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Brett, the Divorced Dad, Part 3

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I rolled up the sleeping bag and put it in the backpack. It was pretty much full already. Two large bottles of water, a change of clothes… What else did I need? David said he would take care of most other things. I didn’t even remember exactly where we were going. I do remember the name of the town, or mountain, started with Snow, which did not sound promising. But weather was actually unusually warm for September with a high of 87 degrees today (31 Celsius). Blue skies, no clouds. This should turn out great. I was just wearing a tanktop and shorts. And boots.

I had only bought the hiking boots with the backpack this week. I sure hoped I wouldn’t get blisters. We were going to go hiking until it got dark, camp out in a tent, which I had never done, and hike back. The idea of hanging out with Brett and David for a day got me excited, let alone spending a night together. My phone buzzed. A message from David. ‘I’m in the Gold’s lot when you’re ready’. It was still quite early in the morning but I was already sweating in my new hiking boots as I crossed the street and started looking for David’s black truck in the parking lot. It was easy to spot as it still looked brand new. The first thing I spotted was a shirtless man in khaki shorts, sunglasses and flip flops, scrolling through his phone. He had a beautifully wide chest, perky nipples and abs of death, all very exposed as he was shaven perfectly smooth. His legs, in contrast, were still regularly hairy, which looked a bit odd. But he was a stunning sight. The sunglasses went up. “Already in your boots, buddy?” It was David. Only now I saw he was leaning against the truck I was looking for. “Yeah, didn’t want to carry any extra weight”, I said as he hugged me and I smelled his beautiful sweat. “Ah, I’m leaving them in the truck, I think. Throw your bag in the back, time to pick up Brett!”

David drove off the Gold’s Gym parking lot and turned left, away from my apartment building. I tried not to look at his gorgeous body. “Don’t you love the sound she makes?” It took me a while to realize he was talking about his car. “Your car is a she?” “Oh, she has to be. She gives me boners like no other.” I laughed. Now I had another reason to look over at his body, but I didn’t. I looked at his face. A small trail of sweat slowly dropped down his cheek. The air was on, but it was still quite hot in this truck. It only had a front bench, so the three of us would be cozy in there. “When did you get… her?” He made a left turn on 76th Street. “Earlier in the year.” He coughed. “Mary didn’t like it, but you know, it was all part of it.” “Part of what?” “Well, I figured you would get it. You left your wife, right?” “Yeah?” “Brett got dumped. We were the dumpers. So I don’t know if it was the same for you, but at one point ladies started taking an interest, so I had affairs, mainly on the road, you know. But I realized I have only one life. And this wasn’t fair on Mary. I just knew that I do not want to spend the majority of my life as a husband. I started feeling tied down, like this is what society wanted me to do. Instead of what I wanted to do. So I started doing the things I would regret not doing in this lifetime. And this truck was actually a big part of that.” He turned right onto 185th Avenue. “This is all sounding a bit mid-life crisis-y”, I said. “Damn. I was afraid you would say that. So it wasn’t the same for you?” “Well, in a way”, I said. “I did separate from Audra because I realized I needed to live life my way, you know. Not conforming…” “See?” “Yeah, but…” “Come on, buddy, we’re practically the same!” He held out his fist so I could fist-bump him. “Oh, all right”, I said and I fist-bumped. It was a bro moment, I think. I’ve never had one before. I realized how different Brett and David were from each other.

