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Enjoying the Chance

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Had plans to take break from work as businessman in New York City for two months. He’d deciding to travel all over USA by driving his rented car, green military jeep Cherokee sport, in the cool days. He informed his business partners that he won’t be back until he would be ready to return to work again. Pretty excited for his journey on the traveling to see what’s up with those cities.

On the way in highway from New York City to Washington, DC in just one hour away at afternoon, he drove there to sightseeing the beauty of city. He took picture of White House’s presence. It was good for him to do that.

Greno asked one hot male tourist for just picture of him and that building. The tourist didn’t mind it so Greno handed him his camera to take. It happened and Greno checked it if it looked good. But, it showed that his bulge was in the screen.

“Ha ha ha… I like how you did this to me,” Greno chuckled, “Well… Do you happening with anyone yet?”

The #1 guy surprised, “Are you mad by what I did? You supposed to be mad. It is first time for me to see how you respond after this…”

“I’m fine with that. I just want to have good time. I promise myself to not waste my fabulous time. I learned my lesson,” Greno shrugged, “Well, take it again.” The #1 guy took it and looked good. Greno’s allover appearance was described to be 6’ tall brunette lean fit Caucasian aged 42 years old. “Again, are you currently with someone?”

The #1 guy said, “No, I’m not. Why?”

“Just want to hang out for one day,” Greno chuckled, “Look at you, you have ripped body as hell. I am just explored all through this country… Drink?”

At the evening, they were at the gay bar since they got know each other. “My name is…” the #1 guy tried to tell but Greno interrupted.

“No name, please,” Greno remained, “I’m sorry. Maybe we can fuck in my car… Any thoughts?”

The #1 guy said, “What the hell… Damn it. I am so desperate for that! Sure! We’re going to do it at park where there is no surveillance camera to watch. Where’s your car. But, big problem is… No condom… Looks like we can’t do that until we got it.”

“Lucky, I got a lot of condoms, towels, and lubes in the rear of my car. Let’s get out of this place!” Greno smiled and led the #1 guy to his car.

Arrived there, the #1 guy said, “Ahh… So cool.” He exhaled as if he just chilled in outside. “I feel my jean is not so comfortable. Do you mind?” Greno didn’t as he looked for the lube and condoms for two so the #1 guy unzipped his and dropped it down. It was difficult to see his cock but Greno just touched it to guess how long it was. It was 7” long cut. He was in good mood after caressed the #1 guy‘s as if he could noticed that he had heavily vascular on his thick stoned cock. “Like how you feeling? I can see that how much you love… Yeah?”

“Mm-Hmm… Just jump into my car. Your car is too small,” Greno said, “We could fuck in the rear seats for just extra space.” He agreed with that and putted it on as Greno did it in same way.

Greno’s cock was to be 9” long uncut when it exposed to the #1 guy’s sight after took his tight jean off. It was so charming from it. The #1 guy seemed he loved it by felt it like examined it for few minutes. “I can tell that you have foreskin…” the #1 guy smiled as he just licked off Greno’s before Greno putted his condom on. “Hmm… So sweet and sticky. Cool! Ready?” The #1 guy was about to put his protected cock entered into Greno’s anus.

“Ahh… Oh, yes. Push it all the way and harder, please,” Greno moaned, “Fuck… Yeah.” The #1 guy tried to do his best as he could be sure that Greno had fabulous time as possible. It was time to turn Greno to have sexual intercourse with. He would tell that the #1 guy just had load in his wet condom. “Is it first time you do this?”

The #1 guy chuckled, “No… I just did it with my best friend 7 months ago. You?”

“No, I am 42 years old,” Greno said which it surprised the #1 guy, “Yes, I’m serious. You thought I look like I was in mid-20s. I did managing myself well by eat healthy, do workout, and have some good air. I really love any kind of the stratified outdoors.”

The #1 guy said, “Wow… You are so super-hot. I’m so shocked! Lots of people don’t have time to stay gorgeous while they got older. But, you got it. What’s your career?”

“As businessman for media about Forbes magazine in USA,” Greno proudly said. The #1 guy was impressed with it but he wasn’t interesting about it because he isn’t crazy on it as if he want something enjoyable as such as entertainment, eatery, fashion, house, cars, and go on that have luxury culture.

The #1 guy said, “Cool… I am wondering if we can take picture of us for just some good memories we made.”

Greno said, “Sure. We would flash ourselves.” The #1 guy liked that idea so much and just went to click it for them to smile and showed their hardened cock and abs. “Good?”

“Yeah. I think we have to go into separate way… That’s it. Give me some good kiss,” the #1 guy sadly said. Greno smooched his cheek to say goodbye. “Someday, we can see each other again.”

Greno felt same way and said, “Yeah… Take care.” Both of them jumped into their car to fade away as the sunset came up. Greno drove until he stopped at South Carolina rest area off by highway in few hours later. He headed off to restroom to empty his stomach. He entered into that room and saw other cute brunette tourist stood and urinating at urinal. They were only two people that being there. Greno had no problem as if he just walked to it next the #2 guy.

“What’s up, man?” Greno smiled and unzipped his tight jean to empty. The #2 guy was speechless when he heard Greno’s sexy voice. “Do you happening with someone?”

The #2 guy hesitated, but went to say, “No, why?” Greno scoffed about that and began to jerk in the front of him. “Oh, I see… Why do you do that to me?”

“I always guess on everything,” Greno shrugged, “Join me?” He agreed with him and let Greno touch it. It was 7” long uncut while it hardened. “Gee… You clueless. That’s good. Any plan to hang out with me or not? Want to eat brunch at any restaurant?”

The #2 guy said, “Yes, I like to go for that. I know how to reach there. You need to follow me because I have GSP in my car.”

“Great!” Greno washed his hands after it finished and dry it with heat dryer. “Do you experience to warm your cock up before? Try it.” He stretched his tight jean to warm for less than 30 seconds.

The #2 guy tired it and said, “Awesome! Feel good! All right, follow me there.” Walked out of the building and headed to their car so they could drove until they got it in a specific location. The restaurant called “iHOP.” “Ahh… I can smell those sausages from that place. A lot of meat fat in it. Yummy! Do you like meat fat?”

“Yes, but it isn’t healthy to eat. Just once per month or go to gym after eating bad ones,” Greno said as if it was his opinion. The slim male host led them to table for two. He gave them menus to take their orders. “Damn it, you said something about sausages that making me want to eat it. Yes, I like to have some pancakes, eggs, sausages, brown hashes, and apple juices. My buddy could have same order.” The waiter wrote it down, took the menus, and left to straighten into the kitchen. “Don’t worry about it, I will pay it for you.”

The #2 guy said, “Hey, don’t do it.” Greno’s feet tickled the #2 guy’s clothed cock for just being playful. “Ugh… They are watching us.” He tried to put Greno’s feet away but Greno was too stubborn for him to stop him from crossing the line about what he did.

