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My Hottest Patients, Part 4: Deniz

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It was early on a Thursday morning when I stepped out of my office into the waiting room. I was ready for the week to end and drive down to Rhode Island to meet up with Jonny. Little did I know what was still to come. “Mr Deniz Yalaz?” Confidently, a large man walked my way. This guy was built like a house. Beefy, like me, but taller. Quite an imposing figure, had it not been for his wide smile. His name as well as his complexion revealed he was probably of Turkish descent. He wore a dark gray T-shirt that clung to his body. His pecs and his broad shoulders especially stood out. His hair was shaved close to his scalp. He had some light facial hair. He wore light blue jeans that weren’t tight enough to really reveal much. He shook my hand firmly and I quickly looked down to see a vain on the inside of his massive arm. “Dr Bobby Cho”, I introduced myself. “Deniz”, he said.

As usual, I let my hot patients walk into my office first, so I could check out their asses. Even though his jeans were quite baggy around his legs, his massive ass was dying to burst out the back. He sat down and I sat down across from him. “How can I help you?”, I asked. Something was different about this guy. He was very smiley, maybe even flirty. “I would like a complete physical, please. It’s for… work.” That big smile again. “All right then”, I said. “Please take your clothes off.” He took his time to wiggle out of his tight T-shirt. Out popped a nice, beefy body. His large chest was hairy and had big, pointy nipples. His stomach wasn’t cut, but flat, and had a nice treasure trail running down. He kicked off his shoes and took off his jeans, leaving him in brandless, flimsy, light blue briefs. I could see he at least had a semi as the head of his cock pointed forward.

“Please sit down on the exam table.” He smiled and complied. I listened to his heart with my stethoscope and then checked his lungs, making him breathe in and out. Then I checked his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Usually when I get so close to patients’ faces, they look away. Deniz would look straight at me throughout the exam, whenever he could.

When I checked his reflexes, I noticed he now had a full-on erection. His cock pointed straight up, tenting his briefs. I didn’t mention it and continued my exam. Soon enough, however, it was time for his testicular exam. “Could you please step out of your underwear for me?” He looked at me as he took off his briefs and let them drop to the ground. His 7 inch, uncut cock bounced up and down as he did, eventually pointing right at me. He kicked it to the chair where he had left the rest of his clothes.

He wanted to sit back down on the table but I told him to stay standing up. I held his boner between my thumb and index finger and lifted it up, now pointing at the sky, so I could examine his balls. I asked him about self-exams, and without looking at him, I knew he was smiling when he said, “Could you show me how to do it exactly?” His breathing was getting harder and I could swear I heard little moans, as I continued to hold his cock in one hand and showed him how to examine his balls with the other. I could feel his cock stiffening between my fingers until he was rock hard. I let go and his cock bounced up and down again.

“Could you please turn around and bend over the table?” I could have sworn his expression was happy when he said “Sure”. He put his full upper body on the table, face down, and wiggled his big bubble butt at me. I have to admit, I was now starting to get turned on. However I was not used to not being the one in charge in my own practice. Deniz was the one putting the moves on me and it was me who followed.

I gloved up and lubed up Deniz, who only stuck his butt out further toward me, as if he was about to get fucked. His ass was smooth, cheeks as well as his hole. When my gloved finger entered him, he first gasped. “Oh my God”, he said. Which technically could still either mean pleasure or agony. But the way his ass moved up and down my finger, I could tell which of the two he was experiencing. “Oh yeah”, he continued. “That feels good, doc.” I extended the exam slightly, to push my finger down his hole further than necessary. “Fuck!”,he exclaimed. I then retracted my finger. “All done”, I said. Deniz remained in his position, but looked over his shoulder. “That’s it?” “Yep, you’re all good”, I said as I took off my glove. “But… sometimes I experience… obstruction.” “You do?”, I tried to sound serious, but I knew he was lying. And I think he knew I knew. “Uh huh. Could you… check it out?” Deniz was still bent over the table, but looked at me over his shoulder, wiggling his butt again. And it majorly turned me on. “All right. Let me just lube up the anal scope.” “Umm. OK.”

I spotted him continuing to look as I lubed up the device. It’s a 6 inch probe that has to be fully inserted. A center piece can be removed so the scope opens up for the doctor to inspect the anus. “Are you ready?”, I asked Deniz. He looked forward again and pushed his ass out so far I could see his hole between his large cheeks. I spotted him winking his hole at me. “Uh huh.” I inserted the scope, slowly at first. Then I steadily pushed it as far as it could. “Ughhh… oh yeah…” “Try to hold still”, I said. I removed the center piece. “Oh wow…”, Deniz whispered. I used my little flashlight that I usually use on eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, to look inside his hole. As could be expected, there was no obstruction to be spotted anywhere. At this point I felt like Deniz was humping the exam table. I could not see his dick, as he was laying on top of it, but I assumed he was feeling hella horny right now.

“Unfortunately I cannot see an obstruction. So I’m afraid we’ll have to do further tests”, I said as I slowly took out the scope. Deniz moaned loudly as I retracted the device out of his asshole. I ignored his sounds of pleasure as I started asking him questions about these supposed obstruction issues as I wiped the scope clean. “How often has the problem occurred in the past week?” “There really isn’t a problem, doc.” I turned around and found Deniz standing up, leaning back against the exam table. He was violently masturbating. “But I just really need to deliver a semen sample right now.” He was stroking himself in a very fast pace, while fingering himself. I stood still and felt frozen in place. No patient had ever been as remotely forward as Deniz. It didn’t take long for him to reach climax.

“Oh yeah… Oh, doc…” His hips started bucking forward and I knew he was about to shoot. I was standing about three feet away from him and silently watched as the spectacle unfolded. This was an orgasm like I had never seen. Deniz held on tightly to the exam table as he started to ejaculate. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” He shot a big load all around my office floor. He even got some on my slacks and shoes. Stream after stream of hot cum came out of his cockhead. My jaw must have dropped in awe of what I saw.

When his orgasm had finally finished after what felt like about 30 seconds, there was a short silence in the room. I still stood exactly where I stood when I first saw Deniz jacking off, holding the anal scope and a paper towel. I looked at him. He was breathing heavily and held on to the table, seeming a bit off balance. “You know what”, he said, “I feel much better already.” Quickly he walked back to the chair that had his clothing nicely folded on the seat. I continued wiping the scope clean and put it away. By the time I looked back up, Deniz was fully dressed. “Thanks so much, doc”, he said as he held out his hand to shake mine. I was still wearing a glove as I shook his hand. I didn’t say anything. Deniz calmly walked out of my office. I looked around and saw the amount of cum on the floor. Then I saw his briefs hanging off the armrest of the chair.

This had been of the hottest exams this room had ever seen. I was so turned on, before I fucked Jonny the next day in Rhode Island, I had to tell him all about Deniz. Not much later, Jonny came handsfree while I fucked him. Three times.


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