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Matt, the Fainting Musclebottom, Part 8

By RobertFoley

submitted April 30, 2017

Categories: Gay Erotic Stories, Man Meets His Man, Men On Holiday, Muscle, Romance

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Matt and I showered, ate some of the fruit and cheese, as we talked and in the end drifted off for a little nap ourselves. Soon enough we woke up and had to get dressed to meet Dave and Nat in the lobby. Before we left the room, Matt asked me to forgive him if he didn’t give me much attention this weekend. “You’re still my favourite person in the world. Remember that. So if I focus on Dave a little too much, it’s just because I haven’t seen him in so long.” “I completely understand, don’t worry about it.” “I love you.” “Love you too.” After a quick smooch we opened the door to the hallway and walked toward the elevator, where we already met Dave and Nat.

Dave was dressed in a green/white striped polo shirt, that made his shoulders and chest look massive. Equally massive was his ass, standing out in what looked like brown chinos. Definitely a straight guy. Nat was dressed in a cute red T-shirt and tight blue jeans. Matt wore a thin dark blue long sleeve T-shirt that was semi-sheer. His nipples were easily spotted. It also had some cleavage as Matt hadn’t buttoned any of the three buttons. His chest looked amazing. He wore a similar color jeans, and in his case it was equally difficult to hide his big butt. Even among these two massive guys, I was still the tallest of the bunch at 6’3’’. I did feel a little skinny but not at all insecure knowing one of these guys was head over heels in love with me. I wore a simple black T-shirt and blue jeans as well.

When we exited the hotel, I suggested we turn right. Soon enough Matt and Dave lead the way, wrapping their arms around each other as they walked. Nat and I joked and pointed at their two bubbly asses as they walked in front of us. It was nice day with skies as blue as they could be. A pleasant 73 degrees (23 Celsius), and a slight wind. I talked to Natalie about how I loved San Francisco because it was a city you can just walk about in. She asked me more questions about SF as she eagerly looked around. At one point she interrupted me and pointed, “is that the sea?!” I had purposely lead everyone here. At the corner of Mason and Jefferson I hoped we would soon get to take a look at the Golden Gate bridge. Matt gestured we turn left onto Jefferson and then right onto Taylor Street, to show off the actual wharf. This is where the city tends to be really crowded, but Dave and Nat didn’t seem to mind and loved looking around. I didn’t get how they even had the energy to be excited about anything, but jet-lags tend to hit me quite badly. They looked at the port and the boats, and were loving the ocean breeze, but soon enough we headed back to Jefferson Street.

We walked along the water and the docks on and off and I was having such a good time, I could see how alike Dave and Matt were. They had known each other for so long, it really showed. It was good as in a way, I got to see another part of Matt’s life. At one point we found ourselves on Marina Boulevard and Nat grabbed my arm. “Oh my gosh, is this where the intro to Full House was filmed!?” I was pretty sure it wasn’t, so I started saying that, before she already let go of my arm and ran forward. “That’s the Golden Gate bridge!!!” And indeed, in the distance we could see it. “Mandatory group selfie, guys!” Natalie obviously wasn’t tall enough to get us all in the picture let alone with the bridge in it as well, so she gave her phone to Dave. Even then, it was a great picture of us, but you could barely see the bridge in the background.

We had been walking for almost 40 minutes and slowly the exhaustion seemed to be coming back. Nat was going on pure adrenaline, but Dave’s face seemed a little flushed. “Do you guys mind if we go sit somewhere for a little bit?”, Dave asked. “No, not at all!”, I said, almost apologizing. I knew I had to get everyone back South toward Lombard Street to find a place to sit, drink and possibly eat. We went down Fillmore Street, with Nat taking pictures of what she considered to be typically San Francisco houses and streets.

We passed Patxi’s Pizza Marina and Matt immediately called it. He does love pizza, and unsurprisingly Dave does too. It didn’t take much to convince me and Nat. As we sat down and ordered drinks, Dave and Nat admitted to be quite hungry. We decided to add some food to our order but not too much. But before we knew it, pizzas were coming in and Dave ordered beers for everyone. We all shared stories and laughed a lot. The drinks were flowing and before I knew it, I looked around the table and all three of them were drunk. I knew by now that Matt couldn’t handle his alcohol, but it was hitting Dave and Nat pretty hard as well. I asked the restaurant to order us a cab, generously tipped the lovely waitress and had to get these three into the taxi.