“Here’s your juice,” the waiter smiled as he putted it on the table and then left to do his work.

Greno chuckled, “This drinks look like our urine have been stored and use it to enjoy. Add the sugar into it to make it extra delicious.”

“Enough… That’s worst metaphor joke you made,” the #2 guy scoffed. The waiter brought their meals and ate all the way they could. “Well, where do you go after this?”

Greno said, “I am on traveling to explore throughout this country. I think of going to Pompano Beach, Florida.”

“Wow! Me too! That is just so coincidence. Why not we go there together?” The #2 guy excitedly asked, “I will stay there for one week. That would be good time if you did.”

Greno had doubt about it and said, “Well… All right… Uh… I’m not sure that is good idea. But, we could find the motel for sleeping per night and that’s it.”

“Oh, man. You are too much for me,” the #2 guy hornily said, “I have feeling that you will fuck me every night… Waste a lot of sperms you got. I’m starting to think that you are sex addict. That’s not good thing to do so.”

Greno chuckled, “Yes, I proudly am. Do you done it before?”

“No… Don’t turn me into it like that… You better not,” the #2 guy said with his eyes narrowed.

Greno sighed, “Okay, come on. Let’s get there and check in the motel to get some rest.” He tipped the receipt. “Seriously, come on. You clueless.” The #2 guy shrugged and went with him by followed him on the highway for about 4 hours to arrive there.

Found the 3-stars motel they searched for. Greno checked in for two. He took bag of condoms, and lubes. Entered into the room. It scented fresh . They brought luggages into it to unpack some of it. Greno felt hot so he took all clothes off and the #2 guy was in shock. Greno wanted the #2 guy to join him into the warm shower for improving their hygiene to keep handsomeness functioning longer.

“Gee!!! You naughty man. How old are you?” The #2 guy chuckled. Greno answered it. “Wow… You look so young. How do you manage to stay young?”

Greno said, “I won’t answer that question until you bathing me, buddy.”

“Grr… All right, the #2 guy groaned and walked nakedly into the shower to wash both. “Nice ass. Okay, here’s your question to answer. Please, I’m dying to hear it. I don’t want to be old and ugly.” Spanked Greno’s butts with his hands, “Damn… So hot.”

Greno smiled, “Let’s to get know about my secret to stay young. Don’t stress too much, don’t eat foods that have the big amounts of fats, exercise almost everyday, and masturbate 2-3 time per week or, more luckily, have partner to do so like you.” He goosed the #2 guy’s butt and about to make out with him. “Does it make sense to you?”

“I guess so,” the #2 guy said, “Thanks… Oh, don’t forget about condom.” Greno was relief for it and got out of the shower to get some condom for both to fuck together. They had good time every evening for 7 days after check in at motel lobby.

After saying their goodbye, they didn’t revealing their name and took pictures of them to remember them well as trip diary. They have had told that they missed each other.

Off to Texas to see the rodeo in a real life, Greno was on the way by drove in the highway for just 4 hours. He could hear siren behind him. He noticed there was police car. There was nothing on its route but two vehicles. He stopped himself into the breakdown lane to cooperate police’s preference. He rolled the window down for just communication.

“Hello,” Greno slightly said.

The hot male police officer said, “Where are you heading?”

“Is that necessary for me to say? Or do just you need some company?” Greno said with an emotionlessly tension.

The hot male police officer said, “Yes, it is. I suspecting you have something in your back of your car. May I check them?”

“Yes, please,” Greno sighed as if he was in an unfortunate condition for this situation. He impatiently waited for the #3 guy to finish his work.

The #3 guy showed the bag to Greno and said, “What are you doing with it? Enjoying take advantageous where you have been with other? Do you have girlfriend? I would call this trouble…”

“Do you like some of it?” Greno said, “Was. She’s bored. I’m not sure if my things have doing with those stupid laws. Read my license plate. I’m not from around here.”

The #3 guy said, “All right, you are from New York. I’m assuming that you just are on the vacation. You get ticket for slow speed.”

“What the… Okay, any way I can avoid getting shitty ticket?” Greno emotionlessly said.

The #3 guy said, “Get out of your car.” Greno was disgusting with it and cooperated what the #3 guy ordered. “Turn around and stand against your car, please.” Greno obeyed him but the #3 guy took it too far by putted his body against Greno’s body for fun. The #3 guy goosed Greno’s butt. “I want you to have some company with me. Hope you understand what it is, your dirty whore.”

“You will get bad news for this. I can see camera on your chest,” Greno said, “Are you imposter or not? Real ones don’t do it like that.”

The #3 guy said, “I have handcuff here. Want me to do it at you or be free by listen my order?”

“Fine… Wanna be bottom?” Greno said and the #3 guy got his mouth near Greno’s ear to say yes. “Are you on my side?”

The #3 guy said, “Yes… Get undress now. Hurry before someone sees us, bitch.” He turned the camera off. Both took clothes off together. Greno never experienced it with him as police officer before. “Fuck me now!”

Greno grabbed the #3 guy’s waist to pull him against Greno’s private area to do it in sexual performance. He could tell that he want it so hard in all the way.

“Tell me when you are ready to ejaculate!” the #3 guy loudly moaned. Greno still had sex with him until he felt it come and asked him if he want his load on his face. “In my mouth! I want to taste your shit!” The #3 guy was very loud and controlling how Greno fucked.

Greno said, “I need to take my condom off and put my cock into yours… Come soon!” He uninstalled his cock to get it off and jerked off near the #3 guy’s mouth. It did so fast. “Good? Let me get some towel for you to clean.” He looked for it and got it. “How good I did?”

“Very good. You go free now. I am going to do my work right now,” the #3 guy cleaned his face and took his police uniform on. “Before you leave, I want to remember this after we do. Do you have something to remember?”

Greno said, “Yes, I have cell mobile. I can send it to you if you have private home email. Do you?” The #3 guy told him to take picture together when he wanted their cock shown while it occupied. “I am going to email you right away. Can you let me go?”

“Completed… Don’t let me see you again or I will get more of you,” the #3 guy chuckled and returned to his police car. He drove away as he slowly disappeared in the drought area at empty highway. Greno was so happy it was over as he relieved.

Greno pissed off, “Fuck you…” He deleted the photo of the #3 guy on his cell mobile. “Demanding bastard… But it was good thing to fake myself on him to avoid getting some shitty ticket. Right… I would get some of it for see how rodeo working.” He was in half-naked while drove because he felt hot. “I could have company from the event but, first, I need rest…”

Next evening, Greno paid the ticket to see. He did saw some hot masculine cowboys rode the bulls as its tried to get those guys off. It was pretty painful to watch when they got threw off and desperate to defend themselves from got injury by bull hit.

“Shit,” Greno loudly said. Audience cheered on it. “What the fuck? They love this?! That’s cold!”

