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Van the Flasher: The Trail

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Van was a 21-year-old grocery clerk whose life was going nowhere. He had put in 60-plus hours with little overtime and just got his first day off after what felt like the longest week of his life. Despite being a loser, Van took very good care of his body. He was a runner. Every weekend he had off, Van took to the trails and his small college town. Van knew he needed to relieve some stress so he knew a trail outside would perfect for a nice Jog. Hammerhead Nature Trail was located right on the other side of his college’s track and field Department. Very rarely would any other Runners be on it besides him since the track next door was very convenient for jogs. Little did Van know, today was going to go a little differently than planned. Van pulled up to the trail, making sure to stretch and do some light meditation beforehand. He looked around and noticed three bikes on a rack outside of the trailhead. This alerted him that maybe today wasn’t the best day to get a jerk in. The idea of flashing a stranger turned him on, but had hated the idea of flashing females, since he had sisters. He put in his headphones just before finishing up his stretch. Van took to Bowie Six Mile Trail he used rarely on days he needed to get away from everything. He puts on his favorite playlist and away he goes. About three miles in, he has worked up such a sweat that he has to remove his top. Just the way the breeze hits him just so, he becomes aroused. He caresses the chub that he had welcomed earlier. Van looks around, thinking. Now would be the perfect time. While being cautious, he takes a hawk of spit and reaches into his pants. He rests up against a pine tree and slowly begins to remove his shorts. The chubby cock in his hand has now grown. With each breeze, it gets bigger. Before long the 21-year old stoner is sitting naked against a tree slowly caressing his now nine inch member. He sits back zoning out living the foundation in the quiet Breeze take him in. Slowly getting him close. He is in Bliss when suddenly, the sound of voices approach. He goes limp but not enough to where his massive friend is unnoticeable. He tries to put on his shorts as fast as possible but quickly coming around the bend are 3 young male cyclists all walking and laughing. The sight of them causes Van to trip in his shorts and fall to the ground. Without thinking he rushes across the trail path and ducks behind a row of trees, his cock flailing. The adrenaline hits him. instead of pulling up his pants and rushing away from what could be been an awkward situation, Van begins to tug on his cock as hard as possible. He was just far enough back that if they did see him run by they would not have noticed behind the trees. The three guys approach still talking. The closest biker gets closer and closer to Van. This is it, he begins to slowly reach climax sitting in the grass, barely hidden behind the three dense trees. At this point he doesn’t care if they could see him. Suddenly as they approach, one biker goes “Oh wow.” This causes the other two to turn to meet his gaze. Three of them lock on with a now naked Van pulling tightly on his stiff, massive cock just feet away. Apparently Van wasn’t as far as he thought. Two of the boys laugh and cover their mouths while the other picks up his pace but still has his eyes locked on the naked young man. Van, now slightly terrified, makes an awful decision. Just moments from climax he jumps to his feet, walking towards the young bikers. He wears nothing bit shoes and shases. Van knows this could possibly risk him getting his ass kicked, but goes for it anyway. Just then Van lets out a small moan before shooting multiple thick ropes from his veiny cock. He almost blacks out in ecstacy. The biker ahead of the other two now stops, mouth wide open. The other two stare in awe but continued to laugh. One hysterically. The three bikers cannot believe what they had just witnessed, nor can they turn away. Van doesn’t care, he continues to shoot his load, cum violently spraying everywhere. Thick white goo shooting out like missles at the young men. Right as he finishes he looks up, heart sunken into his chest to discover the three guys have now made their way up the trail looking back and laughing as hard as I can. Now, a little embarrassed, he grabs his shorts, making a break for his car. While this has to be the moxiest thing he has ever done, Van feels a sense of enjoyment and danger. Not only did he relieve the stress of the past work week, but he got to do something he never did before. While that could have possibly got him arrested, Van still thought to himself, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. And as the loser Stoner reached his car and made his way home from that risky situation, he knew he was going to do it again.

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