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Matt, the Fainting Musclebottom, Part 16

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“Ssshhh… we have to be quiet for Mum”, Matt said, as he stumbled through the door. In the taxi ride from The GPO to his mother’s apartment, he had been an unbalanced, mumbling mess. I was quite drunk myself, but I felt like the sober and responsible one compared to my boyfriend. Matt tried to tip toe to the guest room, but bumped into a chair and fell over. “Oh no!”, he said, laughing. “Not so loud”, I said through my own laughter.

Once we made it into the bedroom, I took off my clothes and lay down on the bed. The feeling of being horizontal felt amazing. I was ready to let my body fall asleep. I looked over to Matt, who was stumbling around while undressing. He stood next to the bed, bent over in his jock. It looked like he had been trying to take his pants off, forgetting to remove his shoes first. The way he was bent forward, I could see his hairless hole. I immediately felt myself growing a chub. “Do you need help, babe?”, I asked, half joking, half serious. “Uhm. Yes.”

I heard him kick off one shoe at last. I got up and walked over to him. I draped my naked body across his, my semi-hard cock pressing into his exposed crack. I grabbed his muscular arms. Matt moaned. I may not have helped directly, but he was certainly more motivated to get his clothes off than before. He was able to take his shoes and socks off, followed by his pants. I let my cock grow against his bubble ass. Matt stood up straight, looked back at me so I could kiss him. It was a long, passionate kiss. I slowly lowered the jock. I looked over his shoulder to see his erect cock jump straight up once it was released from its pouch.

I jerked Matt’s cock for a while, slowly pulling back his foreskin, exposing his head fully. Matt groaned. Equally slowly I pulled it forward again, letting the skin cover the head completely. He was rock hard and dripping some precum.

I turned Matt around and pushed him towards the bed. Not exactly stable, Matt put his hands on the bed. This gave me perfect access to his hole. I let myself fall to my knees and started rimming him. His gasps of surprise soon turned into whimpers. “Oh baby… ohhhh” I really got up in there, lubricating his hole as much as I could. Matt pushed his smooth, round butt back in my face. I grabbed a cheek in each hand to separate them. I loved the taste of Matt’s hole so much, almost as much as I loved the view of his ass in general. So I pulled back, still with a cheek in each hand and made his butt jiggle. It was the most amazing sight. I put my face back in there, just to feel both of the massive cheeks hit me in the face.

I was now so turned on, I had to fuck him. I pushed Matt onto the bed completely, where he obediently assumed the doggy position, arching his back up. “Please fuck me”, he said, drunkenly horny. I let my cock slide up and down his crack, teasing him. “Oh fuck… your cock is so hard, babe…”, he uttered. He let his face fall onto the duvet so he could reach back and separate his ass cheeks himself. I let my head caress his hole for a little while, which drove Matt absolutely crazy. “Please!”, I heard him beg, even though it was muffled by the bed sheets. I smiled. I let my head slowly enter him. I heard him gasp. “Oh yes….” Matt’s voice was now low and guttural. I took my time letting my cock go into him. His ass eagerly took all of me, up to the very base, which he had said in the past was painful and was only possible with him pulling away his substantial cheeks. “Give me all of you!”, he encouraged me. I did. Matt whimpered. I continued to fuck him slow. He got impatient and would push his ass back to envelop me completely. But I would pull back again slowly. “You’re making my dick leak”, he said, in a high-pitched whimper. His steady stream of precum had already stained the bed.

Matt was so eager tonight, taking all of my thick cock, making his ass loose and sloppy. After a while I slowly increased my speed, making him even more crazy. His moans got so loud, which made me even hornier. And before I knew it, I was powerfucking him like a bunny. His whole body shook back and forth. His arms gave out and he fell face first onto the bed. His entire body went slack, but I couldn’t stop now. I held his ass up and continued fucking him. I was so close. I shot my load right up his hole. I thought I wouldn’t stop cumming, it was such a large load.