The #4 guy said from the crowd, “Hey, there. You look like you are from anywhere but not here. Am I correct?” Greno thought the #4 guy had chat with other. “You. I’m talking to you. Not to everyone. So, what’s up?” The #4 guy chuckled.

“Oh, yes. I am from New York. I am on vacation. I’m just curious about rodeo… I’m here,” Greno nervously muttered like it was too quickly for him after the #4 guy interrupted in the middle of the event. “I haven’t been on rodeo before. It looks risky for me to do so.”

The #4 guy said, “Of course, it is very difficult to ride on it. I’m wondering if you can come with me for some beer and barbecue… Do you?”

“Well… I was looking on it after this. Sure!” Greno gladly agreed.

The #4 guy smiled, “Cool. Tell me about New York you live.”

“We can talk about that in the restaurant. I don’t want to miss every moment of this event,” Greno said, “I just find it interesting. So… What are you doing here? Do you happening with someone?”

The #4 guy said, “Oh, yeah. My friend is participating this event. He will be last. Last part is always be worst for me to end Texas’s traditional entertainment.”

“Really? I have doubt about it. The ending is best part for us to experience,” Greno puzzled.

The #4 guy said, “Oh, well. Thanks. I heard my friend’s name. He is next! Let’s watch him!”

After his name was announcing, they cheered on him for breaking the record by rode on it long time than anyone did. He was very hot man. Looked so fine and well-developing masculine. He hopped on the bull to get ready for short enjoyment.

Took 2 minutes to stay on bull, he threw off and run to the fence for his safety. Someone, whom knew about rodeo, loved him. He was well-known to Texas for break the record and still be number one in 4th row in this summer season. He got gold trophy when the host presented about his background.

“I didn’t know your friend is very popular to this rodeo community. I have no knowledge about how to work as do rodeo thing,” Greno explained, “I like to get know about him if he can join with us because he is your friend.”

The #4 guy said, “Yep. You are lucky enough to meet me. Someone is leaving right now. We don’t have any time so come with me before the restaurant fulling with people.” Greno followed him and introduced to well-known guy at that place. “Here you go. Tell him about you.”

They found table with incredible view at the evening. Greno would see some gold lighting from those buildings and dry lake. They took seat down and got some menu to order excepting the #5 guy. The owner knew what the #5 guy want. Got answer for order after the waiter appeared and then went to the back kitchen. “My name is Greno. I’m from New York. Have a lot of cabs, tall buildings, subway, and more. Those supplies aren’t cheap. Not easy to live there. But, I just love it because I was keeping myself active. Never stop being busy,” Greno said.

Received their meals, those orders were to be ribs with delicious sauce and mashed potato. They enjoyed their time as they just chatted about their experience and feasted it until their stomach was full. The #5 guy told them that they could come over at his house after the supper. They agreed.

Jumped into their car and followed them. The #5 guy’s house was middle-sized and there was nothing around it but dry soil. “Nice house. You live alone?” Greno curiously asked.

“Yes, I do,” the #5 guy smiled.

Greno took bag out of his car and entered into the house with them. “What is it from your bag?” the #4 guy suspected. “I think I have to get your bag. It would be for me to take bag with my force from you… I demand you to do that.”

“Sure. Here is mine,” Greno narrowed his eyes and handed it to the #4 guy for examining.

The #4 guy loudly said, “Holy shit! You got a lot of condom and lube! You whore. Are you?”

“Sort of. Can you be curious about it? Like have sex with straight guys? You looked too sexy and friendly to be straight,” Greno said in the softy voice.

The #4 guy said with joy, “Lucky… I’m bisexual and he’s too. Nobody knows about us being. He has Jacuzzi. Do you want to join with us for just some fun?”

“Oh, gee… I don’t have any swimwear with me,” Greno disappointed.

The #4 guy said, “That’s fine. We do in nude.”

“Yes, I like that idea,” Greno excitedly said and heading to it with them. The #5 guy turned it on to warm it up and told them to take clothes off. “I notice you have scar on your chest. What’s happen?”

The #5 guy said, “Well, I got it during the rodeo when I was 21 years old. Sharp horn bull had that cut me and got 13 stitches to close. He was with me. He told me in the hospital that I was knocking out when bull kicked my head.”

“That’s horrific to get something like that…” Greno groaned, “I’m so sorry about that.”

The #5 guy said, “Don’t worry about that. I’m unique to community to remember. They’re able to recognize my mark while I’m shirtless. Do you find me sexy? I’m just some hot masc guy to risk my life for entertain those pussies from audience?”

“Oh yeah, you are so dreamy for those ladies. Well, I wonder if I can hug you. Are you fine with that?” Greno smiled, “I really like to feel yours.”

The #5 guy said, “Come here.” Greno went forward to the #5 guy for just cuddle. “Feel like I have meat in mine, folk?”

“Yep, how about him? I don’t want to leave him out,” Greno said.

The #4 guy said, “Thanks for care.” He got close to them for just made out together. They got something very steamy as had sex with threesome for about warming half-hour. The #5 guy do top to Greno. The #4 guy got being sucked from Greno.

When it was over, they headed to his master bedroom for sleeping. They asleep in nude for just one night until Greno decided himself to leave for other destination. The both guys woke up and noticed Greno was gone. Went to kitchen for check out if Greno was still there or not. Greno nakedly was cooking the eggs, brown hashes, and thin sliced hams.

“Well, well, well!” the #5 guy surprised, “You can cook! We got other guy that is being nude!” He spanked Greno’s butt.

The #4 guy said, “Smells good…”

Greno had to leave soon after he finished with his cooking. “I like to take pictures with both of you in nude before I left. I can’t come here back again. I am busy with my trip all over USA.”

“Ha ha ha!!! Sure!” the #5 guy said and hug the #4 guy and Greno to click the button for picture. “We are good at triangle love cycle!” They feasted until all satisfied. “Goodbye! See you other time!”

Greno said, “You are special to remember by your scar. That made me have trigger so easy.” He hopped into his car and fade away. Headed to Arizona for sightseeing the droughty landmark.

On late afternoon, Greno saw the hot male half-naked hitchhiker on the road. “Why not to have company with him for few hours…” wondered Greno, “He looked innocent at all.” He slowed his car down and stopped for him. Greno rolled his window down and asked if the #6 guy tell him where he heading to. “Hmm… Tell me good reason why you would be ride with me and drop you anywhere. Where do you want to go?”

“Los Angles, California,” the #6 guy said, “Hope that you looking for.”

Greno said, “Ahh… May it would take some days to get there. But, I don’t mind about some company. Come in, hop into mine.”

“Thanks!” the #6 guy entered into Greno’s car, “Well, my name is…”

Greno said, “No name, please…”

“Oh?” the #6 guy said, “Whatever, I’m thirsting. I need to get some liquid to keep me strong any longer. Want to know what happen to me before you pick me up?”

