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By ECRetiree66

submitted November 29, 2016

Categories: Discreet Encounters, Gay Erotic Stories, Masturbation, Sexual Encounters

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I recently ran a ad for companionship. It was worth a try, as other possibilities vary as to success.

Within 2 hours of posting, I received 13 responses. Since I am a very liberal and embracing bi male, I was pleased to see broad demographics as to age - size - shape - race - et al.

Most respondents are married; some are not. My first meet was with Alvin. He is a retired farmer, living ~1/2 hour from my residence. We initially talked on chat; then exchanged phone numbers; finally went on cam for our first sexual liaison. I choose this platform to determine if someone is really open and serious about play. We had 2 nice sessions on Skype - indulging in shared masturbation and discussing our sexual desires and experiences.

We finally decided to meet. Each of us can host, so I invited him to my condo. I showered, shaved, and dressed in a robe. Our plan was to put some porn on my large screen TV, and masturbate together. Based on our camming sessions, I was confident we'd do more - but with no real expectations besides shared wanking.

Alvin arrived - we sat on the sofa - we selected some video genre for stimulation. It began nicely. Alvin is about 5'9" - 175# or so - 4" cut. He's about my age, as well. Comfort level was high.

We self-pleasured for awhile, as some pretty decent C2C videos ran. Both of use got pretty hard, pretty quickly. We kept stealing peeks at the others' cock - very stimulating.

I broke the ice, and reached over to his cock. Gentle removing his hand from his cock, I became the stroker. He tensed up a bit, then sighed - leaned back - relaxed. I stimulated his member, and could see precum escaping from his cock slit. That's always been hot to me. I stopped stroking his smaller-than-average length cock, and began to massage his cock head as I used his precum for lubricant. He began to moan, saying "No one's ever done that to me - not even me! It's really hot!"

He was getting so aroused, I decided to take him into my mouth. While pumping the base of his cock, I worked the head with my lips and tongue. He was now REALLY aroused, and his breathing became gasping. I looked quickly, to make sure he was OK. After reassuring all was well, I continued to fondle - lick - suck - stroke his very lovely cock.

I heard him grunt, and was quite sure he was going to imminently cum. I did not misread him at all. Knowing he was going to explode, I slid his cock further into my mouth, and he immediately let go. He didn't cum a lot, but his cock pulsated repeatedly as I continued stroking and sucking. I worked him for a few minutes after his liquid ceased to flow, then released his cock from my mouth.

He began to tear up, and stammered apologies. I calmed him as best I could, telling him all was well - that I enjoyed giving to him as I did. We chatted a bit, and then the Alpha male in me took over. I put him to his knees, between my legs, Placing my hands on each side of his head, I instructed him to open his mouth. When he did, I rather forcefully pulled his head to my now VERY hard cock - and controlled the speed and depth of penetration into his mouth. His muffled moaning became rather loud and wet-sounding. I love to control a partner's head, to achieve the desired stimulation from plunging in and out of their mouth.

I made it last as long as was desired. When I felt my orgasm well up inside, I forced his face flat against my groin, and released my load into his mouth. He gagged just a bit, but swallowed every drop. I did not release his head until my orgasm had completely subsided.

We had a great first in-person encounter. We talked quite awhile afterwards, and each indicated our comfort level was very high to continue our connection.

God Bless .!