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Matt, the Fainting Musclebottom, Part 2

By RobertFoley

submitted August 29, 2016

Categories: Fetish, Man Meets His Man, Muscle, Romance

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A honking car woke me up. A small ray of sunlight came into the room through the gap in the curtains. I felt a weight on my chest that I wasn’t used to. Slowly I turned my head to my left and saw that Matt’s head was resting on my chest and his left arm was wrapped around my waist. It had been a long time since I had last woken up with someone in my bed and it was a really good feeling.

It had been a hot night, as we slept on top of the covers. I felt Matt’s steady breathing on my skin as I gave him a kiss on his head. I smelled what must be his slightly sweaty skin and revelled in it. Only then I went to look at his body and noticed he was naked. I remember seeing him fall asleep on his stomach, that beautiful butt barely covered by the gray briefs. The briefs had completely gone and he was just peacefully sleeping in the nude. A morning wood situation started to develop in my boxerbriefs. His big bubbly butt just lay there fully exposed. For the first time I noticed his very subtle tan lines. Matt’s skin was alabaster white all over, but even paler on his big buttocks. I could make out what must have been a large sized speedo across his buns, that must not have covered the top of his buttcrack. Just the idea of seeing him walk around like that on a beach, nearly made me cum.

Then I remembered I didn’t get to cum last night after Matt collapsed after his orgasm. In fact, he lost consciousness twice before falling asleep in my bed. I slowly moved my left hand to the back of his head and felt a small bump he must have gotten when he fell into the shower door. This woke him up a little. His arm started moving across my stomach as he moved away from me and rolled onto his back, trapping my arm underneath him. The first thing I noticed was that he had left a small puddle of drool on my chest. I almost laughed out loud, but did not want to wake him. I wiped it off and in turn wiped it on the sheets. Then I looked at him and saw a small wound on his forehead, obviously the wound from the post-coital collapse. He had gotten stubble on his chin and upper lip. Really, the only part of his body from the neck down that wasn’t hairless were his armpits. Every other inch was smooth and enticing. While on his back, a soft snoring started coming from his open mouth. I looked at his spectacular pecs and abs and noticed his cock had also sprung to erection. A trail of clear liquid hung from the tip, dangling closely to his lower stomach. I started getting really excited myself but decided to slowly remove my arm from under him and leave the bed. I checked my phone and had a message from my brother that just said “SCORE”, sent from around the time Matt and I made out in the car in front of his house. I smiled and looked at this sleeping man in my bed. I resisted the temptation to put my hard cock in that open mouth, slipped on a tanktop and left the bedroom.

I entered the bathroom and the first thing I saw was the pile of both of our clothing by the shower. I realised he had nothing to wear to leave the bedroom unless he would go into my closet. Tempting as it was to just let that play out, I decided to bring the clothes into the room. Apart from a slightly louder snore, Matt was in the same state I just left him in. I put his white T-shirt and jeans over a chair in the room. It was quite a thrill to have another man’s clothing in my bedroom and him peacefully sleeping in my bed. It had been a while, to say the least. I smiled and returned to the bathroom. Only then I saw Matt’s gray briefs. Matt must have used the bathroom somewhere during the night and left his underwear right in front of the toilet. I washed my face and decided to make my snoozing musclehunk some breakfast.

Just as I scooped the eggs out of the pan onto the toast, the bedroom door opened. “That smells delicious! Good morning!” Matt smiled, as he buttoned up his jeans. He was shirtless, barefoot, and obviously going commando as the jeans rode low, revealing those V-lines that start at the hip. I realised I forgot about his underwear which was still in the bathroom. “Good morning”, I said, “feeling OK?” He walked towards me, turned me towards him and kissed me on the mouth. He had this naturally manly smell, which is hard to describe, but was incredibly sexy. He looked a bit sleepy and like he was trying to hide it with a big smile, but he was still by far the hottest man that had ever been in my apartment. “I’m not going to lie, I feel a little woozy. Thanks for taking care of me.” He seemed a little embarrassed as he looked down and grabbed a glass of orange juice I handed him. “But I had a great night”, he said as he raised his eyebrows and winked at me. “And thanks for making breakfast, babe” he said in a surprised tone. I noticed the typically Australian ‘mate’ had made place for ‘babe’, and my heart jumped but I did not mention it. “A great night, huh?” I asked him cheekily.