Greno said, “Yeah?”

“I got kick out from tripping bus because I’m very annoying to anyone,” the #6 guy honestly said.

Greno said, “I see. How long you are on this road?”

“Two and half-hours,” the #6 guy said, “Oh, man… I feel so weak. My belongings are in that bus. Fuck!”

Greno said, “I got GSP with me, I can check it out if there is any gas station nearby.” He calculated it to find. “There. About 15 minutes from here. Not bad. Just have some rest and storing your energy by sleep if you feel so comfortable.” The #6 guy agreed with him and tried to do his best to relax. Greno glanced the #6 guy’s upper body to see if he is really hot or not.

Arrived there and went into the shop for some drinks and snacks. The #6 guy came into without shirt and looked for Greno. The hot clerk told the #6 guy to get his shirt on because of its policy.

“So? You looked so skinny! What pity…” the #6 guy laughed, “Do you don’t want some cash from me? Then shut up!” The clerk was piss off but want to get money so he sold products what the #6 guy brought. “Thank you! You can suck me so dry, bitch!”

Greno said, “Relax, relax… I will get you there.” Left the store and load the gas into his car.

“Hell, yes!” the #6 guy sighed, “My belongings are in that bus! Someone will steal mine when the trip is over! Can you speed your car up? Don’t hesitate about that. I will be damn if they did. [Grabbed the drink to stay up] Hurry!” Greno and he jumped into his car to rush in one hour until they saw bus parked in the break lane. “That’s one! Thank god for some shitty miracle!” Slowed down and parked there behind the bus for get the #6 guy’s belongings. “Ha ha! I see that you have your tire broke! Go fuck yourself!”

Greno was in his car and wait for the #6 guy to finish pack in back of car. The #6 guy noticed the bag that filled with condom and lube. “What the hell… Man, he’s dangerous. But, I like it! Why not I can have bonus with this guy,” the #6 guy thought and gather some of it into his bag. He entered in the front of his car.

“Ready?” Greno asked.

The #6 guy said, “Oh, yeah. I’m ready to be first before that driver does!” Greno floored it to speed his vehicle up. It took 2 hours to reach its location. “I want to say thank for take me… I own you for that. I’m wonder if you can join with me for some dinner and company.”

“Ahh… You are nosy what’s going on with my car,” Greno smiled.

The #6 guy was choking in the air and coughed, “Uh… What do you mean?”

“I’m not that stupid,” Greno smiled, “I have a lot.”

The #6 guy nervously said, “Well, I think you may cross the line.”

“Yes, I like to have both of it,” Greno winked, “I know that you live in happy place.”

The #6 guy said, “Huh? Happy place? I still don’t understand… Of course, I am. But, you just start to freak me out like I take shit too quickly.”

“Gay,” Greno winked, “Let’s fuck.”

The #6 guy hornily said, “Wow… Maybe we can go to restaurant for get know each other first before we will to able to do that.”

“Do you think I’m not normal person?” Greno sadly faked, “Well, get your belongings out of my car and keep some of mine you stole for your lovers. Bye, I’m going to leave you alone right now.”

The #6 guy quickly said, “Wait… Make yourself home.” Greno told him that he did right something for fun but he disagreed. “That’s shame… To be sex addict.”

“You too,” Greno hardly flashed.

The #6 guy hornily growled, “That’s some nice cock… Come in and follow me.” They entered the #6’s guy’s home and left his thing in a living room. Greno’s jean was off but tops were still on. “Eat first or fuck first?”

“Eat first… Can we ordering from Chinese restaurant? I’m wonder if we have some condensed milk drop on us to lick off.”

The #6 guy said, “Sure… You need to get that on before delivery man sees you. I bet he is so ugly. Asian guys are just so yucky!”

“Well, lets him see me with his luck,” Greno shrugged, “Just get some chance to see if he is hot or not. It won’t hurt to do that if you can reject him when he causes us in shitty way.”

The #6 guy said, “Hmm… You are right. Let’s order! Just get your jean on.”

One hour later, the delivery man arrived and ringed the entrance. The #6 guy opened the door. “Here’s two condensed milk, two spring rolls, fried jumbo shrimps, white rice, and beef with Chinese broccoli. It would be $41.77.” the handsome delivery man said.

“With bonus,” Greno smiled.

The #6 guy loudly said, “Hey! Don’t start. I’m so sorry. Here’s money.” He handed it to him. “Thanks for bring it to us.” Closed the door. “What’s wrong with you? I barely know him for less than minute.”

“That’s your loss… I gave him $100 to join with us,” Greno said, “I don’t think he is going back to get us have his change.”

Ringed again, the #7 guy stood there and waited for answer. It did. “Well, I have to be back to you because you pay me too much. It is over original price.”

“Keep it. I think you’re cute,” Greno winked. The #7 guy was surprised and smiled.

The #7 guy chuckled, “Well… Yeah, I’m cute. Thanks for it. But, I can’t accept it.”

“Wanna fuck us?” Greno said and flashed his hardened cock and ripped upper body.

The #7 guy said, “Whoa… Nice. Damn it. I wish I do. But, I don’t want my manager fired me for being late about this mystery.”

“Then show me yours for few seconds,” Greno smiled.

The #7 guy said, “Well, just be quickly and leave.” He flashed 11” long uncut cock.

“Wow!!!” The #6 guy opened his jaw down. “You are first person that is Chinese guy has some long cock I have seen for my whole life. Care for some relationship?” the #6 guy begged.

The #7 guy said, “Sure. I’m available tomorrow at gym morning.”

“Before you leave, how you get that so big?” the #6 guy asked.

The #7 guy answered, “Enlargement pills from order of my gay doctor. I’m 100% healthy.”

“Nice… See you later!” the #6 guy said in the impressive way. He watched him leave and closed the door. He was lucky enough to have him because of Greno. “Thanks to you. I’m extreme lucky to have you. Care to stay with me?”

Greno said, “I can’t. I love to fuck you but I can’t. You have something going on right now. I don’t want to see you exhausted twice after the company of us. But, I can sleep with you if like to do so. I have to leave early morning.”

Fill those foods and drinks in their stomach. They headed to bed in nude. They chatted about what they do living. The #6 guy was shocking to hear that Greno is sex addict and businessman.

Greno said, “I try to calm my urges. I always get hot guys every time I talked or met. I’m still so horny for that shit.”

“Wow… I’m curious. Do you want to stop or something?” the #6 guy asked.

Greno sighed, “That’s hard question. I love feeling of my cock while it cumming. I enjoying taste my loads. So good like hell.”

“This city is good place for you to fuck because most people are porn actors where live in to earn their living. Do you know about that?” the #6 guy informed, “Just like to let you know… I just am wondering if you want to visit me again?”

