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Jon, My Willing Hypno Volunteer, Part 3

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As I ran onto East Pratt Street, on my way to Joseph E Lee Park, I had to think what my friends had said last night. I had gone dancing with this couple I had known for quite some time. Gary I had known since college and I remember when he met Michael during one of our nights out, about 3 and a half years ago now. Michael had also become a great friend of mine. I had felt embarrassed telling them about Jon, but I was starting to feel like what I was doing was wrong and I needed some advice.

At first I had told them about the hot neighbor with the bubble butt and the cheek-dimples across the street. Widower with two kids, the nicest person one could meet. They had seemed invested in the story already. Then I told them about the hypnosis book I had bought with Jerry all that time ago. “I’m not sure I believe in hypnosis”, Michael said. “Trust me, by the end of this story you’ll believe in it”, I said. Then I told them about all the suggestions I had given Jon while he was under and how he had responded to every single thing so far. Gary’s face looked more and more in shock, whereas Michael turned more and more skeptic. “Oh, Tom, I do think you went too far there”, Gary said. “Are you sure he’s not just playing along to fool you?”, was Michael’s response. “I seriously doubt it. I do think he’s 100% straight.” Then I told them I had invited Jon to brunch the following morning. “Oh good, because before you take him out of it, I kinda want to meet him”, Gary said. “He is so great. Part of me never wants to remove any of the suggestions. But another part of me feels incredibly guilty”, I replied. “Well, I have a feeling he’s the one tricking you. So don’t feel too guilty yet”, Michael stuck with his initial feeling. “But bringing him to brunch is a good one, I kind of want to see this thing too, even if it is a charade”.

I was surprised neither of them had told me to instantly remove all of the suggestions from Jon’s subconscious mind. As I was running off the cobwebs the morning after a fun night out, I was going to meet Jon soon to go to brunch with him, Gary, Michael and one other couple we go to brunch with on Sundays.

As I ran across the park, I suddenly heard someone panting behind me. “Tom! Tom!” It was Jon. I wasn’t even that far away from the house yet and he must have been running behind me, but he seemed exhausted already. As I waited, he finally caught up, but was still catching his breath. “I saw you head out…. and I wanted to join you…. for your run…. before we go to brunch”, he managed to get out. “But I forgot… I don’t do cardio…” I laughed. He seemed sweaty. As I looked him up and down I noticed he wore a white T-shirt and tights. The tights were blue in a camouflage-type pattern. He noticed me looking down at his legs and said: “You like my new tights?” He turned around and his ass obscenely ballooned out from the rest of his body. It looked massive and I wondered if I could balance a drink on it. “I really do”, I said. “You look amazing yourself”, he said. I wore an old red sweater and black tracksuit pants. I hadn’t showered yet and felt anything but attractive. But to hear such an attractive man say it made me feel really good nevertheless.

Jon then stepped closer and started hugging me. “I can’t believe I get to live across from someone so sexy for a few weeks”, he whispered as he smelled my neck. I smelled his sweaty scent and it was actually quite the turn-on. His tight body was pushed against mine and I started to feel aroused. Jon’s hypnotic crush on me could no longer grow stronger and stronger as I had instructed, because it would be inappropriate during brunch. I had to do something in the meantime. I looked around the park if anyone could see us. And although the park is very much open spaced, I didn’t see anyone.

“Deep sleep now”. Jon’s body collapsed immediately, his response to my trigger stronger every time I used it. He ended up on his back with his arms raised over his head. His eyelids continuously fluttered, every time exposing the whites of his eyes. His mouth hung open wide as his jaw was fully relaxed. His T-shirt had ridden up a little bit as his belly button and V-shape hiplines showed. His legs were spread widely apart. I could now see the outline of his cock through his tights. “Jon, listen carefully…”, I hesitated as Michael’s skepticism was still on my mind, “you no longer have a crush on me. We are now boyfriends. We are in a loving, committed relationship. You no longer have to seduce me. With no conscious memory of me telling you this, or even having been put to sleep at all, eyes open, wide awake!” Jon instantly awoke and got up. “Thanks for taking me on your run today, babe!”, he said cheerfully and planted a quick kiss on my lips. I was surprised but it honestly felt really nice. “Let’s go!”, he said and started running again.

It wasn’t much later that Jon and I walked back onto Hornel Street. Jon was breathing heavy and had practically begged me to cut my run short. I had slapped his ass for encouragement, or, well, maybe partly for encouragement, but at one point he could no longer run and had to walk. To in a way be physically fitter than this perfect specimen gave me a confidence boost. And to be honest, I did not want to run ahead, because the sight of his ass in those tights had become addictive fast. It was about time to get ready for brunch anyway. “Just let me grab some clothes from inside and I’ll bring them over so we can get ready together”, Jon said as he walked up the stairs to his place. Not much later he came out with a small bag and an ironed shirt on a hanger. He was still wearing the beautiful blue tights as he crossed the street.

