college roommate, when I was eighteen, which I didn’t return the favor for by the way. It was a one-time thing that ‘just happened’ one night and was never mentioned again by either of us.

Barbara and I bought our first house together from her parents. But that’s another story. Through our short five year marriage, which ended in a divorce, we never lost ‘our spark’ in the bedroom. She was a total hottie to me and I was always eager to enjoy her favors as often as possible. She was a very sexy girl, always eager to please me and I was both happy and eager to share my seven and a half inches with her as often as possible. We enjoyed a very active normal sex life but a little on the kinky side. I was happy she allowed me go down on her and she would happily provide oral sex to me upon request. In case you're wondering, the divorce was not for lack of passion in our sex life, it was for totally unrelated reasons that I won't get into now.

We’d been married for almost two years, when one day I went to Six Flags mall, where there was a Sears’s department store. (An aside, when I was about sixteen I was there in sporting goods, standing at the counter looking at pistols. I was underage so all I could do was look. A man standing about three or four feet to my left was looking at a .38. When the clerk turned his head, the guy pulled a bullet out of his pocket, stuck it in the gun…raised it to his head and blew his own brains out. By close of business all the pistols were removed from the counter of that store and as I understood it all the Sears stores in the nation in the next week or so.)

I went alone and while I honestly don't remember what I was shopping for, I do remember that I was in the lawn and garden department. I stopped my shopping for a few minutes to use their public restroom and went to the corner of the store where it was located.

Inside the restroom there were two adjoining stalls with a metal partition separating them and locking doors. Both were unoccupied at the time so I chose the one in the corner against the wall.

As I entered and locked the door to my stall, I heard someone else enter the bathroom, but didn't see them because I was already locked inside my stall.

The person quickly entered the stall next to mine and heard him lock his door.

As I surveyed my surroundings, I noticed to the left of me, in the metal wall partition separating us that there was a four or five inch diameter hole about waist level. As I was standing in front of the commode, I looked down at an angle through the hole in the wall and saw the guy’s pant leg as he stood in front of his commode.

I’ve always been a little self-conscious about using public facilities with strangers around, so I was having a little trouble getting started.

As I stared down at the hole, I saw the anonymous stranger drop his pants and underwear down to his ankles so that they bunched around his shoes. I stared at his bare leg and as I watched it, I saw them start to tremble, to shake rhythmically. I thought to myself, "This guy couldn't be masturbating in a public restroom, could he?"

I bent over to get a closer look, but not close enough to the hole to be seen so I wouldn’t be caught looking. I was shocked to see that it was exactly what he was doing, jacking off.

He wasn't huge, in fact I was bigger than he was and thicker too. What fascinated me was that his cock was rock hard and he’d only been in there for less than a minute. And when I say rock hard, I mean rock hard…pointing straight out as he slowly stroked it. He would occasionally stop his stroking and tug on his balls, which allowed his cock to point straight out unassisted, testifying to its granite like hardness.

Maybe I leaned in too close and he saw me, maybe he saw my shadow or maybe this guy just had a lot of guts. Whatever, the next thing I knew, he just turned and shoved his cock through the hole into my stall.

Startled, I jumped back and afraid to make a sound just stared at it. I was both angered by his audacity but curious enough to want to look at it, but

His cock already protruding from the hole, he shifted around until his balls hung into my stall also.

Angered that he was so arrogant about this, I honestly thought about punching him in the balls, but I didn't. Instead I reached down and gently stroked his cock and balls. To this day, I don't know why I did, but I did it without thinking and it really excited me to hold another man’s cock in my hand…such a hard cock.

All he said was two words, softly spoken but with confidence, "suck it."

Again, I don't know why I did, but I dropped to my knees and took his extremely hard cock in my mouth. He was only about six inches long, moderately thick, uncircumcised and Caucasian. Honestly, that was all I could tell you about him. He smelled clean and fresh and I'm embarrassed to say, I actually relished his virile hardness in my mouth.