When I finally finished and pulled out, Matt’s body collapsed completely. I checked on him. He also came a lot. It was quite an intense fuck. Cum was still leaking from his cockhead and he had soaked an entire section of the bed. I pulled his body into a more comfortable position and waited for him to wake up. I looked at his handsome face as his eyes were closed and his mouth hung open. His stomach rose and fell slowly with each breath. A slight snore came out of him and I realized he probably had passed out for the night. I rolled him to his side of the bed, which was the fully dry side, and cozied up close next to him. I basked in the afterglow a little longer until I felt the alcohol was still in my system and knew I was drifting off.

When we woke up the next day, we were both hungover. Matt didn’t really remember cumming, but he said it was a great fuck nevertheless. We slowly got up, put on sweats and walked into the living room. “Hey! It’s the party boys! Did you have a good time?” Shannan’s voice came across a bit too loud. We nodded. We must have looked quite hungover, as she told us to lay down on the sofa and brought us breakfast, juice and coffee. We told her all about the day and night before.

Matt had already been sent the video from the slingshot ride by Nathan. Matt was mortified as we saw him pass out almost immediately, wake up in a panic, and pass back out, a total of 5 times. I felt quite good that a number of those times he tried to call out my name as his first instinct. I just looked wide-eyed and a bit frightened during the entire ride. Some of the guys were already making fun of Matt over text. “It was so terrifying, because for a moment I just didn’t know where I was, being shot through the sky. I thought I was falling to my death each time!” “Awww”, I said, though I could not suppress a chuckle. “Or, well, that’s what I thought those two seconds before I passed out again”, Matt said, now laughing at himself.

And so started a day of us not leaving Shannan’s apartment. We watched some TV, and I could feel myself dozing off. I felt Matt cuddling up to me without fully waking up. We had a good nap, until I was woken up by the fake shutter sound on a cellphone. I opened my eyes and saw that Shannan had taken a photo of me and Matt sleeping and cuddling. To be fair, we must have looked quite cute. Matt had curled up beside me and was still sleeping with his head in my lap.

Over dinner, Shannan dropped a hint that she had heard us come home the night before. “So it turns out I still have problems falling asleep when I know my son is out partying”, she said. “You boys definitely had some drinks in you last night, I could hear you stumble around”. I suddenly remembered we had been having quite loud sex, and had totally forgotten to be quiet. “Yeah, I get so clumsy when I’m drunk”, Matt tried. Shannan smiled at both of us. “Yeah, though from what I heard neither of you really hurt yourselves. Would you like some more chicken?” I’m sure my face turned red, but that was the last that was said about it.

When we went to bed, and Matt climbed in next to me, I said, “So, your Mom has definitely heard us have sex”. Matt chuckled. “Yeah, that was embarrassing. We didn’t exactly try to keep quiet.” “Do you think she’s upset?” “Oh no, I think she secretly loves it. She loves you, she loves me, she loves that I’m in love, she just wanted to embarrass me, that’s all.” I smiled. “So, what do we do next time? Even louder?” “Uhm. No. This was enough embarrassment for a while”, Matt said. We gave each other a nice kiss and instantly fell asleep.

After a relaxing Sunday, it was time for Matt’s DNA magazine interview and photo shoot on Monday. He had asked me to join him and I was actually quite excited to see how these things go. I was certain Matt would do a good job, but he was actually very nervous.

We drove to the studio, where we met Sarah who had spoken to Matt on the phone. She sat us down at this table as we saw some guys set up a background screen and lighting for the photo shoot. Sarah gave us something to drink and thanked us for coming. “I understand it’s probably not easy to do this”, she said. “I am quite nervous”, Matt admitted, “but at the same time I feel like I have to do this.” “Well, I’m really honoured I get to do this interview with you”, Sarah said and she seemed genuine. She looked at Matt like she admired, or maybe fancied him, or likely both. “So I will take some notes, but I would also like to record the interview, is that OK with you?” “Sure”, Matt said. “If you want me to leave out anything that is mentioned, just let me know, all right?” “Yep, sounds good.” “Also, if I ask a question you do not want to answer, you do not have to. No worries.” I could feel Matt calming down, I knew he was less nervous now that Sarah seemed so nice. Underneath the table I squeezed his knee. She started the recording device and put it in the middle of the table. “Starting off, can I mention that you came in with your boyfriend Alex?” Matt turned to me. “Yeah, sure”, I said. “Cool. And feel free to join in the interview at any point”, she told me.

