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"Married4Married" Encounter

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I recently returned from a business trip that I believe I'll remember for quite some time. I'm a happily married masculine man in my mid-fifties...with a building curiosity and desire. As a bit of background, I had my first man-on-man sex when I was in my early 20's. I was traveling across the country and stayed overnight at a Motel 6. After a long day of driving, I wanted to unwind and have a few drinks. I walked across the street to a hotel bar at a much better hotel. I began to watch a great MNFootball game. Soon an older businessman with grey hair sat next to me. I've never been attracted to men but noticed this guy was really good looking. We began a great conversation on a number of topics. Topics steered towards girlfriends (mine) and wife (his). We stayed until bar closed and had too many drinks. After last call, this older man (late 40's) invited me up to his room for more drinks.

I was very relaxed and comfortable and innocently accepted. His suite was large and luxurious. I sat on a large couch while he mixed drinks. Soon porn was playing on his tv, the drinks were strong, and my raging erection was getting hard to hide. He commented on my growing bulge. His hands brushed up against my thigh and I instinctively opened my thighs a bit. He took that as an invitation and was soon caressing my crotch. I looked straight ahead at the porn and tried not to react. Soon he had my cock out of my zipper and gently stroking it. He grabbed my hand and slowly placed it on his growing bulge. He I was in another mans room with his cock in my hand and him stroking me. He ended up between my thighs performing the best blowjob I've ever had. He edged me several times until I begged him to let me cum. After he swallowed my load, he tried to convince me to reciprocate. I was not ready for that and instead jerked him off. As his climax neared I felt a hand on the back of my head gently pulling my face to his cock. I was amazed at his huge cock that later I discovered was 8 ½ inches, much bigger than mine. I did put my mouth over his mushroom head and continued to jerk him. But I pulled off much to his disappointment. He ended coming in my hand.

Many years later, I often thought of this initial encounter and fantasized on what it would have been like to take him in my mouth and had him cum in my mouth. I never acted on it until recently. My curiousity igot the best of me and I responded to a CL "Married4Married" ad. He did not want to send pics due to his concern regarding discretion. We agreed to meet at his hotel bar. Man, talk about Deja Vu. It was like my first encounter. When I saw him, he was a salt n pepper older businessman in his mid 50's, like me. I found him friendly, and good looking. He winked at me and asked if I wanted a quieter place. I nodded my head without a word. As soon as we entered his room he turned into me and stepped up to me and gently pushed me against his closet doors. There were two closets with a niche area that looked like a place where a suitcase could be placed. Behind the niche was a mirror and two hanging hooks. On each hook was a tie that was already tied and looped around the hanging hook. As I was against the closet door, his face into my neck licking my neck. He raised both my arms above my head and wispered to me to leave my arms up. As he let go of my hands, I let them come down. He repositioned my arms above me again and started to kiss my mouth. I was startled and did not initially enjoy it. He then slipped my hands into the ties on hooks. He loosely tightened them up around my wrists. He comforted me that I was able to free myself and this was merely a way to make me feel vulnerable. I was actually getting turned on as he opened my shirt and caressed my torso. He stepped back into me and kissed me again. His tounge penetrating my lips. As his tongue probed my mouth, tongue and throat I was totally horned up. I kissed back. My tongue penetrating his mouth. His hands were pulling down my zipper. Soon I was standing against closet doors, shirt open, arms tied above my head and him kneeling in front of me taking my cock into his mouth. I almost came immediately. Thank goodness he edged me several times.

He stopped abruptly and untied my hands. His hands now on my shoulders gently pushing them down until I was on my knees in front of him. I eagerly pulled his pants down thinking I was going to suck my first cock. He let me explore a bit, guiding me to lick his shaft, suck his balls and take his cock into my mouth as I jerked his shaft. He told me what to do and soon he hand both his hands on my head guiding my head as he gently pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I was focusing on not scraping him. A few times he would pull my head so his cock entered my throat. I gagged and coughed up mucous that only lubed his cock more. He did this several times going deeper each time. My eyes were watering and I was so turned on. His moans intensified and that turned me on more. I bobbed my head up and down. His hands squeezed my head and held me down as he exploded in my mouth. He warned me that he was coming and I tried to keep it in my mouth but not swallowing it. I could not handle it and his cum came streaming down my chin and his cock. I pulled back but dove back onto his cum covered cock. I was now tasting his juice and swallowing a bit of it. It was fantastic and believe I'm now a cock sucker.