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Ronnie and his Father chapter two: tied up

By Sonny-boy21

submitted March 3, 2017

Categories: Bondage, Family Fun, Fetish, Gay Erotic Stories, Sexual Encounters

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Ronnie sat in his bed one hand on his cock the other working the dildo in his ass. In his head, he imagined he and his dad were both in the pool again this time completely naked with his fathers hard cock up Ronnie's ass. Ronnie's bed was creaking and he was moaning. In the background his dads shower turned off but Ronnie didn’t hear it. He also didn’t realize that his door was about a third of the way open and his father was slowly walking towards it still naked and cock in hand.

Sgt. Rick stood in the shower and slowly stroked his cock the hot water falling off his body. In his head, he imagined his sons young sexy body his tight ass, slightly defined yet smooth muscles, his boyish face and cut six-inch cock. He sped up his stroking and came all over the shower wall. As he came down from the high he suddenly felt ashamed. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help it. He had been lusting after his son since the boy had turned sixteen. He had mostly kept himself in check. Occasionally sneaking a glance in the gym changerooms and one time spying on his jerking off session. He’d always pictured men in his head when he and his wife fucked but when Ronnie's body started filling out he started picturing him instead. Rick had always thought that if his son had found out he would be disgusted. Even though he caught him looking occasionally rick had chalked it up to innocent curiosity. At least until today that was. Earlier when he had come out of the house to see his wife off he had caught Ronnie staring at his package. He also was sure he’d seen the beginnings of an erection in Ronnie's pants. To test his assumptions, he sprayed Ronnie with the hose and sure enough his woody could be seen through his shorts. Rick would have never even dreamed what had happened next. Surely Ronnie's actions in the pool meant he wanted rick as much as rick wanted Ronnie? “Get a grip man. Stop thinking about your son like that” rick yelled at his reflection in the frosted glass He finished in the shower and stepped out. As he dried off he heard a strange noise coming through the bathroom door that was cracked open. It sounded like moaning…his son moaning and…saying something. Rick dropped the towel around his waste and opened the bathroom door. Across the hall, he could see his son’s door was open and through the door he saw his son laying on his bed jerking his meat. Rick walked across the hallway and hid behind his son’s open door peaking around it. From this point, he could see that his son’s legs were spread there was a dildo in his ass. Ronnie's head was back and a look of ecstasy was on his face and he was moaning. Then he surprised rick by opening his mouth and saying three words that sent thrills down his spine and into his dripping cock. “Fuck me Daddy” Ronnie moaned and with shudder he came cum shooting out of his young cock and onto his chest. Rick gasped and quickly stifled it. Ronnie continued to stroke and fuck his ass still moaning rick quietly moved around Ronnie's door, past it and into his own room. He got out the K Y and slathered it on his cock and started to slowly stroke it. He laid down on his bed and started to moan and grunt. He was so loud that he also didn’t realise his door was wide open and that his son was standing there his eyes amazed.

Ronnie came and cum shot out of his cock and onto his chest. He continued to stroke and work the dildo until he heard his door creak and looked around to see his dad buck naked cock in hand darting past. Ronnie let the dildo slide out and he got up off his bed and slowly walked out of his room and towards his dad’s room. There he saw his dad on the bed naked and jerking his magnificent seven-inch cut cock and moaning. “OH, GOD yes take my cock Ronnie boy. Take Daddies cock.” Ronnie stood there cum still dripping from his still erect cock. He decided to take a chance. If the pool experience and this told him anything it was that his dad wanted Ronnie as much as Ronnie wanted him. Ronnie slowly walked towards the bed and placed a hand on his father’s hands as they pumped his cock. His father moaned again but didn’t open his eyes. Ronnie moved his father’s hands and grasped his dads cock with his. His father looked up and gasped. “what are you doing!” he yelled angrily “stop!” But Ronnie’s father didn’t move and didn’t bat Ronnie's hands away either so Ronnie started to stroke up and down. “NO!” his father yelled and this time did move away. “this isn’t right Ronnie. I’m sorry” “Please daddy, I’m hungry for your cock.” Ronnie climbed on the bed and straddled his father pressing their hard Shafts together. He placed his hands on his fathers and brought them to his chest. Ronnie's father traced his finger in the cum that was still there and sighed then moaned as Ronnie started to dry hump him. Ronnie's father then suddenly stopped resisting and leaned in and kissed Ronnie fiercely on the lips. “don’t tell your mother”

