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Brett, the Divorced Dad, Part 6

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“Room service!” I woke up. The first thing I saw was the view. Blue skies and green tree tops were visible beyond the patio. I wasn’t sure if I had just heard someone outside our cabin or not. Brett was still sleeping in the position I last saw him in before I fell asleep. We were both naked on top of the covers. Brett’s head was on my chest and his arm was wrapped around me tightly. His snore was quite light this time. I could feel his erection in my side and could not believe he was hard again after what we got up to last night.

Then a man was on our patio. He wore the hotel uniform, which was a light blue polo shirt and black pants. He wore his dreads in a ponytail. He carried two plates with covers and put them down on the wooden table on the patio. Then he turned and looked at us. I saw his expression of shock before he noticed I was awake and he smiled. He put both of his hands up that I interpreted as an apology. I put my index finger over my mouth to signal him to be quiet so he wouldn’t wake up Brett. I was surprised at my own confidence, laying there naked, my cock fully visible to him and another naked man cuddling me. The man disappeared and soon came back with a tray that had two glasses, two cups, a pot and a bottle of probably orange juice. He looked at me again and gestured to the table, as if to say “Enjoy”. I smiled and gave him a nod and he left.

I gave Brett a kiss on his head. His snoring stopped but he didn’t move. He moaned softly. “Good morning, babe”, I said. He didn’t open his eyes but I saw him smile as he mockingly repeated, “…Babe?” “Breakfast is here.” “Huh?” “Someone came in and brought breakfast.” “Oh.” “He saw us like this.” Brett now opened his eyes and laughed. He raised his head to look at me. He kissed me on the mouth. No tongue. “Thanks for the hot fuck last night”, he said as he continued to look at me and smile. Then he rolled away and got up. His hot ass jiggled as he walked onto the patio. He lifted a plate cover and nodded in approval before he put it back. He smelled the pot and poured it into one of the cups. He turned around, showing me his hard cock pointing straight at me. “Coffee?”, he asked. “Please.” He poured into the other cup as well and was about to bring both cups over to the bed. “Nah, I’ll come eat at the table”, I said. “I just remembered… I think I ordered breakfast in the room every morning when I booked this back in January.” “Perfect”, I said.

Brett was a bit tough to read that morning. I was curious how he felt about what we did. About me. Were we still on this trip as friends? I wasn’t sure how to act. When he got up after breakfast to use the bathroom, I slapped him on the ass and immediately felt unsure if I was supposed to. He didn’t say anything about it, but he had me in this difficult position where I would have sex with him if he wanted to, but in between we would just act as friends. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, I just knew that I didn’t want to lose him altogether. If that meant that there were moments in between where I had to act more like a friend, I would. “Hey, do you wanna go down to the beach this morning?”, Brett asked when he returned. He had decided to slip on his briefs. Possibly in reaction to me slapping his ass. “Because I feel like we should talk… Also, we can decide what we want to do later today.”

We walked down the hill in our flip flops, both wearing sunglasses and a towel over our shoulder. We were both in swimwear. Me, in the black speedo I have had for a while. Brett in blue short shorts, which I felt were not tight enough. Hopefully the shorts would get more clingy once he got in the water. The beach was gorgeous. White sand and light blue water like out of a computer screensaver. Some of the recliners were taken, but we walked a bit further and there were plenty still empty. They were placed in pairs, the hotel obviously knowing they mostly had couples visiting. But right now, I did not know what Brett and I were.

We put down our towels on a recliner each, I put down the bottled water I brought, we kicked off our flip flops and took off our sunglasses and raced for the water. I beat Brett to it, dove into the salty waves and it felt great. This place was like a dream come true. The water washed away my doubts about my relationship with Brett, only for a short while. I could sense Brett would bring it up soon, as we were away from any other beach visitors. Some of them tanning, some reading, a few looking out into the sea, where for now I could just see us and a windsurfer quite far out. I spotted what I was assuming the gay bodybuilder couple from the restaurant last night, wearing speedos that were too small for them.

