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My Hottest Patients, Part 2: Ace

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“Mr Ace Griffin?” It had been a pretty regular Tuesday at the practice. But when I read out this name, which I hadn’t seen before, and saw a bear of a man stand up, I knew this day could turn for the better. He was about 6’, 45 years old, had short strawberry blond hair, green eyes, a sexy sideways smile, and a beefy build. For now he was dressed in a blue and white plaid shirt and khaki pants. He had pale white skin, as he was probably of Irish descent. His face was neatly shaven, which brought out his Superman-type jawline. “Nice to meet you, doctor”, he said as shook my hand. “Dr Bobby Cho”, I said, introducing myself. I let him walk into the exam room first and saw that his beefy build was completed with a beefy ass.

“Please”, I said. “Take a seat”. Ace sat down and looked at me, smiling but clearly nervous. “So, what can I do for you today?” “Well… It’s barely a thing. But my wife insisted I would have you check me out. She said you were good in these matters.” I had no idea where he was going with this, but I continued to listen. “My wife thinks it’s odd that I pass out after sex.” I couldn’t refrain from raising an eyebrow when he said that, but I still said nothing. “I mean, I think most guys pass out after sex, but she said that recently it’s become… different.” He seemed to wait for me to say something, but I knew he had more to tell me. “The other day I passed out on top of her, and, well… I didn’t remember my own… orgasm. So she said I should come to you.” “Why did she say to come to me?”, I wondered out loud. “My wife plays tennis with someone whose son you’ve helped in the past… Isn’t this a clinic that specializes in male sexuality?” “Well, it is my specialty. However it’s really just a regular practice. But don’t worry, I am sure I can help you.”

From the start it sounded like a regular blood pressure issue. But I was going to give him the, well, let’s call it specialized treatment. “Mr Griffin, there could be many things going on here. So, first, let me give you a regular check-up. If we don’t find the cause from there, I will treat you further. First, could you take off your clothing?” “Sure.” Ace immediately stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt. Then he bent down to take his shoes and socks off. The shirt came off and a wildly hairy chest appeared. It almost reached his shoulders, as his entire pecs were covered in hair. He had flat stomach, which I am sure was once very defined. It wasn’t as hairy as his chest, but there was a great treasure trail going down. Once the belt came off and the khakis came down, he was left with black CK briefs. The briefs were already bulging, even though they were clearly a large size. But that was because they had to fit across his beefy buns and wide hips. I was hella curious to find out what was inside.

“Please, take a seat on the table.” “Absolutely.” I started off with the regular things, checking his lungs, taking my time with the stethoscope, wandering through the forest on his chest. When I touched his nipple he flinched a little but afterwards he was fine. It was hard to tell if he was responding to it sexually, because it was hard to define what was what in his black briefs, and they already seemed quite full at the start. Then I checked his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. His green eyes were beautiful. When I checked his mouth, his breath was minty fresh. I was already starting to get a boner myself.

Then I checked his blood pressure and did indeed find out he was quite low. I’d have to put him on medication. But I was not going to tell him that. Yet. I checked his reflexes, so that I could stare at his bulge when I pretended to look at his knee.

Then, I had him lay down on the table. He lay back quietly and closed his eyes. I quickly scanned his gorgeous body. Now from a side view I could see the outline of his cock through the briefs, it was clearly draped down across his balls. I estimated it about 4’’ flaccid. His eyes remained closed as I felt around with my stethoscope some more. I asked him some questions about his family history when it comes to passing out, fainting. I now saw his stomach was actually quite hairy, the hairs were just lighter than on his chest. The little blond hairs looked so titillating and I couldn’t resist quickly going through them with my hand.

“Mr Griffin, I have an idea of what could be causing your post-coital fainting. It is probably your blood pressure. But as you have come to a specialist, I want to be sure. You are in a safe environment, would you be OK, with proceeding with a medical test?” “Of course”, he said. “It would involve getting you aroused up to completion, so I can see what happens to your body during an orgasm.” Ace seemed a little shocked, but he also seemed such a confident man, just lying there in his briefs. So I figured I had a good shot at him saying yes. “Uhmm…” He hesitated shortly. “if it helps you to be certain…?” “I wouldn’t want to put you on medication and then find out we are dealing with a different problem. There could be side effects to the medication, so I would prefer to make sure myself. But I do realize it puts you in a particular situation. All I can do is promise to not make it awkward and make you as comfortable as possible.” “It seems entirely reasonable, doctor”, he suddenly seemed convinced. “Please proceed with the test.” On the inside, I was doing a little happy dance, but on the outside, I kept my cool. “Could you please step out of your underwear then, Mr Griffin?”

