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Downfall of the Big Boss

By exposedandstraight

submitted December 12, 2017

Categories: Athletics, Fetish, Muscle, Public Places

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Being the CEO of a multi-million company “Stultz Co”, Richard Stultz enjoyed a life of luxury. With that success at just 30, he was named Forbes magazine man of the year a couple months ago. He was a tough negotiator and he always won every deal against his competitors. His employees respected him but were also terrified of his aggressive, and demanding orders which he would yell out loudly in a deep macho voice. Single at the moment, he was well known to flirt and kiss with numerous women in classy bars. However, he mysteriously never brought any of them home. Being 6’5 of aryan handsome as well as the most eligible bachelor on the planet, people just assumed the women throwing themselves at him were not up his standards. That wasn‘t too hard to imagine, nicknamed “Rich Richard” by his employees, the powerful CEO was famous to be an extremely vain and arrogant man as well as a violent bully, thinking that his employees were his personal servants instead of actual people. In his twisted mind, they were beneath him in the food chain. He actually believed that anybody making less money than him were lesser men and should feel lucky and honored to share the same room as him.

As a matter of fact, Richard made his staff work their asses off and kept them for long unpaid extra hours at the office. He also never missed the opportunity to belittle and humiliate them. He especially targeted minorities, who he viewed as dumb animals, and women, who he treated as objects. The worst abuse though were undoubtedly done to the increasing amount of gay employees he was forced to hire to have his corporation appear modern and appealing to clients in the age of social medias. He hated seeing them lusting over his body and never missed an opportunity to physically abuse them in the hallway or at the office gym. With all his money and intimidating persona, he easily avoided lawsuits while his gay employees came home feeling powerless and sporting nasty bruises on carefully chosen parts of their body, where it was easily hidden by clothing.

Being more than happy with his company‘s year profit, which the big boss would routinely every year and behind the back of his company men, steal a large margin from and kept it hidden in a secret personal Swiss bank account to evade taxes. Richard nonetheless decided to reward his 30 best employees by not having their office end of year getaway in the mountains (as per usual) but proceeded to book a weekend at a luxurious beach resort on a paradise island for all of them. Not an act of kindness by any mean, it was a well thought business tactic and a good excuse for him to vainly show off his body and assert his dominance over his best employees; reminding them who the boss is. Indeed, Richard went everyday to the gym, some days even twice in order to sculpt his body to perfection. He easily managed to make the cover of a few fitness magazine. In addition, he enjoyed parading around the office in a tight shirt to assert his alpha male status and make the women salivate; especially in front of Ashley, his cute new fresh out of college new personal assistant, which he hired because he thought she was smoking hot.

To the employees surprise (and Richard‘s horror), the Beach Resort turned out to be a nudist resort with a strict „no textile rule“.Thinking it was necessarily a mistake and not negligence on his part while doing the reservation, Richard shouted and argued with multiple trembling resort staff members to get a refund to no avail. It got so out of proportions that some arriving guests started to complain about him and the resort owner had to come out and deal with the situation. After almost an hour of violent yelling and threats from the giant Richard, the terrified and humiliated Resort owner had to eventually offer him a personal refund and a free room at the resort if he still wanted to stay, but was not in the capacity to offer the same deal to the rest of his group. Feeling very sorry and uncomfortable for the poor resort owner and staff members, Richard’s employees didn‘t mind being naked with each other and thought it would be good for the office dynamic as well as funny. Furthermore, most of them couldn‘t normally afford that kind of luxury on their own anyway, so if nudity was the price then so be it!

They jokingly assured a satisfied Richard that they were perfectly fine staying and not to worry about human resources. The intimidating giant was not listening as he was victoriously looking to book a flight back stating it wouldn‘t be appropriate for him to stay as he was their boss and the CEO! Unfortunately for Richard, no prior return flight before the one he already booked were scheduled, and with that damn nudist resort being the only accommodation on that otherwise completely savage island, Richard had no choices but to nervously tell his employees and the resort staff that he was actually staying with them. He proceeded to wait last in line for the check in and remained unusually calm and polite during the procedure. With the strict „no textile rule“ in place, only staff members were allowed to wear cloths, an efficient measure to differentiate them from the naked guests. Indeed, according to the Resort’s policy, every guest without exception had to hand all their belongings to be locked away for the entire duration of their stay; cloths and electronics included, as the resort was full inclusive and guaranteed privacy: no-one wants pictures of them naked being inadvertently taken.

