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My Hottest Patients, Part 1: Alvaro

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It’s quite difficult to explain how my practice went from a regular physician’s practice to the leading practice on men’s sexual health in Walpole, Massachusetts. I had studied men’s sexual health quite extensively, before and after getting my degree. But it was likely it was word of mouth within the Walpole community on how I handled some of my patients that made my reputation into what it was today. Technically I am still a regular physician, but reality is patients, usually men, sometimes come to me specifically and tell me they heard I am the leading expert on something. It was possible that it also had to do with my own big mouth. Whenever my friends and I go to a gay bar in one of the surrounding villages (Stoughton, Randolph, sometimes we go to Boston), they convince me to tell my best stories about the patients I get. Some of them get a true kick out of it. So I hope you will, too.

My parents moved from China to Massachusetts when I was 1 year old in 1987. Now I am a 5’9’’, 218 lbs bear of a gay man. This is thanks to lots of free time spent in the gym and pool. I have short black hair and some light facial hair. There aren’t many Asian gay men in this area, thankfully I really found my place within the bear community, which sometimes makes me question if I shouldn’t move to Boston. But I am simply too attached to this practice.

This story is from the time I was just regular Dr Bobby Cho, and regular physical exams were a standard part of my day. And it was a regular Monday altogether, when I checked my schedule for my last appointment before lunch. I remembered the name, but it didn’t immediately click. I went to the waiting room and called “Mr Fraga?”. I saw a young woman, who I guessed to be of Indian descent, turning and giving the young man seated next to her a quick peck on the mouth and telling him something. They were both in their late twenties. He stood up and was about my height. He wore a black hoodie and blue jeans. Muscular, but not as beefy as me. Short brown hair and brown eyes, some scruffy facial hair, a nervous look on his face as I shook his hand. I remembered.

I let him walk into the examination room before me and yep, it was still there. A big, round, bulging butt that seemed totally out of place on his body type. Don’t get me wrong, muscular guys can have nice, round butts, but when Alvaro Fraga walked away, his ass remained in a room significantly longer than the rest of his body. One could balance a drink on it. About a year ago Alvaro had come in for his physical and as a cyclist he needed one per year. I hadn’t expected him back after what happened last year.

“Good to see you again, Alvaro!” “Hi”, he said shortly as he sat down. He managed to smile a little bit. “Has it been a year already?” “Yeah, coach wanted me to have another physical with you. So here I am”, he said, matter-of-factly. Immediately I wondered who this coach was and if he had to push hard to get Alvaro to come back to me specifically. “Great”, I replied. “Let’s get started.”

Soon, Alvaro had stripped down to his green boxerbriefs and sat down on the examination table. I could make out his cock inside of his underwear, draped sideways across his balls. It was an uncircumcised penis of average length, though thicker than usual. I got my stethoscope and fondled his lightly hairy chest. I had forgotten how massive his nipples were as I brushed my hands past them, seeing if I could get a reaction inside of his underwear. Nothing happened. I asked him some questions about his alcohol intake and if he had noticed any irregularities or pains on his body. I checked his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. He seemed like a perfectly healthy young man. I checked his reflexes on his knees while feeling up his massive, hairy thighs. And soon enough I got to the truly interesting part.

“Alvaro, can I ask you to step out of your underwear?”, I asked. I saw his expression and added, “Only for a little while.” His cock appeared from his underwear and as it dangled down it reached slightly lower than his ballsack. It was a juicy one, but for gay men his cock was not his prime asset. Though I am sure that girl in the waiting room is sexually satisfied nevertheless. I asked him to remain standing up.

I asked him if he self-examines for lumps as I examined his testicles. No response in his cock whatsoever. This guy was straight as an arrow. I explained that monthly self-exams are encouraged when it comes to the testicles. It was a story I had told often, so while telling it, I remained focused on his crotch. I took a bit longer than I would with an unattractive patient, but nothing extremely obvious. It was the last part that I was most looking forward to. It was also the part that was so hot last year and the part Alvaro had been so nervous for.

“Well, you know what’s coming…”, I said. Alvaro was waiting to actually hear me say it. “Please bend over the table, it’ll only take a short while.” I saw him sigh. He turned around and faced the table. He bent over and a gorgeous, hairy hole barely became visible. My cock now started throbbing in my pants. I had to ask him to pull his cheeks apart further so I could examine him.

I put my gloves on and got out the lube. “This might feel a little cold, I am just going to apply the lubrication.” I looked at his face and saw the sweat on his forehead and down the side of his face. “Try to relax and take deep breaths.” I could hear him breathing in and out and at the start of an outward breath I inserted my lubed up finger into his hole.

The slow, deep breaths stopped and Alvaro gasped, exclaiming “Dios mio…” I felt around his hole with my finger and quite soon realized that he was absolutely fine. But I also knew from last year that Alvaro was very sensitive to anal stimulation. So I was going to take my time. I moved my finger around some more, going as deep as I could, which resulted in loud moaning from my patient, as he writhed his upper body around on the exam table. “Ohhhh… ohhhh….” I could have sworn he was pushing his ass onto my finger, only for a little bit. “Just once more, I need to check something”, was all the warning I gave before pushing two fingers inside his willing hole. “Ohhhh”, the moaning went up an octave. “Oh my… Ugh…. Uhhhh”, he exclaimed as his body started shaking. He let go of his cheeks and held onto the table.

I knew I had reached my goal and I pulled my fingers out. “I had to make sure, but you are perfectly fine”, I said as I took off the gloves. The anal exam had really only taken 30 seconds, tops. Alvaro slowly stood up straight and turned around. “Dr Cho?”, he said, innocently. I pretended to be surprised when I saw his hard cock pointing to the ceiling, with strands of cum sticking to his belly and hanging off the head of his dick. His member was a nice 7’’ long, but more noticeable was its thickness. “It happened again”, he said softly, looking guilty. His cock had gone from flaccid to orgasm within 30 seconds. That knowledge alone is incredibly hot to me.The facts that it was from anal stimulation alone and that he is an attractive straight man with a huge ass did help. “Oh, that’s actually very common”, I reassured him and at least for my practice I was speaking the truth. I got some paper towels and went to clean him up as he stopped me. “I’ll do it”, he said and he took the paper towels from me. Quickly he got himself cleaned up. He looked mortified.

I went to sit behind my desk and entered some data into the system for Alvaro. I told him everything seemed to be perfectly in order and that the exam was over. I asked him when his next competition was, but he just mumbled something while putting his clothes back on. Out of politeness, we shook hands, but soon enough he was out the door.

And that’s the story of Alvaro. Next time: Ace.

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