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Matt, the Fainting Musclebottom, Part 14

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I woke up back in Brisbane on Friday morning. Matt and I had gotten back the day before. Shannan had been so excited to see us return and again made us way too much food for dinner. She was so happy to have an evening with just us, it was quite adorable.

My eyes gradually opened and I recognised the room. The sliding door to the balcony was partially open, to let in some fresh air on this hot night. The thin curtain flapped in the slight breeze that came into the room. I was on my back. Matt and I must have kicked off the covers during the night. He was sleeping on his side, facing away from me. Seeing his smooth, ample butt first thing in the morning made me smile.

I figured I would get up and shower and let him sleep. But that’s when his body rolled toward me. He ended up on his back, his head on my shoulder. His arm rested across my upper body. To my surprise, his hand grabbed my cock and held onto it tightly. I thought he had woken up, but when I looked at his face, it was clear he was still sleeping. His eyes were closed and his mouth hung open. His breathing was slow and shallow. His head felt heavy against my shoulder and his grip on my cock loosened. But it was too late. I grew an erection in no time.

I laid there for a while, not sure what to do, all the while getting hornier and hornier. I looked at his body and saw his cock was also semi-hard, laying on his pubic region. Looking at his abs and watching his chest rise and fall with each breath was only getting me more excited. Once I started slightly fucking Matt’s hand, I noticed it was waking him up.

“Hmmm”, I heard. He let go of my cock and stretched his arms in front of him. Then he turned his head and looked at me. “Hey there sexy”, he said in a sleepy voice. “Good morning”, I said, giving him my flirty smile. Matt turned onto his stomach, resting his forearms on my chest and gave me a kiss. We looked each other in the eye, our faces so close together our noses nearly touched. His face was so beautiful, I wanted to have sex with him so badly. He gave me another kiss, this time slow and romantic. “I love you”, he said. “I love you too.”

He now also rested his head on my chest, giving me a clear view of his round bubble butt. Matt’s hands wandered across my body, his fingers lingering around my nipples and stroking my belly. I was getting so turned on I noticed precum escaping the head of my cock. “I love your body”, he muttered sleepily. “Can I please fuck you?” Immediately as I said it, I knew I had broken the romantic mood. Matt raised his head to face me again and gave me a look like I was asking him a weird question. “You would like to fuck me, Mr Andrews?” I laughed. Matt grinned. He was teasing me.

He raised himself up, turned around and got on all fours. “You would like to fuck this arse?” He put his head down on the bed, giving me a look at his hole. I think I moaned out loud when he did that. I sat up and didn’t waste a second to start eating him out. His beautiful pink pucker tasted delicious. Matt pushed his large melons back into my face and I was in heaven even though I couldn’t breathe.

After a while, Matt sat up on his knees, forcing me to stop. “What if Mum can hear us?” “Then you’re going to have to be quieter”, I said. I was insistent, I needed to have him. I pulled him onto his back, held up his legs and started fucking him. He moaned and whimpered as I saw that his cock was rock-hard and a small puddle was forming below his navel. His moaning got louder as he suddenly whimpered, “your cock is perfection!”. I angled myself forward and covered his mouth with my hand. As a side-effect my cock went into him almost entirely. His left leg now dangled in the air. “I am going to need you to be quiet.” Matt’s moans were now muffled, but continued nevertheless. I started out gentle but my fucking sped up sooner rather than later. Thankfully, the bed was rather solid and didn’t make a sound. Matt’s muffled whimpers continued as he gave me a look of both submission and desire. His hands were over his head, holding on to the headboard. “You fuck me so hard…please don’t stop” were the words I could make out. When the whimpers went up an octave I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. And soon enough, Matt’s cock started spewing cum all over his abs. He passed out just as it happened, mid-whimper. His eyes rolled back and I knew I could release my hand from his mouth. His cock released a few more spurts of cum on his unconscious body that was shaking back and forth with my thrusts.

I held on to both of his legs and kept fucking, nearing my own climax. I looked down at Matt’s lifeless body, his eyes rolled up and his mouth agape. It wasn’t a sight I had gotten used to in the past year. Part of me found it odd to fuck an unconscious body. But while in the middle of a good fuck, I mainly found it hot that Matt’s pleasure is often so overwhelming. It felt like the ultimate compliment.

As I was almost orgasming myself, I could not resist. I pulled my cock out and let Matt’s legs drop on either side of me. I straddled him on his chest and aimed my cock at his open mouth. He woke up just in time to see my first spurt go across his mouth and nose. He eagerly stuck out his tongue and caught most of my load as he eagerly gobbled it up. He took my cock in his mouth and squeezed out every last drop. He had a big smile on his face. “Thank you”, he said. I laughed. “No, thank you. We should get up.” Dave was picking us up in less than an hour, as Matt had to get fitted for his suit.