After checking in, everybody followed a staff member to the disrobing cubicles arranged in a long line on the side of the entrance lobby. Richard handed his expensive crocodile skin luggage with all his designer cloths (no need for those past that point) to his personal resort staff member, a short and chubby Mexican guy he would have normally aggressively yelled at to work faster. Starting to nervously sweat, he was careful to enter the furthest cubicle of the line, thinking it was less „exposed“ to the main area of the lobby. The cubicle was fitted with a full body length mirror as well as a sink with body lotions and razors (for the absent-minded ladies to have a last minute leg shave, thought Richard with contempt). As he turned back to close the curtains, Richard saw some of his employees already walking totally naked towards the pool and felt a shiver running down his spine.

With the curtains closed, Richard proceeded to shakily take off his shirt, revealing broad shoulders framing an imposing v-shaped torso. His flexing massive back muscles caught his attention in the mirror, and looking at his impressive arms, perfectly trained pecs and well defined abs, Richard could not avoid himself to feel proud of his rigorous diet and intense work out in the gym. Flexing a bit to give himself confidence, he continued to slowly peel off the layers of clothing, which were carefully chosen everyday to show the world his wealth and success. Shoes and socks came off too quickly, followed by the expensive trousers which he handed with tears in his beautiful blue eyes, through the curtains to the resort staff member.

Standing in the cubicle in only his white briefs. Richard couldn‘t believe the enormity of what he was doing and repeatedly told himself that this was a nightmare and that he would soon wake up. He only came out of his trans when he heard the staff member say shyly „Underwear as well Mr. Schultz!“. Richard knew there was no use to drag out the inevitable. With a desperate sigh and turning a bright shade of red from forehead to his massive pecs, Richard hooked his trembling thumbs under the last vestige of his modesty and slowly peeled off his underwear, revealing a thick bush of dark blond pubic hair, which almost completely hid his pathetic 1.5 inch cock and laughable sized balls.

Blinking with embarrassment tears in his eyes, Richard looked in the full body length mirror. He was a sight to behold, clearly overcompensating for his lack of manhood in the gym, which clearly wasn‘t helping him in this situation. His huge and massive 6’5 frame of big hard muscles was a prime example of peak human condition. Richard looked like a greek god, an adonis of giant proportions, which made his penis look even smaller. Especially with the head of his penis being the only visible part of his privates due to his thick and bushy pubic hair, a small pink nut framed between two large tree trunk-sized and well trained thighs.

With actual drops of nervous sweat forming on his perfect body, Richard thought there was no way he could walk out in the open like this. In a fit of panic, he proceeded to shave off his pubic hair completely with one of the razor he dismissed earlier as being „for the ladies“, desperately believing it would make his genitals appear larger. With the task completed, he looked up at his reflection and almost let out a scream and felt like the air had been punched out of his lungs. Shaving his pubes off was a terrible mistake! It did not make his cock look larger but proceeded to expose how small it really was. Worse, the hairlessness made it look like his genitals belonged to a little boy, which made it all the more by contrast comical that it was attached to a handsome and otherwise very manly 30yo and 6‘5 tall muscular body. His face turning almost purple, Richard fell on his knees while cupping his privates as if he was trying to conceal them even from his own gaze.

