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Matt, the Fainting Musclebottom, Part 1

By RobertFoley

submitted August 25, 2016

Categories: Crush, Fetish, Man Meets His Man, Muscle, Romance

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A bit unnerved, I walked through the hallways of the school that employs my brother. It was the first time I ever set foot in the building since I had been a student there long ago. It was a lower school, and like for many young skinny gay boys, it wasn’t the greatest of times. Memories came rushing back and they weren’t good ones.

Normally, I would meet my brother Jesse at the bowling alley every Friday night. It had been our hangout for years, really since he had been together with his now-wife Diane, who is an avid bowler. She used to join us and we would sometimes bowl for a bit, but it was mainly just a place to see my brother and have a few beers. Because our parents moved to live in Florida to retire, at the time the Jesse and Diane were all the family I had left in this town. In the meantime I had gotten a nephew and a niece and Diane switched to bowling on a different day so my brother and I could continue our Friday hangouts. Earlier today though, he sent me a text that he would be running late today because of a teachers’ meeting. He said I could wait at the bowling alley, but he would appreciate it if I’d pick him up as Diane had the car. I agreed to come to the school without really thinking it through.

And here I was, walking through these hallways for the first time in years, looking for the teachers’ lounge. Thankfully the hallways were empty, school was already out, because except for my nephew and niece, I am not the greatest fan of children. Yet I take great pride in being a guncle. As if out of nowhere I found a door that said TEACHERS ONLY that was slightly ajar. From the murmur I could tell the meeting had ended and people were gathering their things and heading out one by one. A woman in her fifties came out of the room as I opened the door further.

I saw Jesse and walked towards him without really scanning the room. He turned and saw me. “Alex!” he smiled and walked toward me to give me a big bearhug. Jesse, like me, was tall and skinny, and if you tried you could definitely see a family resemblance. His hair and eyes were brown however, whereas I was blond with blue eyes. He started saying “Sorry I made you come here” but we were interrupted. “Hey Jess, have a good weekend” I heard as I turned to see the gym teacher of every gay man’s fantasy.

I saw short-cropped brown hair, a cute smiling face with a square jawline, broad shoulders and a chest and arms that stretched a grey T-shirt to its limits. I estimated him in his early 30s, about 5’10’’ and he couldn’t be far from 200 pounds of solid muscle. As soon as I looked, he looked at me as well and the chemistry was palpable. He had shouted in what I thought was an Australian accent, but now that our eyes had met, he made his way over to my brother and me, a whistle on hanging from his neck, bouncing on his chest. As usual with boys I like, I went into panic mode, but I was not used to men of this stature taking any interest in me. He, in turn, lost no time or energy making his interest known.

Jesse said “You too, Matt”, but Matt wasn’t even remotely looking at Jesse and said “Wow, who’s your friend?”. Jesse introduced me as his brother and Matt looked me up and down some more. I smiled at him while on the inside I felt uncomfortable, because nothing like this had ever happened to me, yet I did not want it to stop. This man is interested in me even though he is a bombshell himself. Something is clearly wrong with his eyesight, but before he notices I’m nothing special, I had to act on this.

I raised my eyebrows to me brother, who thankfully knew what I meant and nodded. “Do you want to go for drinks with us, Matt?” “Oh that sounds great! Just let me change out of this. Jesse, can you text me the address? I’ll meet you guys there?” “Sure!” Jesse and I said at the same time. It was only then that he turned around and I really noticed the blue tracksuit pants he was wearing. A beautiful bubble butt of mammoth proportions walked away from me with the lines of briefs visible underneath. In my own pants I was heading for a full-blown erection when the butt leaving the room made me snap out of it.

I turned to Jesse and said “Please tell me he is single.” “Single, as far as I know, yes. Gay, I’m not sure! He moved here for a woman and they divorced two years ago. He never came out to me, so I’m a bit baffled.” “Interesting... ” I said as Jesse got his briefcase and we headed for the parking lot.

