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Jon, My Willing Hypno Volunteer, Part 2

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I was getting used to living in Jerry and Rosa’s home. When I woke up, I rolled out of bed and went for a run in the park that was right next door. I would then shower, make myself a coffee and sit down to work. And work would go really fast. If I got tired, which was usually around 5, I sat back on the sofa and read the hypnosis book to learn more. Within the hour, Jon would park his car across the street. Sometimes he would look up, notice me, smile and put his hand up. Other times, he just got his briefcase and walked home.

I had developed a real crush on him. Seeing him walk home from his car was the highlight of my day and I looked forward to the next time I would see him. Today was Friday, four days since I had first met and hypnotized Jon. I had not spoken to him since. I had finished work for the day and was on my sofa reading the hypnosis book when I recognized Jon’s car coming up the street. Clearly, his office did casual Fridays as he got out wearing a baby blue T-shirt and jeans. The T-shirt was having a hard time containing Jon’s massive arms. The jeans were a darker blue, and I could not wait to see his butt in them. But as he got out, he looked through the window, and gestured for me to come outside. It was cloudy, 54 degrees (12 Celsius), but dry. I wore an old black sports hoodie and grey sweats, as I usually wear around the house. I walked onto the patio in my socks and stayed there. Jon was on the sidewalk, looking phenomenal. “Hey, you OK?” “Sure, you?” “I always see you by yourself at home…” I was going to say something but decided to let him finish. “So I wondered if you would want to join me and the kids at a diner? You know, for some company?” “Oh absolutely!”, I said. “Meet you out here in a half hour? It’s not far.” “Sure!”

I closed the door and contemplated if I had not been a little too enthusiastic. Assuming he did not know I had a crush on him, I would come across a bit desperate for human contact. “Oh well”, I said out loud and went upstairs to change.

Meeting Jon’s kids had been nice. I could tell Amber looked up to Rosa, and she asked me questions about how I knew her and Jerry. Elliott thought it was really cool I designed websites. He had Jon’s dimply smile, but with his freckles and braces it was hard to imagine him growing up remotely as handsome as his father. It was nice seeing Jon interact with his kids. I wasn’t a fan of children and pretty certain I would not have any of my own. But seeing Jon be a good Dad made him more attractive to me. During the meal, the kids dominated the conversation, but on the way to the diner and back both of them had been obsessed with Pokémon Go, which left the opportunity for Jon and I to talk.

On the way to the diner, it had already gotten dark out. Jon put an arm around my shoulders and asked “Are you sure you’re OK? I haven’t seen you leave the house or invite anyone over.” “Oh, really, I’m fine. This was my intention anyway. I work from home, which is in Canton. I needed some time away from the busy city to get caught up with work. I was going to head into town tomorrow night though, go dancing with friends.” I purposely neglected to tell him it would be to a gay club. “You know, I asked, because I went through that time when I was by myself every night after the kids went to bed. Jerry and Rosa really helped me out, asking me to join them for things. So, I know what that can feel like. It can make you feel quite isolated.” “I appreciate your concern, that’s very kind. But I am honestly fine. Though I do enjoy hanging out with you, so thanks for asking me to join.” “No problem, man! What do you do for a living anyway?” “I design websites.” “Oh cool!” “You?” “I’m an engineer for McCormick Taylor.” “Hey, I’ve seen that office”, I said, “it’s in the center, I think?” “East Harbor, across from Whole Foods.” “Oh yeah, I know that place!” We had now reached halfway down Hornel and turned left onto Bank Street. As we walked, to our left and right I kept seeing streets that looked exactly like Hornel. I really still needed to check the street signs to find my way home. In the distance I saw the Shoppers supermarket, which looked massive and was probably closer than Koko Market. When we reached the end of Bank Street, we turned right onto Kane Street, which was a whole lot busier. “How do you know Jerry and Rosa?”, Jon asked me. “Jerry and I were roommates in college”. “Oh, so you were at Homewood Campus too?”, he turned to me, smiling. “Yeah.” “I did not know you knew each other from there. I graduated from Johns Hopkins with a master’s in Civil Engineering in 1994.” “Ouch. Ten years before my first day there.” Jon laughed and pushed me in the shoulder. We had now walked up to the MD-150 crossing, and across the street I saw a big diner. “The kids like going here, and honestly it’s the best on offer that’s walking distance.”

On the way back, after Jon had insisted on paying the bill, I trailed behind the Berry family and for the first time got a good look at Jon’s ass in those jeans. The jeans looked to be painted on his ass and thighs. The jeans probably weren’t skinny jeans, but Jon’s body made them look that way. He was the ultimate DILF fantasy as he seemed so unaware of his own natural sex appeal. When Jon joined me, he was the one to bring up hypnosis. “Hey, I was wondering if you’d hypnotize me for a short bit again tonight? I have been feeling the need to ask you all week. I felt so relaxed the other day.” I remembered I actually planted a suggestion for him to ask me to be hypnotized while I had him in trance earlier this week. “Oh you are welcome to come over and ask any time! Now that I have a good subject, I enjoy doing it. It was fascinating to watch you. I read more of the book and there are some things we could try out. But relaxation will obviously be one of those things.” “Cool! We could do it at my place. I know the kids will be in their rooms anyway.”