„Are you okay Mr. Stultz?“ he heard. „Yes!“ said Richard in an angry yet shaking deep voice he hoped was sounding assertive. „May I have your underwear Mr. Schultz? So I can lock it safely with all your other cloths?“ With a single humiliation tear rolling down his cheek, Richard handed his last hope of dignity and modesty through the curtains. The staff member thanked him and told him to go to the pool when he was finished, as all his employees were there waiting for the „big boss“ to come. Even in his state, the irony of those words did not escape Richard. As well as the added humiliation of him, a hot shot corporate king, being forced to nakedly hand all of his expensive cloth, symbol of his alpha male status and power, not to an equal like the resort owner, but to that fully clothed chubby little Mexican low life. Only thinking about it made him want to throw up in disgust. This degrading and forced ordeal downgraded Richard from proud, manly standing and expensively dressed powerful CEO to a naked, kneeling, powerless and baby cocked wimp. Looking at his reflection with his teary swollen eyes, Richard fell nauseous staring at the vulnerable and pathetic state he was reduced to. His kneeling position, beaten ego and tiny dick made him look like some kind of sexual objects for people to use and abuse.

Richard clearly felt taken down a peg in this moment, but even in his dazed mind he knew he could not spend the entire weekend in this cubicle. The beaten giant then whispered words of courage to himself such as “I’m a man” I’m the boss" and “size doesn’t matter” while slowly regaining his composure. He then proceeded to do push ups to keep his mind off his tiny dick. When he stood up, his muscles were pumped up even bigger, making his cock look even smaller. And with all the blood going into his muscles, his cock retracted to the point that most of his shaft disappeared and the head of his penis was pulled tight against his scrotum. He missed that important and obvious fact as he was narcissistically focusing solely on his big chest. Flexing and admiring himself silently in front of the mirror, he repeated this vain nude routine for a couple of minutes to allow his eyes and skin shade to become less red, as well as to flatter his ego in preparation for the embarrassing steps to come. When he finally gathered enough courage, he opened the curtains to the bright open world and proceeded to walk through the lobby straight towards the pool.

As soon as he stepped out, the whole lobby fell dead silent. All shocked eyes, staff and arriving guests (some of them still fully clothed) were on him and for good reasons. Richard, a blond Adonis, naked like the day he was born, was giving everybody an unforgettable show. While his hairless penis looked probably very similar the day he was born, the spectators could not escape to notice the perfection of his 6‘5 well developed and religiously trained physique. In addition, he was sweating profusely from nervousness and embarrassment, which accentuated his well defined muscles and made him glisten like a greek statue. His broad shoulders were moving in rhythm with his perfect bubble butt, which bounced following the slow and trembling movements of his long and massive legs and size 15 feet. Compared to everybody around and in this very open public setting, each part of his body looked bigger than usual, almost herculean. That except of his cock, which was still shrunken from the earlier push ups and might have slightly retracted even more due to his embarrassment. His normally 1.5 inch soft cock was probably less than an inch now. The shaft had completely disappeared and the pink tiny head was the only visible part of his penis, resting obscenely on his peanut-sized balls. His genitals looked almost fake. They remained motionless, in their present state they were undoubtedly too small to be affected by his body movement or even gravity. This pathetic sight was being entirely exposed, as Richard stupidly shaved off his pubic hair, which would have (albeit symbolically) concealed at least a bit of his complete und utter humiliation.

Everyone just stared at him walking. Eyes wide in shock as some were starting to laugh quietly and mockingly in his direction. For his part Richard immediately noticed his mistake by choosing the last cubicle. Instead of having a short walk to the pool like his employees, Richard was forced to walk from the entrance through the whole damn room, having to pass by every single person present at that time. He wanted to die, the courage he gathered vanished instantly as he never felt that vulnerable in his entire life. He wanted to cup his privates more than anything but knew there was no use, as he couldn‘t spend the whole weekend touching himself. Above all, the proud corporate boss didn’t want to give his audience (people who were in his head his inferiors) the satisfaction to have him show that he was aware of his extremely small penis and that he was embarrassed by it. So he just kept on walking; looking straight ahead, with his arms gently balancing by his sides while carefully avoiding eye contact with anybody and ignoring the stares and increasing amount of laughters.

