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Fun with the guard

By hotguyz0017

submitted September 1, 2016

Categories: Arm Pits, Caught In the Act, Crush, Friends, Masturbation, Tales From School

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*This is a work of fiction for pleasuring yourself ;). All references to any real life persons, living or dead are purely coincidental* This happened to me on a high school field trip to DC. I was eighteen at this time and for our safety, the school brought along a few security guards with us. Now I should mention that the guards at my school are extremely hot. I was lusting for one of them named Ali. Coincidentally, he was chosen to come along. Ali is from Nepal and is about 5 ft 9. He is in his early twenties. Golden brown skin and muscular but not beefy and he had a goatee. He was also very handsome. I suspected he was gay for a while now. But since there were not enough rooms at the hotel as some rooms were double booked, some of the guys bunked with the guards (oh happy day!). I managed to get bunked with Ali in his room. I nearly cummed in my pants when I heard that. A whole 3 weeks with the stud I love. We got to our room and unpacked. I was even more excited that there was only one king sized bed for us to share. I was going to get a lot of boners and wet dreams on this trip. While we were unpacking, Ali often bent down to pick stuff up so I pretended to "need" his help and I would lightly touch his thigh and he would look up to "help" me with something. We were already good friends and he didn't mind it one bit. He often smiled at me when talking and I would go weak at the knees. The first two days were free and easy for us to adjust to the jet lag. I was thrilled and I planned my move on Ali. That night before dinner I got my stuff to have a shower but deliberately left my change of clothes in my bag along with my towel. I hurriedly showered and smiled cheekily at my plan to show myself to Ali. I finished my bath and got out of the tub. I called out for Ali as I "forgot my stuff" He knocked on my door and asked me "what is it?" "Ali, I forgot my towel and clothes, could you bring my luggage here for me please?" "Okay Danny" he replied with a laugh. I waited a few seconds and walked over to the door and listened hard. I heard him walking to the door and prepared to open it up when the footsteps stopped, I instantly flung the door open to flash to him my 7in hard cock. He was taken by surprise and quickly looked away. I sheepishly pulled my stuff out from the bag and locked the door. I got dressed as quick as possible to let him get ready too. I came out and have him a small smile as he grinned at me and went into the bathroom. Dinner passed with not much excitement other than the one time I felt him put his hand on my thigh lightly but I looked down and saw nothing. After dinner we went back to our rooms to prepare for bed. We both brushed our teeth and brought out our night clothes to change into. "No need for privacy right? Since we are going to sleep together anyways." I said cheekily. "Yes, you're right Danny" he replied with a seductive smile. I took my shirt of right in front of him and he just stared at my torso. I knew I had him hooked. I have a pretty muscular chest and a set of solid six pac abs. I chucked my night shirt on after giving him a "sneak peek". I went behind him and quickly took of my pants and underwear and pulled on a pair of shorts. No underwear. "I usually sleep naked at home you know?" Ali confessed. " but I think I'll keep a pair of boxers on." He chuckled again. " that's ok." I was still standing behind him when he turned around and took his shirt off, revealing his muscular torso. He looked like me but had no six pac. But he had a very tight stomach. I reached out and placed a hand on his awesome chest. "You have a very muscular body Ali." I commented. He laughed and said "thank you, I'm quite proud of it." He chuckled and took his pants of. His legs were equally muscular and had some hair on them. I started hardening up. He went to the back wall to cover himself as we changed into a pair of white boxers. I loved the way that stud looked in them. The boxers showed his dick's shape a little and I went over the moon. He crawled into bed with me and we watched some TV. There was nothing but Fifty shades of grey on. Damn...... he turned to me and asked "still wanna watch this Shit?" I shook my head no and he turned it off. We started talking about each other's lives when I noticed his hairy pits. I asked him about his love life and he told me it wasn't very active " a lot of guys are into me though" he said with a smile. "I see why". I gave him a seductive smile and we lightly pushed my arm. "Seriously. Look at this" I took his arm and held it out for him. " Look at your muscles". I placed a hand on his bicep and squeezed. He laughed. I continued moving down his arm and he finally agreed with me. "And look at this closely" I instructed him, putting a hand on his chest "it's really muscular, no wonder guys are in to you" "I guess you're right" a few seconds of silence passed. "Do you shave your body?" I asked him "Nope. I like it natural. And I know you're gay by the way." I laughed and told him " that's because I came out to you first. What do you mean by natural?" "This". He lifted his arms to show his pits and they were covered with hair. I reached out and felt them and he asked "soft right?" I nodded my head. "Feels good" he gave me a naughty grin and said "now have a look at this." He knelt up and pulled his boxers down a little. Just this action revealed a lot of his