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An Encounter With A Hot Pastor

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My friend Innocent invited me to a new generation church somewhere at the Lagos Mainland. On that fateful Sunday, we sat in the front row. The service was splendid. The church was packed and the atmosphere was charged. From the beautiful choir’s paraphernalia to the seraphic rendition of heavenly hymns, I loved every bit of it. But the icing on the cake was when the thirty-something years old hunk of a Pastor mounted the podium. The man was simple a looker. He was tall, broad shouldered, slim and from his movement, very flexible. His booming voice sent shivers down my spine. I was enraptured by his sermon. Before long, the forty minutes sermon came to an end. His petite, yet statuesquely delectable wife joined in on stage to perform the deliverance segment. They were impeccably dressed and made a beautiful couple.

When an alter call was made, I was among the first people to go forward. Quite a handful of us came out to give our lives to Christ. The pastor was happy and after the ministrations asked us all to wait after the services. We complied.

We were ushered into his waiting room at the back of the church building where his office was. One after the other, were called into the office where each was counseled privately. I fidgeted relentlessly while awaiting my turn. I was the last to be called. By then it was already middy and I was famished. Almost everyone was gone except an usher who was waiting at the gate to lock up the premises.

The office was tastefully furnished and fully air-conditioned. On a closer look, the man of God decked in designer suites and oozing such magnetic power and prowess was extremely good looking. He sported a well trim moustache and his hair was curled. d as if he geled it. His smile was infectious. The aura around him was too much to handle. I was meek before him but his smile made me to relax a bit. His penetrating gaze was as if he could see right through my soul. Or, maybe he could. “What’s your name my brother?” That sonorous voice asked. “Michael, sir,” I replied politely and reverently. “Michael. Your are named after an angel,” he said simply. “Yes sir,” replied the quiescent me. “Well, Michael, I can see you are battling with seductive spirits. You are always thinking about sex and you masturbate a lot, am I right?” he enquired. His voice cut me to the quick. My nostrils flared like a courser’s and my throat went dry. How in hell did he know my private proclivities? I stammered an agreement in a plaintive voice. “Don’t worry, we will do something about this,” he reassured me. He stood up from his swiveling chair and stood in front of me. He was some few inches taller than my 5’7. He removed his jacked, loosened his tie and rolled up his pristine white sleeves. “Relax Michael. I will deliver you from that evil, ok?”he smiled and licked his lip. He placed his hands on my shoulder blades and started praying. He started speaking in unknown tongues, I was intrigued and mystified. As he prayed, his hands were all over my head, face, torso and stomach. if was as if he was massaging me. Anxiety mingled with fear produced a kind of sensation that suddenly made my penis ramrod rigid. The fear of being discovered added to the rigidity. I was almost bursting a nut. Clearly, he was aware that I was unquestionably aroused.

I lifted my head and our eyes met and locked. Time and my heart stood still. His face was not smiling anymore. His face was perspiring.

He then asked me to kneel down. He knelt down too. Still praying, he grabbed my manhood and started commanding the demons controlling it to come out. My hardened penis kept on stretching and attained its full 10’ size. He went over to the shelf and brought out anointing oil. He asked me to remove my trousers. I complied. I stood exposed before him. I was covered with shame because my prick was so stiff I didn't know what to do. He opened the jar and rubbed a sizable amount of the olive oil in his hands and proceeded to massage my penis and my scrotum as well. I closed my eyes. Then he kept quiet. He continued ad I bit my lips because I was at the edge of coming.

He stood up and asked me to stand up. I did, rather weakly.

He then removed his clothes. My eyes almost popped out when I saw his erect penis. Darn that petite wife of his must be trying. The thing was like a huge cucumber. It looked humongous and bent to the left. The two big balls hung low and looked like small oranges. I gasped aloud. He smiled. His face mirrored raw sexual hunger. I was overwhelmed by the maelstrom of emotions crisscrossing my whole body. I was dizzy. It was like a dream.

Silently, he took my hand and placed them on his member. He urged me to stroke it which I complied.

He lubricated my ass crack and then turned me around, wedged his penis in my ass crack and started fucking me without penetrating my hole. Feeling his pubic hair around me ass and his hairy chest on my back was wonderful. I was seriously oozing precum. He grabbed my penis and stroked it rhythmically as he humped me from behind. I moaned and released my cum in strings. I felt him coming around my ass hole area. He hugged me tightly and gave a final shove. Our bodies shook in the orgasmic aftermath and we panted like two wrestlers. “I like you Michael I want to be your friend,” he said winking at me. “I like you too sir,” I replied batting my lashes. "However, this must be a secret that we must strictly keep as such, you understand? On no condition would you reveal what happened here to a soul. You and I have entered a sacred covenant and betrayal of trust can cause death. Do you understand?” He spoke so solemnly.

I nodded meekly.

I could not believe that this powerful man would want to have me as his bitch.I thought my bread had been buttered. I had always longed for a strong relationship with men of power. This was even a bonus. He was also a man of the cloth. “I will show you to a hotel at Ikeja where we can be meeting. Prying eyes lurk everywhere around here so we must be careful. I cannot afford any scandal here,” he elucidated. “I understand, sir,” I replied. “Good. We will meet tomorrow at seven. Let me give you my card so that you can call me at seven in the evening and I will tell you where to meet me.”

He gave me a bear hug after inserting his business card in my hand and some wad of crispy Naira notes. I stuffed them in my pocket and eased out looking piously at the usher who looked like he had better things to do than wait for new converts being ‘counseled’…..

This opened a new chapter in my life with Pastor Ike as my new found love. I couldn't wait to have him drill me with his spiritual joystick.

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