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Waggoner Park II-[CS-75]-part-1-of-1

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Waggoner Park II Part-1-of-1

In Waggoner Park part one I told you that James fell in love with my mouth and that Friday nights was our regular drive-in night. I also said that occasionally one of our friends, would invite themselves along to the movies. The worse culprit was Dwayne, a class mate that James and I’d known since his grade school merged with ours for junior high.

On Friday evening some unexpected family business came up and he had to cancel. When I called Dwayne to give him the bad news he said, “No problemo. I can get my mom’s car so we can still go.”

There was no way I could bow out of going without it looking bad.

Dwayne picked me up in his mom’s new 1967The Mercury Marquis. Like when it was James and I, We park in the very back row to the right in what would be the darkest area.

They always showed previews and ads at first because they started before it was completely dark. Again like James and I, we waited for the previews to come on before we went to the restroom and the concession bar. Everyone else was back in their car so there was no line in ether place.

We trudged back to the car, each carrying one of those cardboard trays loaded down with cokes, popcorn, hotdogs and candy. As soon as we were in the car and put our containers of junk food on the dashboard, Dwayne slid the seat back as far as it would go. The marquis was the first in a line of big full size cars so that gave us more than enough leg room.

The movie tonight was two Audie Murphy westerns, ‘Tumbleweed’ and ‘Destry.’ Audie Murphy movies were always popular because he was a ‘good-ole-Texas boy and he had a couple of sisters in the area that many people knew.

Dwayne was wearing a pair of grey, big in the waist sweat pants he’d swiped from the field house and a white t-shirt. The sweat pants were too lose fitting to tell if he had an erection or not, not that I was looking.

About 20 minutes into the movie he was wiggling around in his seat and blatantly fondling himself through his sweat pants. It was hard to keep my eyes off what he was doing. Finally he turned to me and said, “I know what you and James are up to and I want in on the action.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“It took me awhile to figure out who was doing who, but James is such a horn dog and there’s that whole always jacking off at the movies thing. So the only thing that makes sense is that you’re sucking him.” Sliding his hand down the front of his sweats, Dwayne added as he fondled his stiff cock, “And I want in on the action. I want you to suck my cock too.”

While I was trying to decide whether to act indignant and deny it or not, Dwayne pulled down the front of his sweats and showed me his goodies. Even in the dim light in the car, I could see that his cock was much bigger than mine. Mine is about the average six inches or a tiny bit more. His may have been eight inches and significantly thicker than mine. That was all it took. One look at his stiff cock and my protests die on my lips. Seeing my face and knowing that he’d won Dwayne hike his bottom off the seat as he pulled down his sweats. Once naked from the waist down, he spread his legs as he turned towards me.

His mother’s Mercury Marquis had so much floor space with the seat all the way back, it wasn’t necessary for me to kneel on the seat. Slipping to the floorboard, I knelt and dipped my head between his legs. As I brought my lips to the tip of his cock, I could see it glistening with a drop of pre-cum. I touched it with the tip of my tongue. The taste tolerable and the texture kind of nice. It was very slippery on my tongue.

Like getting into a pool, the best way is to dive in. Sucking him into my mouth, I started bobbing my head and sucking for all I was worth. I heard him moan, “Ohyes,” with pleasure at my efforts. While I was gobbling his cock Dwayne reclined his seat to a more comfortable position. With a sigh, he brushed my hair back off my forehead and gently stroked my hair as I sucked.

Then he suddenly pushed me away. As I crouched against the door and as far as I could get under the dash board, Calvin walked up to the window. No clue what was going on he stood there a chatted with Dwayne for a couple of minutes. I was saved by it being dark in the car and the angle Calvin could see the way he was standing. He could probably see that Dwayne was naked from the waist down. But he would have died before he would have acknowledged noticing it for fear of being called ‘queer’ for looking at Dwayne’s crotch.

After Calvin ambled away I was too upset to finish what I was doing. Slipping back up into my seat I started watch the movie. When I started eating my popcorn and hotdog, Dwayne finally took the hint and pulled up his sweat pants. He was grumpy until I reminded him we weren’t home yet. “Relax,” I told him, “I know a place where we can go when the movie’s over.”