Dave stood up and was very aware that he was drunk and walked slowly toward the exit. Nat seemed fine on her feet, but couldn’t stop laughing to a point tears rolled down her face. Matt leaned on my shoulder as I escorted him out. I looked at the staff apologetically. The four of us only just fit into one cab, with Dave sitting in the front, the other three in the back. Matt sat in the middle, his body flopping wherever as the car drove away. On the other side of him was Nat, laughing at everything she saw out the window. Dave was talking to the driver, who seemed of Middle Eastern descent. Neither of them could figure out the other’s accent, so the conversation went nowhere.

In 10 minutes we were back at the hotel. It wasn’t even 8:30. I was able to get Matt to the room and have him sit on the bed, but he soon toppled over. “Please help”, he said. I giggled. “Help with what?” “Take off. Shoes. Clothes.” I untied Matt’s sneakers and took off his socks. “You are such a good boyfriend. You took my friends for a walk. They loved it. They love you.” “Good”, I replied as I lifted his shirt over his head. “I like them too, I had a fun day.” “You know who else loves you?” “I have an inkling”, I said as I gave him a quick peck. His upper body remained upright, which made it harder for me to take off his jeans. So after unbuttoning the top button I stood up straight and looked at him. Matt clearly also wanted to get up so I helped him. He unzipped his jeans and pushed them down. He was not wearing any underwear. “Did you go commando this afternoon?” “Have I been a naughty boy?”, he asked as he pushed his jeans further down, lost his balance and fell forward on the floor. His big bare butt jiggled as he landed. I slapped his ass. “Yes. Very naughty”, I joked.

In the end, I got us both in bed, even though neither of us were tired. We each lay on our sides, facing each other. Matt started to feel around under the sheets and reversed the roles by caressing my butt. “You have a cute, tiny butt.” “Compared to your butt, most butts are tiny”, I said. His hand went up my back, over my shoulder, and down my arm, all the while he was looking me over filled with desire. I looked at his face as his intoxicated eyes sometimes met mine but mostly focused on my body. I could feel my cock start to grow and soon I was fully erect without either of us touching my crotch. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional, but his soft, slow touching was incredibly arousing.

I wanted to reciprocate, so I lifted the sheets and saw that Matt was already rock hard and leaking precum, just from touching and looking at me. He surprised me with a sloppy, passionate kiss. Suddenly his body started shuddering. I broke the kiss and I looked at his face. I recognized that face anytime. Matt was having an orgasm, barely being touched. My one hand rested on his side, the other one I was resting my head on. Matt wasn’t touching himself, as I felt one hand in my hair and the other one on the small of my back pulling me close to him. “Unnnhhh”, he uttered, his eyes rolling back a bit, but remaining conscious. He went back to the kiss as he mumbled, “I love you”. Almost all of his cum was on my hip and thigh. “I can tell”, I quickly got out in between the kissing. “I love you too”.

“Please fuck me with your massive cock”, he suddenly said as he got up on all fours. His beautiful pink hole was hairless and already winking at me. Matt was gagging for it. I spit on my hand and used it to lubricate his hole. I was still rock hard and close to orgasm myself after Matt showed me his love so beautifully and sensually. Pushing in once, I knew I wasn’t lasting long. Matt’s moaning was high-pitched and desperate as he pushed himself back onto my cock. “Ohhh yeah... Fuck me deep, mate...” Matt put his chest and face down on the bed and reached the pillows over his head to have something to hold on to. He whimpered into the sheets. “I’m cumming!”, I announced. I shot my load into him as I grabbed hold of his hips tightly. His big cheeks wobbled with the last thrust. Apart from that, Matt had gone silent.

I pulled out of him and his knees seemed locked so his ass remained up, but I could tell he had fainted. My juice was slowly leaking out of him onto his taint and balls. I quickly got a towel and cleaned off myself and then him. His ass soon toppled over and I could tell he had soiled the sheets with a second orgasm. His mouth was far open and his eyes shut. His breathing was slow and steady. I repositioned him so he wouldn’t take up the entire bed. With a gasp he then awakened. “Huh? What happened?” He saw me lying next to him, naked. “Oh”, he said, laid his head on my chest as we cuddled. Pretty soon I heard Matt’s snoring. I drifted off not much later.

To be continued...

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