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Candy Ass

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I am a faggot who will do anything to please my man. I have a tramp stamp that boldly says FAGGOT and did that for him. Now I was not always a fag and I looked at them with disdain never would hunt them down or anything like that just would shake my head in disgust when I would see one at the gym.

How I became a fag was when I went to prison for a crime I didn't commit. I was convicted of embezzlement and spent 3 years in prison. It was there where I found out that in prison there is only predators and prey. As most people know there really isn't any opportunity for opposite sexes to have sex. These men are used to taking what they want.

I stood 5'8" and weighed a fit 180 lbs and in most places could discourage trouble in most situations. I worked out on a regular basis now one of my workouts was squats and various other exercises and that kept me fit but that also made my butt bigger and also with a bubble that also made it jiggle when I walked.

Now I have stood up to my share of bullies in school and I have won my share of fights and have lost a few just like any normal guy. My boss made it look like I had the money even though he enriched himself and my public defender congratulated himself as if he did a great thing by having me in prison for 3 years versus 10 years.

So I walked in and my prison garb and got guided to my cell. As I was putting my stuff on the bottom bunk my cellmate jumped down from the top bunk.

He asked," How tough are you, sweetheart?"

I said," Fairly tough I guess."

He said," Sweetheart unless you can survive fighting everybody here then you will need protection."

I turned around and saw my face into this behemoth's chest. He stood about 6'5" and weighed what looked like a muscular 300 lbs.

I said," So what do I have to give for your protection?"

He cooed," Sweetheart, you are going to be fucked in here now it will be either me or the bulls in here. Those bulls won't be so nice they will just take like in the showers and those guards will turn their backs as they have fun with you. Now, me I will be loving."

I dropped my head and said," I will love being your gurlfriend."

Now, he came over and we started kissing then after kissing he pushed me down to my knees. And then he pulled out his fat and heavy cock and it was still soft.

I opened my mouth and started sucking it but then he started fucking my mouth.

He said," Now, my girl has to dress in a way that everybody knows you are my girl."

He kept thrusting in and out of my mouth feeling his cock getting hard and feeling bigger and bigger and I was starting to gag but he forced it past my gag reflex.

After 10 minutes with me sucking and him fucking he pulled out his cock.

He said," I need to fuck my girl's pussy to properly consumate this relationship."

I bent over my bed and all of a sudden I felt like I was being ripped in two but it was stll being forced deeper into my hole and I was screaming in pain and I felt the tears running down my cheeks like a little girl.

After about 45 minutes I felt his hairy balls against my smooth cheeks.

He kissed and played with my cock as my ass adjusted to the intrusion.

After my ass adjusted he started to thrust in and out and I started moaning in estascy. He fucked me like that for 2 hours and then I felt him shove that cock as deep as it could go and I felt it violently buck about 4 or 5 times filling my ass with his cum.

Well, I became his fag and well just like he promised he protected me. Now after that one time I loved him and his cock and would do anything I could to please him. And now I have been doing computer repair and love my man and will do anything to make him happy.

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