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Meeting my Haitian King; Gwo Zozo Met

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Last Thursday I connected with a man online. His profile had no significant content, but his stats were impressive. Almost as impressive as the two photos he included of his huge soft penis. We began chatting and then he mentioned that he wanted to own. I gave him my number and we began talking. It turns out we were better matched than I had imagined. He was a Haitian Man, 53, extremely dominant and looking to own a submissive subservient white pussyboy. We decided it was best to meet the following Tuesday when we both had a large block of time to devote to this. We continued talking and texting almost constantly over the next 5 days. The day before was full of nerves. I was petrified and I couldn't quite say why. Luckily a friend talked me through it. The day came and work seemed to take forever. I snuck out a little early so I could go home and finish preparing. He had ordered me to wear some panties (I bought them over the weekend) and to bring him a fresh green juice from a health food store. I was to be at his apartment at 7PM sharp. I put my half-silk half-lace pink panties on and left at 5:40, allowing myself 80 minutes for the 40 minute train ride to Harlem and to get his juice. The train was slow and I got to the park by his apartment about 10 minutes early. I texted him and he ordered me to wait. Finally at 6:59 his text came and I hurried to his door and rang the buzzer. I made my way inside and he greeted me at his door. He had the entire first floor of a beautiful old brownstone. Once inside I stripped down to my pink panties and he ordered me to kneel before him and present my offering (the juice). He ordered me to remove his socks and rub his feet. After a brief inquisition I followed him to the bedroom in the rear of the apartment. He called me ti gason fanm'mot which means pussyboy in Haitian Kreyol. He ordered me to kneel on the small rug beside his bed. He disappeared behind me. When he returned me placed a black leather collar around my neck and secured it. I thanked him. He ordered me to remove his button-up shirt. I folded it neatly and placed it on a chair, then returned to my kneeling position. He stood and directed me to remove his belt. I did and placed it nearly on the chair. Then his pants. Then his white t-shirt. The bulge in his red briefs was enormous! he began another inquisition. This time when I hesitated or my response did not show the appropriate mindset I was smacked. Finally my nerves settled and I began to understand. Then he instructed me to rub his feet again, then this legs. I couldn't help by gently caress his huge mound as I passed. It radiated heat. Then I massaged his back and shoulders and sucked his nipples. Finally he directed me back to the mound. My heart skipped a couple beats as I began to rub his enormous cock. Then he allowed me to remove it from his briefs. It was more beautiful then I had imagined, around 8 inches soft, fat, super heavy, veiny, with overhanging foreskin. His balls were easily the biggest I'd ever seen and hung in a beautiful hairy sack. I began to play with it and it began to pulse and grow. He gave me permission to suck it and in a split-second I was on it. Working hard. It grew to about 10 inches. He told me to slow down. After a few minutes he pushed me off and we made our way to the bathroom. He told me to prep the shower then he smacked my ass really hard and walked back to the bedroom. He returned a minute later and I was still trying to figure out how to control the temperature. He yanked my panties down, stood over me and bossed me through it. I was trapped by him in this narrow space. I had no choice but to step out of my panties and climb in. He followed right behind. Then he pushed me out of the way and stood in the water. My wet body was getting cold. He ordered me to kneel. Without warning he began to piss all over me. He piss was hot and it felt good. He pissed all over my chest, face, and shoulders. I thanked him when it was over. Then he handed me a bar of soap and I began to wash him. When that was complete he washed me. He tried to fuck me in the shower but he was too big and I was too tight. It was impossible. Eventually he gave up and turned the water off and we exited. I dried him and then he dried me. I put my pink panties back on and then asked him for permission to pee and I went and sat on the toilet to relieve myself. When I returned to the bedroom I found a red plaid skirt and black knee-high stockings with red trim laid out on the bed. He directed me to put them on. I did as instructed. The skirt was so short it left the very bottom of my cheeks visible. This was a slut uniform! He ordered