“Sergey…”, Brett started, and I thought I knew what was coming. “I owe you an apology.” That was not what I thought was coming. I was floating on my back in the water, but for this I decided to stand, as the water came to our waists. “It was unfair of me to first tell you I wanted to go on this trip as friends, and then basically beg you to fuck me on the first night.” I remained silent, but he had a point. I was afraid of where this conversation would lead. “I’m just in a weird place right now”, he continued. “I love your company. You’re the first real connection I have made since my separation and I feel like a big part of me so badly wants to jump into a close, intimate relationship again, because I miss that so much, you know?” While he was talking he looked at the water, as if he needed to look away to form his sentences. But sometimes, after a sentence was completed, he paused and looked up at me. And then back to the water. “But it’s unfair of me to demand both just a friendship and that intimacy from you. You’re gay. I don’t know if you maybe have feelings for me. But I have to admit I enjoy feeling this close to you. You make me feel comfortable. I feel like I kinda need you right now, but if you’re developing feelings for me… That scares me, because I don’t know if I will feel like this in the long run. I guess what I’m saying is… You know how I gave David crap for thinking his sexuality is a completely inflexible thing? Last night was the hottest sex I’ve ever had… And I don’t really know what that means. So what I’m saying is… I’m confused. Because you deserve a great guy, Sergey. Someone who finds you sexy. Not someone who likes getting fucked in the ass but then the next morning sees you as a friend again. So I need you to be clear about what you want.” Now he continued to look at me and scratched the back of his head. He seemed uncomfortable.

“Please say something”, he said. I giggled for a little bit. I was incredibly nervous. “You surprise me”, I started. “You are so honest. I could tell you are confused, because I have been confused like this before. But unlike me, you have been upfront about it. I was so scared for this conversation, because I…” I had to find words and noticed that I, too, was looking at the water to find them. “I think you’re the best, Brett. You are the nicest guy I know, you are sexy as fuck, and you are the first guy ever I have a crush on. And all I want is for this… thing… that we have… to not end. If you want me to be your friend, I’ll be your friend. If you want me to fuck you every time you’re drunk and then not speak about it, I would.” He laughed, but he looked concerned. “At least for now. Because I, too, am not sure if I would be OK with that in the long run. It doesn’t matter how long we feel this way, for now I am enjoying this trip the way it is. I promise not to have any expectations throughout this trip and beyond. But I need to know… Like, I can’t treat you like you’re my boyfriend if…” I was about to ask if I could slap his butt whenever I wanted when he interrupted me. “This scares me, Sergey. I feel like you are giving me too much power. I don’t want this to end with me hurting you.” “Well, then we’re going to have to give me more power. We just have to set some rules. Maybe we can test if we can be boyfriends on this trip? Like, I’ll fuck you, I’ll listen to anything you want to get off your chest about your marriage and Debra, I’ll comfort you… In return, I get to slap your ass at breakfast”, I paused when Brett blushed and looked away from me, smiling. I get to kiss you when I feel like it. We’re romantic with each other. But at the end of the week, we evaluate and decide if this is something we want to continue and if not, we go back to being friends.” “Do you reckon you’ll be able to do that?” “I reckon I’ll have made you fall in love with me.” He laughed. “Seriously, I am sure I would be able to control myself if we go back to being friends.” “Can I think about it?” “Sure!”

He slowly waded through the water to hug me. I kissed him on the cheek. We got out of the water and the wet blue short shorts stuck to Brett’s butt beautifully. I restrained myself and did not slap his butt.

When we came back to our recliners, Brett asked me to rub some sunscreen on his back. This sounded like a rather boyfriend-type task and I happily obliged. As I did, the bodybuilder couple came our way. The black guy wore green speedos. The white guy was slightly shorter and not as overly built as his partner. But still very muscled and bodybuilder-like. He wore yellow speedos. Both pairs of speedos seemed tiny on their massive bodies. “Hey”, the shorter one said. “You just arrived here, didn’t you?” “We did!”, Brett said as I continued rubbing sunscreen on him. “Welcome!”, the shorter white one said, who was fully bald and had a large tattoo on his arm. He extended it to shake our hands. I had sunscreen on mine so I just waved. “We’re Jeremy and Scott Dawson-Smith”, the bigger African American one said. He gestured to show that he was Jeremy and his Caucasian husband was Scott. “We’re from Portland, Maine.” “I’m Sergey and this is Brett”, I said. “We’re from Redmond, Washington.” “Well, it’s good to see another gay couple out here”, Scott said. “We have a weird question”, Jeremy said. Brett looked up and said, “Shoot.” “We rented this big boat for this afternoon and we were wondering if you wanted to come along.” Brett looked back at me and by his expression I could tell he would be up for it. “That sounds pretty cool”, I said. “Awesome!” Jeremy seemed genuinely happy to bring another couple on what sounded to me like a very romantic date. “No rings? So not married?”, Scott asked as he pointed at Brett’s hand. “Just boyfriends”, Brett said as he looked back at me and winked. What was that supposed to mean?