David made a left onto 65th Street. It was easy to tell we were getting to the more expensive part of Redmond. Beautiful, large houses I saw to my right. “Aren’t you sweaty?”, David asked as he wiped his brow. “Yeah, a little”, I admitted. “Lose the shirt, buddy, it’s just us guys for this weekend.” I grinned and took off my shirt. It felt quite sexy, us two guys in this masculine truck with our shirts off. We crossed 188th Avenue, which lead us into what was known as the suburban area of the city. The houses and lawns looked perfect, it looked like a really nice part of town, except that it was likely to be a bit boring. Where one would raise a family, perhaps. “Now I always forget which street it is…”, David said softly. We followed the road and David took a right turn on 65th Way. “I’m going on gut feeling”, he said. And sure enough, on one of the driveways I saw Brett wearing a white tanktop, dark blue shorts and flip flops. He waved and smiled at us as David pulled over. Brett had his sunglasses on his head and was looking mighty fine. The tanktop only made his massive shoulders and arms look bigger. With one swoop he chucked his backpack in the back. I opened the door to the front seat. “Hey, guys!”, he said and his gorgeous smile gave me an instant erection. I had to scoot over and was now sitting in the middle of the front seat. “Shirts are off already?”, he asked rhetorically. “All right, but don’t make fun of me!” The tight tanktop went over his head. I could see he had trimmed his body hair, but there was still some beautiful fur across his chest. He jumped into the truck, next to me. “Ready to go into the mountains?” David asked. “And find Brett’s abs?” I laughed, Brett fake laughed. “Hey, at least I have a flat stomach now, I’ve been worse this summer.”

It was about an hour drive from Redmond to Snoqualmie Pass. It was hot in the car, in more ways than one. These two massive guys in this truck had me touching bare shoulders, elbows and knees with them throughout the trip. And I loved it. The smell of sweat was partly taken away by air conditioning, but it didn’t do miracles as it was still quite warm. We drove out of Redmond and had Lake Sammamish to our right for a few minutes. Brett and David were discussing which trail to hike today, and I had no idea as I had never been there. I just looked outside and watched the trees go by, as they every now and then gave way to the beautiful view of the lake.

Once the lake was out of view, I realized the discussion was over and the car was quiet. “Brett, you dozing off, buddy?”, David asked, shortly looking to his right. Brett’s head dangled forward. His chin rested on his broad naked chest. A short moaning sound came from his lips. “Every time”, David said. “I get a boner, but Brett here falls asleep whenever he steps into my beautiful truck. Can’t appreciate a nice humming engine.” I looked down and saw that David indeed was sporting wood. I decided not to mention it, but it turned me on real bad. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I just didn’t have the guts.

I looked in front of me and already saw the mountains appear in the distance. David took a left that eventually brought us onto the I-90. David and I exchanged stories about hiking and camping as kids. I would sneakily look at his crotch and saw his boner go down. Our conversation trailed off into silence. Brett’s snores were barely heard over the car engine and the sounds of other cars around us. There were beautiful green trees on hills along the road and I was getting really excited. David turned on the radio so the silence would be less awkward. Obviously it was jazz.

The road took a slow left turn and I suddenly felt Brett’s head against mine. He was now snoring in my ear. David had not noticed. I sat completely still, not wanting this to stop. Our heads were touching and Brett had no idea it was happening. His legs were spread wide and our thighs and knees were touching, as well as our shoulders. Now it was my turn to pop a woody. Just as it had reached its full 8’’, Brett semiconsciously scratched his beautiful bare chest with his left hand and let it drop in between my legs, palm facing up. Brett’s thumb and index finger were now touching my cock, with only my underwear and shorts between them. The car’s movements were causing his hand to move up and down ever so slightly while his snoring continued. I thought I could orgasm right there, but knew I couldn’t. I tried to focus on what I saw through the window. A really large mountain now loomed in the distance. “Is that it?” “Huh?”, David replied, keeping his eyes on the road. “Oh, well, that’s only the start of it. If you wanna hike for a day without seeing a road you gotta go further out.” The feeling I could orgasm any second had passed. Fact still was that a man was in effect rubbing my penis while our heads were touching. I still had a raging hard-on but I felt like I had more control over the situation. “That is where lots of that show Twin Peaks was filmed, though.” “What? I don’t know that show.” “Oh, right, you probably did not get that in Russia.”

