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My Brother's Friend when I moved

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Must be 18+ to read this story. 21+ in some areas. Everyone has consented to the activity in the story upon their own free will. This is a true story, only the names were changed as two guys in this story are "straight" I am the only gay on in this story.

My name is Lachlan, my brother's friends name is Cole.

So Cole and I have had many sexual experiences, since we started talking to each other again on social media. This one I never thought would happen and I was totally shocked. So again, as the title states I moved. I moved to a beach town and it is visited by many and it was a few hours away from where I lived originally. I loved it there and there was always something going on where I lived now so Cole texted me and said :

Cole:Hey I might be coming down this weekend, is that okay?

Me: Yeah, that's fine, I do have to work on Saturday though, I will try to take off, since you messaged me so early, I think there is still a chance to get off. Oh, and if I take off and you don't show up I'm gonna be pissed. How do you plan on getting here, since you lost your license?

Cole: My brother, Ethan might be coming down too is that okay?

Me: Yeah that's fine. Let me know for sure later in the week, I will still request off for Saturday. Oh, my roommate has two cats, they don't bother me much, I know you have a dog not sure how you are with cats.

Cole: Shit Ethan is allergic to cats

Me: Wait, so what is Ethan going to do? He isn't old enough to drink.

Cole: Are you an idiot? He can drink he is younger than me. Oh, by the way you forgot my birthday. I am 24, he is 22.

Me: Shit sorry man, how about this when you come down all your drinks are on me, hopefully that can make up for me missing your b-day. I will by SOME of Ethan's drinks too when we go out.

Cole: Okay cool. Ill let you know what is going on.

So toward the end of the week I got a text: Cole: Hey, just so you know Ethan and I will be down and we will have beer.

Fast forward to Friday night( Saturday Early Morning around 4am. I get a call from Cole, letting me know they are here. Now, my apartment only had two room, one for me and one for my roommate and his girlfriend. I let them sleep in my room. They insisted I stay in my room and they would sleep on the couch. So they came in slept and we hung out during the day, then the night came.... sorry it took so long to get to this part of the story, I like the set up sometimes.

We are going to head out to a club that is close by, so Ethan and Cole have to shower and Cole went first. Now the shower is in my room, there is no bathroom in the apartment that isn't in a room. So, while Cole was showering, Ethan was texting and getting ready and picking out his clothes. I was out in the kitchen eating, because I was starving. So Cole calls my name, I can hear him since the door to my room is ajar. I go in my room and have my eyes closed and say sorry to Ethan as I don't know if he is clothed. "Dude, no worries man, it wouldn't matter if I was naked we all have the same thing" -Ethan. I just nodded and walked into my bathroom and I said "Cole, you called me"-Me "Lachlan, can you get my back"-Cole "Ummm sure"-Me. "Thanks man"-Cole "You know your brother is here right, not sure if I feel comfortable doing this"-me, "Dude I don't care"-Ethan yells So I scrub Cole's back and I scrubbed his ass too, even in the crack area. I then was like "okay is that enough"-me. "Yeah thanks man"-Cole "No worries" -me.

I am now in my room talking to Ethan about his girlfriend and he is showing me pics of her and of his car etc. Cole comes out of the shower and into my room with no towel on. It didn't phase Ethan at all and I was like "Um you know there is a thing called a towel that you put around your body in situations like this" -me "Oh, shut up its not the first time you have seen my cock Lachlan" -Cole. I didn't want his brother to know that I have seen his cock before, not sure if it would seem since I washed Coles back that is when I saw it. "Ethan, you know Lachlan is gay right"-Cole. "Bro you told me, I thought it was weird having him wash your back, but if he has already seen you naked, then it makes sense."-Ethan "Am I need the fucking twilight zone"-me. That is when Cole gets on the bed and says" Lachlan show Ethan what you can do, and or what we have been doing" -Cole "Dude, he doesn't care" -cole "I don't feel comfortable doing it with your brother here"-me "Dude he told me his gf doenst even give him head, he wont care"-Cole. So that is when Ethan leaves the room and is like "Fuck you and fuck this" - Ethan So then I start to suck Cole, he was hard as a rock so it wasn't much work for me, as I am sucking him Cole is moaning and saying "fuck I wish you still lived close, no girl has given me a better blow job."-Cole. Then Ethan enters the room. "sorry I forgot my phone"-ethan. Before Ethan left Cole yelled to him "Come on you know you want this faggot to give you a bj, we can use him man he doesn't care, he wont tell anyone and I wont either and your girl isn't giving you any way what a cunt"-Cole. "Did I say to stop sucking" Cole says to me. " I'm not sure" Ethan says. Then after some more enticing from his brother Ethan takes his dick out, not Ethan is not as big as his brother, but still has a decent size to him, it has to be like 6.5 inches. "Get on the floor so you can suck both of us" - cole tells me. I did as instructed so I started to suck Ethan and he was now moaning and I was going back and forth between the two of them. I hear the sound of a girl screaming like she is getting fucked. They put on a porn, which didn't bother me, whatever makes them feel comfortable. So I keep sucking them until I hear Ethan says "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna Cu..... and he blows a huge load in my mouth and I continue to suck him as I want his whole load down my throat. After he is done he lays on the bed while I finish with Cole. "Come on faggot, I know you loved sucking off my brother now get ready because I gonna blow a huge fucking load in your mouth, you ready for it?" -Cole "mmmmhmmmmm"-Me "good cause fuck her it comes, oh fuck, faggot, oh fuck, oh"- cole. Cole also blew his load down my throat and I suck all the cum I could get out of his cock. Ethan went to the shower at this point. "Thanks Cole" -me "Dude no worries I needed to bust and so did he, his gf is a bitch, hopefully you never have to meet her."

So we went to the bar and they were talking to girls all night and they managed to brings girls back to my place and they fucked the girls while they were there, I didn't care because I knew I had both of them earlier. The next day we were all hung over and Cole wasn't done with me at this point. Even though they brought girls over and Ethan left to spend the nights with the girls, Cole slept in my bed with me. Cole put on porn and was jerking off and said "I'm gonna cum, come and take this load down your throat fag" so I put my mouth on the head of his dick while he was jerking his cock and he blew his load in my mouth. "sorry for calling you fag and all that it's just I get in the mood and I feel like saying that"-Cole. "I don't really care as long as you keep giving me cum you can call me what you like" -me. After this he went back home. I gave him and his brother a hug and we never have talked about this ever again. I have seen his brother from time to time when I visited where I used to lived.... then I moved back in a years time, but that was the only time we did anything. He has seen me and Cole hang out and sometimes me and Cole hook up and other times we don't, however I am sure he has an idea of what goes on, well at least most of the time.

Sorry this was so long. Thank you for reading. Please let me know what I can work on and if you like the story send me an email at dicksuckinglips10@gmail.com. I do have many more stories with Cole and hopefully more in the future as well.

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