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I Became A Mature Sub

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I was 60 yrs old, and began visiting an older/younger chat room. I had been able to have many good chats with younger guys, but a majority of them were looking for an older dominant man. The idea of being dominant always excited me, as I had always been in control during sex, but had not become overly aggressive, other than light spanking. I had always been very verbal during sex, and got turned on calling my partner names, and talking “dirty”.

When I tried to engage the younger submissives, it became obvious that I had no idea of what should be demanded of them, or what activity they were accustomed to being subjected to. The conversations ended abruptly and quickly.

One day while in the chat room, I noticed a young Asian, 24, who was a dom looking for older cam subs. The thought came to me, that I could act as a sub, and learn what type of things were to be asked of a sub.

Little did I know, how much my life would be turned around.

I am Caucasian, 6’1” 250 lbs. Smooth, and 7” cut. The Asian dom, was 5’8”, 150 lbs, 7” cut with some chest hair, and had all the physical attributes that I admire in a younger guy.

I introduced myself through a private message, and we exchanged information. He asked what I was looking for, and I said I was looking to serve a dominant top, and to please him any way I could. I easily moved into a submissive attitude addressing him as Sir with every comment, and answering all his questions and inquiries, ending with “sir”.

We moved to video chat, and began a more intense and personal conversation.

It never usually took me long to get an erection when interacting on chat, but it surprised me as to just how quick I became erect, and how hard my cock was. I was enjoying the exchange, and the manner in which he spoke to me. I was wearing dress pants, and a polo shirt, and he was in shorts and a tee shirt. He asked what I was into and I gave the normal response of all things oral, lots and lots of kissing, licking, sucking, rimming and anal. He then inquired as to what Kink I was into, and I answered, bondage, spanking, and water sports. All previous experiences of this sort had been mutual in nature, each partner taking turns in the chosen kink. He ordered me to strip, which I did immediately, and showed my body as he instructed. He then told me to start to wank, but commanded that I do not cum, just get close. As I wanked, he removed his shirt and revealed a sexy slim chest, with some hair on his chest between his nipples only. As he raised one arm above his head, I got my first glimpse of his hairy pit, and became aware of just how much I was turned on by the sight. I began to moan, and told him I was getting close, and he commanded that I stop. I was then instructed to smack my balls, and continue until I was told to stop. He encouraged me to smack them harder, and I cried out from the self inflicted pain. But instead of going soft, I got harder with each smack. He told me to stop, and to begin to wank again, but not to cum, just to get close. He continued to have his arm over his head, showing his hairy pit, and the sight of his slim body excited me, and I began to wank faster. He removed his shorts, showing his lovely cock, with a good amount of pubic hair, and his hairy legs, moving me closer to cumming. I began to moan again, told him I was cumming., he said to get close, but not to cum. I said I would try, and he commanded that I do as I was told! That was too much for me, and I came shooting a big load.

He immediately scolded me for cumming before I was told I could, and I apologized over and over again, advising that I would do better the next time. He came shortly after, and we ended the chat, with me agreeing to meet with him again, and to do better at obeying him.

I was perplexed at my reaction, and how excited I had become, obeying a young dom, and how much I admired his Asian form.

I at first decided that it was a one time experience, and that I would not submit to him again. But oh how wrong I was.

To be continued……………………