Sarah’s questions at first mainly concerned Matt’s coming out to his family, and from that she learned he had come out as bisexual long before his wedding to his ex-wife. She admitted that she had thought Matt was now coming out as gay and that that was why his marriage ended. Matt then talked about the invisibility of bisexuality within the LGBT community. I knew this was important for Matt to mention, so I’m sure he was glad to get it out so early on. Sarah then asked about why Matt decided to stay in the US when his marriage ended and about his current job as a gym teacher.

Other questions were about how dating had been like as a bisexual man, and why he never came out publicly during his rugby career. Matt gave honest and patient answers. I noticed he didn’t mention dating Dan while they were on a team together, probably on purpose. Soon enough Sarah asked a question about Matt’s current relationship. She asked how we met. “Alex is the brother of a fellow teacher at the school”, Matt said. “I picked up my brother to go drinking one day. Matt practically invited himself”, I said, for the first time taking part in the interview. Sarah laughed. “I thought he was so sexy”, Matt added. “But I was so nervous I drank too much and made a fool of myself.” “I remember I couldn’t believe this hunk of a man was even interested in me. I sometimes still have a hard time believing it”, I added. Matt smiled at me and gave me a kiss. We looked back at Sarah, who was looking at us with the widest smile. “That is so cute”, she exclaimed.

Sarah’s last question was about what marriage equality would mean for us. Matt gave the perfect answer. “We don’t have any immediate plans to get married. But it’s the equality part that means the world to us and so many of us in the community. Australian government has been so lazy with this, leaving the rights of a minority up to a ‘majority rules’ vote, even though it doesn’t concern most of them. I can only hope Australian society shows the government the right example, so that the kids who are growing up now will know that there’s nothing wrong with them and that they are accepted and protected here. That whatever happens, at least by law they are equal.” “I think that’s a great note to leave it on”, Sarah said. “Did I do OK?”, Matt asked. “Oh, absolutely”, she replied. “The article is going to be great!”

Sarah then took us to a clothing rack and asked us to pick something we liked. We were introduced to a woman named Olivia who was a styling consultant. “Would you mind joining the photoshoot Alex? You two make such a lovely couple!”, Sarah said. I hadn’t really thought about it. I felt a bit apprehensive about it. “I would love it if you would”, Matt then said. “I guess!”, I said, not feeling too certain. I felt some anxiety about having my photo in a magazine, but it felt like a small hurdle to make Matt more comfortable.

We both picked out some casual wear, for Matt a red and black plaid shirt, which remained open to reveal a white T-shirt and some jeans. They only had one pair that really fit Matt’s ass, but it looked good on him. I had a blue long sleeve and khaki slacks. We were introduced to the photographer Archer and his assistant Caleb. Sarah kept a close eye on proceedings. We were asked to do some cute couple-y poses. The most natural one was me hugging Matt from behind. We were then asked to stand next to each other, hold hands and look at each other. Then Matt hugged me from the side and I put my chin on top of his head. “Your bum is massive, mate”, Archer said. “I know, isn’t it great?”, I said, smacking Matt’s butt. Just then the flash went off. “Oh my gosh, don’t use that”, I said. Everybody laughed.

I was relieved when I was allowed to sit down and watch my boyfriend do the rest. “Would you mind doing some without the shirt?” Matt took off the plaid shirt, leaving him in just a white T-shirt and blue jeans, just as he looked on our first date. “Nice arms, mate. Can you flex them?”, Archer asked. Matt obliged and flexed one bicep while looking in the camera. He looked so hot. “You could totally be a fitness model, mate” “No thanks, this is awkward enough”, Matt said. Sarah turned to me and asked, “would you mind if we try a few with him shirtless? He’s so sexy, readers would love it.” I appreciated she asked me first, but I didn’t really know what to answer. “You’d have to ask Matt. I’m fine with it.” When Sarah asked Matt, he was clearly equally caught off-guard. “Uhmm… yeah, sure.” I watched them shoot a couple of photos of Matt shirtless. One with his hands in the pockets of the jeans, and one with his back turned to the camera, looking over his shoulder. “I think we’re done”, Archer said. Caleb walked past me as he carried some stuff away and he said, “You are one lucky man.” And he was right.

