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Used in the Booth and Liking It!

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Back in the 80's, visiting adult book stores with glory holes was quite the thing for many of us wanting to receive or give a quick blow job, meet up with someone of like interests and have a night of unbridled lust

Late one horny evening after getting a bit tipsy, I visited one of my favorite book stores near the airport.

It was about a 20 minute drive, to the store and as I pulled in to the parking lot, I noticed I was not the only one horny and looking for fun as the lot was fairly crowded.

When I entered, the book store, it wasn't as busy as the parking lot seemed to make it out to be.

I wandered around looking at some magazines, noticing guys that were also wandering around and decided I'd give the booths a try.

In those days, quarters worked fine and I had a stack ready to go.

I made my way towards the back, and through the curtain that separated the booth area from the store and as I entered, realized why the parking lot was so full.

There were about 20 booths in this store, and along the wall leaned about 15 guys all waiting for a booth or more.

Some of the guys were white, some black, in all age ranges and in various states of arousal as many of them played with themselves openly in the corridor.

None of them really caught my eye, so I made my way toward the back where the best and most active "holes" were located.

The very last booth was empty which is my favorite, so I went in, closed and latched the door and found a movie that interested me and put my quarters on top of the machine and put a quarter in to start watching.

I pulled my pants down and started stroking my cock while sitting on the bench and kept glancing over at the hole to see if anyone would stick their cock through or motion for me to do so.

After a minute or so, I thought I was getting lucky as I could see the light shine through the hole as the door to the booth next to me opened and closed.

A few seconds later a cock poked through the hole - I couldn't tell if it was black or white at the moment since the booth was so dark, but none the less I had come to get cock and knelt down in front of the hole ready to suck.

As I got closer, I could tell it was definitely a black cock - not huge but a nice size, probably about 7 or 8" long and nicely hard.

I put the cock in my mouth and heard a moan through the wall of the booth.

As I sucked, the owner of the cock started to pump in and out of the hole saying all sorts of nasty things to me...

"Mm, yeah suck that cock", "yeah use your tongue", "mm that feels good", "here lick my balls".

His balls were huge and I eagerly kissed and licked them before going back to work on his black cock.

I happen to be one of those that get very turned on by nasty talk, and the more I heard the more I wanted this cock to cum in my mouth.

After a few more strokes in and out of my mouth, my cock friend said "open your door, I'm coming in".

This was surprising to me, as I never in all the years I had been going to booths heard someone tell or ask to join me in my booth.

However, I was really turned on by all the nasty talk and rose to my feet and unlatched the door.

As I stood there about to sit back down on the bench, my door was pushed open and my new friend entered. I could barely make out that he was an older black man, before he closed the door behind him and latched it.

I fell back on the bench as he moved closer to me and ordered me to open my mouth, which I of course did on command.

He shoved his hard black cock in my mouth and again proceeded to fuck my mouth and stroke his cock telling me how good it felt in my mouth.

He would pull his cock out of my mouth, and raise it telling me to suck and lick his balls while he stroked himself. Fortunately, his balls were shaved which I love because it really allows me to worship them by kissing, licking and sucking them without worrying about hair getting in my mouth.

While sucking and licking My new black friends balls, he reached down and pulled me to my feet and spun me around so quickly I had no time react,

He pushed me against the wall, and started to rub his cock on my ass and asked if I had ever been fucked by a black cock.

I hadn't and told him so.

Nor had I ever been fucked in my ass before at a booth and not having any lube, I started to hesitate and tried to turn around and tell him but he was not taking no for an answer.

He told me to relax, he was going to fuck me whether I wanted it or not, so just lean forward and take it.

I tried to relax while he continued to run his cock around my asshole. I could feel his pre-cum on my hole and hoped he had enough to lubricate my ass so I could take it.

He started to push forward on my ass and I felt the head open me up as he groaned "oh yeah there you go".

He pushed harder getting more and more of his cock into my ass, and yes it hurt like hell. He was determined to have my ass though and I suddenly realized my ass was being raped by this old black guy and I was really enjoying it.

With one forceful push he had his entire cock shoved in my ass right there in the booth. He held it there for a few seconds before he started to move it in and out telling me how tight my ass was.

After a few strokes, I relaxed enough and started to really get off on the fact that this old black guy was raping me and I started to moan back to him to "fuck me, rape my ass".

This really turned him on as he sped up his assault on my ass the more I asked for it, telling me "yeah white boy, you like that black cock don't you?", "say it, tell me how much you like this black cock".

"I like it, I love that black cock" I responded.

I realized he and I were getting louder all the time as he fucked me harder and faster when he shoved his black cock deep in my ass telling me he's coming and to take it.

All I could do was whimper and respond "yes. please give it to me, come in me please".

Twitching and pumping squirt after squirt of come up my ass, grunting and groaning with every thrust as he emptied his huge balls into my ass telling me what a faggot I was, and how he liked my tight ass.

He told me he would be taking that ass again and that the next time a black man shows you his cock, you ask his permission to suck it.

After you've gotten his cock nice and hard, you pull your pants down, turn around and offer your ass to him. Understand?

I quietly said "yes sir", he told me to say it louder.. "Yes sir".

"Yes sir what?", Yes sir I know what to do when a black man shows me his cock.

Good, because we're going to see if you do understand.

He pulled away from me slowly removing his cock and I felt empty for a few seconds as I stood there still not really understanding why I had let this black man rape and fuck my ass in the booth. I did know however, that I totally enjoyed being taken like that and fucked in a public book store so thoroughly as well as having been seeded by a older black man.

Little did I know that what had happened that night would be my newest fetish and perversion for the rest of my life.

My new friend and lover invited me back to his place and I spent the rest of the night getting fucked and swallowing his come - he was absolutely insatiable!

To this day, many years later my favorite thing to do is to suck and get fucked and used by mature black men.

To me there is nothing that gets me off more, than to hear a mature black man tell me what a good cocksucker I am and that he owns my ass.

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