pubic hair. I asked him "how does it feel to be so hairy there?" "Its nice, actually. Feel it" I obliged and felt a little of the hair. It was really soft. "Wow" "Now let's get some sleep. Ok?" I grinned and said ok. We crawled into bed together and he killed the lights. We snuggled together in bed and fell asleep. The next day passed in a blur as we just stayed in the hotel. I was already over the jet lag and needed some release. I had a sudden dirty idea. Ali had gone for a security meeting and would be back after dinner. I would get his cock in me this time. After dinner and my pre bedtime routine. I got into bed and waited for a while. When my phone lit up with a messeage from Ali saying he would be back in 5 minutes,I put my plan into action. I whipped out my 7.5" rock hard prick and started pumping. I turned the TV of so Ali would not be able to excuse me. After a few minutes, the door swung open and Ali walked in. His mouth dropped open when he saw me. I waited for five seconds before I pretended to suddenly notice him and stuff my dick back in my shorts. "Woah. Sorry Ali. I was a bit bored and I didn't realise you would be back so early." "No problems" he said awkwardly. We sat together for another 20 mins before he turned to me and said "actually, you have a pretty big dick. I've never seen another guy's cock that's so big. Also, I'm actually gay. All my ex boyfriends were only about 5" hard." I smiled at him and thanked him. "I was wondering...... if... uh you could..... show me your body" he requested. I was taken aback and said "umm okay. Since we're both guys and we're just curious right?" He nodded and I sat up straighter and started stripping. Once I was naked, I knelt beside him and took my friend in my hand and waved it in front of his face "is this what you wanted?" "Yes..... can I have a closer look?" I nodded and he (still wearing his t-shirt and jeans) took my member in his hands he grabbed a ruler from his bag and measured me. "7.5in, 3in around. Balls the size of eggs. Wow!" He continued holding my cock when he threw the ruler away and cupped my balls. "Heavy" he commented. He gave my cock a squeeze and went to examine my pubic hair. He took a huge sniff and told me "smells like grape." "I put some scented soap on it just for you." I arched my back a little just to poke his face with my dick. "Your turn. You wanted to see me." "What? Ermm no thanks, I'm shy." "Come on..." I said as I placed my hand on his crotch. "I'll let you take my dick out ok?" I agreed and I unzipped his jeans and pulled out a 8" hard 4" around cock from his pants. I immediately started stripping him and he didn't resist. I got him to kneel up and I kissed him. We made out hard and long and I eventually broke away. I felt his entire body, paying special attention to his biceps,chest and cock. I kissed his chest down to his stomach and he moaned. It was too much. I lifted up his arms and licked his soft hairy pits. Ali started moaning in ecstasy. I finished one side and went to the other. When I was done, I went down to his hot rod and took it into my mouth. I sucked that Dick like I was placing my life on in. I started deep throating him to make it feel even better. His cock tasted sweet. I pulled out and went to his nipples. I pinched and sucked them for a while before going back to his crotch and eating out his bush. I also sucked and chewed his balls. He had no idea I was filming this. I went back to his Dick and I pulled the foreskin back to reveal his shiny head. I licked it and took the Dick back in my mouth and sucked again. He didn't last long and soon blew his load. I kissed him and said "my turn" he repeated everything with me. He was an expert cocksucker and he made me moan hard and loud. He sucked my Dick as well as I sucked his. I soon shot my cum in his mouth and he swallowed it all. Like I had done. I grabbed my phone and took a few nude pics of him and me together. He picked me up suddenly and rammed his cock in to my mouth again. Before I could do anything, he pulled out and rammed it into my ass. He fucked me on the bed while I was on my back. "Oh yeah..... Come on! Come on! Yeah! This feels so good" He yelled. I moaned in return "Oh God Ali you're cock is so big. Fuck me hard. Come on yeah! Don't stop. Come on man. Oh yeah" In about 10 mins he came. He immediately pulled out and spread his ass for me to fuck. I gladly did. I yelled out loud when fucking him "oh Ali that feels so good. Your ass is so hot. I'm gonna fuck you hard. You won't be able to sit down." I fucked him for 20 minutes and I came in his ass. I turned to Ali and I asked him "can you help me shave my cock? We need to shower anyways" he agreed and we went to the shower. He took a shower while I kept jerking his meat. He came a third time in the shower and he kissed me. He turned me around and inserted his cock in my ass again. Again he fucked me. "Oh God Danny this feels great. I don't wanna stop. Come on. Take my hot brown Dick. Come on." He came again and he pulled out and bent over for me to fuck him back. "Ali, your ass is still so tight. We have to work on this. Take my cock man. Come on. You're so hot. I wanna fuck you so hard. Oh God." I came hard and pulled out. We helped each other clean our asses and he got the shaving stuff ready. He covered my groin with shaving cream and started shaving my cock until it was baby smooth. "I have a special conditioner for this" he said. He took my cock into his pith and sucked. I didn't last long and came very quickly. We dried ourselves and fell onto the bed holding each other's cocks.

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