Greno said, “Maybe. I got to go. Give me some hugs!” The #6 guy hugged Greno so tight and thanks him for his generousness. He left at the early morning to head to Las Vegas in Nevada about 4 hours. He looked for cheap motel to sleep until the evening was coming. Found one to check in and went to room. Everything looked good as fresh. The bedding was new. “Ahh… I can smell some damn lavender. He got naked and went to sleep.

Woke up at the early evening, he took steamy shower to warm him up for good start to sightsee those sceneries of Las Vegas casinos. Not all he could explore. He just decided that he wanted to see some stripping building in other area. He entered and looked around to see if he could have some enjoyment. He ordered the beer and took seating down near the stage walk.

“Other one is called ‘Shiny Dick.’ Please cheering him so hard! Be sure you get free ticket from him for some company with some responsibility. ” the host announced and left. The #8 guy came out and walked forward to the pole in sexily gestures. He did his work for more than 10 mins as he slowly took his clothes off except the boots and thong.

Greno said, “Whoa… Man.” The #8 guy hardened his veined monster under his thong. It exposed out of thong to see it in excited way as he lightly masturbated to keep him did. Most guys recorded on him with their cell mobile. “Come here. I want to give you some tips.” The #8 guy was surprised and got near him to pick some cash. He air kissed Greno. He took his thong off and threw it to Greno. He told him to keep it and his fun time was over to return himself into the backstage.

Greno was staying there for 2 hours to chilling out with new hot friends and left with the #8 guy’s thong. He noticed something that had stuck in its. It was a gold note. He opened it which had address, schedule for just chatting or good company with phone number to confirm. It said that if he want to meet him for visiting, he just have to bring thong and note to the #8 guy for proof. He got to call the #8 guy about schedule to meet before someone won his heart.

“Hi, what’s password I gave you?” the #8 guy said.

Greno chuckled, “Well, it’s ‘LuckyGuy417.’”

“That’s right. Well, let’s me setting my schedule to meet you at my home. Just look at the address that I wrote. Are you available on Sunday for all day? Just one lucky day,” the #8 guy sexily said.

Greno said, “Oh, yes. I am. I can’t wait to see what’s up with you.”

With the patience since Friday he arrived at Las Vegas until Sunday, Greno drove himself to the #8 guy’s condo for excited opportunity with him. Ringed it the door for the #8 guy to let Greno into. Before he entered, the #8 guy want Greno to say about Password again. “LuckyGuy417,” Greno sighed. It accepted and welcomed him to his home.

“Welcome to my home,” the #8 guy opened the door and flirted, “Well, come in and make yourself home. Do you like some breakfast? I have bananas to eat.”

Greno said, “That’s it? Nothing else? Like… Uh… Sure. But, I would to have some drink…”

“Grape or apple or plain water,” the #8 guy chuckled, “I love grape so much.” Greno was fine with it so the #8 guy prepared it for both. He handed those drink and fruit to Greno and took seating down on his tan leathered couch to have chat with Greno about their experience in the past. “I love entertaining those people at no matter what.

Greno was feeling like the #8 guy was bit of being crazy. “Would you do it for fat people?”

“Oh, yeah. I love it. Are you finding it little interesting?” the #8 guy chuckled.

Greno hesitated, “Uh… Well, how open-minded you stripping in full nude?”

“If I am being closed-minded, I will unable to continue staying focus my job what I love do. It is important to be like that with some positive soul. I love fulfilling their fantasy,” the #8 guy said.

Greno said, “Hmm… Few weeks ago, I just had sex with police officer. I just had to do so for avoided getting ticket. He’s bitch with some shitty demand.”

“Damn it… But, he’s bad cop,” the #8 guy chuckled.

Greno stared at him like he like idea of that concept and said, “Why do you think this is funny? You would be scared for your life if he is fake or not. Being fake and want to be fucked from you in harsh way is scary idea for you to do that.”

“Just drop it, we are here to have good time. I’m not counselor to fix your problem. You chose yourself to visit me for hot fun with some fabulous memories… Can you do that for us?” the #8 guy advised, “Am I correct?”

Greno sighed, “Yeah. Whatever. What’s next?” The #8 guy showed banana to act with it for sexual performance. He peeled the banana’s skin off and make it look sexual by licked on it and sucked it. “Ha ha ha… Taste good?” The #8 guy slowed took all of his clothes off except the shoes. “Whoa… Damn. That’s some goodness from you. I like that so much.”

The #8 guy shook his cock up and down with his hand and squeezed it. “Care for get me all over on you?” Greno was happy to let him to do that for once. He walked forward to get himself on Greno for just stripped in about 15 minutes. He gently caressed Greno’s hardened clothed cock. “Feel free to touch me. You have my permission to do that, buddy,” the #8 guy winked.

“Ohh!!! Love it,” Greno said and felt the #8 guy’s body and ripped legs. “Man, you are good to this! I’m suck at stripping.”

The #8 guy informed, “You have to be true with some love for that. Just 100% true.”

“I think so,” Greno said.

The #8 guy asked him if he was ready for fuck in late morning while they would take some warm shower. Greno was excited about it so much and held the #8 guy’s hand for following him to the bathroom. “Let me help you.” He slowed undressed Greno’s clothes off. “Come in. It’s warm right now.” They walked into it and hugged all over. “No kiss, please. But, you can suck me.”

“Sure,” Greno scoffed and began to frotting both cock together.

After 15 minutes of the shower was over, “Do you want to watch some gay porn movie?” the #8 guy asked. There was agreement between them so he showed Greno where he stored in the closet that filled with those DVDs. Greno picked “Dear Dicks.” “Very good.” Turn the TV on and installed it into the stereo. There were 7 people in the wealthy mansion. They looked all right but their cocks were better-looking as Greno and other guy also had.

Greno and the #8 guy were in the nude while they watched it. They just chilled out and had good time for about 2 hours that movie was about to be finishing.

“Buddy…” Greno said.

The #8 guy said, “Mm-Hmm…”

“I want to fuck you after it is over,” Greno begged and cock was hardened since the movie was starting.

The #8 guy said, “Later, like the evening.”

“Oh, come on… I can’t stand any longer, I need to calm myself every time it does,” Greno explained, “I realized that your lifestyle is so good. That is something I can be fit with.”

The #8 guy said, “Do it then.”

“But, my current salary is so good. I can’t strip myself. It is going to look lousy if I did,” Greno said, “You think I am? Can I give it try?” the #8 guy told him to go ahead. “Okay… No, it is possibly awkward for me to do that.”

The #8 guy said, “Just gives it try.” Greno chuckled and tried to get his cock shaken up and down. He stopped himself as if he didn’t think it was work for us to enjoy because he wasn’t professional stripper. “Aww… Come on. Gee… That’s okay. Hug me.”

“You are just best one of any romantic guys I’ve met for my whole life,” Greno smiled, “Let me ask you… Are you sex addict?”