Suddenly he heard a click sound and a flash which blinded him. That’s when he noticed he was just walking past a group of around 50 leaving Chinese guests. All the women and a few men in the group had already dressed back up. They therefore already got all their electronics back and were furiously clicking on their huge cameras. From his dazed mind Richard must have counted at least a 100 different clicks between the first blinding flash and the moment he opened his eyes again. Flashing lights were coming from every direction as the excited Chinese guests were circling him. To add to his humiliation, the giant blond and blue-eyed adonis noticed that even if he was probably half a body taller than all the clothed or already naked Chinese men of the group, shoulders towering over a see of giggling heads, he was as well at best only half the size of all of them in the package department (having in mind that some of them did have small cocks). It must have made for comical pictures, as they were all openly laughing while furiously photographing and trying to pose next to the poor and humiliated Richard.

As he was trying to make his way through that Chinese wall, the abuses were escalating exponentially. What started as pictures taken from a safe distance became group pictures, where families posed smilingly next to Richard. First stoically, they quickly proceeded to have some fun at the expense of the naked and increasingly desperate CEO. Some of the clothed women, with a bright smile, were directly pointing at his tiny dick while posing for their pictures, while some naked Chinese men held their penis next to his’ in order to show the clear size difference. Even the clothed men would, with a victorious grin, pull their dick out to have their pictures taken with him. The humiliated hunk tried his best to ignore them, too proud to show weakness to those freaking skinny short chimps. He finally exploded when they started to touch him to make him pose according to their sick logic. For the first time since his undressing, Richard tried to cover himself. Unfortunately he was not able to hide his privates more than a few seconds before having his hands yanked away to expose his pathetic baby cock again. Even if Richard was as strong as an olympic weightlifter, there was no chance he could overpower five pairs of hands firmly grabbing each of his arms, preventing him to try to hide his nakedness again. Some courageous Chinese men and women took opportunity in his immobility to grab his dicklet (with two fingers) to present it to the cameras, clearly exposing his unimpressive balls in the process.

Richard was trying to aggressively push them away while shouting insults like „Get off me fucker!“, „Don‘t you know who I am? I‘m Richard fucking Stultz!!!“ and „Pictures are not allowed, you chimps!“ Unfortunately for him, the Chinese didn‘t speak any english and kept on trying to get the best pictures with the small-cocked blond Apollo. To his astonishment, Richard was also deservingly not getting any help from the resort staff, as they all remembered his earlier abusive treatment of them and in retaliation, just smiled and enjoyed the spectacle.

After having only reached the middle of the lobby after half an hour of this humiliating walk from his cubicle, Richard was now immobilized for god knows how long as the Chinese group didn‘t seem like they would get tired of photographing his exposed body anytime soon. Completely degraded and beyond caring at this point, the mighty blond adonis simply waited with a blank look on his face, completely out of it, as they shamelessly laughed while pulling on his cock to see how big it could get: still shorter than a child‘s thumb was the consensus (lucky for him, Richard couldn‘t understand what they were saying). Even defeated and overpowered, the arrogant and racist corporate boss was still condescendingly able to imagine that at some point, their freaking tour bus or whatever garbage they came in would bring them back to the stinky place they all came from. He eventually sprung back to life when he saw with the corner of his eyes new (white) guests arriving and to his horror, saw them yank their smartphones from their pockets. Becoming white out of fear of social media exposure, as they were approaching with cameras ready, Richard let out a loud, guttural, almost bestial scream which made everybody in the lobby jump and his tormentors loosen their grip, which allowed him to free himself. He then decided to violently dash running through the lobby towards the safety of the pool where all his employees were.

Unfortunately, the revengeful resort owner stretched his leg out and tripped Richard as he was reaching the reception desk. The massive blond flew high up and brutally fell down face first on the ground, legs spread wide open and butt high in the air, obscenely exposing his most private part: his pink asshole, in the directions of the flashing cameras. He heard loud laughs from everybody as well as more camera clicks before he could regain his senses from the shock. Confused and with his head spinning in pain, the humiliated Richard struggled to get back on his feet but would instantly lose his balance again and fall down to his exposing and humiliating position on the cold floor. Desperate and stressed out by the increasingly loud laughters and constant clicks and flashes he could see reflected on the marble floor, Richard gave up and with his head bowed, proceeded to pathetically crawl his way across the rest of the lobby to the loud sounds of camera clicks, mocking laughters, cheers, claps and even whistles! After this ordeal where he felt like an animal and could only see the naked feet of guests or the shiny shoes of staff members when he slowly crawled passed them, the naked and degraded muscular CEO eventually reached the pool area and was finally able to stand up.