We went inside together as Jon said, “First I need a shower”. And he was right. The white T-shirt was soaked with his sweat and clung to his chest, practically see-through. “Sure!”, I said. I walked up the stairs and motioned for him to follow me. Upstairs, he said “Let me just put this in the bedroom”, as I saw he had brought the bag and the shirt up. He hung the shirt on the door and put the bag on the bed. Then he started undressing. I stood there and watched as he took his shirt off and tossed it into the hamper that stood against the wall. His body was shiny with sweat and I was in awe and turned on. Just as he was pulling down the tights, he looked at me.

“Come on, babe, you need to start getting ready!” I also started undressing but I did not take my eye off Jon. He pulled off his tights and saw that he had gone commando. His perfectly shaven cock had shriveled up a bit and seemed out of place for the rest of his massive body. I had quickly stepped out of my shorts and took off my sweater. We were now both nude, my cock was semi-hard. Jon looked me over quickly but only took my hand to go to the bathroom. “Let’s hit the showers!”, he said.

It was then that it suddenly hit me. The latest suggestion I had given Jon of course came with certain expectations. He turned the water on and gave me a passionate kiss as we waited for the water to get warm. “You look beautiful”, he said. I was stumped and lost for words so I just looked him straight in the eye. “Your buddy down here seems a little excited”, he continued. My cock was now growing against Jon’s thigh, leaving a slight trail of precum. “Well… yeah…”, I stuttered. “No worries, I’ll take care of that”, he said as he pulled me into the shower.

We both stood under the water as he kissed me even more passionately. His strong hands were first on my face, but one quickly descended toward my shoulder, down my arm, and on my cock. There was no turning back now. “Your dick is so big”, Jon moaned into my ear, right before he kneeled down and put it in his mouth. At times it was clear to me that this was his first time sucking a cock, as he gagged a few times when he took it too far into his mouth. I also felt his teeth every now and then. But everything about this was so hot, it didn’t bother me at all. The water cascaded on my head as I fully relaxed and let things happen. At this moment in time I felt no guilt and just enjoyed what was happening.

Jon came back up and started kissing me again. I now felt his cock against my thigh. I looked down and saw what was still a surprisingly big erection with an upward curve and a big head. I estimated him 7’’ hard, whereas mine reached 9’’. I kissed Jon some more and tasted myself. Then I worked my way down his massive chest. I kissed him between the pecs, but then chose a side and nursed on his nipple. When he started moaning loudly, I worked the other nipple with my hand. With my other hand I started jerking him off and felt how hard he was. He was definitely into it. For a second I wondered if hypnosis could really go this far with someone, but that thought ended when I then started kissing Jon’s abs. They were a work of art. Soon, his cockhead hit my chin and I started blowing him. “Oh…. Oh my…. Sweet Jesus…”, Jon kept gasping. “You are so good at that”. As I was blowing him, my hands went around to his ass as I massaged his cheeks. I couldn’t resist feeling his hole with one finger, which immediately made his moaning louder. I already felt his cock pulse in my mouth and knew he was about to cum. I started feeling a bit weird about this again, so I decided to continue sucking and put my index finger in his hole, hoping it would mean the end. “I… I’m… Oh wow… stop, I’m… Ah… Ahh…” His hole contracted around my finger, his warm cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it all.

As I stood up Jon seemed a bit embarrassed. “Sorry I came so soon”, he said. “No worries, we should get ready for brunch anyway”, I said as I started soaping myself up. “No no, let me do that”, he insisted as he took the soap from me. His strong, soapy hands made their way around my small, hairy chest, under my armpits and onto my flat stomach. He took his time soaping up my cock which had not gone down in the meantime. “You have such a beautiful body”, he said, not looking me in the eye but checking me out with a lustful expression on his face. “Now let me do your back”, he ordered. I turned around and faced the shower curtain. His hands now massaged my shoulders and then my back. It felt really good. He also massaged my ass cheeks for a little bit, and shortly washed my crack, but soon he reached around to jerk my cock again. Suds were now all over my cock and balls and his grip got tighter and tighter. He held his body tightly against mine as his jerking continued to get faster. I felt myself coming closer to orgasm, but I just couldn’t cum. Something in the back of my mind said it wasn’t right.

Jon kissed my neck for a little bit, which I thought was supposed to help me cum, but he whispered “Fuck my ass” into my ear. Just hearing him say that almost did it. As I turned around, I saw he had bent over and his hands were on the bath rim. Even with him bent over like that, I couldn’t completely see his hole, as his ass cheeks were so big. He looked back at me and said “Go on”. “But we’ve never done this before”, I said. “Please”, he pleaded. This, like my cock, was too hard to resist.

I pushed his massive cheeks apart and entered him. At first I took it slow, as I was pretty certain this was Jon’s first time. But after some initial discomfort, he really got into it. “Deeper… deeper… faster… faster…” Jon turned out to be a loud powerbottom in no time. I felt his big ass against my hips with every thrust and his tight hole around my cock. His pathetic moaning turned me on even more. It’s like we just fit together. It didn’t take long for me to forget about the hypnosis and I shot my load in Jon’s ass. Jon stood up straight and kissed me. “Wow”, he said. “You are a sex god.” I smiled as I then kissed him. I was so happy and felt so guilty at the same time. “I am going to keep your load in my ass throughout brunch”, Jon then announced. I smiled at him and really felt like I was falling in love. This whole thing was so fucked up. “We should get going”, I said.

