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Training the Nude Model IV

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I didn't care. No, it was more than that. I did care but not in the same way someone should who unexpectedly found themselves half naked, lying on the floor and surrounded by 30 art students intimately exploring the male form, hands on! Instead of being embarrassed and pissed off that the professor had turned me into an object, a piece of meat to be used and consumed to satisfy artistic hunger, I was aroused and ready to be consumed by that hunger one tight, hard, lean muscle at a time.

Lying there, I realized I had always had exhibitionist tendencies. Starting as early as high school I loved being shirtless the minute class ended. While not truly recognizing the desire then, I now understood my sport, track and field, allowed me to explore this need. Its amazing how, as long as you are a lean, muscled athlete, you can run around wearing shorts more exposing than most guys' underwear. I used to love running along the streets during rush hour wearing the smallest nylon shorts, the ones with the built-in mesh briefs, while my dick bounced and clung to the shear fabric. All the while both women and men smiled and sometimes waved or gave me thumbs up. I knew they were thinking, "Oh look a young athlete. Its okay he's almost naked running down the street, that's what athletes do."

Later, at my gym job, my boss was always trying to get me to show off my body to attract clients for the gym. At first saying I must serve as an example of the type of body a person could develop at the gym. Then, when a few rich male clients made it clear they enjoyed a little male eye candy while working out, my boss said that with a body like mine I shouldn't be surprised a few guys wanted to look. He started requiring I wear tight clothing exposing my muscles and then had me shower in the only doorless shower stall within direct view of all the locker room. He even went as far as saying it was my job to promote the gym, if clients wanted to look at my body, it was my job to let them.

Lying surrounded by art students who were please I was allowing my strong, muscled body to be exposed for their use I thought, "why am I resisting?" I enjoyed having my body used this way. My body, with its smooth six pack abs, muscled arms, bulging pecs, and bubble ass was perfection in its maleness. I realized I liked showing and if they wanted to see, then why not share? Slowly, I got into a kneeling position and started to flex my arms as I turned slightly letting the light play across my six pack abs. I then did a few body building poses encouraging a few students to feel the muscles in my arms.

As the students surrounding me backed away slightly, the professor grabbed a piece of black chalk, put her hand lightly on my chest and said, "Stand up Jay". To the class she said, "Lets use this opportunity to exam the male specimen in more detail." As she started feeling the muscles of my chest with one hand she outlined my muscles with the chalk in her other hand. Slowly she worked the outline from my chest to my shoulders and arms, then to my back, having me flex and bend as she traced. While she did this she explained my muscle structure as if I was just an object. I was no longer "Jay" but just a specimen to examine. When she traced down the muscles of my abs, and without asking, she pulled my long gym pants down to my knees, then pulled the shorts I was wearing underneath down on one side to trace the line of my waste as it angle down towards, what she called, "the specimens pubic zone."

By this time most of the students had moved back to their easels and were caught up in the demonstration, sketching or taking notes of the anatomy being explained. The professor then had me step out of the long pants around my knees and up onto the raised platform in front of the class. She said, "Lets review the lower anatomy of this muscular male specimen". As I stood there in just my gym shorts, still hiked down on one side slightly exposing my trimmed pubic hair, she began to trace the muscles of my legs, having me bend and flex them as she explained "the male specimen's leg anatomy". When she got to the point where my shorts were in the way of her demonstartion, in one swift motion, she pulled them down to my feet.

With my gym shorts at my feet I was left standing on a stage, in front of a class of thirty people, in nothing but the smallest, slightly shear, white pouch briefs. The briefs, while very small, were made to lift my balls slightly to make a nice bulge in my crotch. The briefs were the ones my boss at the gym required as part of my uniform to, "show the product" and encourage memberships. The lifting action of the briefs also tended to push my dick upwards and slightly to the side near the top of the briefs. Now that I was exposed in only the smallest of cover and had just been felt up by the professor, I realized my slightly aroused dick was pointing up and working its way over to one side as it reached the confining elastic waste- band. All perfectly outline in thin white fabric.

As I looked around I realized that the double doors to the hall were left open and a group of about ten students were in the hall watching the demonstration of my anatomy. I also realized that the window blinds blocking the view to the small courtyard were all open giving everyone outside a direct look at my almost naked body. That was the point were I heard the professor say, "...and here are the muscles of the gluteus maximus..." as she pulled the back of my briefs down exposing my ass. I was left with my ass fully exposed, my trimmed pubic hair in full view, and the front of my shorts only held in place where the waste-band was trapped by my now fully erect cock, pointing up and to the side against my waste. As she continued to trace the form of my ass with the chalk, the motion seemed to excite all the nerves leading right to my cock. When her hand traced between my legs coming close to my anus and brushing the back of my ball, my cock throbbed slightly, popping the tip out of the top of my briefs as a few drops of pre- cum glistened at the tip.

Turning me around so my front now faced the class, the professor took one look at my hard cock and said, "Sometimes the male specimen's penis may become aroused. While some professors of art frown on such actions, I believe it is perfectly natural and appropriate when studying the male form. When an unusually muscular male specimen is presented for us to study, and when that specimen also offers an, ah well, an unusually large and fully aroused penis, we need to take that rare opportunity draw and study the reaction. We have thirty minutes left in class. If the specimen would please maintain an erection we will sketch the genitals for another twenty minutes." Turning and looking me right in the eyes she said, "And if the subject is willing, perhaps we can spend the last ten minutes examining the anatomy of the male anus."

With a quick nod and a slight grin on my face and in front of a growing crowd of around 50 people, between those at the door and those looking in from the windows, I slipped my briefs down letting my dick spring up, slapping my firm abs and pointing towards the ceiling. From the looks I was getting from many in the room, and the thrill I was receiving knowing every inch of my body was being examined in full detail, I knew a career as a nude model was in my future. I just hoped it paid enough to cover college expenses.

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