Two days later, we watched the results of the marriage equality postal vote on a large field in Brisbane, where they had put up a giant screen. A large crowd had gathered with lots of rainbow flags. Matt and I wore matching pink tanktops. Shannan had joined us, she wore a pink shirt and used a rainbow flag as a skirt. Dave was also there, he wanted to be with his best friend when the result was announced. He had tried to paint rainbow flags on his cheeks, and sort of succeeded.

Over 61% of Australians had voted in favour of marriage equality. The crowd went crazy. Matt hugged and kissed me. Shannan and Dave cheered and hugged us both. We saw proposals happen right in front of us. We all cried a little bit. All four of us went to the nearest gay bar Matt knew of, which was called The Wickham. We danced and celebrated with so many happy strangers.

That night, Matt and I celebrated even more by fucking. He was on his back, holding his own legs. I was on my knees fucking him, with one hand covering his mouth. I did not want to make the same mistake again. A new mistake I made is that when I got carried away, Matt hit his head on the headboard and got knocked out cold. I didn’t notice straight away, until I looked at him and saw that his eyes had rolled up, he had let go of his legs and was lying there unresponsive. At first I thought he had orgasmed, but there was no semen on his chest or stomach. I hadn’t stopped thrusting, and Matt’s head was still hitting the headboard while his lifeless body moved with my every fuck. Only then I realized what had happened and stopped. He woke up a few seconds later with a bump on his head and a headache.

“I’m so sorry”, I said. Matt laughed. “I’m not really in the mood anymore, so I’m sorry too”, he said. Then he saw my dick, still rock hard. “But at least let me get you off”, he added. He held my dick in both of us hands and jerked me off. He then licked the head thoroughly before starting to suck my cock. It felt so good. “I love how big your cock is, mate”, he uttered before going to town on it again. He worshipped my cock and balls and it didn’t take long for me to shoot streams of hot cum all over my stomach. Matt smiled and started licking it off. Then he kissed me, making me taste my own cum. “Thank you”, I said. “Hot fucker”, Matt answered as he looked at me with a flirty face. He cleaned the rest of my cum with a towel and then lay his head down on my chest as we both fell asleep.

When we drove to Dave and Nat’s wedding, and I saw Matt all fancy in his best man outfit, and myself in my suit, I realized something. Matt and I had been together for over a year now. And I felt like we were good together. The sex was hot, our personalities and senses of humor matched, and we just got along really well. But we hardly ever talked about the future. Did Matt want to get married a second time? Did he want to have kids?

The day before we had gone to the Koala Sanctuary Park with Jim, Holly, and their two kids. And seeing Matt play with his two nieces Piper and Emily, and how good he was with them, I had to wonder. I had long ago decided that I probably didn’t want to have kids. Being bullied as a kid, I just knew I couldn’t do that to anyone else. And I much preferred to travel the world. As much as people had said that my views on this would change, at 31 I still felt the same.

But today didn’t feel like the right time to bring this up. We arrived at the location and it was absolutely gorgeous. I saw some of the guys from the bachelor party and we all hugged. I met Nathan’s girlfriend Hayley, who seemed like a lot of fun. Dan and Joe were there, and I also saw Pete. I sat with them as Matt had to be up front for his best man duties. Just as he went back to check on Dave, he asked if he had any lines showing through his trousers. He slowly turned around fully. His fitted suit pants looked incredibly hot on his bubbly butt. “No”, I said, mesmerized by how hot he looked. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “good, because I am wearing a thong”. I couldn’t reply back. The thought of that was so hot. “As promised!”, he then said as he walked away from me. I’m glad I was already sitting down, because I wouldn’t be able to get up for a while.