Jamal, the black nerdy IT guy with a huge cock exclaimed „Ahh finally our big…“ then stopped right in his track as again, the chatter felt silent. Eyes and mouth wide open, they all looked directly at their deeply hated, religiously feared, dashingly handsome and powerful boss‘ tiny boy-cock. Everyone wanted to laugh and some employees couldn‘t help themselves laughing openly, but most were good at repressing their hilarity (out of an initial fear of losing their job). It suddenly made sense to all of them. All this arrogance, aggressiveness and supposedly alpha male macho attitude and massive muscles were to compensate and hide his „little“ secret. As this realization dawned on everybody, the finally exposed Richard stood there, in his nakedly vulnerable state and with a dazed mind, arms at his side looking up the sky in order to avoid eye contact with his employees, all the while his cock and balls almost impossibly retracted even further into his body due to the extreme embarrassment, humiliation and complete degradation he was feeling. His shrunken cock made him appear almost like a eunuch, instead of the pathetic but very muscular and handsome 6’5 tall micro-penis hunk he truly and finally was exposed to be.

The two days „relaxing“ getaway was a dream for everybody but Richard. He was acting as if he was oblivious to his „little“ condition and kept on ignoring the stares from every guests or resort staff present (to Richard’s disgust, all ages, nationalities, sexual orientations and genders were included) as well as their not so subtle mockeries and laughs. In addition, every single one employee of his corporation had their own personal moments of revenge against their bully of a boss, enjoying how the formerly arrogant and hard balling tough CEO was finally taken down. Especially Jamal, who was normally the constant target of Richard‘s racist remarks and attitude, was having the time of his life! With his 8 inch soft cock he made sure to stand next to Richard at every possible occasion and would be crying with laughters from time to time. His secretary Ashley also enjoyed teasing Richard. She had been groped, fondled and molested numerous times by him and felt so humiliated and powerless under his massive body frame. With a new found courage due to Richard‘s pathetic genital size (Really? What‘s he gonna do to me, she thought), she frequently paraded in front of him and bended over multiple times over the course of the weekend pretending to check the water temperature by the pool. She succeeded in making him hard a few of times. The big boss’ cock springing to life and erecting only horizontally to a ridiculous 2.5 inch hard-on never fell to initiate loud laughters from everyone and rude comments truthfully stating that even hard, Richard was still smaller than the soft penis of anybody at the resort.

Even though he wanted the ground to open and swallow him from this earth, Richard handled the constant degradation and humiliation from his employees and the resort staff pretty well. The hardest part though was with the other guests of the resort, who never had the precedents of being intimidated by the blond giant’s usual tough and expensively clothed state. The families in particular were merciless on Richard, his most cruel and worst abusers were the angsty and teenagers, curious tweens and uninhibited kids. Children as young as 8yo, already had slightly bigger cock and balls than him and would openly walk to the fallen blond macho and comment loudly for long stretches of time on „the big man’s tiny pee pee“ to a blushing Ricardo and their tearfully laughing parents.

The culmination of the whole humiliating weekend, which put the final nail in the coffin of the formerly proud and intimidating CEO‘s ego happened during the election of the annual „Mister and Miss Nude“, which, to Richard’s misfortune, happened to take place during their last evening at the resort. After the festivities where the fallen CEO tried his best to hide in the corner in order to avoid more humiliation from the now less inhibited drunken guests, the fully clothed resort owner climbed on stage to announce the winners of the contest. Jacob, one of his gay employee, who of course would participate (sneered Richard), won the title of Mister Nude. Richard hated and despised that little guy. A young and short (5‘5 tall) skinny 18yo intern with glasses and dark hair. He got offered a place on this getaway by Richard‘s senior advisor, who couldn‘t come due to his poor health. This kid frequently stared lustfully at Richard back in the office even though he was subject to the mean boss‘ homophobic remarks and secret beatings in the hallway. To Richard‘s disgust, Steve was finally getting the peepshow he dreamed of since the day he was hired. His eyes never left the naked body of his abusive boss, and to Richard‘s embarrassment, the weak gay guy had a much bigger cock than him: a normally 7 inch soft cock which was kept at a constant 9 inch semi erected state from the excitement of glaring at the muscular blond hunk‘s perfect body. Richard watched nauseously at the bouncing monster cock as the weakling was gleefully climbing on stage to the sound of polite applauses.