Matt and I jumped in the shower. He insisted on soaping me down, taking his time to clean my cock. It only got semi-hard. Matt was still very hard. I returned the favour and soaped down his cock and his butt as well as I could. This was turning Matt on more and more, but I knew he had to cum a second time. An erection at the tailor’s could cause an embarrassing situation. Just as I was fingering his hole with one hand and playing with his nipple with the other, Matt shot his second load in fifteen minutes. His knees buckled, but he stayed conscious, holding on to me tightly as he shot his load on the tiled floor.

Once we were clean, we got dressed and entered the living room. Shannan wasn’t even there. On the kitchen table there was a note that said she was off for a run in the park. “Do you reckon she heard us when she decided to go for that run?”, I asked. Matt laughed. “Not sure. But I’ll find out.” Making ourselves at home, we made some breakfast and ate on the balcony. For the first time I felt like I was on holiday with just my boyfriend. It was a great feeling.

Just as we finished and started clearing the dishes from the table, we heard someone honking down on the street. It had to be Dave. Matt looked over the balcony and recognized the car. “It’s Dave!”, Matt said. He was excited to see his friend again after he visited us in California in April. “Come up!”, Matt shouted. I quickly did the dishes as Matt put on his shoes. Dave was upstairs in no time. Matt opened the door and they hugged intensely, much like they did at San Francisco Airport over half a year ago. Matt’s knees buckled shortly, as he only lost consciousness for a while. Dave however was prepared. “So good to see you, mate!” “You’re looking good, you’re looking rested!” There was something quite fascinating about two large, muscular men hugging each other tight. “Alex!”, Dave then said as he spotted me in the kitchen. “Hey Dave, good to see you”, I said. He hugged me just as tightly as he had Matt. “You’ve been taking good care of this one”, he said as he pointed to Matt. Approval from the best friend. I liked it. “How long have you two been together now, like a year?” “Oh, easily!”, Matt said enthusiastically. “That’s so cool though”, Dave said. “Not much longer until you guys can follow in our footsteps and get married! Maybe even in Australia!” Matt and I looked at each other. We smiled. We hadn’t really talked about it. “Who knows!”, we said in unison.

We left a note for Shannan that we would be spending the day, including dinner, with Dave and Nat. Dave drove us to the tailor’s in his car. I sat in the backseat by myself. Dave explained he had already been fitted for his own suit and was picking it up today. I could also pick out my suit that I wanted to rent for the occasion as it was quite a hassle to pack it. Matt was part of the wedding party, which meant that his suit was already chosen by Dave and Nat, he just needed to get it fitted. “All the groomsmen have blue trousers, a white shirt, no jacket, and ties in different colors. Seeing as the wedding’s a few days after the postal vote result, we wanted to have the wedding party have a rainbow theme, whatever the result. Matt, I think you’ll have a green tie.” Matt was silent for a while. “It’s a green that matches with the blue, don’t worry!” “I love you, mate!”, he suddenly said with a trembling voice, giving his buddy a kiss on the cheek. It was a lovely gesture to have rainbow colors during the ceremony. Dave obviously knew how much this meant to Matt.

The man who tailored our suits introduced himself as Lloyd. I shook his hand first. Matt followed. “I’m Matt, nice to meet you.” “Matt… Burne? Another rugby player? Sea Eagles?” Matt chuckled. “Yes.” “Wow, an honor to meet you.” I saw Matt blush. “Lloyd also recognised me instantly”, Dave said as he shook Lloyd’s hand. “I was in the stadium in 2008, and I lived in Manly at the time, so… Memories”, he grinned. “That was one hell of a try, Mr Burne.” Matt looked down blushing, but thanked Lloyd.

Lloyd handed Dave his fitted costume first, so he could try it on now that the alterations were made. Dave explained Matt was part of the wedding party and he was handed a white shirt and blue suit pants to try on. Dave and Matt disappeared in the two dressing rooms that were located right next to each other. “What about you, then?”, Lloyd asked. “I can pick out my own clothes!”, I smiled. He laughed. “Would you like to have a look?” “Absolutely!”