The further we went, the more mountains appeared in our view. Brett’s body was sagging in his seat so his head now rested on my shoulder. All of my right leg was now touching Brett’s left. He had taken back his hand to scratch his own crotch. I saw his bulge expanding, but couldn’t really make anything out because his hand still partially covered it. I was still turned on and positive I had dribbled some precum into my underwear. “You wanna hear some of my stuff?” David asked, while already switching the car radio to CD. “Sure!” It was nice, uplifting music. It was pretty cool to hear David sing on a CD. I forgot about Brett for just a little bit. David went into a backstory about how this album happened and it was pretty cool to hear him talk about it. Until he talked about the tour, the booze and the girls.

I was on a roadtrip with two hot men, who were shirtless and to either side of me. I could not have predicted my life would go this way so quickly. By now there were mountains all around us, and I thought it was so pretty. I could not believe we had never taken Erik here. We had kept to Redmond and Seattle so much. Our holidays were usually to Moscow to see my parents. Once he is a little older I would most definitely take Erik hiking, I decided. “Imagine all of this will be covered in snow in just a few months and people will be going here to ski”, David said. He looked over at me when something caught his eye. “Look! You have it too!” He pointed down and I saw that my erection had still not gone down and was even noticeable enough for David to see while driving. “You and I are more alike than you think, buddy!” One loud snore echoed in the truck and Brett was sitting up straight. “What?”, he asked us. “Unlike sleeping beauty here. You all right?” “Yeah?”, he said, seemingly a bit confused. “We’re nearly there”, David happily announced. “I’m sorry guys, I haven’t been sleeping so well lately”, Brett said. “It’s OK”, I said. His beautiful blue eyes looked tired but he gave me a smile before he looked out the window. “Look at those rock formations”, he said.

We got out of the truck and all around us were green trees and rocks, capped off with blue sky. It was not as hot as it was in the city, but very pleasantly warm. We all put our tanktops back on, Brett and David also put on their hiking boots, we grabbed our backpacks, double checking for the tent, water and food, and soon enough we were ready to go.

David lead the way and not much later we were on a narrow gravelly trail going up. We could no longer hear the freeway, just the sounds of birds and every now and then the wind in the trees. The views were amazing, but I started paying less attention. I realized I was less experienced in the hiking than the other two, as I was starting to feel a little out of breath when Brett and David still seemed so pumped and were going quite fast. The sight of Brett’s bubbly butt in front of me kept me going. “Hold on, guys, look at this view!” Moss-covered rocks, trees, and in the distance more rock formations and a blue sky made for a beautiful picture. I took out my phone to snap a photo, which also got me some time to catch my breath while the other guys waited.

Conversation topics were mainly cars, sports, and women. And unless the sport was soccer, I wasn’t really at home in any of those topics. I remained mostly quiet. The tanktops came off again quite soon. Brett tucked his in the back of his shorts, which helped his shorts to sag and to show off a white elastic band, belonging to his underwear. His body glistened with sweat. I was motivated to keep up with both of them.

Soon the trail lead us into the forest. The shade made for a welcome cooler environment. There were some of the highest trees I had ever seen. We sat down on a fallen tree to rest and drink some water. “I’m really glad we’re doing this again”, Brett said. “Thanks for coming, Sergey”. “Oh, I’m loving it”, I said, although I’m sure it was clear I was having a hard time keeping up. “It’s beautiful here”. “I just need to get away from the day-to-day every now and then, you know. Everything in that house reminds me of Nellie”. I felt bad for Brett. David was right in that it’s so different when you’re not the one who wants the divorce. Four months later, he still seemed broken up about it. “I had planned this big trip to the Caribbean for me and her”, he continued as he turned to me, “which I haven’t cancelled. I kind of still want to go, just not by myself. David can’t come, so I was hoping you and I could go? It’s Antigua”. Brett was asking me to come on a trip to the Caribbean? “No charge, flight and hotel are booked. Just keep me company for a week.” “Heck yeah!”, I said. “Thanks so much, man!” His sweaty torso hugged mine. “I promise I won’t go on about Nellie too much”, he said. “You’re paying for my trip, you can talk about whatever you like”, I said. Brett laughed. “Why can’t you come?”, I asked David. “Can’t miss those rehearsals, you know. Also, I’d just rather not go on a honeymoon-like trip with a guy, you know”, he stared ahead, sipping water while he said this. “Oh, yeah, it is a king size bed in a resort, but we can just get an extra bed rolled in”, Brett told me. “Either way, it’s the Caribbean!”, I said, maybe a bit too excitedly. “I’ve never been! And I can take time off work quite easily, I’m the manager!” I was practically ready to go now. This sounded so romantic, even though Brett might not see it the same way.

