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Matt, the Fainting Musclebottom, Part 6

By RobertFoley

submitted September 17, 2016

Categories: Fetish, Muscle, Romance

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After a quick shower and a change, Matt and I headed to Esteban and Rafaela’s house for the barbecue. As predicted, Dad was in charge of the meat, Mom was running around with salads and other nibbles, and Esteban was making sure everyone had drinks. Rafaela was sitting in the garden, sipping her wine. The garden furniture looked a bit old and rickety, but also had character.

Esteban motioned for us to come into the kitchen. Their house was smaller than my parents’, and things were basic but homey. “You have to forgive Rafaela if she is a bit quiet the rest of the day”, Esteban said. “She was a bit shocked by what happened on the beach”. “Oh, no worries”, Matt said, “should I talk to her about it?” “I think she’d like that”, Esteban smiled and nodded. He handed Matt a beer. “Actually, do you have soda?”

As Matt went back into the garden, I stayed with Esteban. He had changed into a tight pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. He had also styled his hair. He looked gorgeous. “Do you need my help with anything?”, I offered. “Oh that would be great, man! Can you refill some of these ice trays? And put them back in the freezer here?” “I can handle that!” “I want you to know I had a great time on the beach. It was so nice to get to know you both. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I don’t really know any other gay people. All I know is gay characters on TV, so you two were a bit different. In a good way.” I thought that was the most adorable and most naive admission I had heard in a while and didn’t really know quite how to respond. But it turned out I didn’t have to.

“Your excuse for a man knocked himself out again”, Rafaela said as she walked inside and past us into the living room. “Rafaela!”, Esteban seemed mad at her. I heard him say “We talked about this”, as I walked outside. I immediately saw Matt’s form spread eagle in the grass. The black long sleeve T-shirt he was wearing had raised a little, revealing part of his stomach and belly button. I couldn’t help but think he looked sexy. His body covered parts of the chair he must have intended to sit on but could not hold his weight. My parents stood there looking at him and then looking at me, unsure of what to do and probably unsure of what was going on.

I walked over to Matt, shook his shoulder for a little bit, slapped his face. “Hey babe, are you OK?” A soft moan escaped his lips. “...baby?” Obviously we then had to tell my parents.

“Why didn’t you tell us this before?”, my Mom wanted to know. “I honestly did not expect to be this accident-prone during the week that it would even need to come up. But I’m sorry, I should have anyway. My intentions were to not worry you but I ended up getting you worried all the same”. “It’s all right, Matthew. Let’s hug it out!”, my Mom seemed a bit too excited to hug Matt and even let out a short “ooh!” when they did.

The rest of the evening turned out great fun, Rafaela just remained quiet. And the rest of our stay went much more smoothly. I saw Esteban again when he proposed to take us out dancing on our final day. “I want to take you somewhere you will feel comfortable. There isn’t much here in Dunedin, but I hope you’ll like it.” Matt said that he could drive as he was not planning on drinking, but Esteban insisted we take a cab. “You didn’t drink during the barbecue either. Have some fun, it’s your last night!”

All three of us looked really good that night. Getting to go clubbing with these gorgeous men for once didn’t make me feel insecure about the way I looked. I knew I looked good. I wore a blue shirt that brought out my blue eyes and jeans that fit me well. Matt wore a tight black T-shirt and some light blue jeans that showed off his ass really well. Only I knew he was wearing a thong underneath. Esteban wore a crisp white button-down that had two buttons open and seemed tight around his upper body. He wore black slacks underneath that didn’t really show off his assets, but he still looked great.

We arrived at club BLUR that had a bright neon sign and a line out front. There was no rainbow flag, which surprised me as I sort of expected to go to the only gay club in Dunedin. Esteban walked up to the doorman and said his name and we were let in before the people queuing up. Esteban got us all beers and asked “Do you like it here?” “It looks great and I love the music!”, I replied. “Is it a gay bar, I can’t really tell from the clientele!” “The website said it was gay friendly, it’s all I could find”, Esteban said, looking worried. “Oh but that’s great! I love it!”

And it did turn out a great time. After a few beers, Esteban really started showing off his dancing, causing his buttons to pop open one by one. Which he either didn’t notice or didn’t seem to care about. Where Esteban was an impressive dancer, Matt and his big body just kept bumping into people and being a bit of a sweaty mess. A girl came up to chat to him and I decided to let it happen. I chatted with Esteban some more, but when I looked back she seemed determined to get him to take his T-shirt off and he resisted. “Come on, you said you felt hot!”, I heard her exclaim. Matt rolled his eyes and let it happen, causing the girl and probably her three friends who were watching to go “Woooo!” once he was indeed shirtless. I have to say, he looked amazing dancing shirtless and all of the girls ended up wanting to touch him for a little bit.

“Are you OK with this?”, Esteban asked me, his face close to mine because of the loud music. “I trust him”, I said. And I did. I was aware that any feeling of jealousy meant insecurity on my part, because I knew Matt wouldn’t go there. “You know what, I think that’s really mature on your part”, Esteban gave me a pat on the shoulder. His hand slid across my chest. “Big boy”, he said. I was more than half a foot taller than him, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a sexual undertone. I decided to turn it into a joke and replied “Did Matt tell you that I am?” Esteban laughed hard, for a few seconds even. “I guessed!”, he told me in my ear and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He winked at me and started dancing some more.