The #8 guy scoffed, “Of course, I love to be like that. I love seeing my cock being harder and redder for a long time.” He squeezed his balls and cock in the front of Greno. “I know what you love seeing that what you don’t see it coming from me.”

“Ahh… I see. You are lucky too. I’m too. Well, can we go out for walk at the Vegas strip way?” Greno asked, “I can’t stay horny all time. I need to do something to soften my damn cock down.”

The #8 guy said, “Sure.”

At late afternoon, there were some new casinos on the street. The weather was so nice as fresh. Some casinos weren’t opening yet as if they constructed those building. They just enjoyed having chat about experiences again. They entered into Wynn Las Vegas Casino. The interiors were very breathtaking and have the lots of details on every inch of the design.

Returned to the #8 guy’s home at the evening after the joy though out Las Vegas Strip, he brought the wine for just celebration by having good time. “Let’s drink some damn wine!” Greno loudly said, “After this, what’s next for us to do? Fuck? Every time I got home, I just had fuck myself with some crazy desperation.”

“Oh, yeah! Come on with me!” the #8 guy said and went to his bedroom for have sexual intercourse with Greno in the protection. “Remember, no kiss. Just suck and fuck.” They took clothes off. While they took off, their cock was already hard. They did it about 10 minutes per turn. Ejaculation was just happening on both when jerked off. They rested after it and fall asleep in nude.

Next morning, Greno took shower and the #8 guy still fall asleep. He was about to leave but he wrote his number down on the gold note for the #8 guy to chat any time because he liked the fact that the #8 guy was sex addict. He just left away from him.

He was planning to head to Seattle, Washington to see some interesting landmarks. He wanted to see the building that called “Space Needle.” About 6 hours to get there with thoughts of the #8 guy. Looked for parking his car to explore the views from that building.

Nothing special about that but he still wondering of him as he still got his thong. He missed the #8 guy so heavily but, he had to move on. Experience what he went through for. He was dizzied while he was on a high height as if he couldn’t see any support to hold that building. He fainted and collapsed down. People muttered when they saw Greno did.

In a hospital, Greno woke up and said, “What the fuck?” He was lied down on his bed and worn the gown. He got up and wandered into the hall.

“Greno… You got to rest,” the hot male nurse said, “It is best for your health, please. You have to do that for me, okay? Don’t make us have hard time with that.” Greno refused to listen and uninstalled his needle off. “Let me get your doctor to explain about how end you got here.”

Greno furiously said, “Where am I? Just don’t touch me! I want some answers right now!” Those nurses tried to calm Greno down but he refused. “How the hell I got here?!” they tried to restrain him and it worked. They had to carry him to his single room. “Fuck off!” Greno got to lock down on his bed with some anger and waited for the doctor to appear with some explanations. It did.

“Hello, Greno… I’m your doctor. You have your belongings with you here in the lock. You can’t open it unless you have our permission to give you for some safety. So, we had your blood test…” the #9 guy said, “It turned out that you are fine. We still don’t figure out what it causes you was being brought here. Can you tell us what’s going on?”

Greno looked at him like he was stupid and said, “I thought all doctors are very smart.”

“Uh… Thanks for that. Can you tell me that last time where you were before you brought yourself here? Please, it save our time if you responding,” the #9 guy explained.

Greno said, “I’m piss off that you took my blood for some shitty test.”

“We have to,” the #9 guy nervously said.

Greno said, “I just fainted at Space Needle. I was dizzied by high height. When you will discharge me? I have to be back to New York for next few weeks.”

“Thank for your words. I think you look fine to me because that situation wasn’t serious. You have to stay here for one day,” the #9 guy said.

Greno loudly said, “What the fuck? One day? Why?”

“We aren’t finishing with test yet,” the #9 guy said, “Anything you need to know?”

Greno angrily said, “Suck my cock, nosy bitch!”

“Pardon me? Do you want to stay here for one month?” the #9 guy said with raised his eyebrow, “All right, let’s see where we go. Have a nice day… Asshole.”

Greno said, “What do you said a second ago?”

“See you later,” the #9 guy left.

At evening, Greno fell asleep on his bed. He hated the hospital meals. The #9 guy stood and stared at him through the door’s window. He silently opened it without get Greno woke up. He took glance at Greno’s private area. He lightly caressed it and softly jerked off. It made Greno moaned and tried to get himself some comfortable.

Greno slowly widened his eyes and said, “What the fuck!” He was in the shock when he saw the #9 guy jerked Greno’s.

“Shh!!!” the #9 guy said in the serious tone, “Asshole, you need some love from me.”

Greno said, “Get away from me, you perv!”

“Yes, I am,” the #9 guy chuckled and squeezed Greno’s balls, “Let’s relax with me for few minutes and sign the form for releasing you from this hospital. To be fair, I want to show you my cock.”

Greno said, “I knew it. I can tell your behavior this afternoon.”

The #9 guy unzipped his pant to get his cock out of it to exposed Greno’s eyes.

Greno said, “Nice… How many times you’re being pervert to your patients?”

“Only to hot guys. You look hot to me,” the #9 guy said.

Greno said, “Whatever, buddy, give me your form. Be careful what you do to them. Not all they like that way you do. They can despise you and report it on you.”

“None. I’m blessing to be lucky. I treated them so well. So, I did myself to you, too,” the #9 guy smiled, “All right, here’s your form to sign and then leave here with some good memories from me.”

Greno growled, “You win, if I was reporting, I stay a little longer.”

“You got it,” the #9 guy chuckled, “Well. Get your ass out of here. Our patients need to occupy some rooms. Hurry up.” Greno read the form too quickly and signed it. “There we go. Here your clothes are. I’m going to call the nurse to unlock your belongings. It is very pleasure to meet you.”

Arrived to Space Needle parking in early afternoon, he paid the Uber cab and looking for his vehicle. He was very relieved that he saw his parked there as if it didn’t towed away. He sensed that he was hungry and went into that building again. He checked out the view of Seattle. He just started to get dizzying by felt like he was floating. “Just stay away from those damn windows,” Greno thought.

Had salad with some delicious crispy sliced chicken at the lunch and then left the building in good mood. Off to South Dakota to see some landmark in Mount Rushmore for 7 hours.

The hot male hiker, as the #10 guy, told Greno if he want to walk around with him. “Sure. But, I don’t have supplies for this type of activity as such as clothes, needs, first aids, and more you can think of,” Greno said, “I can’t. Thanks for some company.”

The #10 guy said, “Come with me. I can take you to store to buy some needs for this. It just takes about 30 minutes. I can wait for you to ready.”

“Uh… Do you happen to be with someone?” Greno asked.

The #10 guy said, “No, I am not. I guess I just need some good company. Without it, I would have trouble if I go alone and lost.”

