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and I were sharing a hotel room for the first time. As we changed from our clothes into our pajamas, I'm sure that looked over at my dick the same way that I looked over at his. (This is common among guys, whether or not they will admit it.)

Our dicks were about the same size, but 's had a longer foreskin overhang than I did. We turned in and slept well.

In the morning I woke up with a morning wood, as usual. And when got up, he had a tent in his pajamas so he must have had one, too. We had known each other for some time so neither one of us really cared.

I took off my pajamas and headed for the bathroom, where I pissed and then began to shower. I happened to see nude again. He was hard and I noticed that his foreskin was tightly gathered into a "nipple" past the head even though he was hard (mine allows just the pee slit to show through my foreskin opening when I'm hard).

After peeing through that tight "nipple," was ready to shower. This was a large shower, so I told him he could join me and we could shower at the same time.

As I soaped my body and skinned back my foreskin to rinse off the head, I noticed that soaped up his body like I did but didn't skin back his foreskin to rinse off the head, like I did. I thought to myself, "He must have a foreskin that won't pull back. Interesting!"

As we were drying off, I said to him, ", we've know each other for some time now. Mind if I ask a kind of personal question?" "Ask away, David," he responded.

"OK, here goes" (I started to stammer a bit). "Will your foreskin pull back? I was just curious." After blushing just a little bit, told me, "No, but I still have great sex with it like that so I don't really care."

"So how does the head get stimulated during sex?" I asked him. "Well, during oral sex she can slip her tongue up inside the foreskin, or slide a finger up inside there, and either way her stimulating the head feels great! And when we fuck, I have no problem -- it feels great to her and to me, and I cum really hard," he finished saying.

"Wow, very cool, ," I told him. By that time I noticed that our dicks were no longer hard because of morning woods but because we were both turned on with his having talked about his sex life.

"," I began again softly, "I want to jerk off. Do you want to join me? We could shoot into the bath tub and then rinse it down the drain with the shower." kind of winked at me and said, "Sure." With that, we both took ahold of our hard dicks and started jerking.

I did mine the ordinary way (at least for me), wrapping my hand around the shaft and moving the foreskin back and forth over the head. wrapped his hand around his shaft like I was doing, but he also let it extend to the foreskin over the head, which I assumed was how the head got stimulated as he jerked.

It wasn't long before we were ready to cum. "Want to cum at the same time?" I asked . "Let's do it!" he said. Then I saw gobs of cum shoot out of the piss slit of my dick, just barely sticking out of my foreskin opening. In 's case, I saw gobs of cum shoot out of his tight foreskin "nipple," both of our cum mixing together in the tub.

"Oh man, that was hot!" said. "Sure was. Thanks for getting things going by being so open about your sex life, . Obviously having a foreskin that won't pull back is no problem for you." "It is not!" said with a wink.

After cleaning up the cum in the bath tub and on our hands and dicks, we got dressed and went out to our business meeting without feeling strange at all. Man, I sure hope this happens again! (And I'm sure it will, if it's up to me!)