Because Matt had texted “On my way!” to Jesse, we knew he couldn’t be far behind. We ordered three beers as I continued to try and find out more about Matt from Jesse. From what I had gathered, Jesse knew Matt got lots of attention from the female staff, but Matt always seemed to flirt back a little without it going any further. Matt was loved among the young students as well, often volunteering for daytrips and events. A cool, laid-back guy that Jesse would totally had set me up with had he known Matt was into guys. One other thing Jesse knew from having lunch at school was that Matt was a healthy eater and often went to the gym after school. This was however not a surprise.

Matt walked in when Jesse and I were three sips into our beers. He was now wearing a white T-shirt tucked into blue jeans without a belt. The jeans would obviously be held up by his gorgeous behind. His arms bulged out of the sleeves of the T-shirt. He looked like he was in a 90s Coke commercial, the ideal man.

“We’re on beers tonight?” he smiled as he sat down. “I’m not a big drinker, but I’m sure you guys can get me home, right?” “Oh I’m not drinking much myself”, I said, “I’m driving”.

The night really turned into a date with Jesse there. Matt asked me questions about myself, and I asked questions about him. Jesse was thankfully the one who asked about Matt’s sexuality, which was bluntly explained with an “Oh, I’m bisexual, mate”. He did shortly talk about how he moved here at the age of 25, got married and how he never expected to be divorced at 32. When empty bottles were replaced with new beers without us asking to, I had the guts to flirt with him a little in front of my brother. When I complimented his physique, he said it mainly came from playing rugby back in Australia. It had been quite easy to maintain and he was now 194 pounds. He grew up near Brisbane, which I had vaguely heard of but couldn’t place on a map of Australia. He asked me questions about my job and seemed seriously interested. We clicked and I was starting to feel more and more butterflies.

When he got up to go to the bathroom, I first got to see his bulbous ass in jeans. It was one of those asses that is like a shelf. It stays in the room just a second longer than the rest of his body. Beautifully round and juicy. When he returned I noticed he wasn’t as steady on his feet, but Jesse had already brought us another round of drinks. A water for me, as I was driving, but another beer for Matt. When he sat down he looked straight at me and said “Mate, I am seriously a lightweight, I hardly ever drink. I can’t drive after this one.” He smiled, winked, and took a big gulp of beer. Maybe he didn’t want to drive home tonight. I also noticed he had no problem eating the nachos that were on the table throughout the evening.

Matt insisted we bowl, which we did. It was quite a delight to see him throw the ball in his jeans right in front of me. It turned me on quite a lot, which was also a hassle as it was my turn to throw right after him and I didn’t want my hard-on to be visible. Jesse won the round of bowling and said it was time to get back to his family. During the bowling Matt had been served more beers, but he and Jesse had had the same amount and the difference in the effect the alcohol had was obvious. Matt had become just a little messy and had even spilled some beer down his T-shirt, whereas Jesse was more cheerful than usual but that was about it. When we walked out, Matt put his arm around my neck for balance... or maybe just to touch me? I put my arm around his lower back, with my elbow resting on his beautiful butt. We left Matt’s car in the parking lot and I drove them both home.

Matt was in the backseat with his humongous frame and all of sudden said he felt guilty for being such a burden and hadn’t meant to drink this much. He insisted I drove Jesse home first as his family was waiting for him and Matt’s place was further out.

When we got to Jesse’s place, both he and Matt got out. I heard Matt saying he had fun going out and that they should do this more often with some of the teachers. And he again apologized for being a burden. Jesse waved it off and said he was glad we all had a good time together. They gave each other the bro hug and Jesse walked to his home.

Matt got in the passenger seat next to me. I hesitated to ask his address, as I was unsure if I had maybe misread his intentions or he had changed his mind. He sat down with a sigh and looked at me. He smiled. My God, he was gorgeous. Even though he was clearly drunk, I had never had a man this sexy show any interest in me. And I wanted him in my bed, I just wasn’t sure how to go about it. After we looked in each other’s eyes for what seemed forever but was in reality probably only three seconds, he leaned in to kiss me. I forgot I had a seatbelt on so tried to lean in as far as I could. A very sexy, maybe a bit sloppy kiss is what followed. Matt moaned a little. After a while, what felt too soon to me, he pulled away and stared at me and smiled again.

