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Dale Earnhardt JR gets kidnapped by pirates part 4

By tt815

submitted August 27, 2017

Categories: Bondage, Celebrity Fantasy, Celebrity Fantasy

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Dale earnhart Jr. gets kidnapped by pirates part 4.

Same note, as always.

3 days later. Dale captain Buttfuck and Tom Brady reached the junior's house. Welcome home prisoner. the captain says to Tom Brady Dale take him down to the basement and tie him up. We need our privacy

JR takes him down to the basement and ties him to a chair and blindfolds him sorry about this boy, but what the captain wants the captain gets. Back in a little while and get your sleep, your going to need to rest Junior returns to the living room. Where the captain is sitting on the couch if he locked up. Yes Sir junior says in the southern accent. Good come sit on daddy's lap junior. Does this willingly the captain kisses in passionately. Soon be cooking my dinner, baby. You were my wife, you will do what you're told, you're a mountain and wife. Duties or to cook clean and fuck. And fuck you will get on your knees. The captain unzips his fly. And pulled out his cock I am the king of this castle. And you will be my bride. Suck it nice and hard yes Dale says before putting it in his mouth junior licks the shaft in and out of junior's mouth. Goes the captain's cock. Oh yeah, baby. Oh yes, that feels so good. The captain cums swallow it all the captain says. Junior swallows all of it. Now get up and cook my dinner bitch what about Tom master? I sleep to to the chair. Tonight tomorrow will go shopping for a bed for the jail in that western town you have. That will be his new home. He is not in our bed. Fucking us now cook my dinner bitch the captain says. Junior puts the dinner on the table and serves the captain. Now go, get yourself some bread and water And stop calling master. Im your husband yet. You can call me James or baby. Yes baby Dale says after dinner the captain carries. Junior up to bed. This is a beautiful bedroom. Show me to the bathroom Dale leads him into the bathroom. Where there is a Big jacuzzi a shower stall. With door fit for 2 well baby will get a lot of you out of that tub now strip the captain says. Yes baby junior said as the captain starts, the water in the tub. You are to scrub yourself clean baby when you're in the tub. I'm gonna go feed the prisoner. The captain said. James sweetheart why don't you join me? Dale says Because I want our first time in our house. To be in our bed. As junior baths the captain goes down to the basement. Carrying 4 slices of white bread. And the cup of water he removes the blindfold meal time prisoner open your mouth. The captain hand fed Tom his dinner tomorrow, you will join us in our bed as he gags him. Night boy sleep tight the captain turns off the light. He returned to the bedroom. To find Dale putting on the bra pants. But he had laid out for him. You good boy. Let the honeymoon begin. The captain said as he pushed junior on the bed as he kissed him and pulled down the panties he mounted his man wife. Oh baby intill, you with my seed do it, James. I wish I could have your babies. Don't worry about that. As his cock finds the prostate. All that feel so good. So junior says without removing his manhood they got into a reverse cowgirl right at baby. James said yes, baby faster faster. Oh, shit. You feel so good. You 2, too maybe. This was better than our wedding night. James said as he shoots his load the captain removed his cock. And inserts a butt plug Dale were you serious about having kids yes baby junior said In a few months we will find. A woman to have our kids now go to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow the captain said as he chained Dale to the bed. Why are you telling me to the bed? It makes it more fun for me. James said as he added a blindfold and a ball gag starting tomorrow you will be on real food. No more bread and water. Here, my wife now. And I will treat you like it.

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