The ceremony was beautiful. Dave and Nat looked amazing and were so obviously in love. The rainbow colors on the maids of honor and the groomsmen were touching and so appropriate. I had a hard time keeping my eye off my boyfriend and his tight pants. He looked over at me and winked a few times. “You may now kiss the bride!” Dave and Nat kissed each other so romantically and then walked down the aisle. We all applauded.

At the reception, I was so proud of my Matt, as well as sort of turned on by his formalwear, still. Not in the least because I knew what he was wearing underneath. Once Dave and Nat passed by us, Dave gave us both a quick hug. “Well done on not passing out at a wedding, mate!”, he quickly told Matt before he and Nat had to go and cut the cake. Matt laughed. “I do have quite the reputation”, he admitted to me.

I noticed Brayden at the reception, Matt and I went over to say hi. He was happy to see us and introduced us to his girlfriend Keira. “Keira… Hobart?” “Matt… Burne?” “You know each other?”, Brayden seemed surprised. “We went to primary school together!”, Matt said. “You were the first boy I kissed!”, Keira admitted. They both laughed and hugged. Brayden and I looked at each other in surprise. Then I remembered the story Matt told me in Nanango. “It is so nice to see you after all this time!”, Matt exclaimed. “You too! So, you have a boyfriend now? That was sort of on the horizon back at school!” “Yeah, I’m bisexual. I kinda figured that out with you and…” “Caleb, that’s right!” “So, well, this is random…” “Yeah, pretty cool though! I mean, what are the odds!” I could feel the awkwardness set in, so I could change the subject to the actual wedding.

Matt as the best man had to deliver a speech, which wasn’t his strongest point. But he read off a note and didn’t make it too hard on himself. I could tell he was feeling a little light-headed but he soldiered on. When Matt got off the stage, it was Brayden’s turn. Matt came over to me and said he felt a little dizzy. I escorted him to a chair in the back, where he briefly passed out. I am pretty sure no-one noticed. When he woke up, he said, “don’t tell Dave about this”. I laughed.

Matt and I danced the night away with Dave, Nat, and their friends and family. It was a great night. It was also the last night we would have in Australia as tomorrow we were flying back. I was sort of sad to leave, as Matt had so much people here that loved him. I drank a lot, maybe too much. At one point during the night, I said I got a little hot from the dancing and asked Matt if he wanted to go for a walk outside. “Aren’t you sad to go back?”, was the first thing I asked him when we stepped outside. He laughed. “No, it’s been great to see everybody and see my old home. But my current home is with you in Salinas. I miss these people when I’m there, but while I’ve been here I’ve missed being alone with you. I am ready for a love bubble weekend.”

Matt and I tried to have one weekend every two months where we stay in for the entire two days and just fuck, nap, watch movies, and eat bad food. We call it a love bubble. And he’s right, it’s pretty awesome.

“Can I ask you something else?” He laughed again. “Sure!” “Do you want to marry a second time?” I could hear myself slurring my words. I was definitely drunk, but Matt wasn’t. The roles were reversed. “Sit down here”, Matt suggested, as he gestured to a bench. That did feel good. “I would marry you if you asked me”, he said. “I would love to call you my husband, mainly because it sounds cool. But as you saw, weddings are not really my thing. But I would definitely do it again if you wanted it.” “And what about kids?” “Wow, lots of questions tonight. I love kids. I love teaching them, I love my nieces, I love your niece and nephew. But I also sort of love being able to give them back and to be able to be around them without having to have the responsibility for 18 years. Because there are things I would rather do instead of having kids, that would be so much harder if we did have them. I want to have love bubbles with you all over the world.” I audibly, and possibly exaggeratedly gasped. “I wanna have love bubbles with you in Europe, Asia, South America… That’s what I want the rest of our thirties, our forties, our fifties to be.” “Baby, I want that too!” I threw my arms around him and held him close. I could feel tears coming, and that’s when I knew how drunk I really was. “I know! I’ve seen that Bora Bora resort as your desktop screensaver. I’ve seen you searching for Greek islands in your search history. I want to do that with you. We have travelled to Florida, we went to San Fran, and now we’re down under, but every time it was with friends, family, or both. I am ready to see the world with just you, babe.” I kissed him on his cheek and held him tight for just another minute. “Are you ready to go back in?”, he then said. “We have to say goodbye to some people and get back to our Cali love bubble!” He attempted an American accent for those last few words. It didn’t suit him. I laughed. And then I sighed. This was going to be hard. “Let’s do it”, I said, and I got up from the bench.