“I really like you.” He seemed to blush a little and looked down as he admitted this. “I really like you too.” I replied. He looked at me again for a few seconds and then closed his eyes. “I just got a bit dizzy there, mate. And I’m not sure if it’s you or the alcohol”. “Are you OK?” I asked, concerned and half-flattered. “Yeah, I will be”, he replied, still with his eyes closed, “I just need a shower and bed as soon as I can”. I thought for a second and said “My place is like 5 minutes away. You can stay the night, but there’s no pressure, OK? Just sleeping.” He still had his eyes closed and nodded. “I’m so sorry, man, I didn’t want this to end this way.”

Not much later, I slowly walked Matt into my apartment building and in the elevator. He was holding on to me for dear life and clearly wasn’t stable walking by himself anymore. When we got to my apartment he said “Mate, is it OK if I shower? I reek of beer”. “Of course!” as I said as I walked him to my bathroom. “Do you think you’ll be OK by yourself?” With his eyes half open and a big cheeky smile he turned to me and said “What are you implying?” “Well...” I started as I opened the bathroom door for him and started the shower. “Look, I will be fine!” Matt started taking his T-shirt off and I was mesmerized by the perfectly shaved six-pack that appeared before me. I didn’t even see Matt lose his balance and quickly he fell over with his T-shirt over his head. He hit his head on the glass door of the walk-in shower and didn’t move for a bit.

“Matt?” I hurried to take his T-shirt off all the way to see his face and he seemed to have knocked himself out. His eyes were closed and his mouth had fallen open a bit. I softly slapped his face for a little bit. “Hmm? What?” he started responding. “Are you OK? You hit your head.” “Oh I’m fine, mate!”

He quickly got up, losing his balance in the process, but I grabbed his arms so he could get stabilized. “Ah, great!” he said as he saw the shower running and started taking off his jeans with his back to me. He held on to the wall with one hand as he pulled them down. I was ecstatic that this was happening and saw grey briefs appearing before me that were wedged so far up the beautiful round and pale white butt cheeks, that they looked more like a bikini. The briefs came off next and the butt was in full view for me.

“Are you checking out my bum, mate?” he asked as he wobbled into the shower. “You bet I am” I said. “Aren’t you going to do my back?” I was not planning on passing by this opportunity and took off my clothes in record time. I saw him turning around to watch me while soaping himself up. I knew I couldn’t compare to him physically. Sure I was taller, about 6’3’’, but with my narrow frame and 160 pounds it was still mind-boggling that Matt was watching me undress so intently.

I walked into the shower and the suds had spread all over the front of his body. He looked my naked body over and said “So it’s true what they say about tall guys”. I hadn’t even noticed, but I had my full 8’’ erection as we stood facing each other. He handed me the bar of soap he had been using, winked, and said “Thanks, mate”. He turned around. I started applying the soap on his back, really getting it in there. Matt moaned and threw his head back. When I got to the butt I really took my time and Matt loved it, I could tell by his heavy breathing. His head leaned back on my shoulder, and he pushed his butt towards my hands. Looking over his shoulder, I now finally took the time to look at his erection, which curled up into a modest 5’’. For some reason it was quite a turn-on that there was one department in which I was physically superior to this perfect specimen.

If the sexual roles had not been clear up to this point, they certainly became so when Matt guided one of my hands into his crack and whispered “finger my hole”. With one hand I rubbed his chest and abs as I fingerfucked him, using first two and then three fingers, as his moans got louder, faster and then higher. His original baritone voice released a few yelps as his butt thrusted onto my fingers and against my hips. He used one hand to lean into the shower wall in front of him, his other hand was now grabbing the back of my neck, high above him. His grip tightened as I looked down over his shoulder and saw him spurting cum handsfree. After only a few minutes, his orgasm was quick, unexpected, but really hot. His big body shook intensely during it and once it as over it slumped to the shower floor. He was a big pile of muscles, with the shower still pouring water over him.

“Matt?” I asked. I saw a steady breathing rhythm and knew he had just passed out. I was not able to carry 194 pounds to the bedroom though. I turned off the shower and decided to start drying him off. When I got done with the parts of his body that weren’t on the floor he came around but still seemed a bit out of it. He let me help him up as I dried off his body. He sleepily walked out of the shower, put his briefs on by himself and then followed me to my bedroom.

To be continued...

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