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A Long Weekend, and a Great Connection

By goinstrong

submitted March 21, 2017

Categories: Older/younger, Public Places, Sexual Encounters

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I have been a sports fan nearly all my life - mostly, baseball in the summer and hockey in the winter. Spectator sports are a great outlet for socialization (good people) and releasing some unbridled energy.

I just returned home yesterday, after a long weekend in Madison, WI. There were 2 scheduled home games for the Madison Capitols, and I purchased select seats for the games. Neither game was well-attended, so there was much seat-jumping by attendees.

At the first game, a young man - in full hockey regalia - sat behind me during the 1st period of the game. He was as loud as I in cheering for the Caps, and it caught my attention. I turned to him, to do a fist-bump. He was a great-looking kid, probably early 20s. When our fists connected, I smiled and asked him if he'd like to join me in the seat to the right. He smiled, and moved up to my row.

The game progressed, and - since hockey is played in an old arena in Madison - there was all but no spaced between seats. Our legs were frequently touching during the game. Initially, I would apologize. He, a polite young guy, simply said "No big deal!" As such, my apologies ended - and I was no longer being guarded while sitting next to him.

I was going to get a soda, and asked him if I could bring him something. He asked for a beer, so off I went. On my return with the beverages, I assumed my sitting position, and noticed he'd put his jacket over his lap. I thought it odd, as the seat backs could certainly accommodate a draped jacket nicely. I paid no mind to this change, until I saw his hands were now under the jacket - and there was movement, as though a small animal was hiding.

I asked the lad (let's call him Connor) if he was cold. He looked at me, smiled, and said "Nah, I'm just a bit horny. Hockey players do that to me!" Well, that is all it took for me to unleash some fairly graphic comments about some of the players, and about him. I leaned over to him and asked, "Are you rubbing your cock under that jacket?" He blushed, looked down at his lap, and said "Yeah - sorry, Man!"

I assured this young sports guy he had nothing for which to apologize. At that point, I placed my jacket on MY lap. He smiled, and we kept watching the game. Since few people were seated near us, I figured hands under jackets would be a good thing. Rather than placing my hands under my jacket, I slid them under his.

Connor gasped a bit, but seemed to be experienced enough to not "have a cow." I found his hand, moved it from his lap, and discovered he'd grown a fairly nice hard-on. I gently stroked his cock through his pants (chinos), and he settled in. After a few minutes, I leaned over to him again, and said "It's OK if you do the same!" He didn't look at me, but I felt his left hand on my lap and between my legs.

There we were, caressing each others' cocks, with scads of people throughout the arena. Naturally, they were there for the game, not "our game." We continued some off and on rubbing through the end of the 3rd period. With the game over, I asked him if he had post-game plans. He said "no" and asked what I was going to do.

Since I had a Jacuzzi suite at a local hotel, I told him my plan was to grab some food to go, and relax in the tub. I invited him to join me, and he did not hesitate. In spite of our huge age difference, it seemed we'd connected quite well. He followed me to the hotel after I picked up some Chinese food. We got to the room, dined quickly, and I filled the Jacuzzi.

Once the tub was ready, I informed him I do not use bathing suits. He seemed good with that, and stripped as did I. We immersed in the hot tumult, and simply chatted. At this point, there was no conversation about sports. The language became quite graphic, and those delightful feelings found their way to our loins.

Our legs became entwined, and our hands began to massage each other. After about a 1/2 hour soak, we exited the tub - toweled each other dry - and I led him to the bed. I tested his "make out" desires with a couple of soul kisses, and he responded in kind.

Tongues led to hands - hand stroking cocks & caressing balls - all in all a natural progression to all-out sexual pleasure. While he seemed experienced, his technique struck me as a bit clumsy. I assured him we had all night, and to simply relax. I assured him there was no need for him to perform - simply enjoy. He breathed a sigh of relief, and we did - indeed - enjoy.

After some lengthy play, we oralized each others' cocks. By now, it was getting pretty late, and I asked if he'd like to stay. He nodded, and I said "Stay the night, or stay the weekend - your choice!"

He stayed the weekend, and - upon his departure on Monday - we exchanged contact information. All in all, a very nice weekend for a May-December connection.

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