We continued on our way when we came out of the forest into this grassy and green open space. We went higher and higher up and I could tell by my breathing that there was seemingly less air. I was getting more hot and sweaty, but so were the other guys as our pace slowed down. The grass turned to rocks and the trees on the side stopped, giving us a view of all the other mountains around. Now I could see how high up we had really gone. I was quite impressed with myself. The views also made me feel so small, and I could totally see why Brett needed to come here to put things into perspective. There were times when David struggled with his fear of heights, but we talked him through it, the narrow paths by the edge of a mountain being his biggest obstacle.

A steep path on the side of the mountain lead us to the top of it. We overlooked a valley surrounded by these massive mountains. It felt so good looking around, knowing I had made it up here. Brett put his arm around my shoulders and said “It’s breathtaking, isn’t it?” “I have never seen something like this”, I replied. He had put his cap on, backwards, and wordlessly gave me a bottle of sunscreen as he turned his back toward me. I started putting the cream on his shoulders around the straps of the backpack. “I’m going to get backpack-tan, aren’t I?” “I think we all are”, I said. I was feeling more and more close to him, emotionally and physically. David had stayed behind, keeping some distance from the edge. “It also looks great from here”, he said. However, the trail continued on top of the mountain, so Brett and I coached him. He was getting better with it, more daring. We had been walking for about four hours and although I felt my legs were heavy, I just couldn’t stop walking. Every half an hour there was something else that made every step completely worthwhile. Whether it was a lake that was so much further down the mountain than we were, or a rock formation, I was taking pictures with my phone like a tourist. Every time we reached a spot where we could look so far across mountain tops, I felt on top of the world. We stopped to sit down on a rock formation and have some lunch. David brought sandwiches.

In the afternoon there was lots of downhill walking. Water cascaded on the rocks into a small creek as we walked a bridge to cross it. The trail went back into the forest. Brett suddenly turned around to face me. “I need a whizz”, he said. “I’ll catch up”. I continued walking as David and I reached another open space with a gorgeous lake. It was surrounded by trees. We took off our backpacks and sat down in the grass to take in the view. All of a sudden Brett ran past us in just his tight, white designer briefs. He ran into the lake and dove in. The underwear seemed similar to the ones he had worn in my house a few weeks back, but it went just a little too fast. “Come on”, David said, as he untied his boots. I followed his lead and soon we were taking our shorts off. David pulled his boxerbriefs down as well. “I am not getting my underwear wet though!”, he yelled as he started running into the lake. I saw his muscled ass running toward Brett. For a second I had doubts, but realizing neither of these guys was going to be looking at me anyway, I chucked my underwear too.

The water was surprisingly cold, but after a second it was incredibly refreshing. We threw some water around at each other, but soon enough we were just relaxing in the water. We discussed how we still had a few hours before it would start getting dark and what was needed for a good spot to set up camp. As we got out of the water, Brett grabbed me by the shoulder and said, “Hold up”. “What?”, I asked, as we were up to our knees in the water. “Is your dick uncircumcised?” “Uhh”, was my first reaction as I was mainly thinking about Brett checking out my penis, “yeah”. “Cool”, he said as he looked at it for a second longer and then kept going. His white briefs were now practically see-through. His beefy butt jiggled as he walked. David’s bare ass seemed more muscled and less jiggly. I was thinking it was a shame Brett studied my cock just as it was slightly shriveled up because of the cold water. But he didn’t care… Did he?