Not much later, I was in Jon’s house. The layout was exactly the same as Jerry and Rosa’s, but there were major differences. It was clear that the furniture was less modern and had been there longer. But everything about the interior was more basic than across the street. Or maybe minimal was the right word. Jerry and Rosa’s place showed attention for detail, which is what lacked in Jon’s living room. The kids had indeed immediately ran up the stairs to their rooms to play on their computer. I sat down at the kitchen table as Jon offered me something to drink. “A beer would be great, actually.” “I’m sorry, I don’t drink. There’s no alcohol in the house.” “Oh!” I am not sure why but this caught me by surprise as with him taking such good care of his body it made sense. Maybe it was because he seemed like such a man’s man I just pictured him drinking beer. “A water then, please.” Jon got me a water and himself a protein shake he had made earlier. “I’m working out after this”, he said as he sat down at the table as well, facing me. He put his elbows up on the table and smiled his beautiful smile. He was telling me about the gym he had put together in the attic of the house as I thought about what I read in the book. For most subjects a post-hypnotic suggestion would not remain in their subconscious for a day. In most cases it eventually vanishes. But Jon might not be a regular subject. I decided to try it out.

“…so that saves me time and I don’t have to leave the kids…” “Deep sleep now.” Jon was mid-word as his eyes rolled up and his head fell forward on top of his forearms. The rest of his body also instantly relaxed, leaning forward onto the table. I was so happy. This massive man was under my control and it felt amazing. “That’s right, deeper and deeper”, I said with a slight whisper. “Feeling as relaxed as you have ever felt and just feeling absolutely fantastic. As you remember, whenever I say the words ‘Deep Sleep Now’, you fall into a deep hypnotic sleep, just like you did now. But every time I say those words, your eyelids will feel heavier than the last time. As will your entire body. And it feels so good to let your eyelids close and to just let your body drop, every time I say ‘Deep Sleep Now’. Now, whenever you hear me, and only me, say the words ‘Eyes open, wide awake’, you will instantly return to a state of wakefulness. Feeling alert and refreshed. This suggestion will also stick in your mind, much like ‘Deep Sleep Now’. You are basically my light switch. The words ‘Deep Sleep Now’ switch off your conscious mind and let your body drop into a state of full relaxation, deeper each time. The words ‘Eyes open, wide awake’ instantly bring you back up, aware of your surroundings.” I realized I wasn’t sure how to go from implementing the suggestion to trying it out, but I just continued by saying “Starting now. Eyes open, wide awake”.

Jon started moving again, sitting back up and wiping his eyes. “You surprised me there”, he smiled. “How do you feel?” “Very relaxed already”, he said as leaned back into the chair. “Good. Deep sleep now.” Jon was just motioning to lean back, so his entire body fell back into the chair. His big arms swung by his sides as they instantly lost any tension. As the back of the chair stopped around his shoulders, Jon’s head fell back in an unnatural position, meaning I could only see him up to his Adam’s apple. “With each word I say, you will go deeper into a hypnotic sleep. And the deeper you go, the more powerless you are to my suggestions. Everything I tell you while you are in trance will become truth to you the second I bring you back.” I paused. I was nervous as I had also read instances where subjects wouldn’t take certain suggestions if they really didn’t like it and the conscious mind was strong enough to resist. But I had been preparing for this moment for days. “Jon, when you wake up, you will realize you have a crush on me. At first, it will be a small crush and you will subtly try to seduce me. But the more you see me, the better you feel and the more in love with me you are. With no conscious memory of me telling you this, eyes open, wide awake.”

Jon raised his head back up, blinked a few times and cleared his throat. Then he looked at me and smiled. “Thank you so much for this man, I feel great.” His hand reached out to mine as he stroked my forearm for a little bit. I looked down at what he was doing, but as I looked up to face him I saw him looking straight at me. He smiled and his eyes gave off this amazing chemistry.