He sat down on one of the two stools by the kitchen bar and his jeans partially revealed that beautiful, smooth, round butt. I walked around him to sit next to him on the other stool. “Well, I found out my colleague has this sexy brother with beautiful blue eyes. We kissed and I somehow ended up naked in his bed. I probably made a fool of myself as I had a bit too much to drink, but this morning he still seems to like me.” “You don’t remember?” I asked as he just started on his eggs. “I remember getting a bit dizzy after kissing you in the car. You offered your bed for just sleeping...” he took a bite and said with a full mouth “...but I don’t really have any memory of arriving here. Beautiful apartment, by the way.”

I smiled, and looked at the scratch on his forehead while we ate. I was a bit miffed he didn’t even remember going to second base with me, but at the same time I could hardly blame him and maybe I took advantage of his state a little bit. “Did I do a striptease or something?” “Oh you want to know what happened when you got here? Are you sure?” I teased him a little bit. “That bad, huh?” I could tell he felt embarrassed. “You did not do a striptease. You fell asleep in your underwear, so I don’t even know what happened there.” “Strange. I’m used to sleeping naked at home, so maybe I kicked them off?” “You passed out twice in my bathroom.” “Oh gosh”, he covered his face with his hand as he smiled.

I reached to the back of his head and felt the bump. As I touched it, he reached back there himself. “That’s from when you insisted on having a shower, when you couldn’t walk by yourself. You took your shirt off, fell over and hit your head on the glass door.” I tried to sound serious, but Matt just laughed. “And I went out?” “For a few seconds”, I answered. Matt laughed more, not even remotely concerned. I touched the front of his head, where he had the scratch. It was also a small bump I now noticed. He felt it as well and mouthed “oh no...”. I was a bit embarrassed to tell this part. “I know I promised you a bed and that we would just sleep...” Matt gasped. “Did we have sex in the shower?” “Not really”, I laughed. “You first asked me to wash your back and then asked me to finger you.” He covered his face with his hand again and shook his head. “And you couldn’t resist the drunkenly insistent, off-balance log. I’m so sorry, mate. That wasn’t how I wanted this to go.” He seemed genuinely embarrassed now. “Look, it was actually kind of hot to me. Until you shot your load out of nowhere and just collapsed to the floor.” “Hmm, yeah. I do that sometimes.” “What?” “Pass out after an intense orgasm. Maybe it was because of the alcohol, but probably because you did a really great job? I’m sorry, man, I’m so ashamed. I really like you and that wasn’t the impression I planned on leaving.” “I was just worried about you and the passing out and stuff. I never heard of anyone who has that.”

Matt told me a story from when he started playing professional rugby in Australia. He would get knocked down on the field and lie unconscious for up to 2 minutes sometimes, when the collision didn’t seem that severe. Because these matches were broadcast nationally, there was lots of attention. "If you Google my name, that'll come up", he said. They established he was more susceptible than most when it comes to getting knocked out and fainting. He was told it wasn’t heart-related and they didn’t know of a cure because it is a rare condition to have, mostly likely caused by an earlier concussion. At the age of 23 Matt didn’t get to play rugby much in the team or any other team anymore.