About 10 minutes before the movie was over we ran back to the concession bar and loaded back up on junk food. Not even waiting for the movie to end we left. Once we got Away from the well-lit down town area and turned down 14 street where it was darker, I slipped my hand in the front of his sweats and ‘shifted-his-gears’ until we got to a secluded spot out by the lake.

I already had his hard cock in my hand so it took us no time to get his sweats down and off.

As I slipped back on my knees on the floor, Dwayne turned sideways where he was leaning back against the door with his right foot was on the seat and his left hanging off on the floor. This opened him up to me. Both still aroused from the Drive-In, I didn't tease him. I immediately took his cock in my mouth. I started pumping the base of his cock with my right hand and with my lips clamped tight, moved my mouth up and down his thick shaft.

I felt Dwayne’s thigh muscles tighten up and his hips thrust up off the seat. And then I heard him grunt, “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum. Ugh. Ugh. Here it comes,” as his cock blasted the back of my mouth with cum. It was warm and salty and it kind of tingled in my mouth. I swallowed as he continued to pump my mouth full cum. Then for just a second, the head of his cock slipped down my throat and I felt his pelvic bone press hard against my lips.

To my surprise, I felt my own cock shoot off in my gym shorts. I'd been so focused on what was happening in my mouth that I hadn't even noticed that I had gotten hard. But I had. Now that my attention was drawn to my own cock, I realized that it was hard to the point of bursting. Well, I guess it did burst in a sense. It was a weird scene. My hips thrusting my cock against nothing more substantial than my underwear as I shot my load.

Dwayne, with his hands on the back of my head keeping my mouth around his cock. He moved slowly in and out of my mouth for a minute or so, I guess extending the afterglow of his orgasm.

When he removed his hands and I pulled away from him, Dwayne was looking down at me with a confused but contented look on his face. He’d just gotten his first blowjob and he loved it.

Then both famished we devoured the junk food we’d brought from the Drive-In. revitalized, Dwayne drove me home. When he pulled up front the lights were on in the living room so my parents were still up. As I got out of the car I quickly looked down to see if the cum stain had leaked through. Thank God the cum hadn't seeped through my shorts. I’d hate to have had to face the gauntlet with obvious cum stain on my shorts.

I gathered up my courage and went in. I couldn't get through the living room and to my bedroom fast enough. I didn't even stop to get a coke out of the refrigerator. I could still taste Dwayne's cum in my mouth. I felt my stomach churn again. I noticed that on the walk in my cum had finally seeped through my shorts, leaving a tell-tale mark.

I went in to my bath room and strip down for a shower. When I took off my underwear I noticed how wet they were. Practically the entire front of them was damp and there was still sliminess on the inside. On a whim, I brought them to my face and inhaled, then tentatively touched the wetness with my tongue. I didn't have any idea why I was doing this and I really didn't want to analyze it. I just wanted to get in the shower and get cleaned off.

When I talked to James the next day, I found out my little adventure with Dwayne the night before hadn’t been as spontaneous as I’d thought. It seemed that Dwayne had confronted him about our actions and James had spilled the beans. When James’s family business had come, up unknown to me, he’d sent Dwayne in his place. “I think Friday nights are going to get real interesting,” James had added. “My uncle sold me his old work van. It has no side windows so with a mattress in the back and with a curtain over the back window we’ll have complete privacy. It’ll be great for the drive-in. I can’t wait to watch you suck Dwayne’s cock.”

After rustling up something to eat, I put on my baseball pants, a t-shirt and my baseball cap. With my good 3-fingered Rawlins fielder’s mitt and my cleats hanging from my handle bars, I headed for Waggoner Park. I got there just in time for the lunch crowd. The usual number of lunch cruisers were there with one addition, a young mother and two daughters. She and her daughters were playing in our part of the park while her husband was playing league soft ball on one of the nearby fields.