We walked back up the hill to our cabin to change when Brett said, “So you promise not to get hurt if at the end of this I want to go back to being friends?” “Oh I can’t promise I won’t get hurt. But it will have been worth it! I can promise I’ll remain your friend and get over it.” “This is a bad idea, but I kind of want to try it.” “So we’re boyfriends for a week?” I looked at Brett and saw the hesitance in his face. “We’re boyfriends for a week.” I immediately grabbed his hand as we walked hand in hand to the cabin. He smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.

Jeremy and Scott had rented a car for their whole stay. “It has been great to explore the island, I definitely recommend it”, Jeremy said as he drove away from the resort. It was only a short drive to the harbor. We were clearly in a prime tourist area as there were lots of hotels, restaurants and even a golf course nearby. In less than ten minutes we were at a rental place called Horizon Yacht Charters. Which sounded a bit too good to be true. But in no time we were boarding a 41 foot boat with plenty of room on the front to tan. The inside looked fancy and a bottle of champagne was already chilled. I looked at Brett. “This whole trip is crazy”, I whispered to him. He smiled at me. “Hey guys, we are more than willing to chip in for this”, he then told Jeremy and Scott. “Oh, let’s worry about that when we get back. We just put a deposit down for now”, Jeremy said. “Let’s get this baby out into the water”, Scott cheered.

Jeremy and Scott both did not drink alcohol, so Brett and I cheered to a great trip. Jeremy and Scott drank water. Jeremy was driving the boat out to sea, Scott encouraged us to go to the front of the boat and hang out. We stripped to our swimwear, which for all three of us was still the same as we wore to beach. We laid down our towels and sat on them. Scott was to my right and as he sat down I saw about a third of his crack hanging out of his speedos. In a way, it was quite a turn-on as he was acting like nothing was up, even though he was practically naked. His big curvaceous butt was all muscle and different from Brett’s albeit not in size. Brett was to my left in the blue short shorts. Maybe this week I could convince him to switch to speedos, now that he was my boyfriend for the week.

Scott, Brett and I chatted. The wind blew in our faces as we went further out from the harbor. Scott and Jeremy were here for their first wedding anniversary and had also gone to the Caribbean for their honeymoon. They said it could be tricky as in a lot of counties in the Caribbean homosexuality is illegal. But they hadn’t had any bad experiences. Because Scott was talking, I was looking at him throughout. Suddenly I felt Brett’s hand on my thigh. He was laying back, just enjoying the sunshine. With his black baseball hat covering his face from my point of view he seemed to actively shut himself out from the conversation. Scott and I were still sitting up. Brett slowly stroked my thigh and it was kind of hot. “Hey, babe”, I said as I turned to face him. “Enjoying the sunshine?” “It’s amazing”, he said as he looked up so I could see his face. He wore such a big smile, I could tell he was really loving being on this boat. I also laid back and gave him a kiss. We had to angle our heads in a certain way to avoid Brett’s baseball hat. Now he did slip me the tongue and we had a short, passionate kiss. He held my hand and made it rest on his chest. “You make a really cute couple”, Scott said. I was slightly surprised at how intimate Brett was being.

“I think we’re out far enough”, Scott shouted at Jeremy. The boat almost immediately slowed down. “How are you for drinks?”, Jeremy asked, loudly, to be heard over the sound of the water. “Oh, a refill would be great, actually”, I said as I got Brett’s and my champagne glass and started to get up. “No no”, Scott said. “You two stay here and be adorable.” He took the glasses from me and got up. Brett smiled at me as Scott walked off. “Do you reckon they want something from us?”, he asked. “Like what?” “Sex.” “No… I don’t think so?” “Do you think they’re hot?” “I don’t know… They’re a bit… big.” “You want to fuck their massive asses though, right?” “I really don’t. Your massive ass is my favorite.” “I was already feeling a little jealous just now.” I laughed. “You are so cute. You’re the one I have a crush on. Don’t worry.” We kissed, passionately. “Look at the lovebirds!”, Jeremy said as he gave us a full glass of champagne each. He was now also just wearing his green speedos and a blue baseball hat of his own. Jeremy now sat next to me, Scott then sat next to him. “On our honeymoon”, Jeremy explained, “we didn’t always feel comfortable acting like a couple in front of all the straight couples on the beach. Especially in a country where you could end up in jail. While that’s really all you want to do on your honeymoon, right? So we rented a boat, just like now, so we could swim in the sea, give each other a kiss here and there, you know. So when we saw you guys, we wanted to give you the same thing.” “Well, thanks so much”, I said. “It does feel more comfortable out here.” “And you can swim naked if you like, we’re so far out. I know I will!”, Scott said. “That does sound kind of amazing”, Brett piped up to my left.