In the car I had a hard time focusing. I was driving in Rosa’s car and Jon was in the passenger’s seat. He was talking about how the kids would be hanging out with their friends all day, and how proud he was of Elliott’s soccer match and Amber’s football cheerleading the day before. All I could think about was how Jon got dressed in the bedroom right after the shower. Right now he was seated next to me in a neatly ironed, tight black shirt with the top two buttons left open that really showed off his chest, as well as the top of a white tanktop. He also wore a light pair of khakis that really brought out his ass, and black leather shoes. But I saw him pull on a white thong first. And I was constantly aware of his hot ass swallowing that thong. He really took my suggestion that his ass was his best asset seriously. “Babe?” “Sorry, what?” I had not paid attention to what he was saying, as my mind was occupied with driving and thinking about Jon’s ass in a thong. “I was wondering which friends we are meeting, tell me about them”. “Oh, right. Sure.”

I told Jon about Gary and Michael and how I met them. The other couple were Oscar and Taylor. Oscar was Michael’s ex, but they had stayed friends in a way that I never could with my exes. The five of us would always do brunch on Sundays. Sometimes Taylor would join us to go dancing on Fridays or Saturdays, but lately he and Oscar would stay home a lot. Oscar is slightly older than everyone else and definitely the wisest of the group. At 49, he already had a relationship with Michael, now aged 33. Taylor, in turn, is now 26. Of course, as gay men tend to do, to their face nothing judgmental was said about this, but Oscar and Taylor’s relationship was gossiped about behind their backs. Jon seemed very entertained by all the storytelling and eager to meet them.

As we sat down at our usual table at Langermann’s, Jon and I were the last ones there. I hugged everyone and introduced Jon. As I sat down, literally everyone at the table looked at me with an impressed expression on their face. I was confident Gary and Michael had filled in the others about what was going on. “Sorry we’re late”, Jon said. “We got kind of held up in the shower”. Gary, sat across from me, gave me an exaggerated look of surprise. “I can't blame Tom for that”, Oscar said. “You are a fine looking man, Jon”. “Oh thank you”, Jon said and he blushed a little. “I am spoken for, though”, he said as he put his arm around my neck.

“Deep sleep now”. Right in the middle of a reasonably crowded restaurant, I decided I needed advice straight away, so I put Jon under. His head slumped onto his chest, his arm remained around me. I wasn’t sure if other people in the restaurant were looking, but at this point I didn’t care. “Deeper down you go with every breath you take, feeling relaxed and feeling so good. Just relaxing while I talk to my friends”. I looked up at Gary, Michael, Oscar and Taylor and they all looked at me in wonder. “Oh my word, it’s real”, Michael blurted out. “This is so cool!”, Taylor exclaimed. “Guys, what do I do?”, I asked. “I don’t know, seems to me like you got this figured out!” Gary laughed. “What is it you want advice on?”, Oscar genuinely asked. “Like, part of me is loving this, but it’s wrong. It feels wrong. I should cancel all of my suggestions, right?” I was gesturing enough for Jon’s arm to fall off my shoulder and it fell to his side, causing him to slump toward me. His head now rested on my right shoulder. All the guys watched as his big body got more and more limp. “I would say so, yes”, Gary said. Taylor nodded in agreement. “It’s… real?”, Michael still wasn’t sure. “I think you know what to do”, Oscar concluded.

I turned back to Jon, and sat him up straight. His head fell back, which I picked up, to let his chin rest on his chest, assuming he would be more comfortable. I folded his arms into his lap. I realized I was procrastinating. “I’m going to miss him, you guys”, I said. But then I went for it. “Jon, listen carefully. The next time I wake you up, all earlier suggestions will be gone from your mind. You will no longer fall asleep when I say “Deep sleep now” and you will no longer be my boyfriend. If you don’t want to. You are back in control of your own mind. You can drop any of the other suggestions I made at any time. So for the last time, eyes open, wide awake!”

Jon raised his head and looked around the table. He smiled and then started laughing loudly. “Oh my gosh! This is hilarious!”, he said, laughing even more. Everyone else at the table looked at him, puzzled. Jon then turned to me. “I really like you, Tom. Sure, you made me do a few things I would not have done myself. I can’t believe I wore tights out on a run this morning. What will the neighbors think? What will my kids think??” Jon paused for more laughing. “And I don’t think I would have realized how hot it is to wear a thong under regular clothing without your suggestions!” Now everyone at the table laughed. “But this morning was completely my decision. I am very attracted to you and I would love it if I could remain your boyfriend.” I gasped. Everyone at the table cheered and clapped as Jon and I kissed in public for the first time.

Then, just to check, I said “Deep sleep now”, and Jon’s eyes rolled up. His mouth fell open and his big body fell off his chair. Now people were definitely looking. “Just kidding, just kidding!”, I heard from under the table.


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