With them there the only place to play was somewhere they couldn’t go, the men’s restroom. Guess I was the first one to think of it because the restroom was empty when I went in. I made straight for the 3 stalls in the far corner. I wasn’t sure there was a glory hole until I went in the last stall.

I was surprised to see that the partitions went floor to ceiling rather than like most restroom that were 8 or so inches from the floor and shoulder high. Whoever drilled the hole lined it up so you could suck while sitting on the commode. I didn’t even bother to pull my pants down before I sat down. I didn’t have long to wait before I heard footstep. As I listened they paused, probably by the urinals. Then they started back up and stopped in front of my stall door. Then I heard the next stall door open and close.

The hole is the perfect height for sucking but a couple of inches low for looking. I had to lean over in an uncomfortable position to see and then all I saw was the belt line of a pair of Levis. And from the side at that. Then I saw hands as he unzipped his pants. But the way he was standing his Levis was still all I could see.

Neck sore from leaning over, I straightened back up and ran my finger around the gloryhole rim. I lean back over and when he responded and I saw his cock coming towards the hole I got such a cocksucking rush. When his cock slipped through the hole, I gently held it between my thumb and forefinger and lovingly kiss the tip. Then slowly parted my lips slipped them over the cockhead. I love feeling a soft cock inside my mouth growing and stretching my mouth to accommodate him thrills me beyond belief.

I suppose it is different for each guy. For me the way he responded to my mouth varied in intensity. Blow jobs are usually very intense and started by me tensing him and with tensing from head to toe. His breathing got faster and heavier and as usually I moaned and mumbled things without realizing it. His body banged against the wall as he convulsed and trembled in spasms as he cummed hard and heavy for a while, shuddering all the way. It was like an electrical spasm of incredible pleasure splashing across my tongue like a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral.

It amazed me how fast he pulled his cock out of my mouth, yanked up his pants and fled the booth like the devil was after him.

Almost as soon as the door shut behind him I heard someone else come in and lock the stall door behind them. I leaned over to see who it was but all I could see was a huge un-cut black dick. He was already holding it toward the 'hole' so that I'd know that he wanted it sucked. I didn’t consider myself a raciest but I’d never considered a black cock. Unsure what to do I was going to just leave the booth. But, for some reason I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes from the ‘hole’. His dick was so big and black that I was awe struck. I’d never seen anything like it before in my life. It was pulsing with a life of its own. To this day I don't know how it got there, but when I looked down my finger was in the hole.

When, he stuck his cock through the hole, I couldn’t believe the raw power and the heat that I could feel radiating from it. As I leaned forward my face was so close that I could see the blood throbbing through the rope like veins that lined its nine inch length. The golf ball size head looked like a huge purple plum peeking out of its coal black foreskin. My hand still had a mind of its own, as I helplessly reached out and touched it with one finger. When I wrapped my fingers around it, it felt like a piece of flesh-covered steel. It was so alive that I could feel its heat on my face, as I leaned forward and inhaled its wild untamed earth aroma. I eased back its foreskin and touched its dark purple shaped head to my lips and then opened my mouth and slid its big head between my lips and into my mouth.

Even with my hand pressed against his pubic hair and my thumb and forefinger wrapped around the base, I still had more than a mouth full of black dick to suck. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement as I slowly worked my mouth up and down its length. Even with my mouth full, His body tensed and his balls suddenly clinched up and his cock swelled even fatter. My mouth was so full that I couldn’t have gotten his cock out of my mouth, even if I’d tried. His balls exploded and scalding hot cum spewed into my mouth like lava out of a volcano. When he erupted, I was on a backstroke and my lips were wrapped around the base of his big head, so I felt the full force of his gooey cum crashing against the back of my throat as it gushed into my mouth and oozed over my tongue and down my throat. Spent, like the last guy he fled like his life depended on it.

The restroom started filling up and people knocking on my stall door so I had to vacate it. It was late and I had plans with James and Dwayne to clean out his ‘new’ van and put a mattress down in the back. Rescuing my bike from where it was hidden in the bushes, I was soon peddling home. I had a car. I don’t know why I always rode my bike places. I just liked to ride it I guess

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