“So you just faint more than usual?” “I guess, it doesn’t even happen so often that I have to tell people around me or anything. Like, I fainted at my wedding. I’ve fainted in a rollercoaster before, which was a bit frightening as it was still going when I woke up. So I fainted a second time. Thankfully I was securely fastened to the seat.” He smiled. “Fainting during sex I actually find quite hot usually! But it’s not so frequent that I have to warn people I have sex with beforehand. Or that I hurt my head!” He rubbed the little bump on his forehead. “This is good to know! But you must hurt yourself quite often?” “Only a few bumps and bruises I can laugh off. Like these two from last night are nothing for a rugby player.” He smiled, trying to seem tough when I knew it must be hard exposing something that the world would see as a weakness for such a seemingly masculine man. To me he was still all man and pretty near-perfect.

He leaned away from me and pointed at a horizontal scar from just above his left hip to his back. “I fell on top of some equipment at work. I was by myself, organising some things after class, stepped on a ball and slipped. When I came to I was bleeding and I passed out a second time. That was the only actually serious one. I was out for like 15 minutes in total and needed quite a number of stitches.” I stroked his back when he told the story, my hand couldn’t help slowly wandering to the half-exposed butt right in front of me. A perfect-looking man showing vulnerability appeared quite the turn-on to me. “It’s just a coincidence it happened twice last night, but I promise, I will try my best to be awake around you as much as I can.” He leaned for a peck, but I turned it into a make-out session.

My hands wandered all over his back and then across his chest. I took off my tanktop and underwear while kissing. As he didn’t remember seeing me naked last night, he grabbed hold of my dick and whispered in my ear “oh wow you’re so big” and started kissing my neck. I unbuttoned the blue jeans that had gotten quite tight. His hard cock pointed straight into the sky once it was released, again with a small trail of pre-cum dripping from it. As we stood naked and made out, hard-ons pressed against each other's bodies, I grabbed hold of his fine melons and squeezed. Matt moaned.

I pushed him towards the sofa and made him kneel on it. “Are you going to inspect my arse?” he asked as he arched his back and bent over the armrest. “Like a fucking detective”, I answered. Even at its most revealing position, his ass was so fleshy, Matt’s hole wasn’t visible. He seemed to be aware of this as he pulled his cheeks apart to reveal the most beautiful hole. Fully hairless, pink, and perfect. I couldn’t stop myself from burying my face in it. Matt gasped. With a massive asscheek on both sides of my face, I didn’t hear Matt’s pleasure after that. But I could tell from the way he wiggled his ass onto me that he was enjoying it. I couldn’t breathe but I wanted to live down there. It was the perfect ass. Only when I really felt like I needed a breath of air did I shortly stop my tongue from going to town on him only for a second. In that second I could hear Matt’s moaning and heavy breathing, only to continue giving him my best oral skills. He was really pushing his ass onto my face this time and eventually let go of his cheeks, to really smother me in what to me was heaven. When I came up for air again, he kept me from going down. He turned around, his face was all red and he seemed short of breath. “Fuck, mate”, he gasped. “You can wake me up for that any time.” I smiled. “Sorry about your couch”, he continued as he got up. He had shot his load into the armrest. “That’s your fault” he chuckled.

He now pushed me towards the other end of the sofa and made me lie on my back. He stepped over me onto the sofa, facing me, and lowered his big booty onto my throbbing erection. His own erection hadn’t gone down for even a bit. He gasped as I entered him. “Oh fuck, it’s so thick”, his eyes all wide. I thrust into him and he motioned for me to let him decide the pace. His exclamation of “Aah” was a mix between pain and pleasure. When he got his hole to adjust my dick for a while I slowly started thrusting again and although by his expression I could tell I was a lot to take for him, he allowed me. It was very sexy to see this big, muscled man on top of me, moaning with the pleasure I was bringing him. Long trails of his pre-cum dangled from his proportionally small penis on my stomach.

My thrusts got faster and faster, harder and harder and Matt got more and more vocal as I went along, especially “Fuck me with that massive cock” was memorable to me. As his moans got louder and higher I knew he was about to orgasm. “Fuuuuck yes!” he screamed as he raised his hands over his head, stretching in ecstasy. Again, Matt's cock spit out a few spurts of his cum handsfree during his high-pitched moans. I was mesmerized by his orgasm as his cum dripped onto my stomach. I had stopped thrusting and jerked his beautiful upwardly curved dick.

