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Men of Matthew 1. Casey's Run

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Casey was doing his daily run. It was an especially hot day, so he didn’t bother with a shirt. The 18 year old rugby jock jogged only in a pair of black running shorts that stopped mid thigh. He wasn’t very tall, but he was extremely well built. He had the body of a rugby god, perfectly complemented by a tan from many runs like this one.

Casey’s route was a popular one for athletes in his area. On his left was a bank of earth and tress moving down into a flowing river. On his right was a street and a series of condos and cottages. Casey was always tempted to take one of the paths that weaved between the trees, but he felt too awkward about it. It was a well-known pick-up area for gay men, and the one time he’d taken the route he almost ran into two middle aged men fucking butt naked next to the path. It was just so embarrassing that Casey didn’t want to risk it again.

Today Casey noticed something he never noticed before. People were looking at him. People were staring at his almost naked body, a vision of tanned muscle perfection, jogging alongside their cars and homes. Some gave looks of lust, others just stared for the sake of it, almost blankly. He almost felt embarrassed. He realized now that he never made a habit of wearing lots of clothes. His body was always on display to an extent.

Casey thought about turning around and getting the hell away and back home, but then he thought a little more and realized that would be a really dumb thing to do. He worked hard for his body – all that time playing rugby, staying fit, and working out at the gym didn’t just happen magically. These people were enjoying his ripped bod. Let them!

Then something happened Casey really didn’t expect. He felt a movement in his balls. Suddenly he became very aware of his dick pressed up against the material of his jockstrap. Oh shit, thought Casey, I’m getting a woodie.

It didn’t take long for his dick to inflate. Casey wasn’t particularly well endowed. His penis was about five inches when hard, so it didn’t push the fabric of his shorts out too far. The jockstrap helped too. Still, Casey became extremely self-conscious and diverted to a route between the trees. Just until his woodie died down, he thought. Then he could go back to the normal path.

But his erection stayed strong. The running was just making things worse. Every time he moved his legs back and fourth his cock got more and more excited. Casey came to a halt next to a thick tree. He could see the river below. He wished he could just get rid of his boner – jerk off or something. Now he suddenly started thinking about those guys he saw fucking the last time he was in here. They were probably in their forties, but they were pretty built. Casey remembered the one screaming out about how the other one’s hole was so tight. He’d heard that an ass hole was tighter than a vagina, but his girlfriends never let him try it.

Casey scratched the part of his pants where his dick was. He moaned softly. He was sure he was leaking precum.

Casey heard footsteps and moved his hand away from his pants instantly. From between the trees came a really gay looking guy about Casey’s age or maybe a little older. He was thin with brown hair, but muscly where it counted. He was wearing a lose top and boxer shorts. If Casey had known the word twink, he would have used it to describe this guy.

The stranger walked right up to Casey and smiled seductively.

“Wanna top me?” the stranger asked. Casey wanted to say no, but he was so horny and he couldn’t get the two men fucking out of his mind. His dick needed a release.

“Turn around,” Casey ordered. The stranger turned around and pulled down his underwear to reveal a smooth perky butt. He bent down to expose his hairless pink hole, puckering in the fresh air.

Casey had never seen another guy’s asshole like this (or at all) before. He wasn’t so much thinking of it as an ass hole, but more just as an object that would relieve his aching cock. Casey whipped out his hard cut five inches and pushed it against the stranger’s ass hole. His precum managed to lube things up a little, but he realized he’d need a little more to get it in.

Casey spit a large glob into his hand and coated the guy’s hole with it.

“Yeah, get me nice and wet,” the stranger moaned.

“Shut up,” said Casey, taking hold of the guy’s hips and thrusting his dick all the way up into the guy’s hole.

“FUCK! Jesus! Owwwwwe!” moaned the bottom.

“Oh yeah!” groaned Casey. It felt fucking amazing. So warm and tight! He started pulling his dick back and fourth, fucking the twink into the next dimension.

“Yeah! Fuck me, stud!” the bottom moaned.

“I said shut up!” said Casey, grunting as his dick slid in and out of the stranger’s tight hole. His shorts were annoying him now, so he slid them down to his trainers along with his jockstrap.

Casey was now standing butt naked in the woods with his shorts around his ankles, fucking a twink with his hard cock and amazing rugby body. It felt crazy and exhilarating. And then the obvious happened: a middle aged guy walked past along the path.

“Yeah, ride him cowboy!” the man called. Casey wasn’t even embarrassed. His body looked incredible all sweaty and pumped as he was fucking the twink stranger. Let this guy look if he wanted to. The man kept walking, looking back every now and then to catch another glimpse.

Casey was close.

“I’m gonna cum,” he grunted, pumping the twink much faster. The sound of his balls slapping against the twink sent Casey over the edge. His entire body began to vibrate and his muscles tightened more than ever as he unloaded inside the twink. He could feel the cum rushing through his hard cock into the twink’s hole, but he never saw any of it.

Casey pulled out, panting. The twink got up, turned around and smiled. Suddenly Casey became extremely self conscious, standing naked in front of this guy. His dick quickly deflated down to about two inches and he pulled on his jock and shorts.

Casey gave and awkward wave and ran away, back to the normal path by the road. He was relived, and although his body was looking more pumped than ever now, he wished he had a shirt.

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