Rick looked up at his son and bucked his hips upward. pleasure shot through him his sons sticky with cum cock and chest felt amazing against his body. He wrapped both arms around Ronnie and kissed him again his soft lips opened and his tongue darted out. “OH, wow daddy this feels so amazing. I’ve wanted this for so long.” Ronnie kissed ricks neck and chest. “me to Son ever since you were sixteen I’ve wanted your body.” Rick said Ronnie lifted his head his eyes and mouth smiling “Really daddy?” Rick cupped his sons face in his palm “Really kiddo. I love you so much” Rick then flipped Ronnie off him on to the bed next to him and pinned his arms down on either side. He climbed on top of him and began to lick up the cum on his chest savouring the sweet salty taste of it. “HMM I love your boy juice.” “oh, god dad that feels amazing” Ronnie moaned. Rick moved on to Ronnie's cock using his tongue to lick the length and took it into his mouth. “yes, daddy that feels wonderful.” Rick lifted his head and smiled at his son “do you want daddy to fuck you?” “yes, Daddy fuck me, I’ve dreamed about your cock in my ass for so long. Please fuck me” Ronnie said Rick laughed and reached over to the bedside table to grab the K Y, he bent down and kissed Ronnie on the lips. “spread your legs for daddy son so I can play with your hole” Ronnie complied, spreading his legs and lifting his ass in the air. “yes daddy” Rick squirted some KY on his finger and started to rub the entrance of his son’s hole at the same time he used his other hand to stroke his sons cock. This drew moans and gasps from his son’s mouth. Rick slowly pushed his finger inside Ronnie's hole going only as far as the knuckle and probing around trying to find the walnut sized prostate. Meanwhile Ronnie was moaning and riving on the bed. Rick still using his other had to stroke his Manhood started to go faster. “Oh, god Daddy yes don’t stop.” Ronnie said and reached down with his hand and pushed Ricks finger in further and moaned loudly. Rick chuckled as he found Ronnie's prostate and pressed on it which caused Ronnie to yell out “no daddy stop I’m gonna cum!” Rick stopped and took his figure out. “well we don’t want that, at least not just yet.” Rick looked down at his son, Ronnie was breathing heavily and looking up at him with adoration. “oh, my god dad I never knew how good it would feel to have you touch me like that. I love you so much.” Ronnie said and reach up to Ricks leaking cock and started to stroke. “please fuck me dad” “ok kiddo but I think we should make it interesting first” Rick smiled an evil smile

Twenty minutes later Ronnie found himself on his stomach tied to the bed by his hands and feet. His erection pinned underneath only slightly painfully. He could only see the bed when he looked down the night stand when he looked left and the window when he looked right. His dad had left the room and had been gone for ten minutes. Ronnie thought he could hear him talking on the phone. Ronnie waited excitedly, the ropes weren’t too tight and had a little slack so he could lift his ass up and down. Doing so caused his cock to rub against the bed and sent shivers through his body. He stopped once he heard his dad coming down the hall. “ok kiddo I have an idea” Came his fathers voice from his left. Ronnie looked around and saw his fathers glorious cock and his low hanging balls. Ronnie leaned his head as close to them as possible and stuck out his tongue. “no not that you’ll have to wait a second.” “What’s your idea Daddy?” Ronnie said and looked up to his father’s face. It was smiling with a look of love and hunger. “please Daddy I’ve waited long enough” Ronnie pouted and his father gave in and leaned in forward. Ronnie opened his mouth and let his fathers cock glide in. his Father moaned slightly and placed his hand on the back of Ronnie's head pushing it further onto his member. He adjusted his hands so they were on either side of Ronnie's head pulling and pushing Ronnie’s head on his cock. “I was wondering if you wanted to add more people to our week of fun?” his dad said still face fucking Ronnie causing him to gag and sputter. Ronnie resisted but his dad didn’t let him go. “no, no you wanted it so your going to take it boy. My old army buddy Buck is coming over and I happen to know he swings our way. He likes his boy’s young as well. Oh, god yea! So, it ok if he swings by?” Ronnie tried to push back against his dad’s hands but it was no use. Instead he tried to moan his agreement. He remembered Buck, his dads friend had come over a few times during his childhood and once or twice after Ronnie was fourteen. He had even come to know him as uncle buck. Uncle buck always brought Ronnie something. Ronnie had been attracted to his dad’s friend almost as much as he was to his dad. Buck was taller and even bulkier then his dad, he had bigger muscles and a bit more paunch “I thought you’d like that, he’s coming over tomorrow night. I didn’t tell him anything he just thinks he’s coming over for drinks with the guys.” Ronnie's dad looked down and finally released Ronnie's head. Ronnie whipped his head back gasping. He looked up at his father who was slowly stroking his cock. “we’ll show him a good time. Rite now though I want to fuck my son’s ass. Get ready for daddy’s cock boy” “OH, yes daddy I’ve waited so long please fuck me” Ronnie said as Rick went around to the end of the bed and untied his feet. “I want you on your knees now boy!” his father barked using his army voice. Ronnie did as he was told his fathers voice sending a thrill of fear mingled with excitement down his spine. “yes sir” “now get ready for me boy” Ronnie felt his dad get on the bed and then a second later his fathers cock was forcing its way into his tight hole painfully. “ouch Daddy it hurts!” Ronnie yelled and tried to get away. His hands were still tied down though so all he could do was move a few inches forward. His hole felt like it was ripping open as his dad pushed all the way in. “Relax boy!” his father barked “just let your hole get used to it” Ronnie whimpered but obeyed and backed onto his fathers cock it still hurt, his fathers seven-inch cock stretching his boy hole wider than it had ever gone. “Oh, god daddy it hurts” Ronnie whined Rick slapped Ronnie's ass with his hand “stop your complaining!” he pulled out and pushed back in, this time a little slower. The second time it felt better Ronnie even moaned a bit. “there we go that feel better Son now that your ass is used to it?” “Oh, yes Daddy it feels amazing” Ronnie said and backed up as much as he could on his father’s massive cock. His dad started to move up and down making his cock hit Ronnie's prostate causing Ronnie to moan and shake. “your ass is so tight, it feels good around daddy’s cock boy” Ronnie's father said as he started to thrust in and out of his ass faster. Ronnie wasn’t paying attention only thing he could feel was the cock in his ass and the way it caused him to shake and jerk with pleasure. “well you must like it your shaking!” “Oh, god I’m cumming daddy keep fucking my hole” Ronnie’s body tensed and then he came. Ronnie came harder then he had ever cum. Long thick ropes of white cum landed on the bed underneath him. His body went slack and he collapsed onto the bed. “Oh, wow that was amazing” “What do you think your doing boy!!” Ronnie's father barked. He grabbed Ronnie's hips and pulled them up “did you hear me tell you to lay down?”