“Okay. Cool,” Greno shrugged and went to the #10 guy’s car to get something from the store. Returned to the parking, he said, “So… I am wondering if this is your first time to do it. I am.”

The #10 guy said, “Yep. It is.” They walked up until they reached the top of the presidents’ landmark for 2 hours. They had good conversation during the hiking time. “Oh, yes! Here I go. Here’s my camera. I want you to take picture of me…”

“Okay,” Greno said and got it to click the button for picture, “It’s done.”

The #10 guy said, “Holy shit… I got to pee. I don’t know where bathroom is. I can’t hold it any longer. I have to pee over there.” He whined and jumped up and down. “Damn it! Come with me there. I don’t want to get lost. You have to get sight on me so we won’t go separate away.”

“I need to do it too,” Greno smiled, “Can I join you?”

The #10 guy said, “Yes! We have to stay together.” They walk away from the route and unzipped their hiking pant to urine. “What are you doing? Uh… Are you gay?”

“Well, well, well… Why do you ask me for some company when we firstly introduced?” Greno chuckled, “Compare ours?” the #10 guy was grinned and wanted to do it with Greno when they emptied their stomach. “Ahh… Mine is longer than yours. I got condoms in my bag. Also, there are lubes and towels. Do you want to do that?”

The #10 guy said, “Yeah. Make sure nobody capture us.” Greno smiled back and unpacked his bag to make them comfortable while they were ready to have sex. They did in Missionary position for about 10 minutes per turn. “You are so fucking hot.”

“Yep. I’m. I think you are too,” Greno smiled.

When sex time was over, they returned to parking for other 2 hours as the sky got darker and darker. The #10 guy asked Greno if he want to have chat with him on the website. But, unfortunately, Greno refused to contract him by his preference. The #10 guy was fine with him because he could remember Greno as it was his first time to engage the activity with him.

They just said goodbye and knew each other for just 6 hours. Greno drove away for next destination. It was Chicago, Illinois. It took about 4 hours to get there in high speed. Luckily for him, there was no law enforcement vehicle to chase him on the quiet highway. He looked for hotel to get some sleep. Found one and parked there. Went into the front desk to check in and led himself by the servicer to get room in the high-floors.

“Ahh… It looks so nice. That is my favorite type of sightseeing to see!” Greno said. There were the lots of skyscrapers at the early evening. It had lighting of those building that breathtaking his mind. “Well, let’s get some sleep.” Got his clothes off and jumped into the bed to sleep in nude.

Next day, Greno woke up and noticed his cock was being hard. “Hello, there. I think you need some help.” He went to take some warm shower to masturbate himself for 10 minutes. Done with it, got clothes on, and went out for some lunch. He wanted to try some pizza that he hadn’t eaten it before. It was UNO restaurant. He told the host for himself to enjoying the feast near the bar table. He answered his order to the waiter what he wanted to eat. “I like to have spinach and mushroom pizza and good regular beer. That’s all.”

“Hey,” the #11 guy said next Greno, “I think I have seen you before.”

Greno surprised, “Uh… No, I don’t think so. Where?”

“In Seattle, you faint. I was one to call #911,” the #11 guy said, “Sounded surprised, isn’t it?”

Greno said, “I’m not… I didn’t see you around that time.”

“I understood. How do you feel now?” the #11 guy smiled.

Greno said, “I’m good. Fine as hell.”

“Ha, are you on traveling or something?” the #11 guy chuckled, “I’m from New York City.

Greno said, “Yes, I am, too. I currently live there for many years… What a coincidence. What’s next location you looking for before your trip ending?”

“After this lunch, I am heading to Maine for eating some delicious lobster mac and cheese. It would take one day to get it. I heard it has best recipe in there than anywhere. Hope it is worth to eat that,” the #11 guy sighed.

Greno surprised again, “Wow. I think we have same common sense. Are you alone to be on traveling?”

“Yes, I am,” the #11 guy said.

Had good time to chat with the #11 guy and decided to follow him on the highway with his owned car after the feasting was over. Stopping at rest area for need to empty their stomach so they went to restroom. They urinated it and took glanced on their cock at each other.

“My cock is so big than yours,” the #11 guy smiled, “Be yourself.”

Greno chuckled, “Actually, I am. Good to know. Can we save it later?”

“Oh, yeah… When we get there. We will do that. That’s okay with you?” the #11 guy narrowed eyes, “Something we can do it again.”

Greno said, “Yep.” They zipped it closed and continued their trip until Maine they arrived there in half-day time. They made it in next afternoon. Got some lobster in their tummy to satisfy. But Greno wasn’t. “This is so plain and too simple to cook. I don’t get why it is so expensive.”

“Are you serious? This is so amazing,” the #11 guy shocked, “Can I get some of yours?”

Greno said, “Sure.” He gave it to him. “I will order for seafood chowder. It says that everything is in one the creamy soup. I bet it taste good than that meal is so lame and bored without some flavors.”

“Thanks! I am going to pay all for you,” the #11 guy happily said, “Please don’t argue with me about that. Save it. If you did, we won’t have good time in New York City.”

Greno stared at him for few seconds and said, “Well… All right. But, I own you some good one.”

Anything went smooth and paid the meals for $114.14 plus the tips from well-done service. They headed back to New York City for 1 hour in the high speed to see their home. Nothing was more bonus than saw the fact that they lived few floors apart in the tallest middle-class apartment.

“Damn… We waste our time without know that us live this same building. We would hang out for other time. But we are here so we like to take chance to get know each other before our schedule will be busy more than ever,” the #11 guy said.

Greno said, “I like to see though out your every room.”

“Okay, let’s see it for yourself. I need to get some mail from the entrance. I will be right back,” the #11 guy informed and left to get it. Greno explored all rooms. He found the gay porn magazine on the coffee table in a living room.

Greno said, “Oh, yes. Sounds like I got easy chance to have.” He took it, and sat down, and read it as curious. The #11 guy went back and noticed the magazine Greno read. He stood for few seconds like he didn’t know what to do when he saw Greno. “Don’t worry about it. I like it too.”

“That’s relief!” the #11 guy inhaled heavily.

Greno smiled, “May we go to bed for some fun?”

“Yes, it is worth our valuation since few days ago,” the #11 guy said, “Come on.” Greno putted it away and followed him in rush way. “I can see you are excited for sex. What are you? Sex addict?”

Greno proudly said, “Love to be like that! Only if they agreed with me.”

“Really? How many guys you got?” the #11 guy asked.

Greno said, “Trillion and go on. It is cost free because I’m blessed with my own soul.”

“Ha. I got condoms for us,” the #11 guy said, “Let’s fuck!” Took all clothes off and enjoying their time. They just love it at no matter what they did. It was just same way they do it at every person already did. “Great, thanks for having me in your life… So, I have to do my things for my own career.”