Just then, Matt grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me into the conversation he was having with the girls who had coerced him to take his T-shirt off. “Actually, I’m here with my boyfriend”, he said as he kissed me on the cheek. I was right to trust him. One girl, who had first come up to Matt, reacted with “WHAT”, two others seemed really disappointed. A fourth exclaimed “Aww, you guys! That’s so cute!”

I asked Matt, “Do you miss female attention sometimes?” “Are you kidding me? I have you!” “But don’t you miss sex with women at all?” “Look, I don’t classify, sex or... attention... to be male or female”, he used air quotes for the word attention, “the way you pleasure me is unprecedented in my life. Best sex I’ve ever had. And whether or not I will touch a boob ever again in my life doesn’t matter to me, mate. Because my boyfriend has a massive cock!” He shouted the last sentence, showing his intoxication level. I gave him a big kiss on the mouth. Esteban took a picture of it with his phone.

When we headed back in the cab, I also showed my intoxication by telling Matt “Look! You drank and you didn’t pass out!” “Yet!”, Matt said and then fake passed out. We all laughed.

The next morning, I woke up sitting up, on the sofa in the studio apartment over my parents’ house. The TV was still on, showing cartoons.

On my left was Esteban, his arm wrapped around me, his head on my chest. He was sleeping soundly and snoring. His body was half-sitting up, half lying on his side. He was still wearing the white shirt, but fully unbuttoned. He had insisted on coming up, because he wanted to see the studio apartment he had worked on.

On my right was Matt. He was sitting next to me really closely, his head resting on my shoulder, so I couldn’t really see his face. He was still shirtless, the top buttons of his jeans were unbuttoned but I couldn’t see the thong underneath. His arm had fallen into my lap and his hand cupped my cock and balls. Whether by accident or inspired by a dream, I didn’t know. It had given me some major morning wood though.

I really didn’t want to wake either of them, but I knew Matt and I had to catch a flight. Both were sort of startled when they woke up. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep here”, Esteban said. We said goodbye, Esteban seemed really sad to see us go. He promised to look us up in California if he was near. We both got a peck on the mouth from him.

When he had left, I asked Matt, “So... is he gay, maybe?” “I don’t know, he may be like me but unaware of it yet?”, Matt shrugged. “How much time do we have before we need to leave for the airport? Because I am practically packed.” He looked at me naughtily.

Matt pushed me backwards onto the bed and straddled me on all fours. He kissed me passionately, getting me even more riled up. “You are hard as a rock, mate.” “I know”, I gasped. Matt lubed up my cock and pushed me into his hole. In seconds I saw his cock grow from soft to hard just from being penetrated. “Oh my God! Oh!... Oh!... Oh!” Every thrust got a moan from Matt. I was so horny I felt like I could split him in two.

As I had gotten used to, it didn’t take long for Matt to lose himself in the ecstacy. “You’re so big... It feels so good... Oh... Ahhh...” His eyes rolled back, I felt a few of his hot spurts on my chest and stomach and Matt collapsed right on top of me. I had slipped out of him and couldn’t move his heavy body, which got me frustrated real fast as I felt so horny and I couldn’t even touch myself.

“Matt?” A groan came from the head that had buried its face into the pillow right next to my own head. “Babe?” There was no reaction. His cum was slowly getting cold in between our bodies and I was getting increasingly uncomfortable. In a desperate attempt I tried to raise my hips and somehow enter him again, but it was no use. I had to try and lift him.

I put my hands under him and on his chest and pushed him up. The time in the gym was paying off as I could actually get his upper body off my body. His head dangled down, a trail of drool coming out of his mouth, eventually mingling with the cum on my body. But now what? This was costing me all the effort I had, I didn’t really have a plan for what to do next and I really didn’t want to drop him back down onto me. I tried to move away from under him, but realised that was tough. So I shook him.

“Hmm? What?”, Matt started mumbling and his eyes fluttered. “Get the fuck off me”, I was in my dominant role now. I got up and sat on my knees behind him as he was still on all fours getting his bearings. “Get your head down”, I pushed his head into the pillow, causing his back to arch and his butt to stick out. I was still hard as a rock so I slid right back into him and this time I had no mercy. “Fuuuuck!!!”, Matt exclaimed as I slammed into him over and over. “You’re in me so deep, mate!!!” “Are you still a slave to my cock?” “I am your slave!!” “Are you my musclebitch?” “I am your musclebitch!” “Then shut the fuck up!”

I pushed his head back into the pillow and fucked him harder than ever before. His moans were muffled by the pillow. They got higher and more frequent and then stopped. His arms dropped to the bed and his body seemed limp. I knew he must have orgasmed and fainted again. He had somehow fainted with his ass up so I could continue fucking it. Because I wasn’t stopping now. When I finally came inside of him, it was the best orgasm. Matt was still out cold. I leaned over his body to kiss his unconscious face. This got him moaning and slowly woke him up.

“Did you shoot inside of me?” “I did.” “I love you.” “I love you too.” “Should we get ready to say goodbye to your parents?” “We should.” “Should we bring down these sheets with us so we can put them in the washing machine and they don’t have to?” I laughed. “We should.” I kissed him again.

On the flights back to San Francisco Airport, Matt fainted twice.

For now this is the end of Matt, the Fainting Musclebottom, as I have some other stories I want to focus on. But I might come back to this later.

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