“Keep going!” he commanded barely after he had finished cumming. “Oh, you think you’re the boss of me now?” I playfully shot back at him. I pulled his legs toward me, making him fall backward onto the sofa. He laughed, “keep fucking me, you prick!” I lifted his legs up, so his knees were on his chest and continued fucking him like that. Our faces were close together as I noticed sweat trickling down his forehead. He seemed in complete ecstacy as I fucked him harder and harder. “Your cock is the boss, no question” he admitted. “I’m a slave to your cock”. This talk was really exciting me and for the first time I participated in this sort of thing where I was surprisingly the dominant one. I didn’t know I had it in me. “Are you my musclebitch?” “Yes!” he exclaimed right as I was at the deepest point of penetration. “Yes, what?” “Yes, Sir! I am your musclebitch!” he said loud and high. “Is your tight asshole all mine?” “It’s not tight, your cock is just so massive!” he screamed. “Whatever. Is it mine?” “All yours! ALL YOURS!”

I felt like I was about to cum, and I knew Matt was also close as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He moaned “Ohh”, his body shuddered in my arms and his little cock spewed handsfree for the fourth time in 24 hours. His cum caught some air and landed on his perfect six-pack abs. I noticed his eyes remained rolled back, the whites of his eyes staring back at me. His head was thrown back and his mouth wide open, but no sound came out anymore. I could tell he was fainting again, but this time it turned me on so much it made me cum inside him. During my orgasm I could tell he was completely out cold. His hands had been holding his legs up to his chest, but all his limbs dropped. His right leg dropped onto the floor, his right arm dropped off the sofa and floated limply in mid-air with the hand open.

I felt frozen in time as the room had gone from loud to silent very suddenly. I pulled out of him and quite the load followed onto the sofa. I realized that I only came now since getting hard of just the sight of Matt in the teachers’ lounge yesterday. It must have been a big load. I’d have to wash the sofa cushions for sure. I looked at Matt’s prostrate form and wasn’t sure what to do. His gorgeous chest rose and fell steadily with heavy breaths. His penis slowly returned to a flaccid state of about 3 inches which made it look a bit ridiculous compared to the rest of his massive body. His legs were spread wide and I saw the crack of his beautiful butt. Because his eyes weren’t closed the whites of his eyes were sort of freaking me out. About half a minute had now passed so I decided to get him to sit up. I held him up by the neck and tried to get his back to lean against the back of the sofa, forcing him to sit in my cum. With a lot of effort I had him sitting up, his head not getting any support, causing it to fall back. His mouth fell wide open. As odd of a look as this was, I now considered it a compliment and knew not to worry. I sat next to him, laying down my head on his shoulder. I caressed his chest and abs, tweaked his nipple for a bit. A weird moaning sound came from his mouth. His eyes suddenly fluttered a bit and he slowly raised his head.

“Wow, you are one hot fuck, mate”. His voice cracked and he talked a little slow, maybe he was still dazed. He put his hand on my cheek and kissed me. "Did you cum?" he asked. I reached between his legs and got my cum on my finger and brought it to his face. He smiled at me, took my hand and brought the finger to his mouth to lick it clean. "Hmm", we both hummed. “I know I promised to stay awake but I hope that at least makes up for me not remembering last night.” he broke the silence. “It definitely does.” “Can we now go and pick up my car from the bowling alley?” he asked, clearly joking. I laughed. “Maybe we should clean up a bit first.” We were both covered in each other’s cum. “I’m so glad I met you” he said, as he went to hug me. His chin rested on my shoulder. “I’m all yours”, he repeated.

-- There will be more adventures with Matt and Alex. If you have any suggestions, let me know! My e-mail is in my profile.

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