Greno said, “Me, too. We can have hang out for other time.” He got his clothes on and went back to his home few upstairs. “Hmm… I’m wondering about my trip journey. It was extreme good excepting situation with police officer and doctor. Fuck them! It is so suck for me to think about. But, other ones were cool. I really miss them. I do… I would have order some gay magazine for him to keep him busy to see his fantasy.”

There was sound of knocking at the door, Greno was believe that it was him so he answered the door. “I’m easily bored right now. You are kind guy I am really want to hang out. I need some good company. Without it, I’m dying to have relationship. You treat me very well,” the #11 guy honestly said.

Greno said, “Gee… Thanks! Come on. You can bring your things as laptop and more to for staying doing something. I have something to do too. But, I can have same way for a bit of our time.”

They seemed enjoying together and sharing their experience. “I do know how to have fun. I still don’t like to waste my time if there is nothing for me to do but my career as businessman,” the #11 guy said. Greno agreed with him… But, he didn’t want to stay with him for long-term relationship because he was sex addict. “You would fuck me so many times as possible as you can. You like that idea?”

“Sounds good… Damn it. Again, I need to fuck you right now, “Greno sexily growled and grabbed the #11 guy’s hand to follow him into the bed for obvious reason.

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Sexy Transformation

Apr 24, 2015

On 2054, there were the lots of population lived in small Japan. It would be biggest busier and sleepless cities. Japan had created everything, especial weird things. They would be first country that creates the flying cars. Those technologies would go crazy because they, of course, need it so badly for their satisfaction. Japanese love entertainment. It had many varieties for anyone to enjoy.... read more

A Hunky-Model Russian

May 20, 2015

At an afternoon in Moscow, Russia, the museum was called Kremlin, where people liked to learn about Russia history. But one tourist, as modeling agent from Europe, who wanted more than just to learn. He wanted to find guy who has potential to become model to put it in the fashion world. It was difficult for him to search then discover future model. Before he discovered, he enjoyed sightseeing... read more

The Dangerous Fiancee

Jun 09, 2015

At the lobby in a tall black-glassed skyscraper in Sydney, Australia, there were three people entered into the elevator as if they planned to reach the top of this building to meet the powerful man for get something what they need to get. They had to know what they do in a careful way because the powerful man weren’t easy to be generous by depend on their needs. “Are you sure that you know... read more

On summer season, in Mumbai, India at afternoon, a boring Indian guy walked out from his best friend’s wealthy home. He took his rest on nice designed deck chair. He sighed like he didn’t have other thing to do. He cannot think about what he wanted to do. His other friends didn’t talk with him for several days so he lets they did their errands to completed as if they moved on like they got... read more

Good Horny Lucifer

Jul 07, 2015

In a most beautiful heaven, one gentleman was handsomely made by Jehovah called Lucifer. He was too gorgeous and genius than someone would be. Jehovah, as God, made something so perfect. Lucifer over-investigated God’s secret which caused Lucifer wondered about people’s right to be do something whatever they like to do. He felt that those people can’t obey God forever. He asked God about their... read more

The Golden Heart

Sep 11, 2015

In Italy at Friday night from 6-o-clock, there was a brand-new restaurant, called the Dic Evo, with some nice entertained benefit of musicians in every half-hour since it opened. It wasn’t yet to rate so they were excited for what’s going on about those atmospheres as if they wanted to have good experience by eating the creatively high-classed meals. It cost expensive because it would be... read more

A Naked Motorcyclist

Oct 15, 2015

In Germany at 11-o-clock at morning in quiet town, there was one sexy blonde German guy named Friedhelm waited for his friends to come to his house for just hang out. He had ideas about fun he could entertain with his friends to win any kinds of it. In the appearance of Friedhelm, he was 5’11” tall, 21 years old, lean fit build, had buzz cut as hairstyle. He just read the motorcycle magazine... read more

The Hacked Author

Nov 13, 2015

In Russia where Nikon live, he was very professional hacker. What he did was illegal because he allegedly didn’t want to reveal his history. He stole the lots of information and falsely numbered profit from many kinds of corporation in all over the world. It was on Russia news but Nikon was proud when he saw himself on the national media. “Oh, yeah. I fool them! Yes!” Nikon lazily sit and... read more

Infamous Gigolo

Dec 24, 2015

At evening in New York City, there was the 5-stars rate restaurant where wealthy people enjoying feasted to fill up in their satisfaction on their time and have fun with those well-disciplined escorts. One person named Osborn that was acted as businessman. He was ready to have some fun with as he was waiting for his escort to come. However, Osborn’s allover appearance was described to be 6’... read more

Devil's Lover I

Dec 31, 2015

In Paris, France, there were two hot guys just came out of the ice cream store as they licked it. They brought it after their lunch time. Anything was so romancing about them as if they loved each other. Paris may be known as it called city of love. However, French-Vietnamese Twink-size guy named Exiqu Sano described to be 5’ tall, long black-haired, and aged 31 years old. His dream job was... read more

Not Your Toy

Jan 11, 2016

Somewhere in Texas at his one-floor home for just enjoying good time, there was one Japanese-American twink, named “Naomi,” waited for his friend to hang out with. He wanted to do something fun for his friend, like watch some comedy horror movie. He really was fan of Pamela Anderson in its beginning on that movie, called “Scary Movie 3.” He just wondered if his friend already seen it before so... read more

Maverick in Hollywood

Feb 02, 2016

At early morning in Los Angeles, there were two naked guys on that bed. Both looked seriously gorgeous but one of them was breathtaking his beauty. However, Felix woke up and got ready for his errands. He was described to be 6’1” tall blonde muscle Caucasian whom had crew cut as hairstyle and aged 32 years old. Felix tried to wake up his husband, Maverick, but it was useless so he went to... read more

Devil's Lover II

Feb 14, 2016

At Exiqu Sano’s home in Paris, France, he was boring and had planned to make statement for rumors about his soon to be ex-boyfriend Jason Ran and Liva Wonsix. He was mad because Jason wasted his time for 8-years being lover and ruined this relationship by fell in with Exiqu’s mother. He can’t wait to spread his word to media about this situation. It would sound hurtful for his relationships but... read more

Watch Me Please

Feb 24, 2016

At 10pm on Friday at gay small stripping club in Florida, there were filled with the naughty talented strippers that danced around the pole. About 10 performers did their work to get their customers happy. They had fantastic body. Some had muscle, fit, lean, and skinny as if it had varieties of size. It was nice to pick one for them to enjoying watch them that got their boring clothes off except... read more

Beautiful Hell

Mar 16, 2016

On small heaven island where Akio and Lucifer spent their time to stay together for 50 years, Lucifer was in control by his lover, Akio. He teaches Lucifer how to be mature and well-trained. They didn’t get older as if they just still looked same since they were entering into heaven. Lucifer watched the ocean waved as his new favorite hobby made after he was being out of hell by Akio’s wisdom.... read more

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