To be continued…. The Matt and Alex story is still ongoing! But I will return to it later. Some other stories to tell first!

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“So tomorrow we have a stopover in Miami for about three hours. And we’ll be landing in Antigua at around 2PM tomorrow, local time.” “OK, great.” I wasn’t the best when it came to falling asleep on planes. Years of trips between Moscow and the US had taught me that. Hopefully tonight would be better. It was about 9PM and Brett and I were at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, sitting down with a drink,... read more

“Room service!” I woke up. The first thing I saw was the view. Blue skies and green tree tops were visible beyond the patio. I wasn’t sure if I had just heard someone outside our cabin or not. Brett was still sleeping in the position I last saw him in before I fell asleep. We were both naked on top of the covers. Brett’s head was on my chest and his arm was wrapped around me tightly. His snore... read more

It’s quite difficult to explain how my practice went from a regular physician’s practice to the leading practice on men’s sexual health in Walpole, Massachusetts. I had studied men’s sexual health quite extensively, before and after getting my degree. But it was likely it was word of mouth within the Walpole community on how I handled some of my patients that made my reputation into what it was... read more

“Mr Ace Griffin?” It had been a pretty regular Tuesday at the practice. But when I read out this name, which I hadn’t seen before, and saw a bear of a man stand up, I knew this day could turn for the better. He was about 6’, 45 years old, had short strawberry blond hair, green eyes, a sexy sideways smile, and a beefy build. For now he was dressed in a blue and white plaid shirt and khaki pants.... read more

It was my last appointment on a Wednesday afternoon and all I wanted was to go home. It had been a long day with lots of annoying patients. But my luck was about to turn. “Mr Jonny Hao?” I looked around the waiting room for anyone who looked remotely Asian. However a Caucasian-looking man nervously stood up. He had brown hair, big brown eyes, some scruffy facial hair and a massive build. He was... read more

It was early on a Thursday morning when I stepped out of my office into the waiting room. I was ready for the week to end and drive down to Rhode Island to meet up with Jonny. Little did I know what was still to come. “Mr Deniz Yalaz?” Confidently, a large man walked my way. This guy was built like a house. Beefy, like me, but taller. Quite an imposing figure, had it not been for his wide... read more

It was around 11:00 on a March Thursday morning as I rolled my luggage out of Baton Rouge Airport. I was a little miffed I did not find a direct flight from Miami. After a short layover in Houston, I was thankful it was still morning as I waited for the Uber to take me to my Mom’s house. I was flying out for her birthday weekend, after she had visited me in Miami over the holidays. She did... read more

Not much later that afternoon, my sister and my Mom came home. Soon enough, Miguel also showed up out of the garage, reeking of weed. I felt like everybody knew what was going on, but nobody mentioned it. I’m pretty sure it was because I was there. “Did you have a nice afternoon with Cam?”, my Mom asked. I was certain she wanted to know what I thought about him. But because he was in the... read more

I woke up. It was Saturday morning. Today was my Mom’s birthday. Cameron and I had agreed to make her a luxurious breakfast in bed. It was 7 AM and we had had a lot to drink last night. I got up. The living room was empty. I decided to see if I could wake up Cameron. I opened the bedroom door slowly and thank God they were actually sleeping and not doing anything else. My Mom was laying on... read more

I sighed. It was a Thursday afternoon and I was working from home. I had my laptop on the kitchen counter next to an empty coffee cup, as I sat on a stool. I was dressed in a grey T-shirt and plaid pajama pants, which I had put on after I had gotten up this morning, not having showered. I was answering all of these e-mails, but new ones kept coming in. I had taken Friday off to go to San... read more

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