me back on my knees and I began to suck his huge cock again. After a short while he directed me to climb onto him in a 69 position and continue to suck while he ate my coco (pussy). All of a sudden he rolled me over on my back and then spun me around and yanked my panties off. He began to kiss me passionately. My legs were parted around him and he steadily began pushing into my pussy. It hurt. He used no lube. I almost panicked, but I wanted to please him. All I wanted was to please him. I was trembling and struggling to understand how he could now enter me so easily. Was I really that wet? He pulled his mouth away, stared deep into my eyes, and took my hand and placed it around the base of his huge cock. I had taken it all. How had this Man done this to me? Then he began to pump. It hurt, but I knew it would get better. Then he started fucking me harder and the fear set in. I begged him to stop and he did, but as soon as he was out of me I wanted it again. I asked if there was a full- length mirror so I could see myself in the skirt and knee-highs. I lifted the skirt and spread my ass. He shoved himself back inside me and then walked me through the kitchen, into the living room and then out the front door into the common hall. The entry had a beautiful old mirror. He fucked me really hard now. He yanked my hair back to arch my back more, then he took both hands and hung onto my collar. Then he put his hands on my hips and dragged me back into the apartment. He shut the door and locked it. Then he had me bend over fully and touch the floor. I felt a warm sensation in my gut. He had pissed inside me. He warned me that if I made a mess I would have to clean it up. As soon as he withdrew I asked him if I may go to the bathroom. He granted my request. I crawled there across the hardwood living room floor, raised tile kitchen floor, hardwood bedroom floor, and into the bathroom. I released his piss and then wiped to be sure. I used the last piece of toilet paper. He handed me a new roll and without thinking I said "Oh. That's okay. I had enough." He slapped me across the face and said "this is your job now, bitch." I thanked him and hurriedly replaced the roll. Then I kissed his feet. Then he said "lets see how you did" and walk into the kitchen. I asked if I may walk. He laughed. I crawled after him with my ass as high as I could keep it. These hard floors hurt, especially the tile. He pointed out three small spots where piss had hit the floor in the living room and ordered me to lick them clean. I did. Then he told me there were cleansing wipes in the bathroom and to fetch them. I hurriedly crawled back to the bathroom and again back to the living room where I thoroughly scrubbed the floor. He smacked my ass hard while I did this. The neighbors must have heard. I begged him to fuck me some more. He told me to shut up and put my dick in his mouth. He began fucking my throat, much harder than he had before. I was really struggling. Then he pulled away and ordered me to put the wipes back. As I scurried across the kitchen floor he grabbed me by my balls and began to pull me up. He barked "lift that ass up" and I did. Then he was inside me again. He was smacking my ass hard which I understood as direction to back it up. I was pushing back with each thrust trying to show him but this appeared to annoy him and he grabbed me by my hair again. I felt the warm sensation again. I thanked him. He pointed out a spot where piss had spilled out upon removal. I began licking and then scrubbing again. He continued to smack my ass even harder as I crawled back to the bathroom with the wipes. I put them away and then he pulled me up and shoved himself back inside me. The only thing I could grab onto was the sink as I watched myself get plowed in the mirror. Then he withdrew again. I dropped to my knees instinctively and began to lick up the spilled piss. He stood over me as I did this. Then I used the wipes, returned them to their spot, and asked if I could release his piss. He nodded yes and shoved his huge cock in my face. I sucked it while I sat on the toilet. When I was done he dragged me back to the bed by my hair and ordered me to climb up. He began fucking me face down ass up, hands pinned behind my back. I had multiple pussygasms before he finally unloaded his giant load inside me after over an hour. I thanked him profusely. He patted me on the head and asked if I'd believe he hadn't cum in two weeks. My jaw dropped and my heart sunk. He began admiring my puffy pussy lips. Then he told me I better go. He kept the panties I had worn and made me take the train home in just jeans and a t-shirt. I slept with his huge load deep inside me that night. I hope I get to serve him again very soon.

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