Jon then drank more of his pre-workout shake and said “So do you want to join me for a workout?” “No, thank you.” “Can I show you my gym at least?” “Oh, sure!” “OK, cool”, Jon said as he got up. I followed his ass up the stairs and into the second room on the left. It was clearly his bedroom. “Don’t mind me while I change into some workout gear”, he said as he turned around to face me. In one swift movement, Jon took off the baby blue T-shirt and revealed a perfectly chiseled upper body. A light smattering of hair covered his wide chest, which I guessed was trimmed. The rest of his upper body was shaven smooth, showing off a beautiful six-pack of abs. “My stomach used to be more defined”, Jon said nonchalantly as he seemed to brush away imaginary dust off his abs. Then he looked up to see if I was looking at his body. He smiled again, showing off those gorgeous dimples. So for Jon, seduction started with showing off his physique. I couldn’t really blame him. It was working for me. “Now where did I leave my workout clothes?” Jon had to open the second lowest drawer in his dresser, causing him to bend over. He didn’t stand in such a way that gave me the optimal view of his ass. I wondered why. “So, do you work out your glutes a lot?”, I asked. Jon now stood upright, throwing black shorts and a camo tanktop onto the bed. “Oh gosh, don’t look at my butt. It’s so massive”, he said as he faced me again.. And he was right. But was Jon embarrassed of his delicious booty? This couldn’t be! Jon was now peeling off his jeans, revealing red briefs. He continued to face me, giving me a lovely view of his bulge, which seemed average yet beautiful, but I wanted to see the back. He then started to put on the shorts as he continued to talk about his ass. “All my fat is stored back there. It’s all jiggly. I really should do more cardio to work it off. You won’t believe how many pairs of pants I’ve ripped.” I made a snap decision.

“Deep sleep now.” Jon was just pulling up the shorts but his hands dropped limp by his sides as he left them around his knees. His head dropped down onto his chest, but his legs also lost all tension as Jon’s massive body flopped over onto the bed. He wound up face up and shirtless, his arms spread wide, his legs kept together by the shorts. I took some extra time to look at his bulge, but weirdly it was the least impressive thing about this man’s body. “When you wake up, you will be aware that your butt is your very best feature and that you love showing it off for me. With no conscious memory of me telling you this, eyes open, wide awake.”

Jon got up off the bed and immediately said “Well I can’t work out in my regular underwear, can I?” He kicked off the shorts and this time bent down in the red briefs with his ass towards me. I could feel my cock getting hard in my own underwear as he opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a white jockstrap. I honestly didn’t think I had ever been this excited. Still with his ass facing me, Jon now took off the briefs. He looked back to see if I was watching him as he bent forward to take them off. A beautifully hairless hole shortly stared at me as my cock twitched. He then put on the jockstrap and the straps were straining to go across his beautiful ass cheeks. “I haven’t worn this in a while, does it still fit, you reckon?”, Jon said as he turned around and looked at me. Especially in profile, it was hard to believe how big this guy’s butt was, that’s how far it stood out. He looked amazing. But I was going to play hard to get. “Yeah, looks fine”, I said. Jon smiled. He then took his time to put on his shorts a second time and the camo tanktop, looking at me the entire time. “Let’s go”, he said. “Amber, Elliott! Daddy’s going to be in the gym for a while!” “OK!”, I heard from behind two other doors on that floor.

Jon went ahead of me on another flight of stairs, this time jutting his butt out and taking his time more. This was really turning me on. We ended up in a small attic with a few machines and some weights. “So this is how you built this body?”, I asked as I let my hand run down his big, bare arm. “Not really”, he said as he looked at my hand on his arm and smiled. “It’s what kept me in shape after I stopped going to the gym. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the kids alone in the evenings when they were younger, so this helped.” “It looks great”, I said. “You have a good workout!” I turned to leave. “Wait!”, he said as he turned me back and gave me a big hug. Not a straight guy hug, but an actual one. Our hips and bulges touched and it felt really intimate. I could feel him smell my neck and I gently squeezed his butt. He let go and asked “Did you just pinch my butt?” “I did!” Jon turned a shade of red and smiled. “You’re the best”, he said. “So when will I see you again?” I paused. “I don’t know.” “I can’t go dancing tomorrow, I’d feel weird leaving the kids. But we can hang out this weekend, right?” Jon was coming across like a school girl with a crush and because he was a big fully grown man, it was such a turn on. “I have plans for Sunday brunch with some friends, wanna come?” Jon enthusiastically shook his head yes. “Cool. I’ll pick you up at 11.” “Great! So I’ll see you then, Tom!” “You will! I’ll let myself out, you get started!” “Bye!”, Jon said as I walked back down the stairs.

Halfway down the stairs I thought of something. I quietly walked back up and saw Jon do chest flys on the machine. “Deep sleep now.” Jon’s arms fell down by his sides and the cushions retracted back with a bang. Jon’s head fell back with his mouth hanging open. “From now on, you will focus your workout more and more on getting your butt bigger, knowing that I like your butt to be as big as possible. You will continue working out the rest of our body like usual, but your main goal is to get a big ass to show off for me. With no conscious memory of me telling you this, eyes open, wide awake.” Jon blinked a few times and then continued his workout without looking at me. As far as his conscious mind was concerned, I had already left.

I snuck down the stairs and out the door, feeling a mixture of horniness and guilt.

To be continued…

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