Rick pushed his cock into Ronnie's ass and preceded to go to town, thrusting in and out of it faster than he had before. “Daddy stop it hurts!” ricks son yelled “I didn’t tell you to speak boy I’m almost done.” Rick yelled and pushed Ronnie’s head into the bed. Rick was almost there, he used his free hand to reach around and jerked his sons still hard dick. Rick Suddenly was cumming, shooting hot cum into his son’s ass. “oh, yes Ronnie can you feel that?” “yes, Daddy it feels wonderful” Ronnie whimpered as Rick let his hips go and they both collapsed on the bed rick on top of Ronnie his cock still inside him. He kissed his sons back slowly and reached up to untie his son’s hands. “Oh, dad that was…it was…. I don’t even have the words to describe it” Ronnie said as he turned onto his back. Rick looked down at his son and smiled then leaned down and kissed him softly at first then deepening the kiss. Ronnie's hands explored his broad muscular back as they kissed finally squeezing ricks ass. Rick moved his lips to Ronnie’s neck. “hmm so what are we gonna do now?” “Well I don’t know about you son but I need a shower. I have yours and my cum all over me.” Rick laughed and moved onto Ronnie's nipples, gently sucking them, and biting them. Ronnie let out a gentle groan. “your making me hard again dad, and if I don’t give my cock a rest there is going to be some serious chafing.” Ronnie said but didn’t stop Ricks mouth and fingers that were now underneath him and gently working there way into Ronnie's ass. “ok stop now dad I mean it. Oh, god dad don’t!” “All you have to do is push me off son I’ll obey” Rick said. His fingers pushed the rest of the way into Ronnie's hole. Rick felt his own hot cum and he pulled out his finger with some on it. “but you have to help clean daddy up.” Rick straightened up so he was straddling Ronnie and held his figure out to him. “yes daddy” Ronnie then propped himself up on his elbows and took ricks finger into his mouth and licked it clean. He looked up at rick and smiled “Delicious daddy give me more please?” Rick looked down at his cock starting to get hard again and still covered in his own cum. “take all you want my love. Might even be able to give you another load.” Ronnie pulled ricks torso to him and took his cock in to his mouth hungrily. The action caused rick to lose his balance and had to put his hands on the back bored to settle himself. Ronnie licked Ricks cock clean even getting the bit that had gotten on his balls. Rick moaned it made him so excited his cock was hard again in no time. Ronnie didn’t stop he continued to suck and lick even using his hands to play with ricks balls. “Oh, god dam son your better than your mother at that” Rick looked down at Ronnie and grunted as he came. His son took it all not spilling a drop. “I’m glad I pleased you daddy” Ronnie said “You’re cum was delicious” Rick smiled “I’m glad you enjoyed it boy” he slowly got off the bed and stood up slightly shaky “whoa all that fucking has made me weak. Let’s go for that shower son then we can eat something.” Rick reached out his hand and pulled Ronnie up to his feat. The boy wobbled a little so he put his arm around Ronnies back to steady him. As they walked out of the room Rick looked down and saw Ronnie was still hard. He smiled and once they were just outside the room he pushed Ronnie against the wall and knelt. “looks like I forgot to take care of my boy one more time before we shower sorry son” Ronnie gasped as rick went to work on his cock, licking, sucking, and playing with his hole until he came. Rick swallowed every bit of his sons cum and then stood up. “please no more that was great but I need a break from the orgasms.”

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