David stepped into his shorts and I was not able to check out his cock. Brett, however, took off his underwear and stepped into his shorts commando. I saw an equally shriveled up penis, circumcised, probably only three inches, disappear into his shorts. His underwear had to dry as he put it in his back pocket for now. The last few hours were very distracting as Brett’s shorts hung low. I walked behind him and continuously saw just an inch of his butt-crack. I don’t remember seeing any of the beautiful views from that moment on. The sun slowly disappeared behind a mountain and we had to find a place to put up our tent.

When we had found a nice spot, Brett and David offered to set up the tent as they had used this tent last time. I got the task of finding wood for the fire. Soon enough I was done and I came back to Brett bending forward, much like he did over his gym bag a few weeks ago, only this time with sagging shorts. Half of his ass was hanging out, and besides carrying some, I was now also sporting wood. To distract myself and to keep from staring, I offered to help. A minute later, the tent was up, so to speak, and mine was down. “It’s a bit small”, I said. “Yeah, for the three of us, it might be a bit crammed. Should be alright though”, David said.

A fire was made and now that the sun had gone down, it was quite nice to have the warmth. “Bring out the wieners!”, Brett said. “Not like last time though”, David said. Brett laughed loudly. We heated up our sausages in the fire and had marshmallows for dessert.

“After what happened last time, I didn’t bring any beers. That was a dumb decision”, David said. “Yeah, I could use a drink”, Brett said. “You’re going to be happy you brought me!”, I announced as I dug through my bag. Eventually I held up a flask. “Original Russian vodka”, I said. Brett and David cheered. “You know what, Sergey, you have the accent of a Bond villain, but you’re really a good guy”. We all laughed. We passed the flask around and we decided to each tell each other something about our lives the others don’t know yet. “Both my kids were… a surprise”, David said. “Mary and I had only been dating less than a year when she got pregnant with Josephine. Her Catholic parents were already upset she was with me, a musician, so we married before Jo was born. That’s now 11 years ago. After we got married, we tried to give Jo a sibling – those were great times – but it didn’t work out. We stopped trying, but she got pregnant with Ryan after all, at an age when we didn’t think it was possible.” “I was wondering about that age difference”, I said. “Yeah, they’re six years apart”, David answered.

When it was Brett’s turn, he got serious and said “Nellie is a cervical cancer survivor”. “Oof”, David said. “Yeah. It was tough times. She was diagnosed just after our wedding. I tried to be there for her as much as I could. But I had to continue work, of course, to pay the medical bills. It’s tough, because disease is one of those things you just can’t protect your lover from. So it was a helpless feeling. She was declared cancer-free when she was 32 and it was unlikely we would be able to have a kid. But, three years later…”, he didn’t finish his sentence. “So, for us, Debbie was a surprise of a different kind. We consider her a miracle.” “Wow. I can imagine”, David whispered. “Brett…” I didn’t quite know how to ask this. “Yeah?” “How long were you by Nellie’s side when she was sick?” “Five years.” No one said anything as the fire made the only sound for a few seconds. “Is it OK if I actively dislike Nellie for leaving you now?”, I asked. “Yeah, Brett, let’s be honest. That’s a dick move.” Brett sighed. “If I couldn’t make her happy... I don’t blame her.” He took a gulp of vodka. I think that was the moment I fell in love with Brett.

But then it was my turn. I knew what I was going to say. I also took a big gulp of vodka and just came out with it. “I left Audra… Because I’m gay.” Brett and David stared at me, they seemed stunned. Then suddenly a smile formed on Brett’s face. “The Russian guy is gay, I have to say I love that!”, he said and laughed. “Wow… You must be so happy you get to stay in America”, was David’s reaction. “I really am”, I said as I took another sip. “This is my favorite story. You are such a great guy”, David said. “Guys… I need a group hug now”, Brett declared as he stood up. “I really feel closer to both of you. Thanks for becoming such good friends.” We all hugged and I felt like this was possibly the best time of my life.

To be continued…

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