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The Raw Jamaican Rundown Gang Part 3

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Diego and Paul learnt a lot about their apparent lust for each other as they laid on the bed. Jamar had talked about how he always wanted to have his Uncle all to himself. Paul talked about he'd usually watch him showering. Laughs were shared, and kisses. Diego was fully naked and Paul was only in his boxerbriefs. It was 3 a.m. and they weren't tired. Diego stroke his Uncle's face feeling his rough 5 O'clock shadow. Paul slid his rough palms along Jamar's thigh, then butt cheek. Jamar rubbed Paul's hairy chest as they inched closer and kissed again, long and passionate. Jamar could taste the Jerk Chicken on his Uncle's tongue. Diego's cock stiffened in no time, and a long nigh-foot long pillar tented in Paul's briefs. "Fuck mi..." Diego whispered. Paul grinned. "Yuh know weh yuh a ask fa?" Paul asked. "Di syame sitn weh deh inna mi chroat!" Jamar replied with a smile. With that consent, Paul kissed the young man, and flipped him on his abs. He crawled before jamar who gave his cock 10 seconds of good lubbed licking. Diego was flat on the bed with his round applebottom butt arched in the air. Paul mounted and position himself behind the boy. Paul spat into his left hand and rubbed it on his Nephew's hole. Normal people would be grossed by this but either being treated as a lover or some random slut by his Uncle was erotic and okay with Diego. Paul's cockhead touched Jamar's hole sending shockwaves through his body and making his cock jerk. Paul slowly slid his big cockhead inside of Diego. The young man winced and moaned. Then Paul started shoving his cock in. Jamar yelled out in pain as his Uncle's Monster cock began stretching out his hole. The boy rose his head and was on all 4s. Uncle Paul gripped on to Diego's hips and went to town. He fucked it vigorously, pumping his Nephew's ass with his Donkey Kong Dong. "UUUGH AAAAH AAARRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Nephew screamed out. "Shhhhh!!!!" Paul said as he ceased, "Yuh wah everybaddy know seh mi a fuck man? Ar mi Nephew?!" he said. Diego turned around with agony etched in his face,"No, but yuh buddy tic!" Jamar replied, which made Paul laugh. "If it too haat fi yuh den moan like a woman. If dem afi hear somebody mi a fuck, den betta to mek sure dem tink a pussy mi a fuck!" he said before plunging it back in. Diego scream in a high pitch moan. Paul buttfucked Jamar's hole and stretched it out. Jamar yelled like a woman as the bed creaked with each thrust of his Uncle's cock filling his insides. He heard and felt his round sweaty booty clap on his Uncle's pelvis with each thrust. He felt Paul's belly on his crack and his moans of pleasure. A feminine moan left Jamar's throat as his Uncle rammed and plowed into his juicy black ass. Suddenly Paul pulled out and flipped his Nephew on his back. Paul slid in again with a big groan. Paul's clenched fists propped his top half up on his bed while his bottom half fucked his Nephew hardcore Missionary style. "UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH!!!" Paul grunted fucking out his Nephew's hole while the young man's dick slapped up to and fro against his abs and his Uncle's belly as his legs flew up with each vigorous ram. Sweat dripped from Paul's head and chest onto Diego who licked it up. Paul's breath poured onto Diego's face, who's cock started throbbing irratically as his Uncle mercilessly slammed and rammed into his prostate with no relent. "Bomba clat! Mi a, mi a......!" suddenly Paul fucked the Cum out of Jamar, strings of cum decorated his sweaty black abs and as he screamed like a woman in climax. Usually Jamar was always a manly man, but he got some strange gratification by being treated like a fragile woman by a manly man's man. Jamar's wet tight rectum contracting starting to send his Uncle over the edge. Uncle Paul picked up his pace, Diego wrapped his legs around his Uncle's hip as they jerked irratically. The heat expelling from Paul seeped into Diego. The young man wrapped his arms around Paul's hot sweaty back. Suddenly Paul's face was clench as he shot his head up. "Uuuuuuaaaaaarrrghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Paul screamed out, climaxing and flooding his Nephew's insides with massive loads of cum. Diego could feel him getting filled. 8 shots is what it took, Paul's toes curled as his torso jerked upon completion and collapsed on top of Diego. They fell asleep, just like that, perfectly. The next Morning Jamar woke up with Paul beside him. He then began frying some eggs for them when he was ambush from behind with hairy hefty black arms wrapping around his waist as his Uncle kissed his neck. Jamar smiled and laughed. He'd never remembered being this happy at any point of his life. Suddenly Paul's cell rang, it was his girlfriend. He sounded pissed and said he needed to leave and said he'd be back next week Friday. Diego was now alone. He wanted what he had last night all the time. He wanted a man to fuck him like a woman, a way to make straight men gay but still fuck him like a woman. And he knew how to get it.

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