The Miss Nude of this year was to be announced and Richard almost spat out his drink when he heard his name. „What the…“ thought Richard as everyone started to laugh, clap and chant his name „Richard Stultz! Richard Stultz! Richard Stultz“. Everybody, Richard included, got the joke: the hunky CEO‘s penis was too small for him to enter the male category. One of his bitter employee (or even resort staff member) must have put his name in the women‘s voting list. Turning bright red, Richard didn‘t react until some clothed staff members had to gently push him in the direction of the spotlights and escort him onto the stage scene next to the semi-erected Jacob. The resort owner then mockingly shouted in his microphone „Here is our sexy Miss Nude“ to the laughters of the audience. Richard was too stunned and humiliated to even flinch, when the fully clothed resort owner asked him to step forward to the center of the stage to receive his demeaning crown. He was looking at the smiling and laughing 500 faces of the audience, clearly enjoying every seconds of his complete degradation. The massive CEO never felt so completely vulnerable or exposed in his entire existence, it also dawned on him that each individual present in the resort was now feasting on his naked manly body and tiny dick as „Miss Nude“. The blue-eyed hunk thought he couldn‘t possibly fall lower.

As Richard was lost in his thoughts of humiliation and was not reacting to the order after a full minute, Jacob, feeling a flush of power and lust, swung a shockingly brutal spank to Richard‘s naked butt while saying „come on big boss!“. The loud smack sound as well as the feeling of acute stinging pain in his bottom triggered a deep and loud shocked gasp from Richard and sent him forward down on his knees, holding his violated asscheeks while grimacing. With tears in his eyes, he stood up and clumsily hobbled his way to the spotlights and received his humiliating crown. Ordered to go back next to Jacob, his much younger Mister Nude, the muscle Adonis turned around to reveal an impressively red bubble butt. That skinny gay dude sure had a powerful spanking technic! Jacob‘s spank left a very clear mark on the hunk‘s firm globes, as 4 cheeks were now furiously blushing on Richard‘s body: two on his face and two on is ass. This view sent a round of cheers and applauses through his corporation‘s employees, as they all knew Richard would occasionally beat down poor Jacob. To their delight, the abuse marks on the homophobic bully’s naked body were visible for all to see and judge, while Jacob‘s bruises were always hidden by clothing.

A broken man, Richard didn‘t even protest when he was asked to pose frontally nude next to his cheerful 9 inch cocked intern for a picture intended to be displayed on the resort’s wall of fame in the entrance lobby for all new guests to see. His 6‘5 muscular body was a full foot taller than Jacob’s 18yo skinny frame, and probably twice the bodyweight of the young gay intern, which made the size difference in the package department all the more ridiculous and ironic.

With winning the Mister and Miss nude title came the reward of having their respective room upgraded to the luxurious president suit (unfortunately for Richard, it only had one king size bed). There was no way he was sharing a room with that freaking faggot, he thought, as the nerdy gay intern‘s cock happily erected to it‘s full 10 inch mast from hearing the news. Begging to the resort staff and owner to be placed in another room no matter the price, they simply stated it was impossible as the resort was fully booked. They all enjoyed the sight of the now naked and vulnerable muscle giant, pathetically begging with his tiny dick giggling and exposed in plain sight. Particularly compared to his mean and despicable shouting and ordering attitude while he was wearing his expensive designer suit at the exact same reception desk 2 days earlier.