I think most men know but don't know if women are aware that men get erections of various degrees hardness, depending on the level of their arousal. This guy was most definitely aroused because it was so hard it was like a bone in my mouth, unyielding, unbending iron steel stiff.

At first I just sucked on it a little experimentally, just exploring the overall hardness contrast with the skin texture smoothness. Hesitatingly and with some reservation, even with the thrill or threat of someone walking in.

As I came to terms with what I was doing, I found myself highly aroused. I was eager to please him. The more I sucked his masculine cock, the more I became unashamed and aroused. I became obsessed with his cock. While I consumed his length and girth, the thought of pleasing him consumed me.

I became his captive audience for his cock, a cocksucker for his pleasure. Nothing else seemed to matter except to please this piece of masculine muscle and flesh. I became a man possessed. All my efforts were centered on this stranger’s cock on my mouth. The head was silky soft, the skin smooth and flawless, the shaft so hard and unrelenting.

I was lost in my efforts to do my best as shame washed over my face and made me blush. But the excitement of something so taboo made me continue. I was lost in this piece of masculine flesh and wanted him to release the proof that would confirm he was pleased.

Whoever he was, he just stood there on the other side of the partition, letting me sate my hunger as I fed on his cock. I tried to do things that I knew I liked for Barbara to do to me, like suck hard on the tip and press the point of my tongue into that cluster of nerves under the head. Forcing my mouth down all the way until the head bumped the back of my throat. I fought through my gag reflex and was even proud of myself when I choked down his entire length. He seemed to appreciate my efforts as he strained to push himself into the wall, making small, “ugh, ugh,” sounds to confirm that my efforts were pleasurable to him.

As I built up a slow rhythm he started grunting, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” louder, as I kept up this pace that he seemed to enjoy. After maybe five minutes of worshipping his cock, he started bumping the wall as he worked his hips, humping as far into my mouth as he could.

I knew he was getting close and it excited me so much that I redoubled my efforts to please him.

He groaned, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," and then suddenly he spoke more aggressively, "swallow it, swallow my cum."

Then he was shaking as he spasmed and spurted his hot cum into my mouth. Maybe six or eight heavy squirts spewed into my mouth but I didn't mind. I let him enjoy the pleasure I was giving him. I didn't want to interrupt his throes of passion by pulling off, so as directed, I swallowed gulp after gulp of his cum as it spewed from his cock.

At first I didn't know if I would be able to swallow it, but once it was in my mouth it really didn't gross me out too much, actually not at all. It didn't really taste unpleasant, an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue. Different from anything I have ever swallowed before, but not totally disagreeable. I guess. I think the biggest thing to accept is where it's coming from, another man’s balls. It was thinner than my own cum, I think but definitely more volume than my own ejaculations, but mostly just the idea of not quitting on him spurned me to do it.

As he started to go flaccid in my mouth, he pulled out, tucked himself back in his pants and said, "Be here next Thursday at three PM," and then as quickly as he entered, he was gone.

As I composed myself, I got a little nervous, as it dawned on me what I had just done. Sometimes things happen and you can't justify why you did what you did at that moment, you just live with it. This was one of those times. I never peed, I guess I lost the urge, so I just stuffed my hard cock back into my pants, zipped up and quickly walked out.

As I walked through the store toward the exit I felt like every eye in the place was on me, like everyone in the store knew what I’d just done. I looked at every guy in the store as I went to my car, but none seemed to confirm or acknowledged they were my ‘secret friend.’

As I got in my car and went home, it dawned on me that since that was all I’d really seen through the hole, I should have looked at the pants that all the men were wearing, to help me identify who was in the stall next to me, but I didn't. That taste of cum seemed to stay in my mouth for quite a while, at least until I got a coke when I got home.

Was I there next Thursday at 3:00PM? You bet I was.

The end…

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