It was a very sexy day. I felt a buzz from the champagne. Scott, Jeremy, Brett and I were all naked in the water and on the boat, but the only sexual chemistry was within the couples. Scott and Jeremy would flirt with each other, Brett and I would make out as we swam in the sea. Once Scott and Jeremy cuddled and fell asleep while tanning, Brett and I snuck off to a cabin in the boat. “I want you deep inside me”, Brett whispered. We tried to be quiet, but we got lost in each other and I fucked the living daylights out of him. His hole enveloped my cock perfectly, it was like our bodies were made for each other. Because we hadn’t brought a condom, I was hesitant to cum inside him, but he insisted that he wanted my load. Brett came, once again handsfree, just as I had my orgasm inside of him. We thought we would get away with it, but when we walked back up Scott and Jeremy had clearly noticed. The movement of the boat had woken them up, but Brett’s desperate moaning became the focus of the jokes.

We all changed into the outfits we brought and decided to have dinner together in a restaurant near the harbor. In the end, Brett chipped in on some of the rent of the boat, but I didn’t really pay attention to how much. We had a lovely meal. Brett’s cheeks had gotten a bit rosey from all the sun exposure, even though we reapplied sunscreen throughout the afternoon. He looked so cute with his ruffled dried up hair, which he tried to hide under the hat for most of the evening. His scruff had grown out more, causing his moustache to stand out less. This guy could pull off any look he wanted.

When Jeremy and Scott dropped us off at the resort, each couple went to their own cabin. Brett and I took a shower together. I felt so relaxed and at ease. All I wanted to do was cuddle and go to sleep with Brett in my arms. He appeared to have the same thoughts. In the shower we kissed and hugged a little, but we were too tired to have sex a second time that day. I put lotion on Brett’s body where I felt like he might get burned, and I noticed we both got boners again. I couldn’t resist and ended up sucking his dick for a little, but soon enough we went to bed before he reached orgasm.

I woke up the next morning from loud snoring. I was naked and on my back. Next to me, also naked and on his back was Brett. Clearly where the snoring was coming from. This time only our shoulders touched. We both had major morning wood. Brett actually had a string of precum hanging between the head of his cock and his belly. I also saw that breakfast had already appeared on the patio. I giggled at what the poor man must have seen this time. “Babe”, I whispered. “Hmmm…” “Breakfast is served.” “Is it sausage?” Without opening his eyes he reached for my cock. I said nothing and just gasped and moaned softly. Slowly Brett came to life more and starting sucking my dick. I was so horny all of a sudden I needed to have his ass. “Can I please fuck you? I’m so horny.” “You bet”, he said as he turned to crouch down on all fours. I took him doggy style, rougher than I ever had. “Holy… fuck…”, he said and the now familiar moaning started again. He put his head down on the pillow and held on to the head of the bed, which was shaking back and forth. “Sergey, fuck me hard…. I can feel you so deep inside me…” Brett was starting a monologue of dirty talk and it was seriously hot. “Please give me all of your big hard dick… I love your big hard dick in my ass… Oh, fuck!” He sat up on his knees and pushed me out of him. He made me lay down on my back and he straddled me. Soon enough he was riding my cock as his own rock hard member bounced up and down. Seemingly endless strings of precum dangled down on my stomach. I saw his eyes roll up in pleasure and his eyelids flutter.

Then, all of a sudden, there it was. “I love you, Sergey. I love you.” He said it like it was part of his dirty talk and I didn’t know what to say. “Do you love me back? Tell me you love me, Sergey.” I looked at him and his bright blue eyes were looking straight at me. “I love you, Brett.” His blue eyes rolled up again and he came all over me. He collapsed on the bed and cuddled me. “Fuck the test”, he said while catching his breath. “I want to be yours. Forever.” I was surprised to find a tear rolling down my face. “You are mine, Brett.”


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