I looked through the racks for a color jacket and pants that I liked. Suddenly I thought that I could have a blue or green shirt that would match Matt’s outfit. A black suit would probably work best. I expressed my thoughts to Lloyd, who immediately went looking for shirts that would match Matt’s outfit. Dave came out of the dressing room and he looked so dapper. He wore royal blue pants that matched with the rest of the male part of the wedding party, along with a jacket, a waistcoat and a skinny tie, all in the same color. Underneath he wore a white shirt. “You look so good, Dave!” “You think?”, he asked. “Definitely!” He turned around and checked if the pants looked right. The jacket covered most of his ass, but the pants were just perfect for his mammoth thighs. Lloyd returned with some shirts for me to try. “How do you like it, Dave?” “The trousers fit over my big bum now”, he said, which instantly made me look. Dave had lifted the jacket. “But they’re not too baggy. Nat loves my bum so it can be a bit tight, but I’d rather not rip them dancing at the reception!” We all laughed, although I still had my eye on his glutes, which were indeed very nicely framed by the beautifully colored fabric. “So this is perfect”, he concluded. “I’ll take this home as is. Thanks, Lloyd!”

I looked in my hands and saw the shirts Lloyd had handed me. I wanted to compare them to the color Matt would be wearing, but he still hadn’t emerged from the dressing room. As Lloyd and Dave looked at the groom’s suit a little longer I walked to the dressing room. “Matt?” “Hey babe.” “You OK?” “Well, it’s a little tight.” I snickered. “Don’t laugh. I could rip out of this at any moment.” “Just come out, it’ll be fine.” “I’m… I’m wearing a thong.” I bit my lip. That was a hot mental image.

“Lloyd?”, I found myself asking him to come over. “Matt’s pants are a little tight.” Lloyd came over and without missing a beat opened the curtain of the dressing room. Matt stood there with the shirt tucked into blue suit pants, which weren’t zipped up or buttoned. I could tell the pants were incredibly tight around his thighs. “They’re cutting off my circulation a bit”, Matt smiled. Lloyd nodded. “You are both big guys, I’ll have to make them larger again.” “Yeah, same thing happened with me”, Dave said, who had now joined us. “No worries, I’ll just make some measurements. Can you walk out here?” “I can try…”, Matt said as he slowly moved out of the dressing room. I positioned myself so that I could check how it looked from the back. The trousers were so skin tight on his curvaceous butt that it was almost like they were painted on. The trousers went deep into the crevice between his cheeks. It was kind of hot to watch, yet at the same time it looked incredibly uncomfortable.

Lloyd started measuring Matt’s legs. I already noticed the blue shirt I had in my hands would match Matt’s trousers and went into the dressing room to try it on.

Once we were all done, Matt and I got told the date at which we could pick up our suits. Dave got his to take home. We were putting on our shoes after changing back to our regular clothes, when Matt’s cellphone rang. “Hmm. Australian number. Sydney, I think.” He picked up nevertheless. “Hello?” He immediately looked at me weirdly. “Yeah, that’s me”, he continued. “What?” Matt was looking at me like he was very confused. “Yeah, that’s right… I’m in Brisbane now. For about a week and a half, still. No, I’m not going to Sydney. I’m here visiting family. I go back to the US after.” I was getting really curious now. “An interview and photoshoot…” Now it was my turn to make a surprised face. I looked at Dave but he seemed equally confused. “Monday? Can I think about it?... Yeah I understand that… Can I get back to you?” I mouthed ‘what?’ at Matt, but he was listening to the other end of the line. “OK. OK… I can text you by the end of the day. Sure. Thanks. Bye.”

“What in the world?”, Dave started. “That was…”, Matt had to remind himself of the name, “Sarah Gipps from DNA Magazine.” “What’s DNA Magazine?” “Gay magazine”, Matt answered, “maybe biggest in the country. So, get this. One of their readers had alerted them I was walking with a boyfriend in Nanango.” I laughed. “That guy!”, I exclaimed. “Must be! He sent them the picture. They said I still looked in shape, or something. That I could be a role model for LGBT folk in sports if I wanted to come out in their magazine.” I gasped. “Come out? You haven’t been… in… for years!”, Dave exclaimed. “I guess I never held a press conference or anything…?”, Matt said. “Like, people might not know. Rugby fans don’t know, I guess.” “What else did she say?”, I asked. “If I could come to Sydney while I’m in Oz. I said no. So she was going to arrange a studio in Brisbane and fly over.” “And then you said you had to think about it?”, I asked. “Yeah, I had to run it by you”, he said. I smiled. “Like, I’m not sure if I’d be in the photos with you if they want that…”, I started. “She didn’t mention what the photos would be, really.” “But everything else, I would only support you. It’s up to you. It can be quite a legacy to leave. Has a rugby player in Australia come out as gay or bi before?” “No, never”, Dave immediately said. Matt scratched his head. “I feel like I can’t not do this…”, he mumbled. “You’ll just have to pay attention to any questions you might not want to answer and what the photos would turn out to be”, Dave said. “Like, stay in control, I guess.” “You are coming with me, right?”, Matt suddenly asked me, almost panicked. “Of course!”, I smiled. “This is quite exciting”, Dave then said. “Come on, let’s get out of here!”

To be continued….

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