I walked to get myself a pair of gloves, just to look more professional, because I really preferred to be hands on with this beautiful big man. As I put them on, I kept a close eye on my patient. Ace slowly stood up and took down his briefs. Once he got them past his thighs he let them slide down, picked them up with his foot, took them off and threw them near his other clothes. I saw trimmed pubes, a very lightly colored circumcised cock, indeed about 4 or 5’’, which if I was not mistaken was already pointing up in about a 60 degree angle. Did Ace already have a semi? I couldn’t really look for too long at first. “Please lay back down”, I said. As he did, his cock flopped onto his belly. I concluded he must have a semi. He lay still with his arms by his side and his eyes closed. “Now that we’re here, let me examine your testicles. Do you do self-exams?” “Yes, my regular doctor told me to do so once a month”, he said, keeping his eyes closed. “Very good”, I said.

I shortly played with his balls and saw his penis was still about halfway hard. “OK, try to focus…” was all I said as I now went on, fondling his penis. I slowly jerked it, stroked it and massaged it. I was surprised he let this all happen. He continued to lay there, motionless. He took deep breaths in and out, trying to relax. I saw his cock growing to about 6’’ or 7’’. It didn’t take him too long to get erect. He had a very nice penis.

Not much later, his body fully relaxed. His mouth opened, letting out some soft moans here and there. His hands grabbed the sides of the table. He looked up at his own cock every now and then. His eyes would roll back into his head, before he would lay it back down. “Oh yeah”, he whispered. “Mmm”, he moaned. At one point he even raised his head and looked at me. “How are you feeling, Mr Griffin?” “Really… really good”, he answered, looking me right in the eyes. He looked back at his crotch and I could feel his cock completely rigid in my hand. I knew he was about to shoot. I sped up my jerking motion and looked at him. “Oh yeah”, he said. Louder this time. His body was slowly tensing up, but then all of a sudden, I saw Ace’s eyes roll back completely, so all I could see was the white in his eyes. His head fell back on the table with a bang. His arms fell off the table and dangled down. His body was now completely relaxed as his spunk shot into the sky, the first jets hitting his chest, and some more hitting his stomach. I now heard snoring.

Ace’s body was left motionless on the exam table. His eyes were still slightly opened, all I could see was white. Cum was splattered across his upper body, and a loud snore now filled the room. I was hard as a rock. I fondled him some more before deciding to clean him up. He slowly came to. “Huh?”, was the first thing he said. “Are you OK, Mr Griffin?”, I asked nonchalantly as I was wiping cum off his dick. “Uh, yeah. Fine.” He looked at my hand cleaning him up, seemingly a bit confused. “You passed out at exactly the moment of orgasm. Do you remember it?” “No… I remember I was about to shoot, but… No.” I cleaned his chest and he suddenly admitted “I didn’t know where I even was for a second there.” He smiled. I smiled back. “So was the test conclusive?”, he asked. “Actually, yes”, I said as I threw away the paper towels with his cum. “I’m afraid it is your blood pressure that is a bit too low. During activities that are strenuous for the body and mind it is possible one faints because of low blood pressure. So I am afraid I have to put you on medication.” “That’s all right”, he said still laying on the exam table naked. “At least we now know for sure that’s what it is.” I smiled at him politely, still keeping up the act this was all part of a routine exam. “Let me help you get off the table”, I said. Ace did seem a bit dizzy at first, but once he was on his own feet, he seemed fine. As he got dressed, I wrote his prescription. “This was the best visit to a doctor I ever had”, he said, jokingly at first, but then “I feel so relaxed.” “I’m glad”, I said. Soon enough, we shook hands and said goodbye. “Thanks so much, doctor.” No, Ace. Thank you.

Next week: Jonny

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