His downfall complete, the beaten giant had no fight left in him after his initial humiliation in the lobby, the constant degradation endured during his 2 days stay, and the on stage orchestrated and torturous nude public stoning of an election. Richard didn‘t even think he could just order Jacob (who was almost still a kid and foremost, was an unpaid intern working for him!) to leave the heck out of the room for him to enjoy alone, as he was paying for everything any way! He instead spent the night outside, naked and defeated, on the cold concrete floor by the pool. He fell asleep in a fetal position, shivering in the night cold and clenching on his small package, as if to try to regain his broken pride or protect his stolen modesty and privacy. Unbeknownst to him, he was clearly visible from every room of the resort, as all his employees and some staff members as well as random guests were drinking cocktails while savoring the sight of his trembling massive and muscular body from their respective windows. Some women and gay men were even shamelessly masturbating while peeping at him from the privacy of their room. They all enjoyed the sweet justice of his comeuppance and never hoped someone of his alpha mindset and impressive physique, so economically and socially high up, could ever fall down so low. When Richard, in the middle of his sleep, turned on his back with his bent legs spread wide, unconsciously revealing his hairy asshole and pathetic 2.5 inch morning erection, Jacob shot the biggest load of his young life…

After those two days of hell, Richard felt so utterly humiliated and degraded that he did not know how he got home. In the privacy of his well furnished and expensive house, Richard instantly threw up and finally let himself cry for hours before falling asleep from exhaustion. When he woke up the next day, he directly went for a particular intense workout at his gym in order to feel like a man again. He told himself everything will go back to normal. To Richard‘s own surprise it actually did!

Back in his expensive suit in his office, the employees who were not invited to the getaway (which represented 99% of his empire) still respected and feared him while properly doing their job. That weekend felt just like a bad nightmare Richard could almost forget. He gradually reverted back to his arrogant, mean, tough and demanding personality and started to belittle, humiliate and bully his employees yet again. Until one day, where he checked the newsfeed in his mailbox and saw a link with his name to a popular gossip magazine. Richard absently clicked on it and felt his world instantly crumble.

A gallery of thousands and thousands of high definitions photographies of him naked appeared on his desktop. From the top of his head to the sole of his feet, every single inch of his body was completely exposed, his then shrunken to less than an inch clean shaven baby-cock being the tiny star. Every shots imaginable were included: full body frontal, rear and sides snaps to extreme high resolution close ups (what kind of zoom did those Chinese have! You could count the pores and hair on his body!). The most humiliating pictures were maybe the ones taken after he violently fell down. Spread asscheeks up in the air exposing his hairy pink asshole as well as the backside of his tiny ball-sack (no visible cock from this view of course). Included were a number of professionally shot quality like, high resolution videos of his walk, abuse, fall and crawl of shame, which were each 1 to 2 hours long and shot from multiple angles (again what kind of cameras were those Chinese using). There was enough material for perverts to browse and view for days, maybe even weeks. After looking through that gallery, each viewer would actually know Richard‘s body better than his doctor or the actual Richard Schultz! Ironically. Adding injustice to humilation, everybody else who was accidentally in the shots had their nudity censored (even in the videos), thus their dignity saved. Richard was the only sight anybody could direct their attention to while browsing the files (no nip slip from a hot girl or even an ass shot to save him from scrutiny).

That online gallery could be downloaded for free and was attached to an article with the title „Exclusive! Forbes Magazine Man of the Year is no Man!!!“. It was sent to every single person in his entire corporation as well as the entire 2 million email database of customers. Within seconds, Richard saw the link being reblogged on every social media post as it caught on like wildfire. Already part of the gossip magazine detailing his life and accomplishments. His full name and address were nevertheless displayed as title in each social media repost, making sure anybody browsing the internet would undoubtedly know who he exactly was. Pics of him in his fine suits winning awards, along with his college football photos were displayed next to his buck naked tiny dick pics and spread asshole shots. Actually, one could hardly find any pictures of him with cloth on when googling his name!

With a desperate scream of humiliation, as well as sobs and tears quickly running down his wide shocked eyes, Richard heard laughters from outside his office door as everyone started chanting loudly… Tiny Dick Ric!, Tiny Dick Ric!!! Richard knew at this moment that life as he knew it was over…